Topic: plantation shutters

Finish reading a condition, receive noodles armed men to add a way:"Our conditions only have these three, however we disallow to haggle.If the Yan flies, you have to promise our conditions within three days, otherwise, your personnel will die to have no burial ground.Wait until after these personnels finish dying, if you still don't promise our requests, so we will continue to kidnap your other members of dreamlike island, until you promise our conditions.However that time, our condition will also ship rises with the tide, can't be like now so simple."
    After finishing saying, the video frequency on the big screen is one Shan, shrink into one small a little bit bright, then the whole video frequency broadcasts a ratio usually.
    After finishing seeing this blackmail video frequency, the Yan flies to cut up rough very much in the heart.This is his employee be kidnap abroad for the second time, for the second time drive with the way that claps a video frequency in public the Nue kill, the second time kills Nue, and the video frequency spreads on the network.The first have already dared to do this kind of affair of is the religious section organization that owns endless history Sa Xin Pai, at that time they incensed Yan fly, then the Yan flew faraway arrived to Middle East of region, to Sa Xin Pai launched madness attack by surprise, will in addition to Sa Xin Pai leader outside of all of the religious section member annihilate.
Isn't only this, the Yan one who flies to still counterfeit demolish, in public dismembered that Nue to kill affairs of direct responsibility person's bushy beard, and same this video frequency outward public, to in the world all most serious warnings of the persons who want to beat Yan to fly with dreamlike science and technology idea, that be once the employee of someone to dreamlike science and technology makes moves, will recruit to Yan to fly wilder revenge activity so right away.
    Because there is the bloody revenge this time, even is long and take great reputation of Sa Xin Pai all carry at demolish the hand of in, so in next this several yearses, the employee of dreamlike island and dreamlike science and technology runs about in the whole world all very safe, have never suffered kidnaping of other people and kill any further.But who also what to have never thought BE, just passed by two years, in those early years Sa Xin Pai thoroughly replied the tragic incident putting out has already been forgotten, and then take place to kill affairs with Nue to kidnaping of dreamlike islander member together.
Also because this period of time very peace, have never again taken place the raid affairs aiming at dreamlike island employee, just let the Yan fly to neglect the gist, have never carried on to the surprised circumstance that may appear to take precautions against, so would result in oneself's employee's again being attacked.
    When the Ai Bo breaks out to pull a virus epidemic situation in Africa, gentleness on one's own initiative request Yan to fly are pulled the sufferer of virus infection by the Ai Bo to carry on a free salvage to these.Luckily Yang Qi by a happy chance invented to aim at the specific medicine that the Ai Bo pulls virus in that juncture, and the gave birth to can help 1,000,000 people's specific medicine to come out.
    While getting hold of specific medicine, the gentleness originally wanted oneself to send to specific medicine the Ai Bo pulled virus to wreak havoc region, used for free treatment Ai Bo to pull a sufferer.But fly repeatedly to persuade in the Yan under, the gentleness finally still canceled a plan of going to the epidemic area in person, change to the medical squad that sends a terminal disease hospital to replace oneself to go to an epidemic area.
    But for promising the safety of this medical squad member, the Yan flew to not only send 20 people's crack escort brigade member protects them and also contacts Kenya and Tanzania government, and be placed in other international organizations of epidemic area, request them the safety of medical squad member for promising that the dreamlike terminal disease hospital in the island parties goes out.
    BE knowing that the dreamlike island terminal disease hospital overran Ai Bo to pull virus and made a specific medicine, also free cures for own citizen of time, is Kenya no matter or Tanzania, they all excitement not already, because this represent have been already lost control of Ai Bo's pulling a virus epidemic situation finally can get rid of.
    So for come free to the medical squad that the oneself citizen cures, these two nations all are clapping chest to promise these personnel's safeties, those international organizations, they also declare the absolute safety that to promise a dreamlike islander member.Have after, assurance of these government and organizations' dreamlike island just trust his/her own medical squad into an epidemic area, start making use of the specific medicine treatment Ai Bo to pull a virus infected person.