Topic: How Far Will Rockin Raonic Go In 2012?

After straight setting one of the best dirtballers in Almagro at the Barcelona Open and now doing the same to World No.4 Andy Murray, Milos Raonic has got me wondering just how far he will climb up the rankings this year.

The lanky Canadian looked all at sea the last time I watched him play on the red dirt but he has obviously ironed out a few things and from the brief highlights I saw against Murray he looked very impressive with his HUGE serve and BIG forehand dominating the hapless Scot.

There looks to be certain similarites between the way Isner and Raonic play on clay, serve big and crunch your forehand that seems to be their modus operandi....both players could certainly cause a few problems at Roland Garros if they stay healthy.

I was originally thinking that Raonic was still a year or two away from being a consistent member of the Top 10 but if he continues to impress on ALL surfaces then I might have to reconsider my thoughts on that subject.....can't wait to see what he is capable of on grass courts!! smile

So people what do ya'll think....will Milos make the Top 10 this year or is he too injury prone and inconsistent at this stage of his career??

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Re: How Far Will Rockin Raonic Go In 2012?

I think he can break through the top 10 if he doesn't get injured. He doesn't have many points to defend until the end of the year... In fact he is in my 2012 end of the year top10 pronostics ;-) .
He's going to be a MONSTER on grass courts. His game is pretty solid and his serve and forehand can be devastating against anybody I think.

Can you guys imagine a double pair Isner-Raonic at Wimbledon? They would be tough to beat.

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Re: How Far Will Rockin Raonic Go In 2012?

I think only injury can keep him out of the Top 10 at this point.  And that is a pretty big roadblock.  Thus far, he has not proven he can stay healthy for more than 5 months at a time.

But I am rooting for him.  Definitely one of my favorites of the new crop of players.