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Hey Milo, any update for the inaugural palpatine crystal ball event?

Yes, player who receices a bye and loses 2nd roubd received a big flat zero, it is correct.

Hey Jenny, it is Arvis and not OZ who has Federer as finalist.

Thanks again for setting this up Jenny, i know what it takes and I appreciate it!!

Thanks Jenny!

Couple typos:
Tsonga isnt a top16 seed
Rublev color code ] not properly closed.


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My last minute AO picks:

Djokovic d. Nadal
Dark horse: Kyrgios

S.Williams d. Ka.Pliskova
Dark horse : Collins


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Hi Marco.

Well, since pliskova and serena have been drawn in opposite halves, it is a bit unfair to all those who picked players that landed in the same half/quarter (which is the case for a lot of people!)

I think we can accept your winner picks, but not your finalists for the AO. For all other slams, no problem for me. And you can still pick the last minute picks for all the slam of course. That way, your penalty for late entry is not a high burden but still some points not achievable. You can definitely still win it anyway.

Does that sound reasonable to you, Marco? What do you think Milo?


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Hi Johnny. Sorry you missed the deadline. Adelaide had a sunday start and we didnt notice it before yesterday/saturday. This is why picks closing time suddenly changed. As we do not have yet means to communicante through the website, i understand you are pissed off.

We all hate sunday starts, it sucks. It is like going straight to monday after saturday.


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And by the way, I am really sorry Arvis.


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Guys, pleass do NOT UPDATE your picks here above. If you do, we wont be able to know if you changed any of your initial picks. Even if it is not the intention, it can be considered as an attemp to cheat.

So I kindly as you that for any new palpatine crystal ball picks (last  minute), you create a new post.

In the mean time, Milo could you register/save everyone's picks somewhere? Thank you!


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You showed us your heart Arvis!


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I like to enter my picks early (and may well modify them before the deadline on friday), so here they are:

Initial 2020 GS predictions:

Djokovic d. Nadal
Osaka d. S.Williams

Thiem d. Nadal
Halep d. Bertens

Federer d. Tsitsipas
S.Williams d. Barty

Medvedev d. Djokovic
S. Williams d. Andreescu


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For 2020, I will reveal my picks here, publically.

Please note that any EDIT of your picks after the respective deadlines will be considered as a cheating tentative. Of course, you can edit your picks before a dedline as usual.


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Milo updated the first post with the cotebt of this message, which is why I deleted it..

Congrats again Edgar. And Jenny, your year was VERY impressive. If it wasnt for Robot Tenedab, you would have won several major competitions!!

And Edu, regular as usual, well done.


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Shapovalov, FAA, Coric, Khachanov... De Minaur?


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Grand Slam brackets competitions

Yep, most dominant year ever from any Yoda crew player.
Congrats again Edgarinator! Will try our best to make it more entertaining next year ;-)


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Ouch, that was close. Good game team USA.

Both solutions are fine as long as we have an approximately even number of players per team.


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I am gonna wait until wimbledon is over.


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Thanks Marco!

Jenny, when all the players are blue after a round, I usually go back to black as they get to the next round.. and then blue back again for the following one, etc.

I find color changes more catchy than bold for a win as bold is for the -16. For the players losing in the following rounds, i turn them red but not bold. This way, it is easier to recognize a -16 later on.

But again, this is only a suggestion. Feel free to try what you like best.

Qnd once a player passed two rounds and can get bonus points by winning the next one, i start populating the "potential bonus points" section. In black if possible, in green once it gets the BP (and deleted if fails).


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Oh one little detail: In each section, I usually order the players by rank of popularity. I find it more "readable " that way. But organizing them in the draw order isnt a bad idea. Just a thought, you are the one managing it this time so do as you prefer smile


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I am all for sharing that job!
Takes a lot of time  land patience to set it up. Jenny fullly met the expectations and is doing it perfectly fine.


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You are doing great Jenny! Thanks for doing this on such a short notice  :-)


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Thanks A LOT Jenny.

I did not pick bertens to reach the final though.. but you have pliskova and Barty as my finalist so you might have taken the wrong name. Dont worry, this happens all the time.


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Wow. This is getting close... ROW lets regroup in our dear wimbledon garden and show the US team how to play on the surface!!