Congrats to our recent WTA bracket winners on TDC, spotec and tidal shared the tournament victory in the Bronx, New York City, both players enjoyed a first up overall WTA bracket win in 2019, special shout out to the Yoda Crew's very own spotec who tasted victory here. smile

Congratulations to our recent Obi Wan tournament winners...

Montreal - Drivers/spotec
Cincinnati - johnny_incognito

Drivers claimed her second Obi Wan tourney win of the season with spotec notching up his fifth in their shared victory at Montreal.

Johnny notched up win number six for the season in Obi Wan which moves him equal with tenedab and Dtrain on most Obi wins in 2019 so far.

Congratulations to our recent Rey Saber bracket winners...

Toronto - Tono
Cincinnati - Tenedab

Tono notched up win number three in Rey this season, while tenedab claimed a season leading 7th Rey Saber tourney win with victory in Cincy.

Congrats to the recent ATP bracket winners on TDC...

Montreal - del potro 2016
Cincinnati - AndreyKa

Both first time winners in season 2019.

Congrats to our recent WTA bracket winners on TDC...

Toronto - decima
Cincinnati - andr701

It was a first up win for both players in 2019.

Congratulations to last weeks Obi Wan bracket winners, HundredTennisStats enjoyed a good win in Kitzbuhel, Murrys Flurrys nailed a really good bracket to win Washington D.C. and Edu_Anackin was victorious in Los Cabos.

HTS and Murree claimed win number four for the year, while Edu notched up title number two for the season, props to Marcus on predicting the finalists and winner in Kitzbuhel, and also big props to Murreee on predicting Kyrgios would win the title in Washington, most of us thought that was very risky, but the risk was worth the reward.

Congratulations to the Rey Saber bracket winners last week, the Iceland brothers Arvis and johnny_incognito shared the tourney win at Washington D.C. while backhandpass edged out Tono to win the bracket in San Jose.

Congrats to last weeks three ATP bracket winners on TDC, mainxgod was victorious in Kitzbuhel, Ivan Kosjaniko took out the tournament in Washington D.C. and Felsenspringer nailed his second ATP bracket win of the season in Los Cabos, mainxgod and Ivan Kosjaniko claimed their first bracket wins of 2019.

Congrats to last weeks WTA bracket winners on TDC, the numbers had it with sda0918 being victorious in Washington D.C.and paul08160 taking out the tournament in San Jose, it was a second WTA bracket win this season for sda0918, paul 08160 claimed his very first win of the season with victory in San Jose.

Congratulations to the Obi Wan bracket winners last week, TennisElbow and dwightcharles shared the win in Hamburg, backhandpass took out the Gstaad event and tenedab claimed his sixth tourney win of the season with victory in Atlanta.

Congratulations to the bracket winners last week in Rey Saber, Arvis, dwightcharles and Aiur all shared the tourney win in Jurmala, while johnny_incognito took out the victory in Palermo, Arvis and Aiur claimed their third Rey tourney wins of the year, while Charles and Johnny notched up their second win in Rey for 2019.

Congrats to last weeks winners of the ATP brackets on TDC, Thebasilashvili picked his namesake to win the tournament in Hamburg, Dani_rib and LuksM shared the spoils in Gstaad and まさお was victorious in Atlanta, all four of them were first time bracket winners in 2019.

Congrats to the two WTA bracket winners last week on TDC, _noops took out the Jurmala bracket and BaiHuJ was victorious in Palermo, both were first time bracket winners in 2019.

Congratulations to our three respective Obi Wan bracket winners last week, spotec was victorious in Bastad, tenedab took out the tournament in Umag and TennisElbow claimed victory in Newport.

Spotec enjoyed a comfortable win in Bastad, beating out the second placed Aiur and dwightcharles by 11pts, tenedab won a close one in Umag with a small 2pts separating him and Drivers in second spot, TE nailed a pretty good bracket in Newport to beat out Murrys Flurrys by 3pts.

Edgar racked up Obi win number five for the season, spotec notched up his fourth win of the year and Jamie secured his third, hard court tennis is just around the corner folks. smile

Congratulations to our two Rey Saber bracket winners last week, tenedab continues to shine in Rey this year, winning his sixth tournament of the year in Lausanne, while Dtrain notched up Rey tourney win number two with victory in Bucharest.

Congrats to our three ATP bracket winners last week on TDC...Markt1989 was victorious in Bastad, Panda No.1 was the sole victor of the Umag tournament and Oliver took the honours in the Newport event, all three players were first time winners in season 2019.

Congrats to last weeks WTA bracket winners on TDC...sda0918 and Zorro were joint winners of the Lausanne tournament, while remove-mom ended up the sole victor in Bucharest, all three were first time winners in 2019.

Special mention also goes to tenedab who had the most correct picks (19) made in the tournament.

Han Solo competition update after Wimbledon...

Captain Solo Race Rankings...
1) Tono 2638pts
2) TennisElbow 2540pts
3) Tenedab 2429pts
4) Dwightcharles 1803pts
5) Backhandpass 1405pts
6) Drivers 1151pts
7) Snollygoster 1078pts
8) Adunar 1005pts
9) HTS 520pts

The top three are very close in this inaugural competition, but it only takes one really good Masters or GS result and things can change pretty quickly, plenty of tennis left in this comp yet.

Congratulations to Tono and Edu_Anackin on jointly winning the Wimbledon Obi Wan bracket for 2019, Tono and Edu finished equal on 244pts to claim the victory, it was Tono's third Obi Wan tourney win of the year, while for Edu it was surprisingly his first win of the season, but a very nice one to win though nonetheless.

Tono and Edu finished up 10pts clear of dwightcharles who finished up in third spot overall.

Congratulations to Aiur on winning the Wimbledon Rey Saber bracket for 2019, it was the second Rey tourney win of the season for Aiur, looks like he is warming up nicely for the US Open.

Aiur finished 14pts clear of Dtrain in second place and 27pts clear of the third placegetter HundredTennisStats, Aiur picked the actual final between Simona and Serena but had Williams beating Halep in the final, great victory Aiur, well done.

Congrats to Gestalt222 on winning the ATP Wimbledon bracket last week on TDC, it was a first up win for them this season but what a great bracket win to secure.

Congratulations to pamplemoussey on winning the Wimbledon WTA bracket last week on TDC, it was their first win of the season but it's always nice to win a Grand Slam bracket.

Might be a good idea. smile


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Looks like team ROW might have pulled a hamstring or two at Wimbledon hmm...USA currently lead by 360pts heading into the men's QF matches at SW19, that 528pts lead Team World had after RG has been whittled down to just 168pts!

I think this thread will need updating Milo, there has been some good percentages of late. ;-)