Did Federer’s Loss Finally Signal The End Of An Era?

Jun 28, 2013

In the aftermath of Roger Federer’s four set loss to Ukrainian Sergiy Stakhovsky at The Championships in SW19, a large number of tennis fans are now saying it either looked like or felt like the end of an era when the Swiss maestro walked off the court a dejected figure, we have seen this happen time and time again to The Fed Express over the past few years and he has always answered the question in emphatic fashion by winning some big events quickly.

This stunning result has sent shockwaves around the tennis world and it must surely have even the normally cool, calm figure of Federer concerned too, apparently those who witnessed his media interview reported a solemn and dejected tone in his voice when answering questions from the throng of media present, that’s hardly surprising though because Roger has made the second week of the past 36 Grand Slam tournaments until he was ousted by Stakhovsky in round two at Wimbledon 2013.

Federer will drop down to No.5 in the world rankings at the conclusion of Wimbledon and he could even end up world No.6 if Tomas Berdych gets his hands on the trophy, the 31 year old Swiss superstar is not used to shielding tricky questions from the media and he certainly would not have been used to the feelings he must have had after his shock loss to Stakhovsky either, whether Roger can now lift himself off the canvas remains to be seen.

If Federer remains seeded outside the top 4 at all the major tennis events remaining on the calendar this year then it may not be too unrealistic to suggest that Roger may struggle to qualify for the season ending Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London either, the Swiss maestro currently sits in 5th spot in the race for London just edging Berdych and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, a few more early exits in either the remaining Masters events or the US Open could see the unthinkable happen.

The fact that Roger has not been ranked No.5 since 2003 suggests that we may well have seen the end of an era this week on the hallowed turf that Roger has come to know as his second home, the past ten years has been a great ride for all tennis fans and it seems the dominant era of the great Roger Federer has finally come to an end, but does that mean he won’t win another Grand Slam title, who knows. ;)

Written by: Tono

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CookieMonster says:
Jun 30, 2013

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CookieMonster says:
Jun 30, 2013

It’s time Roger has to think about if he cares about tennis anymore or not. Everyone seems to agree that even at 31 he’s in very good physical condition… so what gives? He didn’t make a ton of errors… played ok… but not well enough to beat Stakhovsky, which is just absurd. It must be a lack of focus, motivation, and preparation. Or who knows maybe he was just very tired? Impossible to know, but he takes losing on big stages quite poorly, and it’s clear he’s no longer able – at least not in his current state – to roll on through any draw like he once did. We’ll see what he comes up with.

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