Topic: Auto picking should be abolished

There is many reasons for that Charles.You can read Don's post from yesterday where he mantened a Serena-Stosur  scenario.I think that if someone didn't make a pick,what ever the reason is,he should not be rewarded for that.Really think that you should seriously think about that option,and I hope that I'm not the only one.

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Re: Auto picking should be abolished

I didn't even know there was an autopick option, much less that I had it checked. I suspect most others are in my boat. So very few players rely on it because they don't know about it.

Anyone who's away and who cares about it will get to a computer and make their picks, which will take them a few seconds. Kids doing it for fun won't know or care whether there's an autopick or not. If you abolish it, no one is going to be clamoring for it, whereas there are those of us who object strenuously to its existence.

My computer died right before the 2011 French Open, so I did not have a team. That's life. Or maybe you should have autopicked my teams for me???

The example of Stosur v. Serena demonstrates the problem inherent in autopick.  Because Stosur was higher ranked, if you didn't make a pick, autopick picked Stosur for you.  But people who actually picked Stosur for real were all either geniuses, idiots or just good game players in a situation where they had to pick Stosur to have a chance to win. 

In that situation, I personally have no problem losing to geniuses, idiots and good game players.  I do object to losing to somebody who simply failed to make a pick -- and who therefore gets credit for picking a great huge upset just because the lower ranked player was the prohibitive favorite.  That is a very stupid result IMO.

Aiur was in first overall in the women's until the Stosur/Serena match.  He was passed by a smart game player for whom taking Stosur was the only hope of winning.  Good on him!  Smart play.  But suppose he had been passed by someone who had Stosur just because they failed to make a pick.  Somebody who, like the vast majority,  had Serena to win pre-tourney and who intended to pick Serena again, but just didn't get around to it.  Meet your new women's champion!!!

That result would be utterly unfair and spectacularly stupid IMO, and unacceptable on so many levels. Think about it: A PERSON WINS THE ENTIRE COMPETITION ONLY BECAUSE HE FAILS TO MAKE A PICK FOR THE FINAL!?!?!? THAT COULD EASILY HAVE HAPPENED AT THIS TOURNEY!!!   

With all due respect to Backhandpass, he should not have come 3rd in Yoda Cup this time.  He's a great guy and a good player, but there's no way on earth he would have ever taken Stosur had he made his picks.  And he's rewarded for that???  Any way you look at it, autopick is wrong.

I also very strongly agree with Aiur, who has been saying for a long, long time that you should not be able to see anybody else's match picks until all match picks are locked in.


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Re: Auto picking should be abolished

Hi Don and Dragan,

You can now edit your league and disable the autopick feature. Let me know if you encounter any issues with this new feature and I will get it fixed asap.