Topic: USO2014 Women's Overall Ranking

My total score for the women's matches is +904. My overall women's ranking is recorded as 101 of 799 at the top 15% level. In looking at the standings, another participant with the same score of +904 received an overall ranking of 4 of 799 at the top 5% level.

I believe I should have the same score because my USA ranking is 3 of 364 at a 5% level, the same as the other player's. There may be an explanation for the difference, or there may be an error. If there is an explanation, please help me to understand the problem.

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Re: USO2014 Women's Overall Ranking

The problem has been fixed.  THANK YOU!!!

I am so excited that, after two years here, I finally made it above the top 15% mark with the women's category. Managed to finish in the top 5%. Now, I have to work on improving my men's score.

UPDATE: I'm reeling. With the selection of Kei and Marin to win the semi-finals, and then Marin to win the final, I managed to finish in the top 10% in the men's category.

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Re: USO2014 Women's Overall Ranking

Well done!