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Welcome to the 2021 US Open Yoda Cup!! We are 16 participants for this 11th US open and overall  41st Yoda Cup


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Thanks Jenny!

If you click "quote" on my other post, you get access to the color code so you can copy/paste with the right format!


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wow, close to 1000pts lead. Well done ROW!!! But still 2 more tournaments at wimbledon and NY, tough to beat the US guys over there.

So we were 17 playing, 9 from the ROW and 8 from the US right? Relatively balanced..


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Actually, I'm not the one who set up this spreadsheet... I just found it as I had access!
It was Dwight who set it up... and yet he was the one asking for it the other day hahaha!

A lot of yellow, red and green over that sheet!


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Hey Guys,

just updated the overall HISTORY tracker of all the Yoda Crew competitions and titles over the year smile

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eOMuwE … sp=sharing


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Thanks Jenny!

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

is the link to the spreadsheet.

The tab "Picks details" has now the PoA updated automatically as the results get entered. You can simply "copy/paste" what is in there, should work fine (including players alive, -16 & potential bonus points along with the color formatting). Thing is, it may not be updated straight away all the time, so feel free to do it as you like smile



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Looks like I have all the most popular picks except the unseeded players.

I was torn between Zverev and Tsitsi. Initially had Sasha but was afraid of Rafa's back and Nole, so went with the greek.
Unseeded was between Struff, kyrgios and gerasimov.
For the women, halep or vika was the big question, went with the romanian. Mugu, svitolina or sabalanka were also on the radar...

Yeah, I'd go with Spotec and the overall win in Hua Hin!

It is different, true. About half of the tournaments were cancelled.
But in the end, it was the same for everybody. It is like saying weather was crap during the tennis match. It may change things, but both players are equally dealing with it.

Honestly, I thought the way to pick was affected and I liked taking the situation in consideration when making my picks.

Congratulations Jamie on your impressive season: Guru, obiwan, 2 YC and top 3 finishes in padme & vader

Another solid and consistent year from Tony, always up there in the rankings. Congrats on your Vader title.

Murree, you nailed the women's competition and by a fair margin! Really well done there smile.

Always fun competing with you guys, it inspires me.
2021, here we come but so does Covid

Thanks for the feedback Edu.
I do understand your point. Still, for me the year-end #1 would be the race winner, the best performer of the year.
But honestly, it is likely that it is the same person, but not guaranteed.

Let's see what everybody thinks.

Murreee: yes, I am only talking about UFTR here and how we manage the vader/padme points specifically for UFTR. Vader and Padme titles have been awarded as usual.
I did say it was 6-1 vote for object #2... but got it the wrong way haha ;-)

My votes are:
1) yes
2) yes


Guys, just noticed something about the uftr.

We voted that uftr 2020 would take into account the following:
-yoda and brackets from 2020 with 2019 leverage from tournaments that were not held in 2020.
-padme and vader from 2019 only, discarding 2020 for these 2.

However, the dagobah race for 2020 will include 2020 results ONLY, for all competitions.

Therefore I have two topics for discussion:

-should we include 2020 padme/vader (no 2019 leverage at all) in the uftr instead of leveraging the whole 2019? Would seem legit somehow since that competition was still held despite the circumstances. In addition, it would really reflect 2020.

-should we consider the final uftr or dagobah race for the 2020 award (year end uftr #1, as race and rankings usually do coincide) ? I think the 2020 race is more appropriate. It depends mainly what we decide for question 1.

The matters subjected to vote are the following:

1) do you agree to count only the 2020 results fpr vader and padme for the UFTR? All 2019 results will be discarded regardless if the events were played or not in 2020.

2) the dagobah race 2020 (comprising 2020 results only, no leverage from 2019) will be used to award the uftr related title for 2020, which is year-end #1, Supreme Jedi. (Same approach we took for the guru title).

Let us know your answers by the end of the WTF, (november 22nd) so we can hold our traditional Yoda Crew awards ceremony.

Yeah, you did amazing Murreee you are the Padme queen !
With only 2 or 3 280s tournaments left, there is no way anybody can catch you.


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Well done team Row for a great french open.
We missed Wimbledon... Hope we can finally win a rebel alliance in 2021!
Actually, this is our toughest lost, by 700pts. Last year it was 200 and ut was 500 in 2018..

Great job from team USA once again, you aced the hard courts.


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I think Milo is supposed to calculate the points and generate the rankings.

Milo, do you think you can do it or should I take care of it?


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Last minute

Djokovic d. Nadal

Halep d. Muguruza


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Wimbo is getting closing to most number of weeks spent as #1.


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My last minute picks:

Djokovic d. Medvedev
Dark horse: Raonic

Muguruza d. Osaka
Dark horse: Putintseva

Covid doesnt change the color of a quarter.. so i guess yes, they still count!!

So I guess it is settled:

1. 7Y 0N
2. 6N 1Y
3. 7Y 0N
4. 7Y 0N

Thank you for your participation!

Thanks for all your votes! Already 6 votes in.

Cincy open starts on saturday, 4 days left to enter your votes!

1 Y
2 Y
3 Y
4 Y

The majority will be right, i accept whatever comes out of it.
If 3 and 4 are rejected, we will still need to find an agreement and any input is welcome!

Hello dear members of the Yoda crew,

Covid-19 seriously affected our fantasy tennis season.

Since our competitions have been put upside down, i have some proposals on how to deal with the rest of the season and our various competitions.

Here are the different proposals I would like your opinion on and vote:

1) Award champion titles to all competitions that are independant and dont need a planning over the year: all brackets competitions on tdc as well as the Yoda Cup.

2) not award the vader and padme titles as the picks planning was deeply affected by the cancelling of half of the season. As the 8 picks per player strategy would have been very different had we known about the atp tour pause.

3) count only the 2020 results for all 2020 year long competitions (race type) and not use any 2019 points as carry over to award the 2020 titles.
That includes the Guru race, 2020 tdc brackets competitions as well as the master jedi title (dagobah race).

4) for rolling rankings (atp rankings type), the 2019 results will be carried over for 2021 if the 2020 tournament was not played. This us valid for any tdc bracket or yoda cup competition. That means the Skywalker rankings and UFTR rankings will carry over some 2019 events points in 2021. To avoid any issues with the torn teams competition, I propose to carry over the full 2019 points from vader and padme into the UFTT rankings and discard the 2020 points going into 2021 (but doesnt contradict the possibility to decide to award the vader and padme titles if proposal 2 is rejected).

This means that if both proposals 3 and 4 are accepted, the race and rolling rankings will be different for UFTR and Skywalker rankings. FYI, this will also be the case for the atp and wta rankings this year and not absurd at all considering the situation.

Please vote Y/N for all 4 items. I am open to other suggestions.

Would be great to decide on this matter before the cincy/NY open.

Thanks a lot for your participation.


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Hey Milo, any update for the inaugural palpatine crystal ball event?

Yes, player who receices a bye and loses 2nd roubd received a big flat zero, it is correct.