Topic: Why GSFT rules

After a discussion about the demerits of Auto-pick -- because it has no merit, and there are no users of the site who appreciate it or support it, Charles -- and after so far unsuccessfully attempting to convince Charles that this bad thing is a bad thing, nonetheless a solution has been found.  League managers will have the ability to require league members to turn off Auto-pick in order to participate in the league if they so desire. 

This decision satisfies the members of Yoda Cup, who are unanimous (well, except for Charles, of course!  ;-D) in stating that Auto-pick should be eliminated completely at GSFT.  There will be no Auto-pick in Yoda Cup in the future.  Leave it to Charles to solve the problem even while he's being stubbornly wrong about something.  What a wonderful trait!  Nicely done, sir.

Also, in the future, match picks will be hidden until the match starts, which will improve the competition at the site.  This continued interaction and willingness to make intelligent modifications is why GSFT rules!

Last edited by Don (Sep. 15, 2011 11:37am)