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Awesome! Congrats to my fellow Big 5 winners Tono & Murreee and to all the award winners!

Congratulations Tony!


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Drivers wrote:

Congratulations TE. Very impressive all round performances this year and up against strong challenges from Tono and Murreee. It’s SO hard to win against you guys but that’s what keeps all this such engrossing fun. Thank you!

Thanks Drivers! Yep, it doesn't get any easier! You need that bit of luck to fall your way.


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tenedab wrote:

Congratulations Jamie! Fantastic season!



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Performance Of The Year nominees are...

TennisElbow - 2nd overall on GSFT at the US Open out of approx 186 competitors
Tenedab - 3rd overall on TDC in the Hamburg 500 ATP event out of 474 competitors
Spotec - 1st overall on TDC in the Hua Hin WTA 280 event out of 366 competitors

I was originally thinking TE with his runner-up finish on GSFT at the US Open, but with only 186 competing, maybe tenedab or spotec take this one out, what do ya'll think?

I'd go spotec because he actually won something


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Just to say I have seen this but don't have a really strong opinion. And since I have a dog in the fight I'll just abstain.


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Thanks guys!
Murreee, get that signature updated LOL


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Overall Finish

TennisElbow 18
Tono 11
Murreee 10
Marco 4
Drivers 3
Edu_Anackin 3
tenedab 3
Aiur 2
Adunar 1
dwightcharles 1
Mike 1

I therefore declare myself Player of the Year 2020 LOL!!

Big congrats to Murreee & Tono, the other 'Big 5' winners in the strange year of 2020

No ties this year, so no controversy there, but this points system may be reviewed in the future, who knows.
Of course, no Wimbledon played and a shortened season all round but well done to everyone who scored points, the level of competition these days means finishing a season with some points to your name is a great achievement.


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Yoda Cup

TennisElbow 5+2+2=9
Marco 4
Edu_Anackin 3
Tono 2
Mike 1
Aiur 2 (AO)

Obi Wan (ATP brackets)

TennisElbow 5
tenedab 3
Tono 1

Rey (WTA brackets)

Murreee 5
Drivers 3
dwightcharles 1

Vader (ATP Teams)

Tono 5
TennisElbow 3
Adunar 1

Padme (WTA Teams)

Murreee 5
Tono 3
Tennis Elbow 1


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Thanks tenedab!


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Hooray, cheers Tony! You ran me close again this year!


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Guiding Principle: The Player of the Year is the most consistent player of the season. Players are therefore rewarded for success in all competitions, even if they don't win a title.

Points scoring:

Yoda Guru Race: 5-4-3-2-1 for Top 5 finishers

Yoda Champions: 2 for each slam win

TDC competitions (Mens & Womens Brackets, Mens and Womens Teams, known as Obi-Wan, Rey, Vader, Padme):

5-3-1 for Top 3 finishers in each


In the event of a tie in these competitions, the tied players will share points (e.g. 5-5-1 where 2 players are tied for 1st place in Obi-Wan, 5-3-1-1 where there is a tie for 3rd place and so on)

If, after this points allocation, there is a tie for Player of the Year, the UFTR system (Ultimate Fantasy Tennis Rankings) will be used as a tie-breaker to decide the winner (most likely world #1 will be the Player of the Year)


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French Open 2020

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

The Rest of the World were left fighting for pride on the red clay in the autumn of 2020 in a most unusual year for tennis.

They were able to end the season with their heads held high. TennisElbow, CrossCourt & Adunar led their team to a margin of victory on a par with those scored by the Americans earlier in the season, winning 10264 to 9544.

However, the USA won 2 of the 3 slams contested this year, with the final scores 31712 to 30976. Congrats to Team USA! They have now won all 3 Rebel Alliance Cups!!!

The Americans are therefore still the team to beat and will start as favourites in 2021. But the Rest of the World will be taking some confidence into the new season. Could 2021 finally be their year?


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Amid all the results from RG lets not overlook Murreee in Padme who started the tournament in the lead and absolutely crushed the competition, primarily with his Kenin & Kvitova picks.

With a couple of minor tourneys to go Murreee in 2,000+pts clear and has the competition sewn up!


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Thanks Drivers!
Some really interesting/unique picks this time round. Let the red commence!

Tono wrote:

Congratulations to our recent Obi Wan bracket winners...

US Open - tenedab
Kitzbuhel - johnny_incognito
Rome - Arvis

Tenedab notched up win number three this season, johnny grabbed his second and Arvis nabbed his very first Obi Wan win of the year with a great performance in Rome where he finished third overall on the whole TDC site, good form from the Iceland brothers! wink

Nice work guys!

Oh wow, almost forgotten that happened, thanks!


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Ooh, it's hotting up, would love to defend my title...


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US Open 2020

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

Tennis Elbow's victory at Flushing Meadows was the one bright spot for the Rest of the World in a slam dominated yet again by Team USA. Don, Mike & Marco led their team to a score of 11712 to 11024.

It was a margin of victory almost as big as that posted in Australia. With only one more slam to go this year it puts the Americans out of reach on 22168 to 20712.

All that is left for the Rest of the World is to regain some honour with a rearguard action on the red clay of Paris. Allez!


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Drivers wrote:

Haha -  I’d missed that we are playing doubles on LL and when Nelson emailed to say that he’d picked a partner  for me he didn’t say who it was! (Does that make us train drivers? cool )

haha train drivers - all aboard the Dtrain! Choo Choo!


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Awesome stuff, thanks Drivers!

close bracket at the end murreee?


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Overall, I would err on the side of awarding Vader and Padme, even though I acknowledge the competitions are a shadow of what they should have been. Still, they are competitions that we have participated in, with probably 3 of 4 grand slams played this year, and whoever wins has still made some good picks and I would say deserve the title. Yes, things would have been different if this or if that but we can always say that at the end of the year smile Of course the majority may go against me and I completely understand the opposite view.


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Aiur wrote:

There's my contribution for the year.

Good. Now go back to sleep and let us win something.


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Tono wrote:

Seems that ROW need a secret training camp eh Jamie. wink

Could you organise something on Tatooine, Tono ? wink