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Nice...Unfortunately, I can not support ROW this time ;(


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Thx Adunar and Arvis...nice to have the season started.

and Stosur....I knew that, but I thought she will finally make it...because Puig was not good either at the moment.

by the way....I think Stosur even had a matchpoint sad

hi guys...i am back and ready for some picks...:)

Wish you a good start and may the best (spotec) win smile

What about gsft? Is the new website ready for aussie open? Sorry, but i do not know what was going on with the tests in detail.

Hi guys..

Congrats to all the winners of any competition and of course to all of you who did not win....a big thank you.
Only the competitive players make us achieve the best. cool

Finally I won my first trophy. ATP 1000. Hope to get more next year. smile

Bye the way. Do you remember fantasytennisleague.com starting with Aussie open?

I kept on playing and ranked 14 out of more than 27.000. But two more tourneys to go...
The winner will fly to the Aussie open final...but I won’t catch the leader sad...maybe next year.


First congrats to Oz and Tenedab!

made it...at least a little success

One to go...

I am all green in 2nd round nisikori cilic section...


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thx swiss friend

thx for last week, this week and hopefully next week(s) wink

Congrats...hope not to late

THX Arvis...but there is another idiot...i picked Mahut as winner....the first round is done. smile...in contrast to Dodin....

and remember my Bestens pick on Sunday smile

Arvis wrote:

Pffft!  Look at all the LOSERS who picked Dimitrov as runner-up in Stuttgart!  The REAL runner-up should have been obvious: JERZY JANOWICZ!

I'm an idiot.

Anyways, Spotec has Kohlschreiber there, but otherwise it's all Fed def. Grigor in Stuttgart.

In Den Bosch, it's a pretty even split between Cilic and Zverev for champ, although there is one idiot who picked Muller to win it all.  And over Dustin Brown, no less.  This guy doesn't have Cilic or Zverev in the final.  I wonder who that moron could be?
The only other person with something different in the final is BHP, who has 2-time champion Mahut as runner-up.  Snolly has Bedene as a semifinalist.  Interesting.

On the women's side of Den Bosch, you've got HTS going with out-of-form Cibulkova to take it all, and everyone else has Vandeweghe or Mladenovic, with the overwhelming majority favoring the American.
Adjusting to grass is always tricky, especially with the women.  A few people picked Babos to make the semis because of her big serve, not knowing that she is generally hopeless on grass despite it.  And spotec has Kiki Bertens as runner-up despite her lifetime record of 6-9 on the surface (half of those 6 wins came here 2 years ago).  But none of that means anything, as literally anything could happen on the women's tour this year.  ESPECIALLY on grass!

And over in the land of Robin Hood essentially everyone has Konta winning, since she is by far the best player in the field.  The only differences are spotec, who unfortunately picked 1st-round loser Dodin as champ, Edu who has Riske, and myself who went with Barty.  Seems I just went nuts during the transition from clay to grass.


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Drivers wrote:

In that case I guess I'm 4/5 but we do usually say 05/04/19## !!!

Nice. I wondered how you would answer...very likeable.

my bd is 2nd of august 1979.

good job drivers....gasquet crashed mine sad

Stans quarter...but 3 to go.


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Perfect!! THX

I'm in...but also no password....TE created it in the past, i think.

Dtrain wrote:

Can't remember who invited me and sent me a password to play tffdreamteam!  Anyone playing this year and I need the password Thanks!

ooopsss...thats a pitty....on the other hand I will not be relegated wink

GQ altert. smile

nicely done.

Thumbs up!

thx guys...and so close winning the whole thing. smile

and i wanted to continue my winning streak but Nick had other ideas...

Arvis wrote:

Well done!

My goal is to win one WTA bracket by the end of the year.

My goal is to win a second one!! smile

its a big crash...

Congrats to you, especially for the double!!