Big thank you to Tono and tenedab...

...i think the best week of TDC for me so far.


Thanks tono. I am really proud!!!

Thanks tono for your nice Congrats.


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Great Job Jenny. Big thank you.

But i got three -16 so far. Thats Not good.

Could you Please adjust ?


thx guys...and congrats to the others...

thank you boys and girls

Made it.


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thx to arvis and ad....always a pleasure...

good stuff

Yes...fantastic participation.

We got a lot of newbies from fantasytennisleague....which shuts down in 2019.

Hopefully we can keep them during the year.

Good luck to you all and have fun.

TennisElbow wrote:

Will you be playing Fantasy Tennis League next year?

Of course...and i hope to do better here as well smile

Congrats to your fantastic season. Well done.


congrats to everybody who joined the crew and making the tdc competition possible. Thank you also for the nice stats, articles and chats here at gsft.

You make me feel a little tiny, earning only one small title at this season.

But I will come back stronger next year and looking forward to play with you on tdc.

Cheers Martin


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Shit. You Are Right. And i guess RBA will be difficult


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I think i got another one in Basel...and Green Quartier still alive. Would be a nice finish of 2018.


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Yeah, my first one!

Arvis wrote:

Spotec achieves a Padme PT in Seoul!

thx...also congrats to you guys

Yes...and 3 games only smile

one match to go (even 3 games could be enough) smile

Come on Daria

Arvis, that fine. smile

thx arvis for letting me know the details smile

Nice discussion. smile

@ Tono: this was my gameplan too, but unfortunately Kiki lost as well. sad

Seems, it works again. Thx to you. Great Job.

Yeah i know, and i think i will manage. But many will stop picking, i think.

Hi eberybody, what happened? Will be prob be fixed?

Its almost impossible to pick.