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That will be our mantra at the US Snolly!


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Wimbledon 2019

Team USA clawed their way back into contention at the French Open, reducing the gap to just over 500 pts. Could they keep the comeback going at Wimbledon?

USA  12672
ROW 12432

Yes they could! Despite Tono's victory, the likes of Wimbo, tenedab and Dtrain continue to rack up the points for the USA. However, the margin of victory was smaller this time around, with points hard to come by at Wimbledon. The current totals are:

ROW 38496
USA 38208

288 points now separate the teams. USA have done a fantastic job of catching up, but that's still a significant advantage going into the final slam for the Rest of the World. Can they hang on when they face the Americans on home soil, or will the USA complete a remarkable fight back? See you in New York!


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I didn't think USA would be able to come back after the AO, 'impressive, most impressive'


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Great summary Marco, thanks!
Wimbo already looking ominous...


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Awesome work Drivers, many thanks!


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Delete every single player then do your selection

Hmm. The force is strong with this one, eh Tony? wink


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French Open 2019

Team USA were on the back foot after the Rest of the World posted a massive victory at the Australian Open, 13208 to 12352. Could the USA travel to the clay courts of Paris and put their campaign to defend the Rebel Alliance Cup back on track?

USA  13184
ROW 12856

Yes they could! Wimbo and tenedab led their team mates to a pretty impressive victory.
The USA needed that win to make the 2019 competition competitive. The Rest of the World still enjoy a decent lead, but this result means that there is a lot riding on the final two slams of the year:

ROW 26064
USA 25536

With just over 500 points in it, thoughts now turn to the grass of SW19. The Rest of the World have an opportunity to get some quick revenge in a few weeks, while the USA will be keen to build on this result. Can't wait!


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Awesome! GOOOOOO Djokovic-Pliskova

Nice, another stat to admire. I often wonder why none of us have ever done a perfect bracket in all this time - pretty lame, no?

Way to go Arvis!


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Everyone aboard the Dtrain!

Thanks Edu, and congrats!

Don't forget Madrid starts on Saturday people

Flippin nice work Johnny, early contender for Performance of the Year?

Nicely done Murree!

Glad to see the back of the sunshine double. I'm only happy when it rains.

Remarkable Arvis, well done!


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Nice work Johnny!


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Prepare to be surprised Johnny!


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Thanks Arvis, though I believe that Delpo has pulled out of IW this year. Does that make things easier?


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Congrats to those who scored Vader points last week, I will be deleting it from my memory banks

Getting cagey now, but Mr Anackin racks up more weeks at #1

LOL Arvis, great week Adunar!

Johnny's performance in Delray Beach and some of the brackets in Budapest were jaw dropping this week!

Eat my dust, suckers!


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I just happened to be in Shrewsbury that week on business. Personal business. If you know what I mean.