Thanks Arvis!

GOOOOOOO TennisElbow! Level with 2018!

Thanks Tono!

Congrats Jenny!
Something tells me Drivers will be challenging for the big titles this year!

Congrats Murreee!

Wow! Already some spice in the rankings!


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Thanks for doing these Arnie. Well, I have my winner's points to defend at RG so expecting my joint reign to be brief!


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Australian Open 2019

Team ROW knew they had to come into 2019 prepared after a huge loss to the USA in Melbourne last year. A lot of work was put in during the off season training camp, working with the likes of Hewitt & Lendl, and it really paid off:

ROW 13208
USA  12352

Edu led his team to a huge victory margin of 856 points, putting the Americans on the back foot for the rest of the year. Can they close the gap when the teams next meet on the red clay of Roland Garros?


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The Rebel Alliance Cup is now in its second year, this is a team competition, USA v Rest of the World. The top 8 scores in GSFT from each team are used in the competition.

The USA are the current holders of the Cup after winning the inaugural competition in 2018.

Spreadsheet with scores, players etc: … eEhYPPa9U/

OMG that's a nightmare, I'll have to tell the others


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Thanks guys


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Tennis Elbow has a GQ in the Nadal section


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*I know who it is*

GOOOOO Tennis Elbow! One more win and I'm level with last year!


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For the record it was Dtrain with Anderson & Karlovic


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Ostapenko, Wang, Garcia and Pavs and I'm done on 33pts in Shenzhen - thanks very much

Tex wrote:

Newbie here
When can we start selecting our AO team?

I believe the draw is on 10th January, so from then on it will be ready on this site and on tennisdrawchallenge

Happy New Year everyone, yes it's great that people are seeing TDC as an alternative. Hope we can keep it running if not improve it.

Thanks Edu!


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Click on your name, then click on signature


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See you next year Martin, you had a nice year in Vader by the way.

Will you be playing Fantasy Tennis League next year?


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Lovely, thanks Tono. Lots of great performances in 2018.

It will soon be time to retire to my secret training camp where I can plot my 2019 campaign.


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I would say so Tono


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2018 Race

After the completion of the ATP competitions, the final POTY standing are:

tenedab 10
Edu 10
Marco19 9
Murreee 8
Tennis Elbow 8
HundredTennisStats 6
Tono 4
Mike 2
Adunar 1
Spotec 1

So, we have a tie for Player of the Year between tenedab and Edu, and it is just as well we agreed a clear set of rules at the end of last year. This means that the UFTR Rankings system decides the overall winner, and while Edu hasn't yet announced the final tally, tenedab has a clear margin in the rankings and so claims the title.

Congrats tenedab on a consistent season!

Well done to everyone who made it on the board, it's easy to see how competitive the Yoda Crew is these days, expecting another tight one in 2019!


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Oh, I didn't realise BHP did well, 'cause he's so shy and retiring lol


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Hard to argue with this Murreee. Marco absolutely dominated the Yoda Cup and impressed people. But you have a wider resume and competed with us in all comps.

My feeling is you both had standout seasons for your first full seasons, hence my vote for a joint award - unusual, but fair.