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I think the so called "Gluten Showdown" between Gulbis and Djokovic is going to be a thriller. I think it'll go to 4 or maybe even 5 sets. I think djokovic will win because #1 he's an absolute beast. big_smile I think Djokovic will have trouble at first adjusting. Djokovic I think has the slight edge just because he is clutch, takes risks, and has very good fitness. Not that Gulbis doesn't have those things but otherwise, "The Djoker" lol has the edge over Ernie. But also I am hopeful Gulbis can pull off his third straight top 10 win in a row.

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Gulbis definitely has a shot, but Djokovic has a way of making the court seem smaller and smaller and smaller the longer a match wears on.  And Gulbis is not known for being patient and keeping his head.  Gulbis really had no business beating Fed, with Fed holding two Set Points in the 2nd, the first of them being an extremely easy point that Fed would have won 999 times out of 1000.  And I think Djokovic is going to be a tougher test than even Fed was.

But here's Gulbis' 'secret weapon' so to speak: Belief.  I think Gulbis is at a point where he really BELEIVES he can beat these guys.  And if he goes in hitting like he did in his last two matches, this should be a ton of fun to watch.

I kinda need Djokovic to win, though, to get my first Yoda Cup.


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Belief or Arrogance?


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