Thanks Arnie:- it has definitely been a very pleasing year,  though I acknowledge the hugely impressive extent of the  lead achieved by Edgar.

Congratulations Edgar. Astonishing performance!

Sincere congratulations Edgar:- you're unbeatable!

Congrats all!

Congrats Murreee, Jamie and Edu!


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Congrats Marcus, Edu and Charles (again!)

Thanks Edu.

Good work Doubles partner!


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Wimbledonut wrote:

Hi Jenny,

I picked Halep to win. FYI.




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Hello everybody!

As the picks are now closed, here are the picks of all the Yoda Crew members (21) participating in this 2019 US Open Yoda Cup, 9th edition.

Seeds 1-16:
Djokovic (21) [everyone] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Nadal (21) [everyone]{WINNER  FINAL, +168}
Federer (21) [everyone] {OUT, Quarter Finals, +64}
Medvedev (16) [everyone except Mike, Charles, OZ, HTS, TE] {OUT, FINAL, +120}
Thiem (11) [Tono, Dwight, Adunar, Tenedab, Snolly, Edu, Charles, Aiur,  HTS, Mike, Arvis] {OUT,1st, -16}
RBA (7) [Drivers, Mike, Johnny, OZ, Marco, BHP, TE,] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Nishikori (6) [Wimbo, Charles, TE, HTS, Spotec, Murreee] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Zverev (1) [] {OZ, OUT, 4th, +48}
Khachanov (1) [Dtrain] {OUT, 1st, -16}

Seeds 17-32:
Wawrinka (11) [Wimbo, Snolly, Adunar, Drivers, BHP, Dwight, Tono, Edu, TE, Marco, Mike,] {OUT, Quarter Finals +64} {BONUS +16, 4th}
Cilic (9) [Tenedab, Drivers, Charles, Edu, OZ, Murree, BHP, HTS, Mike] {OUT, 4th, +48}} {BONUS +16, 4th}
Paire (8) [Tono, Wimbo, Spotec, Adunar, Arvis, Johnny, Marco, Tenedab] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Kyrgios ()5 [Snolly, OZ, Dtrain, Arvis, Murree] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Schwartzman (2) [TE,  HTS] {OUT, Quarter Finals, +64} {BONUS +16, 4th}
FAA (1) [Dwight] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Edmund (1) [Spotec] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Berrettini (1) [Aiur] {OUT, SEMI Finals, +88} {BONUS +16, 4th}
Fritz (1) [Charles] {OUT, 1st, -16}

Unseeded players:
De Minaur (8) [Mike, Edu, Dtrain, Arvis, Marco, Murree, TE, Tenedab] {OUT, 4th, +48} {BONUS +32, 4th}
Dimitrov (3) [Tono, BHP, Aiur] {OUT SEMI Finals, +88} {BONUS +32, 4th}
Gasquet (2) [Spotec, HTS] {OUT, 1st, +-16}
Struff (2) [Adunar, OZ] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Simon (2) [Charles, Snolly] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
PCB (1) [Drivers] {OUT, 2nd, +132
Opelka (1) [Dwight] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Jarry (1) [Johnny] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Humbert (1) [Johnny] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Shapovalov (1) Dtrain] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Tsonga (1) [Wimbo] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Berdych (1) [Aiur] {OUT, 1st, -16}

Nadal (20) [everyone except OZ]{BONUS 32}
Djokovic (18) [everyone except Spotec,Johnny, OZ]OUT 4th
Federer (2) [Johnny,OZ]OUT Quarter Final
Zverev (1) [OZ]OUT 4th
Medvedev (1) [Spotec]{BONUS 32}

Djokovic (16) [everyone except Spotec, Johnny, OZ, Murree, BHP]OUT 4th
Nadal (3) [Spotec, Murree, BHP]Winner{BONUS 64}
Federer (2)OUT Quarter Final [Johnny, OZ]


Everybody picked the standard format: 5 (1-16) - 2 (17-32) - 1 (unseeded) except
Johnny, Dtrain, Aiur went 5-1-2.


Seeds 1-16:
Williams S (19) [everyone except Johnny, OZ] {OUT FINAL, +120}
Barty (19) [everyone except Adunar, HTS] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Pliskova Ka (15) [Everyone except Wimbo, Dwight, Charles,Dtrain, BHP, TE] {OUT 4th, +48}
Halep (13) [Tono, Wimbo, Spotec, Adunar, Mike, Edu, Dtrain, Aiur, Marco, Murree, TE, HTS, Tenedab] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Keys (11) [Tono, Wimbo, Dwight, Mike, Adunar, Drivers, Charles, OZ, Dtrain, BHP, TE] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Andreescu (10) [Dwight, Adunar, Drivers, Charles,Johnny, Snolly, OZ, Dtrain, Arvis, Tenedab ]  {WINNER  FINAL, +168}
Osaka (9) [Wimbo, Dwight, Charles, Edu, OZ, Arvis, Marco, BHP, TE]{OUT, 4th, +48}
Bencic (3) [Spotec, Johnny, Aiur] {OUT, SEMI Finals, +88}
Kvitova (3) [Johnny, Murree, HTS] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Sabalenka(2) {BHP, Snolly] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Bertens (1) [HTS] {OUT, 3rd, +32}

Seeds 17-32:
Kenin (16) [Everyone except Wimbo, Adunar, Snolly, OZ, BHP ] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Vekic (8) [Adunar, Wimbo, , Mike Spotec, Johnny, Arvis, Marco, Murree ] {OUT, Quarter Finals, +64} {BONUS +16, 4th}
Kontaveit (5) [ Drivers, Tono, Adunar, Snolly, OZ] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Martic (3) [Wimbo, Aiur, BHP {OUT, 4th, +48} {BONUS +16, 4th}
CSN (2) [ Dwight, HTS] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Muguruza (2) [Snolly, Edu] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Mertens (2) [Tenedab TE] {OUT, Quarter Finals, +64} {BONUS +16, 4th}
Sakkari (1) [Charles] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Goerges (1) [OZ] {OUT, 4th, +48} {BONUS +16, 4th}
Zhang (1) [BHP] {OUT, 3rd, +32}

Unseeded players:
Kuznetsova (12) [Tono, Dwight, Spotec, Adunar, Drivers, Charles, Edu, OZ, Dtrain, Arvis, Marco, TE]{OUT, 1st, -16}
Muchova (2) [Johnny, HTS] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Alexandrova (2) [Snolly, Tenedab] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Williams V (2) [Murreee, Dtrain] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Gauff (1) [Mike] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Azarenka (1) [Wimbo] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Van Uytvanck (1) [Aiur] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Kuzmova (1) [BHP] {OUT, 1st, -16}

Williams S (14) [Everyone except Spotec, Johnny, Snolly, OZ, Aiur,  Arvis, BHP]{BONUS 32}
Halep (8) [Tono, Wimbo, Spotec, Mike, Dtrain, Aiur, Murree, TE]OUT 2nd
Andreescu (8) [Dwight, Adunar, Drivers, Charles, Johnny, Snolly, Tenedab, OZ] {BONUS 32}
PliskovaKa (3) [Spotec, Snolly, Aiur] OUT 4th
Osaka (3) [Marco, Edu, Arvis]OUT 4th
Barty (1) [Johnny]OUT 4th
Kvitova (1) [HTS]OUT 2nd
Sabalenka (1) [BHP]OUT 2nd
Keys (2) [BHP, OZ]OUT 4th
Kenin (1) [ Arvis]

Williams S (12) [ Everyone except. Tenedab, Wimbo, Snolly,Johnny, Arvis, BHP, OZ, Aiur, Spotec ]OUT FINAL
Andreescu (2) Winner{BONUS 64}[Tenedab, Snolly]
Barty (1) [Johnny]OUT 4th
Osaka (1) [Arvis]OUT 4th
Keys (2) [OZ, BHP]OUT 4th
Halep (2) [Wimbo, Aiur]OUT 2nd
PliskovaKa (1) [Spotec]OUT 4th


Everyone picked the standard format 5 (1-6) - 2 (17-32) - 1 (unseeded) except
Dtrain went 5-1-2.

Number of players still in competition: 0, FINISHED.

DTrain, Dwight, Snolly,  Drivers,  Arvis, Adunar, Tenedab,  Edu, Marco. Murreee, Wimbo, Spotec, Aiur Tono, BHP, OZ, Johnny, Charles.HTS, TE, Mike,

-16 competition TOTAL: 46

0: Murree
1: Tenedab,
2: Drivers, OZ, TE, Marco.Tono, Adunar, Arvis, BHP,   DTrain, Aiur,  Mike, ,Johnny, Wimbo
3: Snolly,  HTS,  Spotec, Charles, Edu
4: Dwight,

Possible bonus points:

Edu:-    Cilic (+16), Wawrinka ((+16),  De Minaur )+32), Osaka F (+32), Williams S F
             (+32), Williams S W (+64) Nadal F (+32),

Dtrain: De Minaur )+32), Nadal F (+32) Williams S F (+32), Williams S W (+64)
Arvis:-    De Minaur )+32),  Osaka F (+32), Osaka W (+64),  Nadal F (+32), Vekic (+16),
Wimbo: Vekic (+16),  Williams S F (+32), Federer F (+32) Martic (+16), Wawrinka ((+16)
Drivers: Nadal F (+32), Andreescu F (+32),  Williams S F (+32), Williams S W (+64),  Cilic
               (+16),  Wawrinka ((+16), 

Tenedab: Nadal F (+32), Williams S F (+32), Andreescu (+32), Andreescu W (+64) De Minaur
              (+32), Cilic (+16), Mertens (+16),

Spotec:-    Medvedev F (+32), Nadal F (+32), Nadal W (+64)  Vekic (+16), 
Marco:    Osaka F (+32) Williams S F (+32), Williams S W, (+64), Nadal F (+32), Vekic (+16),
             Wawrinka ((+16), De Minaur )+32),

BHP:-      Cilic (+16), Dimitrov (+32), Nadal F (+32), Nadal W (+64), Martic

Tono-:      Nadal F (+32), Williams S F  (+32),Williams S W (+64),  Wawrinka ((+16),Dimitrov

Murree:- - Nadal F (+32), Nadal W (+64), Williams S F  (+32), Williams S W (+64),  Vekic (+16),
              De Minaur )+32), Cilic (+16),
HTS:-      Cilic (+16), Nadal F (+32),  Williams S F (+32), Williams S W (+64), Schwartzman

Dwight:-  Nadal F (+32), Andreescu F (+32),  Williams S F(+32), Williams S W (+64)  Wawrinka

Charles:  Andreescu F (+32),  Williams S F (+32), Williams S W (+64), Nadal F (+32),  Cilic (+16),

Snolly:   - Nadal F (+32), Andreescu F (+32),Andreescu W (+64),  Wawrinka ((+16),
Adunar:- Andreescu F (+32),  Wawrinka ((+16), , Williams S F (+32), Williams S W (+64), Nadal F
             (+32), Vekic (+16),

Aiur:-     , Nadal F (+32), Dimitrov (+32), Berrettini (+16),  Martic (+16),
TE:-        Williams S F (+32), Williams S W (+64), Schwartzman (+16), Nadal F (+32), Wawrinka
             (+16), De Minaur (+32),  Mertens (+16),

Mike:-    Williams S F (+32), Williams S W (+64), Nadal F (+32), Cilic (+16), Vekic (+16),Wawrinka
           (+16),  De Minaur(+32),

OZ:-      Goerges (+16), Cilic (+16), Andreescu F
Johnny:   Andreescu F (+32), Nadal F (+32), Vekic (+16), 


Congrats both.

Thanks Tony.


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Milo wrote:

no color in the Bonus Points area?

I started Milo, but when I added the second lot of colour it wouldn’t let me post it:- not sure why!!! So, I removed it and will go Green during today’s play. Sorry, but didnt have time to sort it yesterday evening!


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Johnny_Incognito wrote:

Struff is unseeded

I'm not sure if he is as far as the site is concerned Johnny. When I tried to pick him as my unseeded it wouldn't let me. You have  Lopez as an unseeded so that may be why Struff got through. I'm still not sure though until/if the site adds the bonus points but I  thought if I record him as seeded it will be a positive for you if he gets 32 rather than a let down if you're anticipating 32 and end up with 16!


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Adunar wrote:

Thanks Marco!

Jenny, when all the players are blue after a round, I usually go back to black as they get to the next round.. and then blue back again for the following one, etc.

I find color changes more catchy than bold for a win as bold is for the -16. For the players losing in the following rounds, i turn them red but not bold. This way, it is easier to recognize a -16 later on.

But again, this is only a suggestion. Feel free to try what you like best.

Qnd once a player passed two rounds and can get bonus points by winning the next one, i start populating the "potential bonus points" section. In black if possible, in green once it gets the BP (and deleted if fails).

Okay, Thanks Arnie, I couldnt remember what you did at this stage. I'll change it back to black and unbold the losers of round 2 later.


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Well volunteered, thanks Marco.


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Adunar wrote:

Oh one little detail: In each section, I usually order the players by rank of popularity. I find it more "readable " that way. But organizing them in the draw order isnt a bad idea. Just a thought, you are the one managing it this time so do as you prefer smile

Good tip Arnie.


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spotec wrote:

Great Job Jenny. Big thank you.

But i got three -16 so far. Thats Not good.

Could you Please adjust ?


Haha - join the queue Spotec!! (Thanks)


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You’re welcome everyone. It’s a lot of fun taking part in this competition so It’s good to be able to make a small contribution to the process.


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Adunar wrote:

Thanks A LOT Jenny.

I did not pick bertens to reach the final though.. but you have pliskova and Barty as my finalist so you might have taken the wrong name. Dont worry, this happens all the time.

I pulled the picks together on a big grid. You are near the end so I probably went off line as I skimmed across! I did need to do a more thorough check before posting though!


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Johnny_Incognito wrote:

Johnny definitely did not pick McNally, that would be my crazy brother Arvis lol

Correct! Sorry!  All sorted.


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Dtrain wrote:

I have Venus on my team if someone can put her as my pick!

All sorted. Sorry Denis!


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Hello everybody!

As the picks are now closed, here are the picks of all the Yoda Crew members (21) participating in this 2019 Wimbledon Yoda Cup, 9th edition.
Drivers, here, deputising for Arnie, so please bear with me and let me know of my rookie errors and I’ll try and put them right!


Seeds 1-16:

Federer (21) [everyone] {OUT Final +120}
Djokovic (21) [everyone] {Winner final, +168}
Nadal (16) [everyone except Arvis, Tenedab, Mike, Oz, Aiur] {OUT, semifinals, +88}
Raonic (11) [Snolly, Marco, TE, BHP, Arvis, Wimbo,Tenedab,Tono,Spotec, Drivers, Adunar, ] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Tsitsipas (9) [Snolly, Marco, Murree, Johnny, Mike, HTS, Dwight, Drivers, Adunar] {OUT, 1st, -16}
ZverevA (7) [Edu, TE, Tenedab,Spotec, Johnny, HTS, Dwight] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Cilic (4) [Arvis, Tenedab, Mike, OZ] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Nishikori ()4[Edu, Dtrain, Arvis, Aiur] {OUT, quarterfinals, +64}
Thiem (3) [Charles, Oz, Aiur] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Anderson (3) [Murree, Charles, Oz] {OUT, 3rd, +48}
Khachanov (2) [Mike, Aiur] {OUT, 3rd, +32}

Seeds 17-32:
Berrettini (11) [Snolly, Dtrain, Marco,TE, BHP, Wimbo,Tono, Mike, Drivers, Aiur, Adunar] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Wawrinka (8) [Charles, HTS, OZ, Dwight, Murree, Johnny, Mike,] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Simon (7) [Edu, Tono, Spotec, Aiur ,Adunar, Snolly, Dtrain, ] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Goffin (7)  Edu,Dtrain, Arvis, Wimbo, Drivers,Tenedab, Spotec] {OUT, quarterfinals,, +64}
RBA (6) [Marco, BHP ,Wimbo, Tenedab, Tono, Murreee,] {OUT, semifinals, +88}
Shapovalov (1) [Charles] {OUT, 1st, -1}
FAA (3) [HTS, Dwight, OZ] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Struff (1) [Johnny] {OUT, 3rd, +32}

Unseeded players:
Lopez (5) [Dtrain, Arvis, Tono,Johnny, Adunar] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Tsonga (4) [TE, Wimbo, Murree, OZ] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Millman (2) [Tenedab, Marco] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Evans (2) [BHP, Drivers] {IN, 2nd, +16}
Fritz (2) [Snolly, BHP] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Kecmanovic (2) [Edu, Dwight] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Querrey (1) [Arvis] {OUT,quarterfinals,, +64}
Dimitrov (1) [Aiur] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Johnson (1) [Spotec] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Kyrgios (1) [Mike] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Verdasco (1) [Charles] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Berdych (1) [HTS] {OUT, 1st, -16}


Djokovic (21) [Everyone]
Federer (21) [Everyone except Wimbo] OUT Final
Nadal (1) [Wimbo]OUT semifinal

Federer (11) [Dtrain, BHP, Arvis, Murree, Spotec,Adunar, Johnny, Charles, HTS, OZ, Aiur]
Djokovic (10) [TE, Mike, Edu, Snolly, Marco, Wimbo, Tenedab, Tono, Divers, Dwight]Winer


17 picked the standard format: 5 (1-16) - 2 (17-32) - 1 (unseeded)
Arvis went 5-1-2, Wimbo and Tono went 4-3-1, BHP went 4-2-2,


Seeds 1-16:

Barty (19) [Everyone except Murree, Mike] {OUT, 4th, +48}
PliskovaKa (18) [Everyone except Arvis, Murree, Aiur] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Kerber 14) [everyone except Snolly, Dtrain, TE, BHP, HTS, OZ, Aiur] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Bertens (14) [everyone except Edu, Dtrain, TE, BHP, Tenedab, HTS, Dwight] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
WilliamsS (13) [Everyone except Snolly, Arvis, TE, Tono, Spotec, Johnny, Charles, Adunar] {OUT Final, +120}
Halep (9) [Snolly, Dtrain, TE, Arvis, Tenedab, Tono,Murree, Spotec, Aiur] {WINNER Final, +168}
Kvitova (5) [ Edu, Arvis, Murreee, Johnny, OZ] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Osaka (2) [Charles HTS] {OUT Ist, -16}
Stephens (1) [HTS] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Sevastova (1) [Aiur] {OUT, 3rd, +16}
Wozniacki (1) [Dtrain] {OUT, 3rd, +32}

Seeds 17-32:
Konta (13) [Everyone except BHP, Arvis, Murree, Spotec, Johnny, HTS, Aiur, OZ] {OUT, quarterfinals,, +64}
Keys (10) [ Marco, TE, BHP, Wimbo, Johnny, Mike, Charles, HTS, OZ, Adunar] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Martic (7) [BHP, Snolly, Arvis, Tono, HTS, Dwight, Adunar] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Kenin (6) [Edu, Snolly, TE,Tenedab, Mike, OZ] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Anisimova (5) [Dtrain, BHP, Murree, Spotec, Dwight] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Garcia (4) [Arvis, Johnny, Spotec, Drivers] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Mertens (3) [TE, BHP, Aiur] {OUT, 4th, +48}
Muguruza (1) [ Murreee] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Kontaveit (1) [Aiur] {OUT, 3rd, +32}

Unseeded players:

WilliamsV (7) [Dtrain, Marco,Tono, Murree,Charles, HTS,Drivers] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Sharapova (4) [Tenedab, TE, Aiur, Mike] {OUT, 1st, -15}
Azarenka (3) [Snolly, Wimbo, OZ] {OUT, 3rd, +32}
Friedsam (2) [BHP, Spotec] {OUT, 1st, -16}
McNally (1) [Arvis] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Ostapenko (1) [Dwight] {OUT, 1st, -16}
Kanepi (1) [Adunar] {OUT, 2nd, +16}
Strycova (1) [Edu] {OUT semifinals +88}
Collins (1) [Johnny] {OUT, 3rd, +32}


PliskovaKa 13) [Everyone except Dtrain, TE, Arvis, Murree, Johnny,Charles, OZ, Aiur]OUT 4th
Barty (13) [Everyone except BHP, Murree, Wimbo, Spotec, Mike, HTS, OZ Aiur] OUT 4th
Halep (4) [Dtrain, TE, Murree, Aiur]
Kerber (4) [Wimbo, Murree, Spotec, Mike]out 2nd
Williams.S (3) [BHP, HTS,Aiur]OUT final
Osaka (2) [Charles, HTS]OUT 1st
Kvitova (1) [OZ]OUT 4th
Keys (1) [OZ]OUT 2nd
Garcia (1) [Johnny]OUT 1st
Martic (1) [Arvis] OUT 4th


Barty (9) [Adunar, Dwight, Edu, Drivers, Dtrain,TE,Tenedab,Johnny, Arvis]OUT 4th
PliskovaKa (7) [Snolly, Marco, BHP, Wimbo, Tono, Spotec Mike]OUT 4th
Williams.S (2) [HTS, Aiur]finalOUT 
Osaka (1) [Charles]OUT 1st
Kerber (1) [Murree]OUT 2nd
Keys (1) [OZ]OUT 2nd


Everyone picked the standard format 5 (1-16) - 2 (17-32) - 1 (unseeded) except
TE, BHP went 3-4-1.  Snolly, Mike, Dwight, Adunar went 4-3-1.

Number of players still in competition:
02: Aiur, Tenedab,  Dtrain , Murree,  Arvis,  Tono,  Snolly,. TE
01: Spotec, Charles, Adunar, Johnny, Mike, OZ, Dwight, HTS, Drivers, Edu, Marco, BHP,  Wimbo,

-16 competition TOTAL: 44

0: Wimbo, 
1: Edu, Snolly, Dtrain, , BHP, Tono,  Adunar, OZ,: Marco, Arvis,TE, Mike,Tenedab
3: Spotec, Johnny, Drivers, Dwight, Murree, Aiur, 
5: HTS

Possible bonus points:

Edu:-  Goffin (+16),Strycova (+32),Konta ,Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Dtrain:-  Goffin (+16), Konta (+16), Berrettini (+16), Halep F (+32), Djokovic F (+32),Federer F (+32), ,
Arvis:-  Goffin (+16, Martic (+16), Querrey (+32), Djokovic F (+32),Federer F (+32),
Wimbo:-  Goffin (+16), RBA (+16),  Konta (+16), Berrettini (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Drivers:-  Goffin (+16,  Konta (+16),Berrettini (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Tenedab:-  Goffin (+16),RBA (+16), Konta (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Spotec:-  Goffin (+16, Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),
Marco:-- RBA (+16), Konta (+16),Berrettini (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
BHP:-RBA (+16), Berrettini (+16), Martic (+16),Mertens (+16), Williams S F (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),
Tono-: :--RBA (+16), Martic (+16), Konta (+16), Berrettini (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),  Djokovic W (+64)
Murree:- - RBA (+16), Halep F (+ 32), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),
HTS:-- Martic (+16), Williams S F (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),,
Dwight:- -Martic (+16), Konta (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),Djokovic W (+64)
Charles:- Verdasco (+32), Konta (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),
Snolly: -Martic (+16),  Berrettini (+16), Konta (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Adunar:- Martic (+16), Berrettini (+16), Konta (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),
Aiur:- , Berrettini (+16), Mertens (+16), Halep F (+ 32),Williams S F (+32), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),,
TE:- Mertens (+16), Berrettini (+16), Konta (+16), Halep F (+ 32), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32), Djokovic W (+64)
Mike:-Berrettini (+16),  Konta (+16), Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32),  Djokovic W (+64) ,
OZ:-  Djokovic F, Federer F (+32), (+32), Djokovic W (+64), ,
Johnny:_ Djokovic F (+32), Federer F (+32), ,


It’s a bug that rears uts Head at every slam now:-
You will start with every player in the tournament added to your team, so you will need to delete them to create your team. If you click "edit team" you can go to the "My 8 Team Members" box and delete every player in that box. It currently contains all 128 players in the tournament, but it only takes a minute or two to delete all of them. You can then proceed and create your team.
IMPORTANT: After deleting all 128 players, please make a complete team with 8 players, two finalists and a winner. You can always edit this later if you change your mind, but if you do not select an entire team you will have to delete a bunch of players again later.
Enjoy Wimbledon’s!

Congrats Edgar;- totally well earned and now Wimbledon adds extra spice! Good luck everyone!