To the surprise of NO ONE (haha), tenedab is the 2019 Supreme Jedi. He beat the #2 Drivers by 583 points, that is just... bizarre, really! The only big tournament he didn't finish first was Obi Wan, it's by far the most dominating season by a fantasy tennis player since the beginning of UFTR. Huge congrats to Edgar! Consistency must be his middle name, really.

Also congrats to Jenny finishing #2 after finishing #8 last year, huge improvement!

Now that we have reached year #4 of UFTR, something caught my eye, 3 players have finished in the top 5 each of the 4 years, those are Tony, Jammie and Edu. Pretty nice if you ask me!

There is a lot more data in the spreadsheet, so check it out. You can also see Surface Rankings.

Thanks a lot for the season, everyone, it's been fun!


Sorry guys for not updating UFTR in two months, I'll try to update it every week from now on. A lot of movement in the rankings since it's been a long time I don't update it.

Visit the spreadsheet for more information.


Well, I saw that coming weeks before it happened, it was inevitable, Tenedab is the new (and again) world #1! Congrats! He has a regularity that is just out of this world, I literally can't remember a week he is not in the top half of each tournaments' rankings.

There was a lot of ranking movements this last update, that's partially "mea culpa", but now that my course is over I'll have a little more available time (hopefully...). Drivers now is sitting in third, a big jump of 4 spots, she has had a nice year and that has now reflected on UFTR, while in the race Milo has jumped up 6 spots! Congrats to both!

Another point is to highlight that Tenedab now holds the record for most weeks as world #1 with 42 (and counting), surpassing Arnie and Jamie's previous record of 39 weeks, he also has the record for most consecutive weeks as #1 with 35, his current streak is 7 consecutive weeks.

Visit the spreadsheet for more details.


Edu hangs the lead in UFTR but just barely, by a very slim margin of 20 points off Tenedab.

Visit the spreadsheet for more details.


Not much change in UFTR but a lot of change in the Race! I admit that I thought I was going to lose #1 after this update but I haven't big_smile

Big congrats to Arvis for jumping 3 spots up in the Race!

Visit the spreadsheet for more details.

Arvis wrote:

BHP, Tenedab, and Snolly all had Goffin as SFist and Tsitsipas as finalist, which got them enough points for the three to share the win here.  That's yet another 13 point margin over last place, which is around what we usually get in 250s.  It was Dtrain who brought up the rear here, with him and Murree having no correct SFists.

Delray Beach
Another tournament where most of us struggled to make anything of note happen, and yet our winner Johnny managed to get 3 correct SFists!  Well done, Johnny!  That got him a final score of 28, 3 above second place Dwight and 11 more than last place, shared by Aiur and Arvis.

Rio de Janeiro
*fart noises*

ATP 250 Standings
1. TE: 276
2. Tono: -7 ↓4
3. Edu: -19 ↓6
4. Drivers: -23 ↓3 ↑1 rank
5. Arvis: -26 ↓6 ↓1 rank
-- HTS knocked off, barely, 1 point behind Arvis --

Yet another solid week for TE in this category.  He gained points on every single other Top 5 member here!  Nice job, Drivers, for inching a little further up.  Can she keep up her progress?

ATP 500 Standings
1. Dtrain: 52
2. Tenedab: -4 ↓4
3. Johnny: -9 NEW
4T. Tono: -10 NEW
4T. Dwight: -10 ↓7 ↓1 rank
-- Edu, Murree, Spotec knocked off --

Dtrain "won" Rio (inasmuch as you can call it winning) so he maintains his #1 spot here!  And yes, you're not hallucinating: that IS indeed Johnny Incognito in a Top 5.  How long will he stay there?

ATP Overall Standings
1. TE: 542
2. Tono: -3 ↓3  ↓1 rank
3. Edu: -19 ↓7 ↑1 rank
4. Murree: -21 ↓10  ↓1 rank
5. Tenedab: -30 ↑7
-- Dwight knocked off --

Hey, look, it's TE.  *yawn*  #notbitter



Even though nobody correctly predicted Bencic to win, we still had some impressive scores here, with Adunar taking the title with a very fine total of 73!  That's a 27 point gap over last place spotec, but only 1 point over second place TE and Tenedab.  As this is our first WTA 1000/900, those three will lead the Top 5 in that category for a while!

And as if his Dubai win wasn't enough, Adunar also won this one too!  Somehow, in a major dartboard tournament, he, as well as HTS and Edu, managed to correctly predict AVU as winner here and gain a huge amount of points!  Adunar finished with 41, which is a staggering and mindblowing victory margin of 41 over last place Arvis, who scored a total of no points at all because he is an idiot!  A season-ending result for Arvis if there ever was one and it came in a lowly 280.  Great, GREAT result for Adunar, though, who has to be flying high after these WTA results last week.

WTA 280 Standings
1. Adunar: 127 BOUNCE BACK
2. Spotec: -9 ↓9 ↓1 rank
3. TE: -10
4. Edu: -11 NEW
5. Tenedab: -16 ↓4 ↓1 rank
-- Arvis, Dtrain knocked off --

Adunar EXPLODES into the rankings here, making up in a big way for dropping off the rankings a few weeks ago after a poor Hua Hin.  Arvis went from 2nd place to 12th in the standings after missing Budapest.  Do your brackets, kids.

WTA 1000/900 Standings
1. Adunar: 73
2T. TE: -1
2T. Tenedab: -1
4. Arvis: -4
5. Dtrain: -7

It's just one tournament, but these are our WTA 1000/900 standings heading into the Sunshine Doubles!  I imagine these will be shaken up quite a bit after IW and Miami.

Overall Women's Standings
1. TE: 511
2. Adunar: -20 ↑16 ↑1 rank
3. Edu: -34 ↑2
4. Drivers: -39 ↓15  ↓2 ranks
5. Tenedab: -47 NEW
-- Spotec, Tono knocked off ---

Is it possible that TE could be getting some actual competition here soon?  If Adunar has more weeks like this, that will certainly be the case!

This is a perfect description of Rio, LOL

TennisElbow wrote:

Eat my dust, suckers!



Not a lot of movement in UFTR but a lot in the Race.

Check the spreadsheet for more details.

dwightcharles wrote:

LOVING these summaries, Arvis!  Keep it coming!!



Hey, everyone, here is the first update of UFTR of the year. We have a new world #1 after the Australian Open! It's a very thin margin though, anything can happen going forward.

Visit the spreadsheet for more details.


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What is this UFTR thing you guys talk about? Never heard of it. Me and tenedab tie! Yes!!!  \o/


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Huge congrats for all the award and title winners! And thanks, everybody!

What do you guys think about a 'Most big titles' award category? tongue


Sorry this last update took so long, guys. So now the 2018 fantasy tennis year is over.

Congratulations to Tenedab who finished #1 in the World in UFTR!

Tenedab really had a super consistent year. He has 32 weeks as #1 in UFTR and had 40 weeks in the race, being 32 and 35 (respectively) as his best and current streak as #1. He didn't lead the Race for only 3 weeks the whole year! He finished 3rd, 1st and 1st in brackets, teams and GSFT respectively, and finished 215 points in front of second place Edu. Out of the 5 big titles he won Padme!

All of the info is in the spreadsheet, so feel free to take a look at yours. Also, Surface Rankings is there too, Edu won Hard and Clay, HTS won Grass and Murrys won Indoors.

Thanks very much for one more great competitive year, everyone!

TennisElbow wrote:

Thanks Edu
I'm gunning for a Top 3 finish in the race, you guys had better watch out!

You got it, just need to hang on through Paris now! haha


A lot of movement in UFTR, not so much in the Race.

Thanks very much, everybody! Very proud of this title, congrats to Drivers and Tene on their respective titles!

Lol, it worked the last time huh, Jamie?



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I'd say it's hard to argue with what Charles said. Sharing a win is not the same as winning alone...


As I updated last time about a month ago, I turned the "Mover(s) of the week" in "Mover(s) of the month" big_smile.


Not much move from last week. Check the spreadsheet for more details.

Actually they are, Arnie. I updated everything (week by week, so I updated 4 times) but the movers of the week, I just didn't want to do it because it was gonna be even more work, but everything else is as usual. smile


Hello, everyone. I finally got the time to update UFTR, unfortunately I couldn't do the movers from week to week but everything else is there as normal. I'll try to update it every week like I used to do but can't promise haha. Thanks!

I don't know, Milo. I was hoping to have done it past Saturday but wasn't able to. I'll see if I get the time this week.

TennisElbow wrote:

LOL that's exactly what we had to do in primary school Edu!