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I tried to find a listing of the current standings but was unable to locate them. I can see that I'm in 5th place but I would like to know who's ahead of me and by how much as it may affect my selections and allow me to taunt and ridicule more effectively.  If the standings are available please point in the right directions and perhaps make the link a bit more prominent, if not I think it would be a most appreciated improvement on an already impressive site.   


Trying to Measure Up

Re: Current Standings

Hi Pistol,

We have a standings page that is visible by clicking on a sub-menu that appears when you hover your mouse over the "My Home" link in the navigation bar. We have a small bug that causes this choice to be hidden when you are in the forums (and we will fix this soon), but just go to any other page (My Home, Latest news, Blog, etc) and then hover your mouse over "My Home" and you should see a dropdown menu with "Standings" as the last choice.

Let me know if this works.


Re: Current Standings

Works like a peach!!