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-Thomaz Bellucci lost in the 1st round to Luke Saville.  No one was surprised.  Not even Saville.  When Saville loses in the next round, the surprise level will not change.

-Gilles Muller is continuing his comeback.  His serve makes him a danger to anyone on this surface, if it's clicking.  He was always one of my favorite players, back in the day.  Definitely one of the most inconsistent players I have ever seen, but hard not to root for him.

-Rajeev Ram, who has actually won a Tour-level grass-court tournament before, is also through his first match.  Unlucky Ilija Bozoljac, who has shown ability on grass, is actually pretty good, but lost routinely.  I think Bozo would have beaten most of the other guys in this qualifying draw.  It looks like Ram is ready to make a run to the main draw here.

-"The Other Joao Souza" lost badly to someone named Uladzimir Ignatik from Azarenkaland.  How do you even pronounce that name?  Gojowycszyk and Przysieszny are jealous of that name.

-Irish hopes at Wimbledon die quicker than usual with both Louk Sorenson and James McGee going out immediately.

-Speaking of Gojowyckzkzyc, he lost badly to a British wildcard named Oliver Golding.  Last week he beat Raonic 4 and 4 on this surface and pushed eventual Halle finalist Falla to two tiebreaks.  Losing 4 and 1 to World #352 is not a great way to follow that up.

-I like Denis Kudla and Daniel Kosokowski to make it to the main draw (unless they face each other, obviously). They're your typical young American Roddicks that the States are mass producing these days and their games should work well on grass.  They both have big serves without being prohibitively tall, which means unlike the Isners and Raonics of the ATP Tour, they can actually do something with the low bounces.  We'll see.

-Pierre-Hugues Herbert aka "Air Bear" is through his first qualifying match as well.  He's come on strong this year.  I'll be very interested to see him make good on his promise and get through to the main draw.

-Fresh off his runner-up showing at Nottingham2, Samuel Groth is through to Round Q2.  Had he won his final against fellow Aussie Kyrgios, he would have gotten a WC directly into the Wimbledon draw.  Instead, he is busting his butt to qualify.  Would have been easy to have a letdown today, but he came through.  Playing great grass court ball, that one.  If he qualifies, I'd be interested to see if he can stay alive in the tournament longer than his countrymen Kyrgios and Hewitt.

-There was allegedly a Steve Darcis sighting in the Wimbledon Qualies today.  His (rumored) win over Marchenko is actually pretty impressive for a guy who hasn't done much winning lately.  What are the odds he qualifies and draws Nadal in the first round?  If that happens, I'm leaving Nadal off my Yoda Team. wink

-Ricardas Berankis is still playing tennis, apparently.  As is Ryan Harrison.  Didn't expect to see either of them win.

-Fianlly, the question on everybody's lips: who is Theodoros Angelinos??

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I'm impressed of your knowledge of the qualification players, Arvis! I've only heard about Darcis and Harrison before. Do you how far any qualification players have made it the last couple of years in the main tournament?

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Thanks!  But you'll notice that out of 128 players I only commented on about a dozen or so. wink
I really don't know that much, but certain names and players tend to just stick in my mind and I enjoy seeing how the Qualifying tournaments go.

Last year's Wimbledon saw 9 Qualifiers win their first round matches.  But only 1 of those 9, Dustin Brown, went on to win their 2nd rounders.
On the Women's Side, 6 Qualifiers made the 2nd round and 3 of those made it to the 3rd.  One of those 3, Larcher De Brito, defeated Sharapova in her 2nd round clash.  She lost unceremoniously to Karin Knapp in the 3rd.

In the 2000 Wimbledon tournament, Vladimir Voltchkov qualified and then made the semifinal round, which is the furthest any Qualifier has reached in the history of the tournament.
Interestingly, Voltchkov was from Belarus and actually spelled his name "Uladzimir."  Look familiar?? O_O
Maybe we'll have another Qulaifier with the same name go deep in the main draw this year!

Nope: Uladzimir Ignatik lost to Adrian Menendez today.  Oh well.


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-Samuel Groth wins despite a 2nd-set setback.  He's still on track, but could tire out by the time he reaches the last 16.  Counting Groth, Australia went 4 for 5 in this round, with Alex Bolt, James Duckworth, and Luke Saville also winning.  The Aussies sure do love the grass.

-Speaking of Luke Saville, he won the Juniors here last year.  I guess his win over Bellucci in Q1 yesterday was even LESS surprising than I originally surmised.

-Who was the 5th Aussie that lost?  Brydan Klein, who lost to one of the DK Brothers, Denis Kudla.  The other DK Brother, Daniel Koskowski, lost pretty badly to Pierre-Hugues Herbert, who looks to be a lock to qualify at this point.

-Tim Smyczek is through to Q3.  This guy qualifies for so many Slams it's insane.  He once successfully qualified for all 4 Slams in the same year.  Not really sure what keeps him out of the Top 100 so consistently.  His 3/19 lifetime tiebreak record (in Tour-level matches) might have something to do with it.

-Steve Darcis is out to Daniel Brands.  He just sort of fell apart toward the end.  We'll see if Brands can qualify and whose section HE ends up in.

-Ryan Harrison continues to fight his way through to the main draw.  He won 1 and 3 today, so he might be getting into good form.

-Last year, American Bobby Reynolds not only qualified for Wimbledon, but won his first match.  This year, he goes down to Konstantin Kravchuk in Q2.  If you're not improving, you're getting worse.

-Gilles Mueller continues to breeze through these early rounds.  I like his chances to qualify here.  And with his serve, who knows how far he could go?

-Gojowyckzycky's conqueror, Oliver Golding, lost in 3 sets to Marco Chiudinelli.  Would be nice to see Chiudinelli into another Slam draw after all this time.

-After a fairly successful Q1, Japanese men went 2 for 4 in Q2.  Not that it's impossible, but I would be surprised if the two men left, Sugita and Ito, made it to the main draw.

-Speaking of Japan, Eri Hozumi defeated top seed Kiki Bertens in Ladies' Q1 today.  She's 20 and ranked 168 in the world.  We'll see if she backs this win up or if Bertens (who has done well at Wimbledon before) was just off her game.  Hozumi is one of FIVE Japanese women to win today.  That's one more than the men managed.  Japan seems to like grass court tennis.

-Another Dutchwoman who has done well on London's lawns is Arantxa Rus.  However, she met the same fate as her countrywoman Bertens, losing 2 and 3 to Irena Pavlovic.

-Pauline Parmentier, who had her best ever Slam showing a couple weeks ago on French clay, lost in 3 to American Madison Brengle.  Seems like A LOT of women don't really handle surface transitions too well.

-Michelle Larcher de Grunto, who beat Sharapova here last year, won her Q1 match.  For the love of all that is good, I hope somebody takes her out before she gets on a tv court.

-Incredibly, Melanie Oudin won a freakin tennis match.  She defeated Vera Dusevina 10-8 in the 3rd.  Every win is like World War III for her.  We'll see if she can win another.

-Sadly, my other OTHER tennis girlfriend, Mandy Minella, lost in the first round.  Shelby Rogers is a good player, though, so the loss isn't horrible.  But Minella is best on grass, so that basically ends her year, almost.

-Ana Konjuh of Croatia blew away 14th seed Estrella Cabeza.  What's remarkable about this is that Konjuh is only 16 years old.  Could she be the youngest player in either the men's or women's draw this year?

-Grass court specialist Tamira Paszek is through 4 and 0.  Looks like she's gearing up for her annual paycheck.

-The bane of my existence, Luksika Khumkhum, won her Q1 match.  I hope she qualifies and beats Serena or something so she can give me another unexpected -16. *angry face*

-Gabriella Taylor, a British wild card, beat 19th seeded Sofia Arvidsson 1 and 3.  She's a few months younger than Ana Konjuh, too, and I'm fairly sure she doesn't have a WTA ranking.  Two months ago she lost 0 and 1 to World #640 Karloina Wlodcarzak.  How the heck did she beat Arvidsson so easily?

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Good to see guys like Muller, Chiudinelli and Brands reaching the final round! Man, Aussies LOVE grass courts!

Great summaries Arvis !

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Thanks, Adunar. smile


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-Ana Konjuh has continued her winning ways.  She lost the first set in a tiebreak today, but won sets 2 and 3 rather handily.  Looks like we may just have a 16-year-old competing with the big girls this year.

-Fellow 16-year-old Gabriella Taylor couldn't follow up her truly unbelievable win in Q1, unfortunately.  She lost in straights to Tereza Smitkova of the Czech Republic.  Smitkova is 19 and her appearance in the Final 32 of Wimbledon qualies is almost as unlikely as Taylor's, considering her last grass court match before the qualifying rounds here was a loss to World #1003 Freya Christie.  To go from that to almost qualifying for the biggest tournament of the year is huge.

-Madison Brengle was able to follow up her win over Parmentier.  Brengle has never qualified for Wimbledon and hasn't played the main draw of any Slam since 2008.  Let's see if she can hang on.

-Eri Hozumi, who defeated Kiki Bertens in Q1, lost rather badly to Irena Pavlovic of France.  Pavlovic is 25 and ranked 189 in the world.  She defeated Arantxa Rus in Q1 and is quietly having a very good Qualifying tournament.

-Larcher de Brito is still in.  Darn it.

-But at least Luksika Khumkhum is out.

-Not ONE of the five Japanese women who won in Q1 managed to win in Q2.

-Melanie Oudin won another match, this time 4 and 2 over Dulgheru!  What does this MEAN!?

-Two players that, to me, seemed like locks to qualify from day one are also through: Tamira Paszek and Ashleigh Barty.

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Chiudinelli lost today but at least Marti is ahead in the fifth! And Baczinsky won smile

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Wimbledon 2014 Gentlemen's Singles Qualifiers

(name, age, rank, nationality)

- Tatsuma Ito: 26, 129, Japan.  Defeated Ricardas Berankis in 5 sets today.  Ito has only won two Grand Slam matches in his career, one each in the 2012 & 2013 Australian Opens.  This will be only his 2nd time in the main draw of Wimbledon.  His first was in 2012, which was a straight sets loss to Lukas Kubot.

- Konstantin Kravchuk: 29, 214, Russia.  Prevented an Aussie Sweep today by defeating Alex Bolt in 4 sets.  Not only is this his first ever successful Grand Slam Qualification Tournament (in 8 attempts), but his first ever ATTEMPT at Wimbledon Qualifying.  Not bad for a 29 year old.

- Alex Kuznetsov: 27, 149, United States.  Defeated Qualifying Specialist Tim Smyczek in 4 sets today.  He qualified for Wimbledon last year, too, and lost his first round match in straights to Igor Sijsling.  Although this is his 8th time qualifying for a Slam, his first and only main draw win came in 2007's Australian Open.  I'm sure he doesn't want the Slam losing streak to reach 7.

- Ante Pavic: 25, 163, Croatia.  Defeated former Top 40 player Marc Gicquel in 4 sets today (Gicquel, btw, is 37 years old if you're wondering what happened to him).  Pavic didn't even begin playing Grand Slam Qualifying tournaments until this year but has now qualified for 2 Slams in a row.  His first Slam match was at this year's French, which was a loss to Gilles Simon.  His best win this year was against Pierre Hugues Herbert in Tunisia.  Pavic went on to lose in the QFs of that event to Marsel Ilhan.

- Gilles Mueller: 31, 102, Luxembourg.  Breezed through Qualifying without dropping a set on the back of his big serve.  Was once ranked as high as #42 and has a 20-24 record at Slams.  Made the Quarterfinals of the 2008 US Open where he pushed eventual champion Roger Federer to 5 sets.  Pushed Nadal to two tiebreaks before crumbling in the 3rd round of the 2011 Wimbledon Championships.  Possibly the most dangerous Qualifier in either draw, he is also the highest-ranked man to qualify for Wimbledon this year.

- Pierre-Hugues Herbert: 23, 130, France.  While "Air Bear" is certainly having his best year, his results are by no means fantastic, with three of his most recent losses coming to players ranked outside the Top 200.  His recent grass court win against Janowicz says more about his opponent than it does him.  His 1st-round straight-sets loss to Isner at Roland Garros was his first ever Grand Slam match.  We'll see if he can win his first ever set in a Slam in the coming week.

- Tim Puetz: 29, 219, Germany.  Defeated Hungarian Marton Fucsovics in two tiebreakers and a breadstick today.  The definition of a Journeyman, Puetz hasn't played a single Tour-level match this year.  At Roland Garros qualifying he lost in Q2 to Berankis.  His round 1 match at Wimbledon will almost certainly be the highlight of his year.  Despite all this however, he really has only one truly "bad" loss in his Futures and Challenger tournaments this year (to World #820 John Millman).  All his other losses have come to players either at or above his ranking.  You might say this opportunity to qualify was just waiting to happen for him.  Just by qualifying for Gentlemen's Singles, he's guaranteed a payday of about $45,450.  His Combined Career Earnings?  $81,654.

- Marsel Ilhan: 27, 152, Turkey.  Defeated Malek Jaziri in 4 sets today.  After successfully qualifying for Queen's Club, where he lost in the 1st round to Nicolas Mahut, he's continued his good grass court form by qualifying for the main draw of Wimbledon.  Despite his Journeyman stature, Ilhan is actually 5-1 in Grand Slam 1st round matches and was once ranked as high as 87 in the world.  However, he has never won a 2nd round match at any Slam.  This is only his 2nd time qualifying for Wimbledon and first since 2010.

- James Duckworth: 22, 162, Australia.  After defeating Martin Fischer in straights today, Duckworth will now be making his 7th main draw Grand Slam appearance in a row.  Despite this recent success in Qualies, however, he maintains a 2-7 record in Slams, with those two wins both coming in successive Australian Opens.  This could be his opportunity to improve that record, however, as he is coming in playing very good grass court ball.  He even managed to take a set off Tomas Berdych in Queen's Club.  Even if he draws a seed, he could push it to 5 sets depending on who it is.

- Luke Saville: 20, 237, Australia.  The second of THREE Australians to qualify for Wimbledon this year, Saville defeated Adunar's homeboy Yann Marti 8-6 in the 5th today.  Has the distinction of having won two Grand Slams in Boy's Singles: 2011 Wimbledon and 2012 Australian.  He followed up his Wimbledon Juniors win with a runner-up showing the next year.  Despite losing to Bobby Reynolds at Queen's Club qualifying this year, he found his grass court form in time for the real thing.  in 2014, Saville has played 5 Australian Futures tournaments and won 3 of them.  The youngest men's player to qualify, and the lowest ranked.

- Yuichi Sugita: 25, 147, Japan.  Sugita's straight-sets win over Chiudinelli today is the triumph of his career.  Before today, his story was a story of 'almosts.'  He almost won a Tour-level match this year, in Brisbane, but lost in a 3rd set tiebreaker.  He almost qualified for Slams many times, losing in Q3 on FOUR separate occasions.  He failed to qualify for Singles 16 times before finally succeeding today.  His win means that, despite my cynical doubt, BOTH of the Japanese men who made it to Q3 this week have entered the main draw.

- Ryan Harrison: 22, 140, United States.  Despite being so young, Harrison was actually once Top 50 in the world.  He has since been slumping terribly.  His straight sets win over Daniel Brands today, however, was truly exceptional, and may just mean that he's busted that slump and is ready to at least get back to the Top 100.

- Denis Kudla: 21, 135, United States.  As predicted, Kudla qualified with little trouble, enjoying a quality 4-set win over Aljaz Bedene today.  He qualified last year as well and won his 1st round match.  Against whom?  Fellow Qualifier James Duckworth.  Kudla has the potential to go one better this year, depending on his draw.  Kudla sports 2 Tour-level victories this year, both against players inside the Top 100.

- Jan Hernych: 34, 220, Czech Republic.  Hernych the Hernia may be the most unlikely Qualifier in Gentlemen's singles.  Not only did his opponent today, Rajeev Ram, look to be unstoppable, but before coming to Wimbledon's lawns he lost in Halle qualifying to Olivier Rochus, who, although a crafty grass-courter, is currently ranked 472 in the world.  And yet, Hernych beat Ram in 4 sets and looks to have maybe one last(?) grass-court party left in him.  He is 2-6 all-time here at SW19.  The oldest men's player to qualify.

- Jimmy Wang: 29, 148, Taiwan.  When Wang completed his 4 set victory over 10th seed Frank Dancevic today, I came across this Tweet: "Wimbledon can start now.  Jimmy Wang has qualified.  AGAIN."  Born "Wang Yeu-tzuoo,"  since 2004 he has failed to qualify for Wimbledon ONCE in 6 attempts.  He has made the 2nd round here 3 times, including last year where he defeated Wayne Odesnik in the 1st round.  In the last month, he's finished runner-up in a Challenger event and took a set off Gilles Muller in Nottingham.  Could he perhaps win his 4th ever match at Wimbledon?

- Samuel Groth: 26, 125, Australia.  As mentioned previously, Groth was very close to obtaining a wildcard into the main draw of Wimbledon when he played Nick Kyrgios in the finals of the Nottingham2 Challenger.  He lost in two painful tiebreaks.  What makes this more painful is that Groth has never played the main draw of any Slam outside of Australia.  Lesser men would have had a letdown having to grind through the Qualifying rounds after being so close to a big payday, but Groth refused to let that happen.  I'll be interested to see who makes more of an impact here, him or Kyrgios.  He sports the odd distinction of having played Gilles Muller 3 times in the last two months.  Muller defeated him twice, but the one time they played on grass, at Nottingham2, Groth won!

Countries Represented
United States (3)
Australia (3)
Japan (2)
Czech Republic

Anyone planning on putting any of these guys on your Yoda Cup teams? smile


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Didn't Muller beat Rafa at Wimbledon back in 2005 ? wink

I'm a bit sad that both Chiudi and Marti lost yesterday. Marti was a break up in the fifht and got tight. I think he deserves a GS appearance. The guy has been playing futures for a while and is now starting to have good results at challengers. This would have been THE performance of his career. 'almost'

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He's only 26.  He'll have more chances. smile

And that's true about Muller, but that was when beating Nadal on grass was easy. tongue
Of course, it might be easy nowadays, too, since it seems to keep happening.  When is the last time Nadal won a grass court match?


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2012 Wimbledon 1st round. And Guess who Rafa picked in his draw: Klizan 1st round, Rosol/Paire 2nd (HAHAHAHA) and potentially Karlovic 3rd round. Tough one for Rafa... Raonic in the QF, Roger in the semies.

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Why would we wanna know about the 2012 draw Ad? wink.........Novak and Andy on the same side, this tourney is going to be tricky to pick.

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Yes, REALLY tricky, espcially FTT-wise.

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Tim Puetz on the verge of winning his 1st round match!  That's a $73,100 payday for a guy who has barely made more than that in his entire career!  Just two more games, come on Tim!

EDIT: HE DID IT!  I can't imagine how that must feel for him. smile


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Tatsuma Ito - lost in 4 to Bolelli

Konstantin Kravchuk - lost in straghts to Gilles Simon.

Alex Kuznetsov - lost in 9-7 in the 5th to Fabio Fognini.  A heartbreaking loss gives him a 7-match Slam losing streak.

Ante Pavic - defeated Halle finalst Falla in straights!  A fantastic win for an extremely inexperienced player.  His next opponent will be Feliciano Lopez, who has smoked 28 kilos of crack in the last 5 days and should, therefore, be quite beatable for Pavic.

Gilles Muller - defeated Benneteau in straights on the back of his absolutely INVULNERABLE serve.  Has Roger Federer next.  Not much chance for him there, but when your serve is THAT good, anything can happen.

Pierre-Hugues Herbert - lost in 4 to Jack Sock.

Tim Puetz - not only won his first ever Slam match over Gabashvili in Rd 1, but is a few points away from going up 2 sets to 1 over Fognini as I am writing this!  An absolute dream of a tournament for this German Journeyman.

Marsel Ilhan - lost in 4 sets to....

Denis Kudla - ...whose next opponent is Prince Nishikori.  Kudla's chances there are very slim.  This is the 2nd year in a row where Kudla has qualified for Wimbledon, drew a fellow Qualifier in the 1st round, and won.

James Duckworth - lost in 5 sets to Gasquet.  Despite being very competitive in the first 3 sets, went away easily 0 and 1 in sets 4 and 5.  Duckworth still winless in all Slams outside Australia.

Luke Saville - showed his grass-court superiority against fellow 2-year-old Dominic Thiem in the first round.  Currently getting creamed by Dimitrov, however.  Still, Saville has to be satisfied with his play here.

Yuichi Sugita - showed a lot of fight in his 3-tiebreaker loss to Lopez.  Not sure if he should be heartened by his effort or disappointed that he lost in straights to a crackheaded moron.

Ryan Harrison - unlucky to draw Dimitrov in his first round.  Lost in straights, but played very competitively in the 1st.

Jan Hernych - got an upset win over Kamke in the first.  Not bad for the oldest Qualifier in the draw.  Could he push RBA in round 2?

Jimmy Wang - EASILY defeated Alejandro Gonzalez in the 1st round.  Wang can now be satisfied with his year.  Has Youzhny next, which isn't a totally hopeless match up for him.

Samuel Groth - lost in straights to Dolgopolov.

Men's Qualifiers went 7-9 in the first round.  Not bad!


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Women's Qualifiers still in:

Tereza Smitkova - unbelievably into the 3rd round.  19, ranked 175.

Timea Bacsinzsky - won easily in the 1st, has Sharapova next.  25, ranked 85.

Michelle Larcher De Brito - won 1st round against Kuznetsova. Up a break in the 1st against Gajdosova right now.  21, ranked 102.

Lesia Tsurneko - destroyed Dinah Pfizenmaier in Rd 1, has Halep next.  25, ranked 170.

Ana Konjuh - the 16-year-old I mentioned before. Not only qualified, but now into the 3rd round to face Wozniacki. Don't be surprised of she pushes Caroline to a 3rd, and maybe even gets the upset!  16, ranked 189.

Victoria Duval - promising young American upset 29th seeded Cirstea in Rd 1.  Has promising young Swiss Bencic next.  Should be a good match.  18, ranked 114.

Re: Wimbledon 2014 Qualies

Should I do a Hotness Ranking for the Ladies' Qualifiers?  It's not like any women read the forums... >.>