Topic: What can we conclude from the first six months of the 2012 season?

I think that it is time after 3 of the 4 GS, 5 of the 9 1000's, 5 of the 11 500's to make a point of these past six months.

Novak: Played his best at the AO but has struggled aver since though had a wonderful Miami tourney. Reached 3 big finals on clay, fell to Rafa in each of them. Had to aknowledge Federer's superiority at Wimby.

Rafa: Played his best during the clay court swing by winning 4 out of th 5 tournaments he played, including his 7th RG. Was very regular on hard courts but fell short on the grass of Wimbledon. Can he stand up once again for the olympics and the N.American swing?

Federer: very regulars during the first part of the season with two SF at AO and RG, finally got his 17th major at Wimby and regained the #1 spot. He has n pressure from now on.

Murray: Had a good hard court season but struggled on clay. Played a great Wimbeldon tournament and showed just why he deserves a GS title. Can he lift the US Open trophy?

Ferrer has had his best season so far at 30 yo. So good on clay and showed some impressive runs on hard courts and grass courts. Tsonga has had great RG and Wimby and is definitely on to a good summer. Berdych has had an amazing clay court season but seems to be tired now. Can he rest? DelPo is having a good year so far. But it is yet to fulfil his potential. Can he get to the top back again? Tipsy is always there but hasn't had a breakthrough.

Isner has some up and downs, Raonic too. We know they can both perform very well on hard courts. Fish and Roddick seem to find their tennis back so they should not be underestimated.

hard court season (january-march): Djokovic dominated the debate with Federer. Nadal and Murray were good too. Raonic showed some impressive results as well as DelPo.

south american clay swing (february-march): Ferrer at the top, Almagro too. Then come the rest.

European clay court swing: Rafa is the King. Novak is right behind. Federer, Ferrer and Berdych were very good too. DelPo was a threat.

Grass court season: Federer at the top. Murray almost won Wimby. Ferrer, Kohlschreiber, Haas, Cilic, Youzhny, Mayer showed some good tennis too.

Funny fact: Should federer have not played at Halle, he wouldn't be world number one...
In this year's rankings, Federer, Novak and Rafa are within 300 points. Needless to say that this three way battle will last until the very end of the year smile

What are your thought about these last 6 months of tennis? Who do you think will perform well at the Olympics and during the summer hard court season?

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Re: What can we conclude from the first six months of the 2012 season?

Having the Olympics just solidifies this as one of the best years of tennis in recent memory.  3 Slams with 3 different men's winners??  WHAT??