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Chewbacca Medalist & GS Wookie Champion 2019

Crown Princess & Princess Leia GS Champion 2019

Which Tourneys are these?


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Thought I might have been the only one to lash out and take a chance on Andreescu, good to see Tenedab also has some confidence in her.


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No -16 for ROW, we can do it smile


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Well done Jenny. Watch out Arnie, someone is after your job smile


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Thankfully, this week has been better than the last, what a struggle.


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Arvis wrote:

St. Pete
Only three Jedi had Bertens on their team here for mega points!  TE and Snolly had BOTH finalists and broke the 1000 point mark, with TE finishing first with 1115 points.  Arvis had previously been the Padme frontrunner after the AO, but followed up the AO with a grand total of only 212 points.  Add to that his lack of a Budapest team this week and... well, Arvis' ranking is sure to keep dropping.

Hua Hin
Only six Jedi failed to pick Yastremska here, but of those who did it was BHP who really impressed, getting both finalists as well as another SFist on his team, finishing with an impressive 571 points.  Adunar continued to struggle a bit in his 2019 Padme campaign, finishing last here with only 92.

Only ONE player had Mertens on his team: Edu!  So congrats to Edu for getting the wi- wait... Edu had Mertens but still lost?  Dtrain failed to have the winner but he still beat Edu's total by 19 points!  Not sure how that works, but wow, great job Dtrain.  His winning total was 776, a full 600+ over last place Johnny.

We're also WELL into a lucrative week with Dubai going strong, so let's see how different our Padme standings are since the AO.

Padme Standings
1. Snolly: 8899 ↑614  ↑3 ranks
2. Drivers: -82 ↑145
3. Tenedab: -85 ↑276
4. Arvis: -132 ↓132  ↓3 ranks
5. Edu: -152 ↑481

Oddly, Arvis just traded places with Snolly and everyone else stayed where they were.
Hey, Snolly!  Give me my spot back!!  >:(

I will enjoy the top position while it lasts. smile

I think Bigmoose's profile pic is a good start, although I wonder how well she will play this year? smile


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My votes for this years awards

Most Improved - Tenedab
Best Newcomer - Murreee

Bring on OZ Open


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Thanks, I am known to surprise occasionally throughout the year. Sometimes the force is with me, usually it's somewhere else smile

Murreee wrote:

Does this mean that you are selecting Kasatkina..??!!

LOL, maybe I am or maybe I just am. Anyway nobody is picking her if she is not there to pick tongue

I cant see Kasatkina listed for a pick?


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Arvis wrote:

Snolly clips Arvis by 10 points for the win in Charleston!  Both had Bertens and only Arvis had Goerges but Snolly had 3 SFists on his team, which was enough to get it done.  Snolly was a painful 5 points away from breaking 1000, but I'm sure he's not too disappointed with that result.  He beat last place Murree and HTS by 793.  These 480's can have sneakily huge margins.

In Monterrey, 5 of us deemed it worthwhile to use a Mugu pick and she came good, winning it all.  Of those 5, HTS faired the best with a top score of 550, a margin of 340 over last place Spotec.

These results leave us with Tenedab still way in the lead and TE in the 2nd place position.  Adunar bumps HTS down to #4 and BHP and Drivers continue jostling each other, trading places yet another week, this time with BHP coming out on top and taking the 5th place spot.  Aiur continues to struggle and is pretty far down the basement.  Like, impressively far into last place.

My picks have been a dogs breakfast this year, especially the men, I will take anything at the moment smile

Milo wrote:

great work on the double SNOLLY!

Thanks, I like doubles smile


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We were at the Coco match, didn't look or act like she was sick. Just her usual argumentative self.n.a.


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Zverev was a busy boy last year, I wonder whether he reduces his workload this year?, we may see better results if he does.


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I wouldn't even use the names Thiem and Nadal in the same conversation.

I am with the general consensus. 5,4,3,2,1, Yoda. 5,3,1 for others.
See you all next year.

My daughter joined TDC for Montreal & Toronto. Toronto Craig Loss, Sasha win. Montreal Craig Loss, Sasha Win. Someone is gloating (and has the hots for Mr Zverev)


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Arvis wrote:

"I'm not crazy.  It's everyone ELSE who is crazy!!"

I also believe aliens walk among us, possibly play tennis as well.

I wasn't sure that Venus would bother turning up after her unexpected success in the Oz Open.


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I've done well, changed Puig for Bertens, that dreaded -16 strikes again.


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Carnage, Day 1...


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It is a standard style website for fantasy sports games we play in Australia, whether its AFL, NRL, Cricket, horse racing or the US sports like NFL, NBA, this is the style of website used here. There will be plenty of entries, but I wonder how many will see it through to the end. The prizes might keep plenty of us Aussies playing because we are a little crazy about fantasy games.


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Dtrain wrote:

I really don't understand this 2017 Fantasy Tennis League!  We have 8 players for the bench!

Depending on the tournament being played, you will substitute players on the bench for players on your main team that haven't entered the tournament, otherwise you will have to use the allowed trades per tournament.