thx guys....finally on the board smile

Its so funny. Btw, nice osaka pick by TE.

All or nothing already?!? :-)

This time the dog races to the's so funny, isn't it?!?

My start of the season hurts so badly sad

Look at standings Sofia....4 guys of Yoda crew at the top with 10 points atm

Damn...i had Lapentti winning two rounds but I switched to Monteiro sad....

....and DOLGO is just a miracle, I never will understand this guy.

Thank You Guys....this was necessary after my terrible Aussie Open in both men and the season can start once again smile


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I keep on makes fun.

Congrats to you guys


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I am in.

Can anyone donate some time please?

No, it's no joke!!!!

Unfortunately it's true. smile

Snolly, good Job. But next time one more point please. smile

Believe it or not. smile I asked my mother in law (mamschuh) several times to join TDC in 2017....

And what happens?!? She wins her first tournament with the very first attempt.

Any comments? It can only get better...

tenedab wrote:

Osaka withdrew in Hobart. It looks like Petkovic is advancing to the second round since they run out of LLs.

Too funny. Still no opponent. But Petkovic is still able to lose this match. smile

Wow. What a way to start, Tono. Congrats.

no problems anymore....thanks..

have an nice party!

TennisElbow wrote:

Hi Spotec, we are aware, waiting for Tommy to wake up and hopefully reset it, otherwise we have problems!!


Oh oh,

hello Yoda Crew.

I think there is a bug in TDC. The "picks Used" in Team Challenge has not been reset.

Is this only happening to me? Hope you can fix it soon. smile

Bye spotec

Hi guys,

as you may know, the new saison is about to start. smile

I wish you all the best and (all) the cups for me....or at least one.

Have fun and thanks for organizing TDC.

Happy new year and have a nice new years eve.

Greetings from Germany.

Nice job tono. Thx. But where is spotec? smile

Is this a real green quarter for me in Paris?

If would be a fine end of the year after many disappointments...

Wow...thats what I wanted to know all the time...


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Thanks Tono for this fantastic summary....and congrats to the winner dragan and all the fantastic competitors.

Next year I will be back and hopefully, I will win my first trophy smile


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Damn....yes..a little earlier would be nice....

and you are whole day is determined by fantasy tennis smile

Yes...this is something I wanted to know....

but so many competitions and no lead by spotec sad


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I have a team but cannot join the the group...because the tournament already started....can you add me?

Thank you Edu...and congrats Drivers once are like Murray:)...going for gold.