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Yay, French Open soon! It's come so quickly. So glad Nadal is back in form, I have my fingers crossed he can win, come on Rafa!!!!

Sounds fun! Would love to see it


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I'm not sure. No-one saw Kim Clijsters coming and she took a Grand slam from under the top seeds feet. And then she had that big blow up. so maybe not....


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Whoa. Didnt see that coming!! That's messed with my predictions....


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Incredibly excited, but cant see a second of the tennis cos of where I am. Oh well, hoping internet and friends will keep me informed! Go on Fed!!


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Does anyone else think that they kinda need a roof over at Flushing Meadows? At least on one of the courts, like they have in Wimbledon.

Then again it sort of loses the charm of the game. Still, how annoying must it be for the players to have their matches pushed back so far? Rain disruptions can make or break a players game.

I think they should, really. Now that Wimbledon, which was always big on tradition etc has got a roof, then surely US Open should?


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Whoa, go Melanie! smile It just proves that we need the younger girls around like Oudin to keep things lively, because the guys at the top right now just can't keep things consistent. I cant believe how many are out. You cant even call them shock exits; you can see them coming now!


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Is that true?! Is Diesel really good on the court?

Did anyone see Ferrell at the Arthur Ashe kids day? He didnt look too bad at it haha.

Just along the lines of popularity on the internet, Andy Roddick has 113, 093 followers on Twitter big_smile


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Theyre probably worried that injury updates would give some people chance to bet etc. i dont know really. seems a little odd.

I found this here on the BBC:

They add that sending "certain sensitive information concerning your match or other matches and/or players should be avoided. Depending on the information sent out this could be determined as the passing of 'inside information.'"

This is defined as "information about the likely participation or likely performance of a player in an event or concerning the weather, court conditions, status, outcome or any other aspect of an event which is known by a Covered Person and is not information in the public domain."


Still, it seems a bit over the top.

I guess theyre worried about lower ranking players, younger guys who may be swayed to get involved with corruption and dodgy betting, not necessarily Roddick adn the like.


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Yeah it must distract him a little, but it surely cant affect his game too much? He managed the whole time his wife was pregnant, that must have been pretty stressful and distracting!
I'm not sure if the issue is distraction, but maybe he'll feel he can find contenment in his family now rather than striving for a lot of it in tennis.

But i dont think anyone can really now. who knows what he's thinking and there's very few people who have been in his shoes!


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Hes injured! And out of the Davis Cup, what a shame! Hope hes ok for flushing meadows.


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I feel so sorry for Roddick! But he did play so well. well done Federer, he played his best whne he needed to.

That royal box was pretty cool, what with sampras and Bjorg etc.

What a great match to watch.


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Logged on today and my team has gone missing! Also there appears to be some problems with the site itself as there are lots of warning messages all across the screen.


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Wow. I was so impressed by Roddick, congrats to him. What a final!! Inever thought Id see roddick in a final again.


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Really? I feel completely out of the loop now because I was gunning for Serena!

A fantastic match, even though it was a little Federer-sided on the scores Soderling stuck his oar in and was there for lots of the match.

So Soderling didnt pull a soderling but it was a great match!

I am really disappointed! But on the other hand, it's better for him to get rest and recover for future tournaments.

Still...it'll be strange without him!

Last I heard (yesterday): he is travelling to London 16 June, so that looks good. Although he says hes reluctant to play if he cant give 100%.

So far its tendonitis and a bit of fluid in the kneecaps apparently. Sounds painful! But fingers crossed that he can play!!


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Feder all the way but...maybe Federer vs Soderling?

I cant BELIEVE Nadal isnt in this final draw *sigh*

It's certainly interesting....that's right you could argue it's cosmetic and therefore a personal thing, like getting a mole removed. Except quite a bit more than a mole...

But then again she is also removing a problem in her game beyond the normal parameters of training, diet modification etc; its obviously a problem enough that she'll have surgery for it, so fixing it may be seen as pushing the boundaries a bit.


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Im supposed to be revising for exams, but how am I supposed to now?!

Well done Soderling but poor Rafa. I hope Federer goes on to win now, but still sad

Massively disappointed


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Id say Jankovic or Kuznetsova. Couldnt really say why, just a hunch!


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Sorry, nope! I´m very much hoping he does. But I think there are definitely people who think the same, and it would be exciting if someone managed to beat him! But I somehow doubt it; hes a powerhouse on clay!


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Very happy about Nadal winning! It really could have gone either way though, Federer certainly did not relinquish the game easily. They are two such amazingly talented players, its such a joy to watch them play.

What does everybody else think of the final?


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I like his new style, and although I do myself miss those biceps wink I think the new kit does look great on him and it's nice that he's felt in a good enough place to wear it. Apparently he is so superstitious he has put off wearing this new kit for over a year, not feeling comfortable enough to change into a new one when the old style was doing so well. Considering his amazing success last year I don't blame him!