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Arvis wrote:

Why are we talking about this in the Dominic Thiem thread?

Beats me!!


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Congratulations to all winners and especially to Tenedab and Edu for their outstanding performances this year.


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This is awkward! I agree with Arnie regarding the prestigious and historical supremacy of the Guru win:- it requires team picking skill AND match prediction skill AND an informed knowledge of the potential of lower ranked players as well as measured risk taking. It also embraces 4 of these challenging 2 week tests. For that reason, had Marco also played TDC throughout the year, we might not be having this discussion. As a relative newcomer myself this vote for Marco reflects my grasp of the consensus in the group about the relative weight of the different competitions. I do acknowledge though that Murree has had a superb first full year on TDC and I am in awe of his Vader win and had Marco not participated then Murree would be the unquestionable choice.
So, no, it’s not about personalities but it does raise questions re the level of participation needed to qualify for the award and about the extent of the consensus regarding  the relative weight of Guru v other achievements.
Hats off to both!!

TennisElbow wrote:

Also worth mentioning that tenedab was the overall winner of WTA teams on TDC and Edu was the overall winner of WTA brackets on TDC, so it wasn't just us they beat, they beat everybody!

That is truely impressive. I wonder if success against the entire field could be an added feature of POTY....

Thanks for your kind words Arvis and for your entertaining summaries. Congratulations to other winners:- ESPECIALLY EDU!!

Congratulations  TD! Impressive results in all areas this year too.

Sincere condolences DTrain, losing a parent is always tough. Looking forward to competing with you next year. Thanks for the reminder about those early starts Adunar.

dwightcharles wrote:

Congrats TE and Drivers!

Thanks Charles! Hanging on by a thread in the overall rankings!

Thanks Tono and congrats to all.

TennisElbow wrote:

Hooray! Boy, that was close, Edu was one win away. Maybe he'll get a consolation or two this season?

Congrats TE especially as Edu seems to have plenty to look forward to!

TennisElbow wrote:

Nice Murree

Man, my Vader season is pretty laughable now, so close to picking Basilashvili but went for Coric instead, who lost R1, and has now just knocked out my Shanghai pick Stan in R1.
I'm tempted to do an Andy Murray and shut my season down at this point.

Yes, Murree is the star of this show!,

Shutting down your season might help me to achieve a slightly more respectable overall score in Vader TE!! I’m very grateful to Aiur for missing the last couple of weeks!

tenedab wrote:

There are three WDs in Hong Kong, so they shuffled the draw. Good luck fixing it!

Sounds complex! Will contact the ‘crew’

The thing Is, we all have random picks and most are a shot in the dark, but TD's 'random picks' have a more strategic touch. .....Actually Spotec seemed to have the same 'affliction for a while last year!! .....

Milo wrote:

But I did gain a little on Ol' Tenny wink

‘Every little helps’ !!! … I hope!!

TennisElbow wrote:

As a group we actually did pretty good in Wuhan, getting all 4 surprise semi-finalists between us. Well done dwight and Arvis on getting the finalists, fine picking.

By mid-week I was feeling good about making some ground up on tenedab in Wuhan, then looked across at the Tashkent results and had a feeling of doom as Gasparyan slowly but inevitably carved her way through the draw

It's uncanny! What prompted Tenedab to pick Gasparyan!

Wow Edu! Congrats! (Tenedab actually bumped me out of the top 5, again! It’s level today owing to the Beijing scores.) Tomorrow I’ll be back in 6th!

Milo wrote:

**********GQ ALERT**********

Congrats to Drivers who completed a GQ
in Shanghai 17.

This was missed last year but should still be celebrated.


if you were a Yoda Crew member and we missed your
GQ please let me know.

Thanks Milo.


Hey Milo, just noticed I got a Green Quartet in Shanghai 2017! smile


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Arvis wrote:

Spotec achieves a Padme PT in Seoul!

Congrats Spotec!

Nice one DTrain!!

Wow!!! - Sorry BHP:- but:- it will be good to do well in something this year!!! Thanks for the update Arvis.

Simply making your target more 'aspirational' ha ha!!

Certainly less safe than TD in Padme.

Thanks Arvis. Very thorough!