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2019 Race

After the US Open and the conclusion of the Yoda Cup, the standings are:

tenedab 9
Wimbo 6
Tono 4
Snollygoster 3
Edu 2
Drivers 2

tenedab has the lead and should score more points from the TDC competitions.
Although Wimbo is currently in 2nd, he will not be scoring any more points because of his irregular participation in TDC.
This gives the likes of Tono, Edu & Drivers the chance to claim 2nd place.

Post US Open, the tennis calendar begins to wind down and the search for the Yoda Crew Player of the Year begins.

Guiding Principle: The Player of the Year is the most consistent player of the season. Players are therefore rewarded for success in all competitions, even if they don't win a title.

Points scoring:

Yoda Guru Race: 5-4-3-2-1 for Top 5 finishers

Yoda Champions: 2 for each slam win

TDC competitions (Mens & Womens Brackets, Mens and Womens Teams, known as Obi-Wan, Rey, Vader, Padme):

5-3-1 for Top 3 finishers in each


In the event of a tie in these competitions, the tied players will share points (e.g. 5-5-1 where 2 players are tied for 1st place in Obi-Wan, 5-3-1-1 where there is a tie for 3rd place and so on)

If, after this points allocation, there is a tie for Player of the Year, the UFTR system (Ultimate Fantasy Tennis Rankings) will be used as a tie-breaker to decide the winner (most likely world #1 will be the Player of the Year)

Cue the eternal debate about tied points, because there are already quite a few smile


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OK guys, we can check our approach pre-AO, but it looks like 7 aside might be the way forward. After all, the scores were still close this year.
An ideal solution would be to get another 1 or 2 players from around the world.


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I enjoy doing this and am happy to keep the competition going in 2020 if people want to. Something for people to chew over if we do, with 21 players currently in Yoda, the sides are USA 12 - ROW 9.
Do we want to make adjustments for next year?
One option would be to switch sides. Originally, Aiur said he was happy to do so, that would make it 11-10.
Another option would be to have the top 7 in each team score for each slam, rather than the current top 8.
Or, keep things as they are.


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US Open 2019

A thrilling year came down to the final slam, could Team USA complete their remarkable comeback?

USA  12264
ROW 11712

tenedab led his team to a convincing win on home soil. But was it enough to take the overall prize?

ROW 50208
USA 50472

Err, yes, but a pretty close finish! Big congrats to Team USA, they won the last 3 slams of the year and the overall 2019 Rebel Alliance Cup. Hard luck Team Rest of the World, back to the drawing board in the off season for us.

Thanks Edu!


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Thanks Jenny! Let the red begin...


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That will be our mantra at the US Snolly!


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Wimbledon 2019

Team USA clawed their way back into contention at the French Open, reducing the gap to just over 500 pts. Could they keep the comeback going at Wimbledon?

USA  12672
ROW 12432

Yes they could! Despite Tono's victory, the likes of Wimbo, tenedab and Dtrain continue to rack up the points for the USA. However, the margin of victory was smaller this time around, with points hard to come by at Wimbledon. The current totals are:

ROW 38496
USA 38208

288 points now separate the teams. USA have done a fantastic job of catching up, but that's still a significant advantage going into the final slam for the Rest of the World. Can they hang on when they face the Americans on home soil, or will the USA complete a remarkable fight back? See you in New York!


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I didn't think USA would be able to come back after the AO, 'impressive, most impressive'


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Great summary Marco, thanks!
Wimbo already looking ominous...


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Awesome work Drivers, many thanks!


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Delete every single player then do your selection

Hmm. The force is strong with this one, eh Tony? wink


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French Open 2019

Team USA were on the back foot after the Rest of the World posted a massive victory at the Australian Open, 13208 to 12352. Could the USA travel to the clay courts of Paris and put their campaign to defend the Rebel Alliance Cup back on track?

USA  13184
ROW 12856

Yes they could! Wimbo and tenedab led their team mates to a pretty impressive victory.
The USA needed that win to make the 2019 competition competitive. The Rest of the World still enjoy a decent lead, but this result means that there is a lot riding on the final two slams of the year:

ROW 26064
USA 25536

With just over 500 points in it, thoughts now turn to the grass of SW19. The Rest of the World have an opportunity to get some quick revenge in a few weeks, while the USA will be keen to build on this result. Can't wait!


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Awesome! GOOOOOO Djokovic-Pliskova

Nice, another stat to admire. I often wonder why none of us have ever done a perfect bracket in all this time - pretty lame, no?

Way to go Arvis!


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Everyone aboard the Dtrain!

Thanks Edu, and congrats!

Don't forget Madrid starts on Saturday people

Flippin nice work Johnny, early contender for Performance of the Year?

Nicely done Murree!

Glad to see the back of the sunshine double. I'm only happy when it rains.

Remarkable Arvis, well done!


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Nice work Johnny!