Topic: Federer vs Soderling - an excellent match

Did anyone else watch the Federer vs Soderling 4th round match yesterday? Even though it was a straight set win for Federer I thought it was a great match. Federer did better on a few key points, but the match was so close and they both served amazing. I have a feeling that Soderling will soon be a top 5 player if he can keep this high level of play up.

Re: Federer vs Soderling - an excellent match

Soderling has always been a guy with great talent, but he never had his head into tennis it seemed. If he can focus on his game and improve some things, then I think he can certainly get into the top 8. I'm not sure if he could get ahead of Del Potro or even Roddick, and I think "The Big 4" are locks to stay inside the top 4 unless Nadal winds up missing significant time. I think he needs to have pretty good showings deep into Slams in New York and Australia, because I can't see him repeating his French Open run.

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Re: Federer vs Soderling - an excellent match

One of the best matches of the tournament, made even better by the fact that Federer won in straight sets. I agree with you Aiur - the top 5 is a tough nut to crack, but top 10 will be easy for him.

Re: Federer vs Soderling - an excellent match

A fantastic match, even though it was a little Federer-sided on the scores Soderling stuck his oar in and was there for lots of the match.

So Soderling didnt pull a soderling but it was a great match!