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AO 2019:

Djokovic d. Nadal
Darkhorse: Anderson

S. Williams d. Pliskova
Darkhorse: Collins


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That seems reasonable to me!

Adunar wrote:

Hi Marco.

Well, since pliskova and serena have been drawn in opposite halves, it is a bit unfair to all those who picked players that landed in the same half/quarter (which is the case for a lot of people!)

I think we can accept your winner picks, but not your finalists for the AO. For all other slams, no problem for me. And you can still pick the last minute picks for all the slam of course. That way, your penalty for late entry is not a high burden but still some points not achievable. You can definitely still win it anyway.

Does that sound reasonable to you, Marco? What do you think Milo?


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So just logging back on for the start of 2020 (Hey everyone!). Love the idea Milo. Is it too late to enter? I know the draw just came out for AO, so I'm fine if you don't want to enter for that one (Although I once saw the headline matches). If anything just recording these to laugh later at how off I am!

AO: Djokovic d. Nadal
RG: Nadal d. Thiem
Wimbledon: Djokovic d. Nadal
US Open: Medvedev d. Djokovic

AO: S. Williams d. Pliskova
RG: Halep d. Barty
WIM: S. Williams d. Pliskova
US: Bencic d. Osaka


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So let's look back at our predictions now that the Top 10 is settled!

Four of us submitted picks: Myself, Tono, Adunar, and Murreee (who submitted twice). I had 6/10, Tono and Adunar had 5/10. Murree's original was 5/10 then he added Medvedev when he submitted his revised list (Although it came after Brisbane where Medvedev made the final)

We all we're pretty similar. We all hit on the same 4 (Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Zverev).  Here were the ones we hit on:

Thiem (Everyone but Murreee)

Tsitsipas (Only Murreee, nice job being right on him)

Medvedev (Myself and Murreee, though only if we count his list which came after the start of the year). I remember thinking Medvedev was underrated so glad to have hit on this one

We all missed Berrettini, Monfils, and RBA. Which were all surprising in their own way so no shame in missing those.

Here were the ones we thought would land in the Top 10 who didn't:

Del Potro (Everyone but Adunar) who I believe was rightfully worried about Delpo staying healthy sad

Nishikori (Everyone): Not a terrible miss, just a bad year at the tour level and still finished 13

Khachanov (Everyone but Murreee): We all were pretty high on him after he won Bercy

Cilic (Everyone): Anyone know what he's dealing with? I heard he has some kind of injury but has been playing through it

Coric (Adunar): Not a bad pick, I definitely considered him last year

Anderson (Everyone but me): Injury mulligan for everyone

Kyrgios, Murray, and Shapovalov (Part of Murree's original list but moved off the Jan list)


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Thanks for filling in on the Post of Awesomeness Jenny. I'll fill in Arvis' usual role of reviewing and previewing each team

OZ has some interesting choices on his team. He's picked a Keys/Kvitova final with Madison winning the title. If either make a run, could pay off big for him. Men's side also has some surprises, no Rafa and is backing Cilic for a run, also went Thiem and Anderson

Our co-Roland Garros champion Wimbo has two solid teams. Went 4-3-1 for the men backing Berrettini, Goffin, and RBA. Going for the break points and some solid picks to get them. Women's team is fairly conventional. but backed Vika and avoided the Venus/Maria -16. Looking like a solid bet to content for another major

Our Guru leader Tenedab has his usual solid team. Went Halep over Bertens, also left ouff Rafa for Cilic. Will take a few -16 with Zverev and Sharapova but solid besides those

TE is really going for the bonus points with his women's team. 3-4-1! Backing Keys, Konta, Mertens, Kenin. A lot of bonus point chances, also took Halep as the runner up to Barty which could pay off if Pliskova falters

Snolly has two good teams. Fairly conventional for the men, Fritz as his unseeded which is looking good after he dispatched Berdych. Another who is shooting for bonus points, went 3-4-1 for the ladies backing Konta, Martic, Kenin

Adunar also joins the 4-3-1 club for the ladies with the Konta/Keys/Martic trifecta. He's backed his compatriot Roger for the title, fairly conventional teams for both

Tono has a new avatar (looks good) and is alos shooting for bonus points. 4-3-1 for the men backing Berrettini/Simon/RBA. Left off Serena for Kerber and Halep so he'll hope Angie can come out of that 8th of the draw

Good to have Charles back in Yoda Cup. He's having a rough first week, already lost Osaka (his champion pick), Venus, and Thiem with Shapovalov looking to add a 4th -16.

Arvis claims to have rushed these picks but nailed Sam Querrey upsetting Thiem. One of his 2 unseeded men (along with Lopez). His other bold unseeded American pick didn't go as well, Cathy McNally. And am I reading this right, he has Petra Martic in the final? We all seem high on Martic but Arvis really going bold with his bottom half pick

Mike is one of the only ones to leave off Barty, a bold move that could pay off is she succumbs to the curse of so many first time slam champions. Also went 4-3-1 with Keys, Konta, and Kenin. Also in the pro-Cilic camp, left out Rafa and also took Khachanov who could make a run if he gets by RBA in Rd 3

Edu with 2 fairly straightforward teams. Kecmanovic was a good unseeded and hit on Strycova knocking out Tsurenko

Our friend Milo also shooting for a lot of bonus points. 4-3-2 with Fritz and Evans as two solid unseeded picks. Went 3-4-1 for the ladies (Keys/Mertens/Martic/Anisimova) but may be hurt by a risky Friedsam pick.

D-Train joined the 4-3-1 club backing Berrettini/Simon/Goffin. His most unusual pick may be using a Top-16 on Wozniacki

Our resident Canadian Dwight couldn't resist taking Felix but did leave off Raonic. He got burned yesterday with the Zverev/Tsitsipas double so will be looking to dig out of that hole. Gambled on Ostapenko and lost, will hope his 3 low seeds (Konta/Martic/Anisimova) can help his make up for a rough day one

With everyone going bold, our friend Johnny pulled the upset by staying rather conventional. 5-2-1 for both, also got burned by the Zverev/Tsitsipas double. His women's team is solid and straightforward outside of putting Garcia in the final, a bold move which has already gone down

Aiur left off Nadal for Nishikori/Thiem/Khachanov. He got burned by Dimitrov crashing out day 1. A sneaky good Sevastova pick for the ladies who could sneak through if things break right. Has gone with a Serena/Halep final

Murreee brought back Kevin Anderson after Ando nearly carried him to the Wimbledon title last year. Left off both Barty and Pliskova on the women's side, clearly not backing the favorites. If Kerber emerges from the quarter of death and wins the title, Murreee could pick up the Wimbledon title he came close to last year.

Spotec loaded up on compatriots, the expected Germans and also Friedsam as an unseeded. Fairly straightforward teams, backing Pliskova and Fed to win the title

HTS having a rough go of it. After a great run last year (including a ballsy Kerber pick), already down 5 players (Zverev, Tsitsipas, Berdych, Osaka, Venus).

Drivers with two fairly straightforward teams. Dan Evans as unseeded could be a pick that yields her some bonus points

And finally Marco our defending champion. Did he think about going bold on the men's side and going 4-3-1 or even 3-4-1. Yes. Did he decide to play it safe thus guaranteeing everyone he left off will make 4R. Yes. Good news is he swapped out Zverev at the last minute, bad news is he re-added Tsitsipas

Good luck everyone, lets have a great Wimbledon!


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Thanks Arnie for the Post of Awesomeness!

Some thoughts:

-Suprised only 2 people took Djokovic. Expected most to take Nadal but thought there would be more Djokovic picks (something like 14-6
-Thought Garin would get more love. Surely the Wawrinka draw affected that
-Also expected Bertens to be a lot more popular winner. Thought her and Simona would be more evenly split
-Also weird seeing only 3 people take Serena. Guess we all were worried off by her recent retirements/withdrawls
-Guess most of us are on the Vondrousova bandwagon
-Barty is really intriguing for me. That 1Q can go so many ways

Excited for a fun tournament

Darn you Arvis! Just kidding mate, great win this week, bold and gutsy pick of Barty. Kicking myself for switching her out of a SF pick at the last minute (saw Petra's h2h and went with that over my gut). Nice win!

Tono wrote:

This is looking like a battle royale for the AO 2019 Yoda Cup.

It'll go right down to the end. Not much margin in this one


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Murreee wrote:

Here we go Marco... Will be fun competing against you again this year..!!!

Have to change my top 10 due to some injury concerns:

1.   Novak Djokovic
2.   Rafael Nadal
3.   Kevin Anderson
4.   Roger Federer
5.   Alexander Zverev
6.   Stefanos Tsitsipas
7.   Marin Cilic
8.   Kei Nishikori
9.   Juan Martin del Potro
10. Daniil Medvedev

Here we go Murreee! Looking forward to competing against you again this year! Also as I type this, we're currently tied for 1st in Yoda Cup. A lot of Yoda Cup to be played but good to see you've picked up where you left off in 2018


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When the draws are released for the Australian Open, then you will able to make picks on here. If you're looking for an awesome competition for Tour events, tennis draw challenge is definitely worth checking out and played by a lot of people on here


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Tono wrote:

Nice post Guru Marco!...Nice to see your moniker's are up too to celebrate your great year in 2018.

I think only Isner and maybe Kei will drop out of the 10 by the end of 2019, so which one or two players will come in...Khach and/or Tsitsi seem the most likely I think, but let's not forget about Milos and Grigor just yet, 2019 could be the year that the changing of the guard starts, then again it might be more the same on the ATP tour, who knows. (De Minaur is my long shot at the 10) wink

My ten at years end for what it's worth would be...

1) Djokovic
2) Nadal
3) Zverev
4) Del Potro
5) Federer
6) Thiem
7) Cilic
8) Anderson
9) Khachanov
10) Nishikori

I'm assuming everyone will have a reasonably healthy year of course, I hope Fed can stay in the Top 5, however if he has a poor AO then all of us Fed fans will be worried...I hope Delpo plans his schedule well too so he can be a contender again.

I'm worried Del Potro is missing Australia. Never a good sign to start the year. De Minaur interests me, I love his game style and think he's really fun to watch, just worry about the lack of offensive weapons (although speed is still a weapon IMO)


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Arvis wrote:

I legit think Chung could do it if he can stay healthy

I think Chung has a chance. As you said, the big variable will be his health. I like his game and potential, just kept him off since him staying healthy is a question mark


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Murreee wrote:

Next Gen moving up..!!! If Murray cannot fully recover I will go with Anderson at 10...

I find it interesting which Next Gen players you're going on all in on Murreee. You're higher on Tsitsipas and particularly Shapovalov than I am (plus Kyrgios), while I am going more towards Khachanov, Medvedev and Coric. Curious what made you put those two ahead of the pack. I'm higher on Tsitsipas but Shapovalov's lack of a return game worries me

I agree with Adunar that Del Porto is a risk. Hoping the back injury he suffered in Shanghai doesn't linger. I kept him since his level was so good in 2018 but it's entirely possible that he could drop out if he has issues staying healthy next year


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Hey everyone! Question for the Offseason, what do you think the ATP Top-10 look like at the end of the 2019 season? Figured this should be fun to look back at in a year. A lot we don't know yet (Who breaks out, injuries, etc), but what would your predictions be right now (fully aware some of this will be wrong a year from now)


1.   Novak Djokovic
2.   Alexander Zverev
3.   Rafael Nadal
4.   Juan Martin del Potro
5.   Roger Federer
6.   Dominic Thiem
7.   Kei Nishikori
8.   Karen Khachanov
9.   Daniil Medvedev
10. Marin Cilic

Went back and forth between Medvedev and Coric. What does everyone else think?

Congrats to Tenedab on his victory and another strong and consistent season. Props as well to Edu for a close finish. See you all in 2019!


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Tono wrote:

One week to go for the end of year rankings, Marco looking the likely Guru race winner.

Hoping your right Tono. Maria is Murree's best chance to make up ground, hoping to close strong and clinch this. This Yoda Cup is going to be an interesting finish, everyone is extremely close, a lot of conceivable winners


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dwightcharles wrote:

It would also be neat to see the draw re-structured so that the 16 qualifiers showed up in predictable places in the main draw and the draw showed the other 112 players getting 3 rounds of byes.  (Actually I'd like to see 32 qualifiers with 96 players getting 3 rounds of byes.)

That'd be a cool setup! I'd honestly prefer seeing them go even more extreme (64 or even 128) than 16 seeds. Would make for more balanced draws anyway though I don't think it's necessary.

Interestingly, today Chris Clarey of the NY Times tweeted that the powers that be have come to their senses and won't be going to 16 seeds. Not sure if it's true, but really hope it is

https://twitter.com/christophclarey/sta … 1140473856


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Thanks as always for the Post of Awesomeness Arnie!!

Some quick thoughts seeing everyone's numbers here:

-More people took Stan than I expected, even with a potentially tough opener against Grigor and the 14 of you seem likely to benefit with the way that match is going

-Men are really standard this year, seemed to be a general consensus for who the favorites are

-Everyone except OZ got hit by Halep. I'm surprised so many people had her in the final/winning. She definitely was the most in-form coming in but her potential 4R vs. Serena was no pushover. Surprised so many people liked her with her draw, expected more of a split between her and Sloane

-Not a signle one of us picked Serena to make the final. Wonder when the last time that's happened (unless it did at RG). Also not a single bite on Muguruza, who's out of form but can randomly turn it on at slams sometimes

-Who'd have thought even a month ago that 2/3rds of us would take Bertens as a Top-16 seed. Took a long look at her and will probably regret leaving her off. She's also the 3rd most popular finalist pick. What a world!

-Less people bit on Sabalenka than I thought. Did everyone else have the same concerns about fatigue/overplaying?

-Alot of love for Kerber coming out of the bottom half. Didn't love anybody down there so picked her by default even though I'm not bullish on her form right now

Picks I really like (that I didn't make):

-Love Johnny's Sakkari pick. Winnable 3R vs. Pliskova and has been in good form lately

-Lowkey kind of like Milo going with Norrie. I have him as 3R in my bracket

-Love Tenedab's Bouchard pick. Antagonized between her and Vika and think Genie could make 3R with her draw

-Amanda Anisimova is a fun pick by Arvis and Milo. An American I definitely thought about who could win some matches


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Adunar wrote:

Yeah, still a pain to do that. Really hope Charles can get the "new" website going in 2019 along with the 16-seeds new rule.

Hope the new site gets going but that level heads prevail and the Slams drop this 16-seeds nonsense. I think Wimbledon was a pretty good case that even with 32 seeds, there is sufficient drama and upset potential in the first week. 16 seeds increases the potential for unbalanced draws and top players going out early, the latter which in turn make the rankings potentially less representative. Consider how many good players at this year's US Open would be unseeded under 16 seeds (Serena, Barty, Sharapova, Sabalenka, Sevastova, Raonic, Nishikori, Kyrgios, Coric, Shapovalov). Is it really better having one of these pop up to play a top player R1? The slams don't need only 16 seeds and the switch seems to me making a change for the sake of making a change.

Sorry rant over


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You have to manually delete all 128 players in the draw from your team. Afterwards, you can add players and it should save like normal


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Adunar wrote:

Congratulation Marco on that superb win. A 2nd title of the year for you and a solid lead in the Guru Race. First year with us and already amazing results.. and let's not forget that had Thiem beaten Rafa in the Roland Garros Final, you would be holding ALL THREE slams at once. Amazing effort, really. We are really glad to count us on our Yoda Cup League.

Murreee, you did AWESOME and were so close to win it. No doubt you are going to get one soon.

Great comeback Marcus (HTS), that Kerber pick was bold and SO GOOD.

Back on for the first time since Wimbledon. Thanks for the kind words Arnie, it's an honor and pleasure to play with all of you in the Yoda Crew. Looking forward to the US Open!!


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Dtrain wrote:

Having problems selecting my teams for the men's and women's US OPEN! Same thing happening just like when I missed Wimbledon!  Everytime I select one player it goes to another.

You need to delete all 128 players in the draw from both your teams. Once you delete all possible players, then you can add and select players as you normally could. Annoying but once you do that it works


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Talk about a blood bath. Pretty good by Murree only losing Petra


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Arvis wrote:

The three most popular Top 16s on the women's side are my only 3 Top 16s  lol

Anyone got any predictions on what -16s we'll get tomorrow?  I'm guessing Sock, Cecchinato, Halep ( tongue ), and Peng (sorry Tono).  And of course, every single one of my players, but that goes without saying.

I'd go with Dzumhur, Shapovalov, Cecchinato, possibly Peng. I have Sock crashing out Round 2, as bad as he's been all year, I think he still gets by Berrettini.


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Drivers wrote:
Marco19 wrote:

Thanks for the Post of Awesomeness Arnie!!

Surprised how popular Wozniacki was given her lack of success here (Never made QFs).

For me she was the best shot in that 16th of the draw:- and she did well in Eastbourne, and I thought she might see grass as a new challenge. On the other hand she may well fizzle out super quick. Coco would have been a test, but she looks pretty injured right now.

I'll agree her draw isn't bad. Hard to know what to expect with Vandeweghe. Makarova isn't an easy 2R (Good fast court player, beat her at last year's US Open). Same with Aga in the 3rd even though she'll be favored in all those matches.