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Okay, have logged out of site and back in again later and my teams as edited have taken nd are there just liek they should be , so teh above method DOES work, it is just, as someone has pointed out elsewhere, just a  little extra work.  It DOES go pretty fast though.  So, manual deleting and editing WILL work.  Hurry, first serve is not far off!


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True, but that's like the DMV  saying that "our long inefficient lines are just a minor annoyance" when they are in fact a failure of the basic  system.  I'm no engineer, but I think when a basic primary function of a site is, and has been for some time, dysfunctional it isn't particularly out of line for folks to point out that it's irritating.  Sure, it's not like we have to look up the seedings and draws on our own and manually write out our teams (I remember the days of pre-computer fantasy baseball leagues - one Commissioner, newspaper box scores and an overworked calculator!)  The whole point of the game site- and in fact the entire Net- is supposed to make things quicker and easier, so that should be the goal.  That said, as far as any bitching we are tempted to do, as Letterman used to tell his audience when a joke bombed "How much did you pay to get in here?"  So as far as the Admins go; thanks for the site and the game, appreciate the dedication, but understand that the yips in this frustrate the end users to no small degree.  Thanks.


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I had to manually delete the entire draw from the team box one by one - (helps to have a quick mouse finger!). Then I was able to drop and drag and edit my players.  Haven't logged out and back in yet, but wrote both my tour teams down so I can try and  quickly re-do if anything else happens.  This seems to be an issue of significance, since once the tournament begins sign up is forbidden and you are screwed until teh next Slam. that's what happened to my 2018 French.


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The site won't let you edit your teams, clicking on a player just defaults to teh Nadal player page and you can't eliminate teh defaulted top 8 players on each tour from teh list w/o them being auto replaced by teh next numbered ranking.


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Had the same issue, was unable to select anyone for either roster on ted ays leading up to the French and now am locked out because the tournament has started.  This seems like an awful slap-dash operation right now.  This isn't up to par with any other fantasy sports game I have ever participated in.  The technically glitches are far too counter productive.


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No, It seems to be working correctly today. Thanks for the relpy.


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The server is bolluxed up there is a 500 Error message when attempting to do match predictions.  Since the Open is ongoing this is rather disturbing.