I wouldn't call it safe either TE - Its a year long competition so lets battle this out to the very end..!!!



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Yeah that post was from January - I have learned (thanks to Tono) how to handle the LL situations... Looking forward to finishing strong... Best Wishes to all..!!!

Fill in your picks then hit the tab key once and type number of aces - hit the tab key again and type in the match time in minutes - Then hit enter (Do Not hit tab key again) Once you hit enter it will record your picks...

Best Wishes

Thanks for doing this Edu - Awesome data..!!!

Thanks Milo and Tono - It is rewarding when you have to work so hard against fierce competitors like the Yoda Crew..!!!

After struggling all 2018 season with the WTA brackets i am excited to see I finally won my first WTA bracket in Eastborne over the very tuff Tono..!!!

Of course Wimbledon is not going as well..!!!


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Great summary Adunar - You always make it fun..!!!


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Only takes a few extra minutes to work around and then you get two great weeks of fun..!!!


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As in the past few tournaments - You just have to delete all players from the team list (only takes a moment) - Then re-add the players you want - Best wishes..!!!


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The upcoming tournament says Wimbledon 2019 - should be 2018...

Gonna be an awesome tournament..!!!


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Thanks for doing this Jamie - So glad to be competing with Milo and the rest of the USA team - and congrats to ROW team for a decisive RG victory...


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Why have all the team selections and game predictions disappeared from the home pages..???

Please advise


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Congrats - You guys are Awesome..!!!

The competition is fierce - I just added a GQ to my wish list..!!!

I didn't get an email either - Quess not everybody gets one - Just have to overcome this setback..!!!

Seems like a lot of fixes after the tournament started..!!!


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Kyrgios has always been my Achilles heel - No worries Tono - Learning a lot in my rookie year - Got my focus on those 76 points you have over me in Dagobah..!!!

Does this mean that you are selecting Kasatkina..??!!

Murrys Flurrys has Halep also

Hello - When will WTA Lagano bracket be ready for selection on TDC..???

Didn't have her but glad to see Aga win - She is a tuff competetor..!!!

Of course I didn't have Halep so it didn't hurt either...

WTA - "What The Agggg" is happening..???

Definitely starting out that way - Can't figure out the WTA brackets no matter how hard i try..!!!

This does not seem oh "K" to me...

Thanks Milo - But you will always be the Master...

It is your destiny to return to the best player in the world very soon... And I will continue my training with you..!!!

PS - Shout out to Tono for his good advise...

Yes Tono it keeps kicking me - But hopefully with experience I will learn how to reduce my risky picks...

Being #5 in the Race to Dagobah is a good start for me but you, Milo and Tenedab just keep piling on the points...

You all are definitely impressive and I want to earn respect but I keep making these rookie mistakes...

Thanks for taking the time to explain some of the mistakes I am making - I am listening..!!!

So NAdal drops out and I'm left with LL Daniel all the way to the final...

This appears to happen more than some like to acknowledge...