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Arvis - Team Murreee needs you to join our scouting team - Wait just saw Koslova Win and Golubic lose - Will the WTA ever make sense..!!!

Way to go Milo - On the way back to the top..!!!

#GoBHP  #JediMaster

Arvis - Pick Delpo anyway - You could get a good LL..!!!

I am no better in my second year with the WTA than I was in my first year - Maybe even worse..!!!

At least its fun watching everybody else compete... Tenedab is a very balanced competitor...

Could Indian Wells be a turning point for us cellar dwellers..!!!

PS: Tenedab is a very balanced ATP/WTA competitor...


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Can't get this quality in-depth reviews anywhere else - Thanks Arvis..!!!


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Well it would be a first time for me so why not..!!!



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The WTA Budapest tournament dissappeared from TDC Site..???

After leading the Vader Competition for 8 consecutive months I must congratulate Tono for taking over the top spot this week - Well done Tono...!!!

I look forward to the battle for 2019 as I do not want to relinquish the Lord Vader Trophy easily..!!!

PS: What is the record for longest consecutive months leading Vader..???


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Great Work with the spreadsheet - Looks like Team USA will have to dig in for RG..!!!

Thanks Milo...

My WTA score is soooo bad I can't afford to miss a selection..!!!

When will WTA St Petersburg open up on TDC..???

Congrats TE...!!!

I was foiled again..!!!

Thanks Milo - I must continue to make my Jedi Master proud..!!!


It would only be my second ever so I will be holding my breath..!!!


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What an in-depth summary - Thanks for this great tribute to the achievements and greatness of Andy Murray...



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Here we go Marco... Will be fun competing against you again this year..!!!

Have to change my top 10 due to some injury concerns:

1.   Novak Djokovic
2.   Rafael Nadal
3.   Kevin Anderson
4.   Roger Federer
5.   Alexander Zverev
6.   Stefanos Tsitsipas
7.   Marin Cilic
8.   Kei Nishikori
9.   Juan Martin del Potro
10. Daniil Medvedev


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Up and running...

AO2018 - It is on..!!!!!


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We need the edit team button so we can delete players and then select team...


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When will the 2019 AO tournament open up on GSFT..???


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Glad you are back - You soon will rise back to the #1 Player in the world...!!!

So let it be written - So let it be done..!!!


"suuuurrrrre" and "PFFT" that a lot of disrespect toward someone who was just posting an accurate correction...

After a dismal year in Padme 2018 - I was excited to get off to a good start last week and that is the only reason I pointed it out..!!! 

PS to Arvis: You do a GREAT job with the weekly updates... The Yoda League is the best league going and you are a BIG part of the reason why - I look forward to all your postings and recaps and you make this league fun to compete in... The effort you put in is appreciated and does not go unnoticed..!!!

After reading many comments last year I am aware that there are not a lot of FANS of Team Murreee in the Jedi Crew... Maybe I deserve it but I don't understand why - as I highly respect all Jedi Crew Members as worthy competitors...

Hopefully I will gain some respect (maybe even some friends) over time...


Actually Murree won the first week of Padme by 21 points as the 1567 points for Dtrain includes 59 points from this week at Sydney...

Either way Great Start for all..!!!

Bigmoose you are on your way to 50 posts - Hope to see you soon in the Yoda Crew - Hardcore players all..!!!

Welcome back to all..!!!

Especially Milo  #Go BHP


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Next Gen moving up..!!! If Murray cannot fully recover I will go with Anderson at 10...