Also be nice to me I'm writing a couple of blogs today and I'm trying to get back into the groove again. I think I've decided I am a rubbish predictor but hopefully my blogging has not been dented by lack of ability to work out whose going to do well.

Hey, I like that Wooden Spoon. It's very good at stirring bolognaise...


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The Yoda cup looks like it's been great this tourney, congratulations guys smile I can only hope I am allowed back into the fold for Oz despite my terrible form.

I get the awful feeling that you will regret having me in your Yoda Cup league come US guys, I might embarrass the predicting abilities of all of us 50+ lot! Although I'm not lying when I say I would have chosen Djokovic to win, it's just that I would have got everything else wrong up until that point. Looking forward to trying it out at the US Open though, should be a good one.

Very excited about Djokovic's win, a blog will be up about both of the finals tomorrow as well as one looking at what Wimbledon 2011 can tell us about the rest of the year.

Tono100 wrote:

.... he will wilt with the long matches required to win it all....

Particularly if his hay fever problem catches up with him again! That plus contact lenses can't be great for a player on the clay.

edsteam wrote:

The first set was exciting, and there were some great points and amazing winners by Djokovic, but I thought Murray would put up much more of a fight. Djokovic very much deserved this win - he's on fire. Could he win Wimbledon? Probably not, but he will have a great shot at the US Open this year.

I think he is definitely, if he continues his form now, going to be a big contender in Flushing Meadows. Not sure about Wimbledon, I'm not sure his game moves very well to grass. But it will be exciting to see how he goes on throughout the rest of the year.

So happy for Novak, what a fantastic game he played. There seemed to be no limit to what he could reach in that game, I swear he's made of elastic that boy.

Brilliant final, it was so tense I spent half the time hiding in the bathroom.

Will get a blog up later guys.


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I've got that tingly feeling all over, which must mean a new grand slam is about to begin.

Anyone got any measured predictions (or wild stabs in the dark) that they want to make?

What do we all think of Juan Martin del Potro being back, is he a threat this year or is he going to spend much of 2011 recovering from last year's troubles?


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Novak Djokovic is through to the US Open final!!! Every Nole-loving bone in my body jumped at the sight of that. Well done Novak, that's a change after all those shaky years.

Interesting final set up. Too much excitement this close to bed time for me!


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And Rafa takes it!! Blog up soon smile


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My predictions for this year are in absolute shreds and tatters. This prediction malarky is tricky!

I can't believe what Soderling has managed to achieve, I really didn't give him much of a chance.

Nadal/Soderling? I can't see Rafa being sent home before the finals.



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Read it and weep, SODERLING WINS.

I just may be writing a blog on that epic match tonight, keep an eye out guys....


(41 replies, posted in French Open) … re=channel

He can't sing, but ten out of ten for effort for Soderling's ABBA karaoke.

Gotta love a Swedish tennis player in drag.


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I think he's very much an entertainer, he loves the limelight when he can show off in it. I think he's quite a comfortable guy whether he is talking about his past or strutting his stuff on a catwalk in tight shorts (search it on youtube), I don't think he's particularly shy or reluctant to be in the public eye. I imagine he was a precocious child, his brothers look a little more shy. Not complaining, I love the guy smile I wonder how his TV role is going as King Aleksander Karadjordjevic? 
I noticed he was blowing his nose a lot during his match, I bet he is hoping the weather will remain damp so that the pollen levels don't rise.

Hm, not sure about Gulbis. Depends whether his background trips him up as an un-motivator.


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Aiur wrote:
SophieG wrote:

Anyone want to see something I can guarantee you will find either

a) hilarious
b) deeply disturbing.

I'd have to go with hilarious, but see for yourself … oicki.aspx

Wayyyyyy too much touching there for my liking.

A lot of touching indeed, anyone know if Nole is still together with his girlfriend or whether he is trying to tell us something with this video?

Makes me laugh, I do love Djokovic. Anyone seen any of the other karaoke videos?


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Anyone want to see something I can guarantee you will find either

a) hilarious
b) deeply disturbing.

I'd have to go with hilarious, but see for yourself … oicki.aspx


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DonDenman wrote:

I, too, was surprised at how easily Murray handled Baghdatis, even though clay is not Marcos' best surface.  Apparently Murray is starting to get a feel for the dirt.  However, Berdych is a different proposition from Bags.  I cannot imagine Murray winning that one.  He does continue to surprise, however.

Yes, the Spanish have ruled at RG most of the time for a long time: Spanish players have won 9 of the last 17 to be exact.  Of course, Rafa won 4 of those.  Bruguera won twice and Ferrero, Moya and Albert Costa won once each.  Ferrero certainly might have won more if he hadn't injured his finger.

In that same period, South Americans have won 4 -- but Guga Kuerten won 3 of those.  Of the remaining 4 winners, 3 were European: Federer, Kafelnikov and Muster.  But the latter two won in '95 and '96, so except for Fed last year, a non-Spanish European hasn't won this tournament in a long time.  The other winner was Agassi in '99.

So the Spanish rule the French (Open, that is).

I, too, miss Delpo.  I loved the comment "I miss the guy's lanky frame flying all over the court in a way that seems physically impossible."  One of the problems guys that big will always have on the tennis tour is durability, for obvious reasons related to physics.  We can only hope that he recovers this year, that he returns to his previous form, and that his body holds up. 

If all those things happen, I think he will be #1 in the world eventually.  He has a far greater upside than the Djoker or even Murray IMHO.  I also continue to think that Gulbis may challenge for that spot one day, but we'll have to wait and see about that one.

Yes, I think Delpo has more of a chance at hitting the highs of ranking world no. 1 than Djokovic, maybe. I think if Djokovic wins a grand slam and gets a pick-up from that then things may start to happen, but who knows.

Well it's like watching a rather tall and athletic spider on the court when Delpo plays, I swear it's not possible for a man of that size and limb-length to be able to move that quickly. I'll always remember at Wimbledon how he ran to return a sneaky drop shot, missed it, but couldn't stop running, so leapt over the net as though it were a mere piece of string on the floor. It's that dedication to shots that a man his size usually will never win that really impresses upon me when it comes to del Potro. More than anything I'm disappointed I won't have a chance of seeing him at the ATP World Tour Finals this year. I do miss him, but there's definitely a strong hope for his future if he keeps his body in check.

I think Gulbis is a pretty interesting character, but that he has a long way to go before being a challenge to the top 5. It's certainly not impossible though, I guess we have to start looking for those kinds of players as they will soon be on their rise to replace some of those lingering at the top now....

I'm not sure about Murray vs. Berdych. Murray is doing better on clay but I don't think better equals anything too close to the title. I suppose we shall have to see, who knows.


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What do people think about the possibility of moving Roland Garros? I discussed this in one of my recent blogs and Ican't help but think (the sentimental fool that I am) that it would be tragic to see the event have to move.

Then again, I suppose all tennis organisations have to move with times. It just seems such a shame....


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DonDenman wrote:

Both Roddick and Isner have been good choices so far this year, but neither is anything even vaguely close to a contender.  Roddick will almost certainly lose to David Ferrer in R16 and Isner will most likely go out to Berdych in his next match.  Even if I'm right, both players will have done extremely well for modern American players at Roland Garros.   

I took no American players on my RG men's team this year and almost certainly won't do it next year, either.  The stats of American male players on red dirt are absolutely awful.  It's a different game from hard courts.

It helps to have grown up playing on clay.   Until we start exposing our young players to clay on a regular basis, we will continue to lose more than we win at the French.

Definitely. There's a reason why the European players dominate on the clay; they have the stuff under their feet from an early age. The Spaniards in particular churn out player after player that rules the clay.

I have to say, I was surprised to see the Baghdatis/Murray scoreline today. I thought he would cause more problems for Murray, particularly since the guy was nackered after his battle against Gasquet. We shall just have to see whether Berdych can be more of a tricky customer.

Djokovic played well today, what a relief.

You know who I missed? Delpo. I miss the guy's lanky frame flying all over the court in a way that seems physically impossible. It was the French Open last year when I started to fall in love with watching him play, it's such a shame that he isn't here now and will probably not be able to defend is US Open title.


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I had Richard Gasquet as winning too, *sigh*

I thought he'd have the steel over a slightly wobbly Murray. Still don't think Andy will get too far, clay isn't his favourite surface and he has had a real dip since the AO finals. But still, disappointed that what I thought was a canny prediction went into the mud!


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Yes he does tend to, unfortunately. He lets his emotions dictate his attitude, then his play becomes worse, the emotions drop again, and then everything goes downhill from there.

I really want him to do well, he is a fantastic player and such a funny, entertaining guy. Let's hope his sinuses clear up before Rolland Garros!

I just got some tickets for this year's ATP World Tour Finals!! After having such an amazing time last year, I thought I should definitely get some for this year. I'll be there on the very first night, and hopefully am going to try to get some more on another day too, if money and time allow!

If anyone is going to be in London around then or lives in the UK, I'd suggest getting some tickets. It's a fantastic event, every match has world-class players, and you can guarantee to see at least one player you like, made even more likely by the doubles match you get to see too. The O2 arena is decked out with as many restaurants and entertainment facilities as you would care to imagine, and the practice court is in full view for everyone to see the players warm up. Plus, the arena really does live up to its promise as a modern arena where you can see everything from every seat in the house. I was on level 4, the cheapest seating option, but was right above everything and staring straight down the middle of the court. The big screens help when things are close to the line!

I promise I don't work for ATP World Tour finals or the O2 or anything tongue Just wanted to encourage anyone who was thinking about going to grab some tickets, it's a fantastic event and I'm glad something like this has come to Britain.


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tennisguy44349 wrote:

Im also leaning towards Nadal. He's looking great going into roland garros with titles in rome, monte carlo, and maybe even in madrid. I also think fernando verdasco is goin to go far this year. He made to the final of monte carlo and won barcelona, so he should maybe make it to the semi's. I don't know how federer is gonna do because he hasn't been looking too good since the australian open. Is this a sign that federer may be no more?

Hmm, I don't think. Everybody thought Federer was no more after the 2009 Australian Open, and looked what happened the rest of the year, hardly shoddy.


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I am ridiculously excited too. I'm predicting Nadal to win, but who knows, last year's was a bit of a shocker.

How are your predictions tennisguy?


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Bit of a shocker here ladies and gents, but Roger Federer was taken down by Ernests Gulbis in the first round of the Rome Masters.

I'm sure that's a sign of the apocalypse...