Topic: Launch of the new site

Hi Charles,

I read in a thread during the Australian open that you were launching a new site for the French open.

Are you still developing a new site?  You ve got a great concept here but the user friendliness of the site is a problem and it’s reflecting in the number of players each slam. Wimbledon 2014 had over a 1000 teams competing in it . It seems to be dropping year on year.  For this slam (French) it’s down to 200 and I fear it will drop more if you don’t make an update..

The dragging and dropping issue needs to be updated for team selection.  Deleting every player in the draw before selection is just ridiculous. And  Maybe an easier way to view teams or see who has predicted players in your league .

We love the game......We’ve got a league of 18-25 players but the feeling is we need and update soonish