Yes. Vut that ia long and if after that you do not select your entire team of 8 players and leave the page ... you have to start it all again when you come back.

And since you can delete players on your phone but you cannot enter your picks. This site really needs a freah restart.

Hi Charles,

Sorry you got this bug again.. the trick is long and painful though. If this is happening at every slam a lpt of people are not going to play anymore...

Congrats Edgar!

I dont see anything wrong between Venus and van uytvanck. What do you see?
Yes, the rybarikova thing is an issue to be solved. Admin is on it.

Congrats Jamie! Well deserved!


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Hey! So how is it going? Is this going to be up and running for the french open? Wimbledon?

I asked Tom ou admin about it. I agree there is something weird with it. Let's see what he can do.


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I think about this topic pretty often.

I would :
-add an extra week before the AO with a 500 like dubai in the middle.
-add an extra week for grass court season with a 1000.
-remove the clay court tournaments after wimbledon. Some of them could be used to stack the clay court season. This would bring the US open closer to wimbledon.
-hopefully these things make the season 1 or 2 weeks shorter. I dont think i would cancel anything after the US. Maybe St petersburg and metz could be moved either in february or after shanghai as this would make more sense for the location.
-DC tp become a world championship would not be a bad idea. That way you can get rid of these 3 weeks during the season.Je

Really? WTH??

Rains can be long in that part of Switzerland during april. I am going to see matches next saturday and sunday.. hoping for double duties to see even more action!!


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We dont award prizes retrospectively. Otherwise qe would need to go back too often.

I think it would simply cancel that pick.

Really sorry about this. We are waiting on our IT expert to solve this issue. Right now the only way to enter your picks is on a laptop using the 'tab trick'.

Will keep you posted as soon as this is solved. Sorry again.

Well i would expect him to play on clay if he had a poor hard court swing before. But 'play on clay' means the french and one warm up tournament, nothing more.


Not his only shot but probably the one he likes the most. He would probably play on clay if that was the best way to claim back the #1.

Like goffin is not worth mentionning ;-P

Big T just too good at the mo'.

Awesome stats milo!
Yeah too bad it doesnt show the overall. But top overall results are in the yoda cup description.

So peak participation on gsft was wimbledpn 2015 with 948... tdc is almost there!!


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Oh that is because of the wimbledon trophy, almost same picture, sorry. I added your points, sorry about that.


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There is nothing wrong with your guru points Wimbo, they appear where they should be..

That must already be better than my entire wta 2017 season lol. Off to a good start.


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Love it but if you put Arvis in the USA team, you should put Don too.

Congrats to all the Green Quindecim winners!!


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That is a great story.
Awesome analysis Arvis, love it!