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Yes, draw opened for pick but there was nobody in the draw. This happens from time to time as we set the opening for picks early on and sometimes we forget to postpone it as the draw was bot out yet.

Yep. I replaced her on TDC but indeed, we dont see the difference in the draw...

Well, every season is a new one so no continuity has ever been counted, really.

Nobody has ever retained a Vader title though..

Title list:
2012 Tony
2013 OZ
2014 Adunar
2015 Jamie
2016 Adunar
2017 Dwight
2018 Murree


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Always enjoy reading this stuff Arvis, thanks!

Thanks Edu and... Congrats!!! How does it feel to be back on top??


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Obivous reasons indeed! Eastern Europe then?


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Haha, CAMP of course, spelling mistake. But we did a lot of internal COMPetitions to get the best out of us.
Edu is definitely from the American continent, but not part of the United States of America!

So if you are less american than Edu, may I ask what are your origins then Edgar?


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All hail the new co-world #1 Jamie & Edu! 8 points ahead of Tenedab... and 32 ahead of Marco. These are VERY close rankings. French Open is gonna be exciting, see you in 4 months!


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Well done ROW! That off season training comp was totally worth it!

OK, updated the draw.

However, the qualifiers in there are dummies (players who lost 1st round qualies). They will be updated tomorrow once the qualifying tournament it over. That might be after the deadline so... try to be creative!

All other players are in their right spot.

Man that is horrible... This is gonna mess up everything

I cannot create or delete qualifiers/LL spot, this is not easily fixed. All I can do is add "dummy players" where the qualifers/LL will end up. Will wait a couple hours on Tom but if he is not available, I will proceed as described here above.

In case you want to proceed with all your selections, the trick is to select the spot, not the player that may be moved around,


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Could very well be his last competitive year. The fact that he is going to the french open is another hint.
May be he will do a farewell tour in 2020 with a limited number of tournaments.

Pretty sure he wants to finish in Basel at home. I will be there every year to make sure I dont miss his last tournament.

Best of 5, it is very hard to see him beat top guyd although he is not that far away from the very best. In best of 3, he can surely still beat them.


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Dont worry, wont be forgotten (at least by me).

I meant Tobias Kamke.

I have only one still alive in the Thiem/Coric 8th.


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The person I have the most pick in common is Jamke (12). It shows how different all of our picks are for the tournament!

Hello everybody!

As the picks are now closed, here are the picks of all the Yoda Crew member (21) participating in this 2019 Autralian Open Yoda Cup, 8th edition.


Seeds 1-16:

Djokovic (21) [everyone] {OUT, W, +168}
Federer (21) [everyone] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Nadal (15) [everyone except Adunar, Arvis, BHP, Wimbo, Drivers, Spotec] {OUT, F, +120}
Anderson (13) [Adunar, Marco, Murreee, Arvis, BHP, OZ, Dtrain, HTS, Wimbo, Drivers, Spotec, CC, Johnny] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Nishikori (12) [Adunar, Tono, TE, Tenedab, Marco, Arvis, BHP, Snolly, Dwight, Drivers, Spotec, Charles] {OUT, QF, +64}
Cilic (10) [Tono, Murreee, Arvis, BHP, Edu, Mike, HTS, Wimbo, Drivers, Johnny] {OUT, 4th, +48}
ZverevA (9) [Adunar, TE, Tenedab, Edu, OZ, Dtrain, Mike, Dwight, Charles] {OUT, 4th, +48} 
Coric (3) [Snolly, Spotec, CC] {OUT, 4th, +48} 
Thiem (1) [Wimbo] {OUT, 2nd, +16}

Seeds 17-32:

Dimitrov (13) [Adunar, Tono, TE, Tenedab, Marco, Murreee, Edu, Snolly, OZ, Mike, HTS, Dwight, CC] {OUT, 4th, +48} {BONUS +16, 4th}
RBA (6) [TE, Tenedab, BHP, Wimbo, Spotec, CC] {OUT, QF, +64} {BONUS +16, 4th}
Schwartzman (5) [Adunar, Snolly, Wimbo, Charles, Johnny] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
PCB (4) [Tono, Edu, OZ, Mike] {OUT, 4th, +48} {BONUS +16, 4th}
De Minaur (3) [Dtrain, Drivers, Spotec] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Basilashvili (2) [Marco, Murreee] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Goffin (1) [BHP] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Cecchinato (1) [Drivers] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Monfils (1) [Charles] {OUT, 2nd, +16}

Unseeded players:

Wawrinka (11) [Adunar, TE, Marco, Murreee, Arvis, BHP, Mike, HTS, Dwight, Spotec, Johnny] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Berdych (7) [Tono, Tenedab, Arvis, Edu, Dtrain, HTS, Dwight] {OUT, 4th, +48} {BONUS +32, 4th}
Kyrgios (2) [Wimbo, CC] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Murray (1) [Dtrain] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Fucsovics (1) [Johnny] {OUT, 2nd, +16} 
Millman (1) [Drivers] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Marterer (1) [Arvis] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Lopez (1) [OZ] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Sock (1) [Snolly] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Seppi (1) [Charles] {OUT, 3rd, +32}


Djokovic (21) [everyone] {F, BONUS +32}
Federer (17) [everyone except Spotec, Johnny, Snolly, Charles] {OUT, 4th}
Nadal (2) [Snolly, Charles] {F, BONUS +32}
Anderson (2) [Spotec, Johnny] {OUT, 2nd}


Djokovic (19) [everyone except Spotec, Johnny] {W, BONUS +64}
Anderson (2) [Spotec, Johnny] {OUT, 2nd}


Everybody picked the standard format: 5 (1-16) - 2 (17-32) - 1 (unseeded) except
Dtrain, HTS, Dwight, Johnny went 5-1-2, Arvis went 5-0-3


Seeds 1-16:

Kerber (21) [everyone] {OUT, 4th, +48}
WilliamsS (19) [everyone except Spotec, CC] {OUT, QF, +64} 
Osaka (13) [Adunar, Tono, Tenedab, Arvis, Edu, Snolly, HTS, Dwight, Wimbo, Drivers, Spotec, CC, Charles] {OUT, W, +168}
PliskovaKa (10) [Adunar, TE, Marco, Arvis, Edu, HTS, Wimbo, Drivers, Spotec, CC] {OUT, SF, +88} 
Kvitova (8) [Tenedab, Murreee, Arvis, Edu, Snolly, OZ, Drivers, CC] {OUT, F, +120}
Sabalenka (8) [Adunar, TE, Marco, OZ, Mike, Dwight, Spotec, Johnny] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Barty (7) [Tono, BHP, Snolly, Dtrain, Mike, HTS, Spotec] {OUT, QF, +64}
Wozniacki (5) [Tono, Murreee, Dtrain, CC, Charles] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Svitolina (5) [TE, Tenedab, Marco, BHP, Mike] {OUT, QF, +64}
Halep (2) [Murreee, Dtrain] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Stephens (2) [Dwight, Charles] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Bertens (1) [BHP] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Sevastova (1) [Wimbo] {OUT, 4th, +48} 

Seeds 17-32:

Keys (16) [everyone except Tenedab, BHP, HTS, Wimbo, CC] {OUT, 4th, +48} {BONUS +16, 4th}
Kontaveit (8) [Tono, Marco, Arvis, Snolly, HTS, Spotec, CC, Johnny] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Muguruza (7) [Adunar, Murreee, BHP, Edu, OZ, CC, Johnny] {OUT, 4th, +48}  {BONUS +16, 4th}
Sharapova (6) [OZ, Mike, HTS, Drivers, Wimbo, Charles] {OUT, 4th, +48} {BONUS +16, 4th}
WangQ (3) [TE, Tenedab, BHP] {OUT, 3rd, +32} 
Giorgi (1) [Wimbo] {OUT, 3rd, +32}

Unseeded players:

Azarenka (5) [Tono, TE, Tenedab, Edu, Mike] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Sasnovich (4) [Adunar, Tenedab, BHP, Drivers] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Andreescu (4) [Arvis, Dtrain, CC, Johnny] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
WilliamsV (4) [Marco, Murreee, Dtrain, Dwight] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Putintseva (1) [Dwight] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Kanepi (1) [Wimbo] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Kenin (1) [Spotec] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Makarova (1) [HTS] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Konta (1) [Snolly] {OUT, 2nd, +16} 
Cornet (1) [OZ] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Gavrilova (1) [Charles] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Jabeur (1) [Johnny] {OUT, 1st, -16}


WilliamsS (16) [everyone except Edu, Drivers, Spotec, CC, Johnny] {OUT, QF}
Kerber (19) [everyone except OZ, Charles] {OUT, 4th}
Osaka (3) [Edu, Drivers, CC] {F, BONUS +32}
Kvitova (1) [OZ] {F, BONUS +32}
Stephens (1) [Charles] {OUT, 4th}
PliskovaKa (1) [Spotec] {OUT, SF}
Muguruza (1) [Johnny] {OUT, 4th}


WilliamsS (12) [Adunar, Tono, Tenedab, Murreee, BHP, Snolly, OZ, Dtrain, Mike, HTS, Dwight, Charles] {OUT, QF}
Kerber (9) [TE, Marco, Arvis, Edu, Wimbo, Drivers, Spotec, CC, Johnny] {OUT, 4th}


Everyone picked the standard format 5 (1-6) - 2 (17-32) - 1 (unseeded) except
Dtrain, Dwight, Tenedab went 5-1-2, Johnny went 3-3-2 and OZ went 4-3-1

Number of players still in competition:

0: all, tournament over

-16 competition TOTAL: 15

0: Dwight, Marco, Arvis, Adunar, Murreee, BHP, Spotec
1: HTS, Johnny, OZ, Dtrain, Snolly, Charles, Tono, TE, Tenedab, Edu, Mike, Drivers, CC
2: Wimbo

Possible bonus points:

Tenedab: Dimitrov (+16), RBA (+16), Berdych (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
BHP: RBA (+16), Muguruza (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Adunar: Dimitrov (+16), Keys (+16), Muguruza (+16)Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Drivers: Keys (+16), Sharapova (+16), Osaka F (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Charles: Keys (+16), Sharapova (+16), Nadal F (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Tono: Dimitrov (+16), PCB (+16), Berdych (+32), Keys (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Arvis: Berdych (+32), Keys (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Edu: Dimitrov (+16), PCB (+16), Berdych (+32), Keys (+16), Muguruza (+16), Osaka F (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Dtrain: Berdych (+32), Keys (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
HTS: Dimitrov (+16), Berdych (+32), Sharapova (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Dwight: Dimitrov (+16), Berdych (+32), Keys (+16)Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Snolly: Dimitrov (+16), Keys (+16), Nadal F (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Wimbo: RBA (+16), Sharapova (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Johnny: Keys (+16), Muguruza (+16), Djokovic F (+32)
Marco: Dimitrov (+16), Keys (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Murreee: Dimitrov (+16), Keys (+16), Muguruza (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Spotec: RBA (+16), Keys (+16), [
Djokovic F (+32)
OZ: Dimitrov (+16), PCB (+16), Keys (+16), Sharapova (+16), Muguruza (+16), Kvitova F (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Mike: Dimitrov (+16), PCB (+16), Keys (+16), Sharapova (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
CC: Dimitrov (+16), RBA (+16), Muguruza (+16), Osaka F (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
TE: Dimitrov (+16), RBA (+16), Keys (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)



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You can't. You have to go on a PC to drag and drop.

Yay, glad you brought this one back!

Use the dartboard. Best tournament for it along with Nanchang.

Okay, Shenzhen is on the way. Couple people did not enter their picks: Lexus, Aiur, Marco, Tom and Wimbo. Let's see if they join us for the Monday start.

about 5h left before WTA Brisbane & Auckland. About 7h for ATP Brisbane and 14h for Pune, 16h for Doha.

Participation is absolutely insane. We have more Teams than we EVER had, more than any GS. And this is just the beginning with the lower categories!

Brackets numbers are already category records. in WTA, we even beat the 1000 record with 280/470. In ATP, we already beat the 500 record with 250.

Sounds like the season is going to be a GREAT one!!

Hello everybody!

The new season is kicking off on Sunday with the start of the WTA shenzhen main draw.

5 other tournaments are taking place in the asia/oceania region of the globe (Brisbane atp&wta, Doha atp, Pune atp and Auckland wts. Because of the timezone, draws may well be online already on friday evening!!

Make sure you enter your picks on saturday for shenzhen because play will start on Saturday evening US time !

Thoughts on the season to come? You all ready for a new season after a great fantasy tennis camp in December?

Let it begin!


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Yes, I like Khacha's and Coric' chances better than tsitsi and medvedev at the moment. A bit more consistent.

It was not Delpo's back that got injured... it was his knee (menisc).


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Ballsy Murreee! I dont see kyrgios getting nowhere. Shaps is still young and inconsistant. Tsitsi can definitely make it but I expect him to stagnate next year. I love his game so I hope I am wrong.


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Hmm that is a tough prediction...

1. Djokovic
2. Zverev
3. Nadal
4. Thiem
5. Federer
6. Khachanov
7. Cilic
8. Coric
9. Nishikori
10. Anderson

I am not sure if Delpo will be able to compete at the higjest level. I almost put murray in there as he could climb back the rankings pretty fast. Tsitsipas could also get in there. And who knowsy maybe Stan will be back in the top10??