Topic: Using more challenges during matches

Interesting Op-Ed in the New York Times today suggesting that Federer is savvy for challenging line calls more often and that other players should make use of the available 3 challenges per set. I can see how this could be a good strategy, though generally it relies on "calculated strategery" to win points instead of sheer skill so I'm not sure I'm totally on the same page. What are others' thoughts? … amp;emc=th

Re: Using more challenges during matches

It's an interesting point, except the author should point out that if someone challenges less it might mean that they simply agree with the linespeople more. I'm sure that players challenge most of the time when they disagree with the call, but why should they challenge if they agree. Also, it is important to challenge when it will benefit you the most. No need to challenge if you are up 40-0 in the 3rd game of the set - it's better to save your challenges until they will have more impact on the outcome of the match. The article is way too simplistic.

Players should use all they can to honorably win the match, even if that means using the challenge system better than other players. There is nothing wrong with this - it's just smart.