Jamie now equals his best streak of 15 weeks as #1 in the world, Arnie still holds the record with 34 weeks in a roll.

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It's only 6 points between the top 3 in the Race to Dagobah!

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Thanks, Tony! I think it was actually Jamie who came in second.

Thanks! big_smile

Top 3 in the race are separated by 15 points, pretty close!


New race leader! Visit the spreadsheet for more details

I don't know what's happening with my Vader season sad

I was some 80 points behind Arnie 3 or 2 weeks ago, I really thought I was gonna take the whole year to take the difference away, if at all. Really pleased with my last couple of weeks big_smile

I think this discussion has gone too far already LOL

Arvis wrote:

Pretty sure that's what Lex was saying

the E in error is different than the one in employer. At least from what I know...

ok, I found the word, it's like when you pronounce the word "employer", just the E without the rest

Lexus-GF wrote:
Edu_Anackin wrote:

I don't know how to write the correct pronounce of the E haha

Hahaha, entertaining discussion. I think that if Edu = Eduardo, and it's pronounced as in Spanish, then it would be something like this: E (as the initial letter "e" in error in English) + DU (as the word "do" in English).
What do you think Edu, is it correct?

Almost... but not exactly haha, the E, the "do" is correct

Drivers wrote:

For me you will stay as Aydyou!!

This is even worse, LOLOL

LOL both of you

I don't know how to write the correct pronounce of the E haha

actually is pronounced: E (not ee) - DOO

Edu is an abbreviation, also a nickname, you can call me that, I prefer it wink

The Roger and Dimitrov thing could not have been the site, they didn't withdrew, so something else happened there...

It was just to emphasize how different the formats are. And I do wanna know your real name.

Murreee wrote:

I do believe we could resolve this issue but not wanting to keep bringing it up...

In fantasy football the players don't lock as a complete team for the first game... They lock individually just before their game starts...

Example: A player with a Saturday game at 1 pm would lock Saturday at 1 pm and a player with a Sun 8pm start would lock on Sun at 8 pm... any changes after lock don't happen so there would be no subbing in a LL or replacement that would accidently put you over your 8 limit...

No cheating could happen because players starting earlier would already be locked...

Murreee(what's your real name?), I play fantasy football too but you have to understand it's a COMPLETELY different format of fantasy, once the first main draw match starts, we have to close the entire bracket, that's how it has always been done in fantasy tennis. Everybody is subjective to the same rule, that's it.

Man... we never considered that!


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You should make these for brackets too, Arvis!