Congratulations to last weeks two Obi Wan winners, backhandpass had a very impressive win in the Geneva tourney while Arvis was just as impressive in claiming the victory in Lyon, not only did these two gents win in Obi Wan but they also won the overall brackets on TDC too, great stuff Milo and Arvis!

BHP had a fantastic overall correct pick percentage of 77.8% in Geneva with 21 out of 27 picks correct, Arvis wasn't too far behind in Lyon with 19 correct picks out of 27 for a winning pick percentage of 70.4%.

BHP's key pick in Geneva was predicting Delbonis to make the semi-finals, Arvis picked Benoit Paire to win the whole tournament in Lyon and he didn't jinx him by picking him either, the Frenchman actually obliged and won the title!...Arvis is apparently suffering from neck strain and shaking his head side to side in disbelief. wink

Congratulations to our two Rey Saber bracket winners last week, backhandpass won the tourney in Strasbourg while Drivers headed off the competition in Nurnberg, it was the second Rey win for BHP this year, Jenny drove her way to title number three with her Nurnberg win, nicely done.

BIG congrats to our two ATP bracket winners on TDC last week, backhandpass was impressive in winning the Geneva event while Arvis was almost as impressive in winning the tournament in Lyon, both enjoyed first up overall TDC wins this season, nice work gents.

BHP created a spectacular bracket in Geneva correctly predicting 21 from 27 picks overall for a 77.8% record, Arvis made 19 correct predictions out of a possible 27 in Lyon for a pick percentage of 70.4%, way to represent Yoda Crew guys! smile

Congrats to last weeks two WTA bracket winners on TDC, Hugh was victorious in Strasbourg while olivermt took the honours in the Nurnberg tournament, both were first time winners this season.


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The rule on this site is that player withdrawals always get a zero, hopefully it will get sorted soon.

I assume it’s only the Race rankings that we are basing this competition on, isn’t it?
That way the playing field was even at the start of the year.


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Thanks Arnie, awesome as always! smile

Quick update on the inaugural Han Solo comp before RG hits us.

TennisElbow currently leads with tenedab in second and Tono third, long way to go still though.

Pretty quiet on the GQ front this year so far.

Arvis was a Ugo Humbert pick away (he picked Norrie) from a GQ in Lyon, but he still nailed a great bracket overall, picking Benoit Paire to win a tourney is always brave.

Milo almost got one too, he missed the Sousa pick against Mayer in round one, close but no cigar this week.

Interesting stats Milo, thanks for compiling, you know you are now going to have to go back and check every year don't you. lol

If I can get over 70% in a GS I will be happy every time. big_smile

Congratulations to Tono on winning the Obi Wan Rome bracket last week, it was the second Obi tourney win of the season for the Kiwi.

Congratulations to Dtrain on winning the Rome Rey Saber bracket last week, it was the first Rey tourney win of the year for the Train, nicely done Dennis.

Congrats to last weeks joint ATP bracket winner's on TDC, Ohtar2000 and Renegade10 shared the spoils in Rome to achieve their first bracket wins of the season.

Congrats to last weeks WTA Rome bracket winner on TDC, Olga Tolstova was victorious earning a first bracket win of the season.

Congratulations to Dtrain on winning the Obi Wan bracket last week in Madrid, Dtrain was the only one of us to predict that Novak Djokovic would win the title in Madrid and that saw him win the tourney by a healthy 23pts overall from Murrys Flurrys in second spot, Edu_Anackin was a further point back in third place.

It was Dtrain's fifth Obi Wan title of the year and that takes him to the top of the pile, four players predicted Novak to make the final (Dtrain, Murreee, Edu & BHP), but Dtrain derailed the other three by choosing a Nole win, nice work Dennis.

Congratulations to Arvis on an outstanding Rey Saber bracket win last week in Madrid, not only did he win the Rey bracket but Arvis also finished a close up second overall on the whole TDC site, a candidate for YC Performance Of The Year I feel.

Arvis was the only one of us to predict that Kiki Bertens would win the Madrid tourney and that pick saw him defeat backhandpass by 18pts overall, BHP had Bertens making the semi's so the Milo man also did very well in Madrid with Adunar another 20pts further back in third place.

It was only the second Rey win in 2019 for Arvis, but what a win it was, some reports suggest that he was last seen doing naked backflips somewhere in Iceland. wink

Congrats Arvinator! smile

If it's like a teams cycling race, you need to fall back and let us take the lead sometimes so you can rest. wink haha

Congrats to kicken on winning the ATP Madrid bracket last week on TDC, they kicked into gear just enough to beat the Yoda Crew's very own Dtrain by just one point, a maiden ATP bracket win in 2019 for kicken.

Congrats to Agressive Moonball who was last weeks WTA Madrid bracket winner on TDC, it was a first bracket win of the season for the moonballer.

Tenedab is the Teams King so far this year, you're doing a great job Edgar, congrats!

Yes, congrats to all those who did well last week, but especially Arvis and Dtrain, nice picking gents.

Milo wrote:

I apologize but this is a VERY overdue ...

***************GQ ALERT***************
Congratulations to Tony for achieving a GQ at the Charleston WTA tournament.
He picked all the matches correctly in the Stephens/Keys quarter and by doing so,
he went all GREEN!



Having a quiet day at the office and just checking for any more GQ's this season, Dtrain also had one in WTA Charleston Milo, congrats Dtrain! smile

Congratulations to our two respective Obi Wan bracket winners from last week, dwightcharles was victorious in the Munich tourney, while Snollygoster won the Estoril bracket outright, it was the dwightster's first Obi Wan win of the season while Snolly racked up tourney win number three for the year.

Dwightcharles beat Dtrain by 3pts overall in Munich with Murrys Flurrys a further point back in third spot, in Estoril Snolly snuck home by one point from the close up trio of Murrys Flurrys, dwightcharles and backhandpass, on to Madrid we go.

Congratulations to last weeks Rey Saber tournament winners, tenedab enjoyed a good victory in the Prague tournament with Snollygoster, Aiur and Murrys Flurrys all shared the win in Rabat.

Tenedab joins Adunar and TennisElbow at the top of the Rey standings with four tournament wins in 2019, Snolly picked up his third Rey bracket victory and Aiur claimed his first one of the year, nice work gents.

Tenedab beat out backhandpass by 4pts in Prague with Snollygoster a further point back in third place, in Rabat the wining trio of Snolly, Aiur and Murreee snuck home in a close one by one point from tenedab and dwightcharles who were tied.

Congrats to last weeks two ATP bracket winners on TDC, Streeter, Serious Streeter took out the tournament in Munich with tennisdon winning the overall bracket in Estoril, both first time winners in season 2019.