Yes, I agree he has such a big game but he's not very consistant. Haha yeah, Czech parents and Polish name.
I think that he's gonna make a strong season once, the question is: when?

Well, maybe during this claycourt season ;-)

Yeah, Fognini can be incredible but we almost didn't see him since RG last year...
I agree that Andujar can do some damage here.

Maybe Wawrinka can do another strong run in a 1000's. he's done it a few times now. Of course there's almost no chance for him if he's in Roger's draw...

See you Tono.

Well, I'm not sure about Juan Monaco. I agree that Clay is his favourite surface but he's always had good results on (slow) hard courts. He's with the Davis Cup team on Clay so I'm sure he's ready to fight on the red dirt!
I don't know if Almagro can win big matches in big tournaments. It will be interesting to see him play on Caly in Masters 1000's. Definitely one to watch.
For the latino Clay court specialists, I'de rather bet on Berlocq, he's played well in South America this year. Bellucci is always a player to watch on clay. Do you know if Robredo will come back for the clay court season? Haven't seen him on any acceptance list...
I'm not sure that Raonic will win a lot of matches on clay this year but it can't be worse than last year.

Concerning Murray, I think he's finally ready to hit big on 1000's on Clay. he's even playing in Barcelona so he will be dangerous all the way.

Who do you think is going to step up during this clay court season?

Unfortunately I don't know... It's not mentioned on his website. I've read a few weeks ago that they would keep a WC for him until the last minute. But I don't know when they officially give the WC.

If he's not fit, he could quickly lose his n°2 spot... And I don't think he wants a SF at RG against Novak!

I wonder if Roger is going to accept a WC in Monte Carlo as he did in 2009 and 2011. I think he might take it if he's already well prepared. he's always a bit messy when he plays his first event on clay, so the sooner the better :-D
And he knows he can get the n°2 spot if he plays well.

Desslok, Steph89 and Der Stuhlschiedsrichter could be dangerous too...
And probably some new guys on FTT I don't know about yet.

First part of the season is over, the next quarter is the clay court season. I hope Nadal does well so I can make some ground there...

Well I hope I can be in the top10 at the end of the year. Top 3 again would be even better :-).

But I have 2 more Nadal picks than you and 1 Murraypick. So expect me to climb back the ranking during the clay court season ;-)

I switched many time between Novak and Roger in Miami... and finally chose Federer :-( .
You definitely have the edge but I prefer the coming back from behind hehe, just like last year!

Yeah the top 10 in FTT? I don't even cont their picks, I just checked it at the beginning of the year and saw that there was nothing to worry about. I'd say that in the serious contenders, you're the best right now ;-)
But beware of Zucksters...

Well maybe not this year since one quarter of the season has already passed. As I'm Swiss, I like to be neutral and independant ;-)

We'll see next year for the FTT. By the way, you're doing great on FTT this year Tono ;-)

Haha we'll see. And to answer the question of the discussion (was it for 2011 or 2012? doesn't matter): I don't think Nole is going to complete a calendar grand Slam. He might win two of them but I think that Rafa, Roger and Andy Murray will play well enough to avoid the supreme domination at GS this year.

my predictions for GS this year:

AO: Djokovic (already comleted)
RG: Nadal
WM: Federer
US: Federer (or Djokovic)

We'll see about that.

To answer you Dragan, then we disagree. Djokovic plays really good on caly but his game is the same as on hard courts. I mean, there's no real change in his game (and good for him!). But I think Roger adapts his game to clay in a different way, has other weapons on this surface. But that doesn't mean Roger is better than Nole on clay, I'm just talking about the way they play, how their game adapt to it ;-)

Hello Guys.

I'm new here, Thomas gave me the link to the site. Some of you might know me from Fantasy Tennis Tour smile .

I think clay is really nice to watch, much more tactics, you have to dig so deep to win a single point. That's why Rafa's been the best Clay court player for the past 7 years.

Honestly, I don't think Novak will win at RG this year. I still think Roger is by far the 2nd best Clay court player behind Rafa (like the_lost _scot said). Rafa is really the only one who's got the edge against the swiss on clay.

If Rafa's 100%, I don't think he can lose unless against a 110% Djokovic wink . But Rafa seems to have a knee problem and if he's not 100% who knows what can happen. You guys also mentioned it, Roger an overtake Rafa at n°2. Before RG, Nadal has 2700 points (in fact a bit less because he still has DC to add if he doesn't do that well) to defend whereas Roger only has 630. So if we get à Nole - Rafa Semifinal I think Roger has a decent shot at the title.

But let's not forget about Murray who's IMO the most improved player on clay last year. Lendl might just give him what he needs to win RG. He has a good game on clay.

For the other players, I think Del Potro is always a threat. Ferrer is a serious underdog and can beat Murray or a top3 in a bad day. And John Isner seems to be incredible on clay. That's a surprise for me but the surface seems to suit him pretty well, he has the time to move and go for his shots. I wouldn't be surprise if he goes deep at RG this year (QF).