2012 cometh

Jan 9, 2012

The annoying thing about tennis stars is that they probably keep to their New Year’s resolutions. More than that, I doubt they make any of the same sorts that we mere mortals do. Diets, new fitness regimes, I will bet any money that these sorts of resolutions do not pop up on tennis star’s lists. Apart from, maybe, ‘a new and improved’ diet, or ‘a brand new fitness regime with my new coach’.

Well that’s one that might be on Andy Murray’s list. As the dawn rises on 2012, Andy Murray announces the addition of Ivan Lendl to his coaching team. Yes, finally, Andy Murray has sat down and made the decision about who is going to be his coach. Ivan Lendl, the former world number 1 originally from the Czech Republic, has been hired to make Andy Murray the flavour of the year. Murray has been without a coach for a while, and so far it seems like he has made a good choice. Apparently, they share the same sense of humour. Probably something you need when you are/coach Andy Murray.

Too mean? Probably for my first blog, yes. Apologies, Andy. Good luck with the year ahead and it will indeed be interesting to see how the new coaching situation is handled. Murray has just won the Brisbane Open after all. So yes, this does look like a positive thing for Murray. It’s just that if I have to hear sports pundits call it ‘Murray’s year’ I am going to break new year’s resolution number 3.

Speaking of Australia, the draws have been announced for this year’s Open. Murray is seeded fourth, with Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer taking the one, two and three seed. Juan Martin del Potro is scaling the rankings after that time off from injury, being seeded 11th in this year’s tournament.

A noticeable absence from the tournament this year will be Venus Williams. She wrote on Twitter “I regret to announce that I am withdrawing from the Australian Open. Thanks for your love and support!’

Although Melbourne has hardly been Venus’ tournament, it’s still a shame to be out so early on in the year, and reportedly it’s down to Sjogren’s syndrome, which she was recently diagnosed with. We can only hope that Venus starts to regain her former health and gets back into her stride before the rest of the year gets under way.

Coming back to British tennis, and to Andy Murray, guess who has been named Fed cup captain? That’s right, Andy’s Mum. As a Scottish national coach, Judy Murray was chosen to lift the spirits of the LTA in not only captaining the Fed Cup, but by nurturing grassroots talent. Will she be able to stand court side to quite so many of Andy’s matches now that she has such an important role herself?

With the Australian Open around the corner (kicks off 16th January, mark your diaries if they’re not already), there will be plenty to talk about this week. Let me know your predictions and who you think might come on top or crash out early in the first Grand Slam of the season.

Also, this year I will be trying to tweet at much as possible about the Australian Open, as well as the other grand slams. It might be a tad difficult seeing as I am in completely the wrong time zone, but I will try my best. If you fancy it, my Twitter name is @soph_tennis, and if anyone wants to tweet me I’ll try to include them in the blog.

Happy New Year everyone. Take a deep breath for the year of tennis ahead!

-          SophieG

Written by: SophieG

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