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Yes, I like Khacha's and Coric' chances better than tsitsi and medvedev at the moment. A bit more consistent.

It was not Delpo's back that got injured... it was his knee (menisc).


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Ballsy Murreee! I dont see kyrgios getting nowhere. Shaps is still young and inconsistant. Tsitsi can definitely make it but I expect him to stagnate next year. I love his game so I hope I am wrong.


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Hmm that is a tough prediction...

1. Djokovic
2. Zverev
3. Nadal
4. Thiem
5. Federer
6. Khachanov
7. Cilic
8. Coric
9. Nishikori
10. Anderson

I am not sure if Delpo will be able to compete at the higjest level. I almost put murray in there as he could climb back the rankings pretty fast. Tsitsipas could also get in there. And who knowsy maybe Stan will be back in the top10??


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Probably taking a well deserved break. It is the off season after all.

But then, GO BHP for 2019.


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It looks like you succeeded before we were there to help you!

Well it still needs to be officialized with Edu's UFTR update but I dont think Edu is going to win more than 50 points on you Tenedab so I can already tell you CONGRATS on that huge season Edgar. Well deserved title.

And props to Edu for an amazing season and for making this a big contest until the very end.


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I can live with a joint best newcomer.


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Guru is the most prestigious title pf the Yoda crew. Yoda Cups are the pillars of the group. And 320 points is in fact quite a lot. Matco became #1 in skywalker after only 4 tournaments, which is close to impossible.

You did great in Yoda and amazing in Vader. I just think Marco's achievement deserves the newcomer award. But that is only my opinion, only one vote.


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My votes:
Tenedab for most improved player
Marco for best newcomer
Jamie's GSFT overall win at RG 18


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But still, you are having a great week. And it ia quite likely that you finish top3 in Vader at the end of the season!
I will be in the Basel stadium today watching RBA try to beat Sasha.


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Basel QF should be played before you get a PT. Maybe tomorrow!

Incredible performance Edu, well deserved!!

Impressive to be the overall website winners!!! Hats off

Great job. Well deserved first BIG title!

It starts on Sunday December 30th for half pf the tournaments. So make sure you enter all your picks on saturday at the latest. And since it is in Australia, their sunday is your saturday. So make sure you enter you picks on friday evening or saturday morning US time.

Hi Dtrain,

So sorry for your loss. My sincere condeleances to you and your family. It seems that your father was a good man and that he wil be missed.

Wish you a good recovery, hope your foot gets better and better. And don't forget that your health is far more important than fantasy tennnis!

The 2019 season begins first week of the year, so basically blink and we are there. Don't forget the first week has some sunday deadlines not to be missed.

Done. Was easy since we knew all the qualifiers and LL.
Problem arise when there are new unknown players in the draw.

Interesting idea. But only teams? I would rather have it for brackets as teams are more tactical.
We already have the Chewie Medal (rankings for gran slams only brackets) so that name is already taken..


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In fact, we finish 536 points behind and we lost 504 points in Melbourne. I'd say we got smashed early in the match. Next year, we will arrive in top shape!!


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You were right Dwight, Dtrain has 8 points less. 1352 it is (and not 1360). But I don't think his points counted in the Rebel Alliance Cup so all good.

Thanks for noticing!


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I'm in the camp!

Good job Team USA. Let's do better in 2019 ROW!!


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Ok dwight, will check that. Drfinitely looks like s mistake I agree.


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Rankings updated!

I considered all picks entered before the bug with the modifications that people posted in the chat. So the numbers you see may not correspond to the numbers in the spreadsheet. Of course, my spreadsheet is accurate wink



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Yes, same glitch happened at the end of Roland Garros.

Lets hope Charles can solve this issue..


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Yes it looks like when a tournament is over. Weird. Charles, can you please fix this ASAP??