Totally agree Wimbo. Feel very lucky to have become part of this dynamic group!

Milo wrote:

If anyone wanted a clearer definition of The Arvis Curse...
please read above.

Hilarious!! smile smile smile


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Thanks Arnie. smile


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Never doubted that Arnie had the correct scores!! smile


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Yes; always! But, Marcos rankings in the main site might be inflated!


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Think the site gave him a Rafa pick!!

Wow!! Have we ever thought of bonus points for GQs? Congrats guys.


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Thanks Arnie. Brilliant overview.

Impressive achievement Edgar. Congratulations.

Dtrain wrote:

Congrats Jenny!

Thanks Dtrain;- and congrats on your WTA Tome bracket!

Congrats Jamie! A tough week ahead but plenty still to play for...

Dtrain wrote:

Congrats Aiur and Drivers!

Thanks Dtrain.

Arvis wrote:

Padme is like the one comp I'm actually doing well in (missed 4 tournament and still in 9th) but I may have flushed that right down the toilet with my thrown-together team here.  I mean, Kontaveit?  What?  Sounded good at 12:30am.

Well, the system clearly works!!! smile

TennisElbow wrote:


This is not a drill. Madrid play may start on SATURDAY (tomorrow). Please keep your children indoors and make your picks as soon as possible.


This is not a drill.

!!! Thanks TE!

Dtrain wrote:

Congrats Tennis Elbow and Milo!

Good effort guys!

Tono wrote:

Congratulations to Drivers on winning the Rey Saber Miami bracket last week, it was Jenny's second Rey bracket win of the year and rounded out a great fantasy tennis week for her, her nearest challengers in Miami were a group of three (Tono, Adunar, LexusGF) who ended up six points adrift.

Thanks Tony.

TennisElbow wrote:

Great Isner pick, Arvis. Gets you back into the conversation in Vader. Going for the outsiders was the right move in Miami, eh?

Also, props to Drivers for a fantastic all round tournament: 1st In Vader and Rey, 2nd in Padme, 3rd in Obi-Wan!!! That's some going! Someone else who is stepping up to challenge for the big titles this year? 2018 is going to be an interesting one in the Yoda Crew.

Yes, congratulations Arvis! I’m actually very pleased John Isner won this time!
Thanks TE too - feel I’ve redeemed myself a bit after a dismal performance at IW!!

Terrific Isner pick Arvis!!

Congrats Dtrain and Dwight.

Tono wrote:

Goerges flopped again for me, not sure why I keep picking her, should have gone Vika instead I think.

Or Aga Radwanska!!! You've been so loyal to her in past picks Tony!

Aiur wrote:

Me & Drivers know what's up...Or maybe not.

Haha!!! Don’t count on it Aiur! I think I’ve been infected by the ‘Arvis curse’ recently!!

Congrats to the Del Po pickers! What a match!!

I wavered, then went for the wrong sister!

Milo wrote:

Not sure why I seem to like players that have a last name that starts with a K...

Kerber...lost first set vs Makarova
Kvitova...barely won last match

then there is Grigor...? 

what the K is happening?

Kvitova out.........

Way to go doubles partner! I picked Petra because I thought Halep might still be carrying an injury!