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Hello Star Wars Whores and Whoremongers, 

I tried touching base with some of you, but I felt the cold shoulder, I doubt anyone cares what I have to say (especially given some of the things you most likely know about), but there are some things I want to bring up.  There’s a lot more I will touch upon at another time. 

First I want to apologize to those of you who enjoyed the relegation game that I fucked up.  I hated to confirm just what a sack of useless shit I am once again, but I was rattled.   Not to make excuses, but I never have been able to handle the excel spreadsheet on my computer, it was always a very SLOW process – due to my mind’s poor functionality, and some kind of lagging effect that tested my poor temperament routinely.  I had little to no trouble whatsoever with the Apache spreadsheet (It’s probably designed for toddlers to use), but I was unable to transfer that onto the excel in any way.  Unfortunately, once I hit that roadblock, I took a break, then forgot about it and tennis all but completely.  By the time I remembered this, it was too late. 
I will get into this further down, but it looks as though I will not be participating in any fantasy sports game at least in the foreseeable future, maybe never again.  I say this because if enough of you can/want to run the Alpha/Beta/Gamma leagues, there is ample time to coordinate with me before the start of ’18 and set things up so that it can be done. 
What’s even worse about my (mini or otherwise) meltdown was  how I  now see how pointless it was – I’ve come to realize A LOT of things that were embarrassingly above my head.  Those epiphanies I will delve more thoroughly when I can express it coherently, if that is at all possible. 
One of those is my priorities – not to sound insulting toward anyone here, I’ve put too much emphasis on these fantasy games far too long.  That isn’t to say I haven’t gained value from it, but the problem is how I wanted to run leagues when I cannot handle very much on my plate.  That isn’t even in comparison to some of you taskoholics, to the average sub-standard person, I do things at a rate that is just not fit for most activities.  I’ve had to learn my limitations, how I can ONLY handle one thing at once – for instance, if it’s before/during/immediately after a slam, about all I can focus my attention on is handling duties for the leagues, everything else in life must be ignored.  That is something I simply cannot do.  I have shifted my priorities taking the steps towards productive activities/additions/changes in life.  Playing fantasy tennis at this juncture will only prove to be a distraction, as it has done in the past, and I have let too many of my best years pass by being distracted (before it was fantasy tennis, it was something else, and before that, etc). 
If I am able to achieve certain things, fantasy tennis will also be a luxury.  One of those things I NEED to work on is getting out on my own, the way I am looking to do it is not ideal, but it’s the only way I can think of where I will be at peace and away from people that have mostly contributed to my NEED for distraction.  There are things I want to do in life while I can, and the only way to see if that will happen is if I change my living circumstances.  One of those things I want to give a REAL shot at is the “stand up comedy” thing.  Whether or not that materializes into any of the lofty sights I had initially set, at the very least it will give me some experiences.  Plus, for better or worse, I enjoy it.  Since I first started almost two years ago, I have participated in it few times and very far between – that will simply not work.  You could chalk it up to a little bit of my laziness/erratic tendencies, but a lot of it has been due to finances (it’s expensive when you are a bum), and the physical.  Getting to/from NY has been physically taxing on me for over a year now.  So, I want to put myself in the position to be near the “action”, so that I can do it on a daily basis – maybe even multiple times daily.  Other than “Comedy”, I want to try to acquire some sort of skills, at least pertaining to the fields where I have ideas that I want to turn into tangible things.   If I can’t, maybe I’ll be able to network with people in these fields who can help make these things happen.  A lot of them are trivial ideas, but there may be some swirling around that are worth the effort. 

I hope this post is not disturbing to you (I sure do have a way with words), it’s actually the opposite for me, I’m trying to get things done in life, instead of just being alive.  I’ve had opportunities in life that I wasn’t aware were even present until it was too late, and I will never get them back, so I want to draw more. 

Thanks for being welcoming to, and supportive of, me.  It probably helps that most (if not all) of you are reasonably decent people, instead of some of the ones I’ve come across the last year and change.   
There will be more from me, which will include another US Open qualifying visit, depending on the damage of my foot (it might be broken).  I’ll try to have some pictures (if I get drunk enough, maybe plenty of creepy selfies with scared/grossed out lady tennis players) accompany the days I want to go. 

I’ll keep you posted, and may the force…Ah, fuck that, way too obvious.

Edit: Forgot to include my congratulations to you Adunar on the wedding!

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Re: OT: Long Time No See

LMAO..........I just luuuuuuuuuuuuuve your sincerity/candor regarding the forum
and your personal life, Tommy.

Your posts literally give me pain from laughing so friggin hard, Tommy!!!

Watching your standup routine would be a dream come true Tommy..........much better
than the great "Andrew Dice Clay" and that is very high praise coming from a comedy
afficionado like myself!!! You sound like a very daring individual that could deliver
a very nasty, witty, hilarious expletive filled standup routine that would put everyone
on the floor in non-stop convulsions!!! LMFAO

HA...HA...HA...HA...I would enjoy seeing those liquor-induced creepy selfies with the
scared grossed out lady Tennis players!!! LOL..........those pics would be hilarious in
such a classy venue like the US Open!!!

Go for the gusto Tommy.........I would luuuuuuuve to go to a comedy club in New York
City and die laughing at your raw, vile, explicit, nasty expletive filled comedy routine!!!

I will be the person in the audience laughing and clapping harder than everyone in the you will now exactly who I am!!!

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Hello Tom,

Nice to read you once again. It is a good thing to take of your real life, nobody will blame you to prioritize your own life instead of fantasy tennis. I wish you all the best in your stand up activities, and the other obscure ones too ;-)

Thanks for the congrats. Has been a stressful period for me regarding the wedding organization. My fantasy tennis results are below average this year but that's okay, you only get married once  (at least that is what they tell you haha). I gave up many fantasy tennis related activities too (spreadsheets, rankings, all year strategies.. ). There is a time for everything in life.

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Congratulations and best wishes Arnaud! Good Luck to Tommy. Go for it. According to James Bond you only live twice.

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you should keep writing Tommy...and get on that stage!
Glad to hear from you

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Good to have you back, Wolmas.

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Keep plugging away Tommy. Next time I'm in NYC (which will be the first time) I'll come and see your stand up. I mentioned to you that my sister started doing it the same time as you, and I haven't even seen her yet, and she is in the same country as me. Life.

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