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Guess I should have done this earlier, but hi. I go as Jolivegarden and I'm new to this cite. I just love playing and watching tennis. smile My favorite players include : John Isner, Rafa, and Sharapova so you'll probably see me pointlessly arguing in their favor. smile

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Well hello Jolivegarden, I apparently go by Johnny Incognito and I also am fairly new. I love tennis and look forward to debating with you and everyone else about the players and tournaments. My favorite players are Stanislas Wawrinka, Albert Montanes, Aggie Radwanska and Maria Sharapova. So I will definitely be on your side when you pointlessly argue in her favor smile

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Hello Johnny Incognito,(I remember that discussion smile) I will enjoy  pointlessly arguing on your side in the near future. smile

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You're all pointlessly wrong.  All two of you!