Congratulations to our recent Rey Saber bracket winners...

ROLAND GARROS - Murrys Flurrys

It was Arnie's first bracket win in Rey this year, while Murreee racked up win number four at RG to lead the pack in 2020.

Congrats to our recent ATP bracket winners on TDC...

HAMBURG - lisawawrinka/Jacamo
ROLAND GARROS - steve33/helioskinginexile

All winners were first time winners in 2020, special mention for our very own tenedab who was only 1pt away from jointly winning the overall bracket in Hamburg.

Congrats to the recent WTA bracket winners on TDC...

STRASBOURG - dirtywindowframe

Both players are first time bracket winners this season.

Yes, good point Jamie, those two picks looked to have sealed the deal for Muzza, nicely done Murreee!


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Who is doing what in this inaugural event btw?

Last minute RG picks...

Djokovic def Nadal
DH - Struff

Halep def Muguruza
DH - Sloane Stephens

Congratulations to our recent Obi Wan bracket winners...

US Open - tenedab
Kitzbuhel - johnny_incognito
Rome - Arvis

Tenedab notched up win number three this season, johnny grabbed his second and Arvis nabbed his very first Obi Wan win of the year with a great performance in Rome where he finished third overall on the whole TDC site, good form from the Iceland brothers! wink

Congratulations to our recent Rey Saber bracket winners...

US Open - TennisElbow
Istanbul - spotec
Rome - Backhandpass

TE actually finished up second overall on the whole TDC site at the US Open, a candidate for Performance of the year no doubt.
Spotec won his third Rey Saber bracket this season, while TE and BHP won their first.

Congrats to the recent ATP bracket winners on TDC...

KITZBUHEL - scarletprince
ROME - mikail9002

Both first time winners in 2020, special mention for the Yoda Crew's very own Arvis who wound up in third place overall in the Rome bracket, good stuff Arvis!

Congrats to the recent WTA bracket winners on TDC...

US OPEN - slaypova
ROME - Bowie

All first time winners in 2020, special mention to the Yoda Crew's very own TennisElbow who finished second overall in the WTA US Open bracket, nice work Jamie.

A quick update on how the 2020 Han Solo competition has been going this year, albeit a shortened season like everything else.

After the Kitzhubel Open last week these are the current Top 5 in the Captain Solo race of 2020...

1. Tono 1723pts
2. TennisElbow 1465pts
3. Snollygoster 1048pts
4. Drivers 885pts
5. Tenedab 705pts

Things can change very quickly as we still have a Grand Slam tournament and two Masters events left among others.


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Thanks for updating Arnie. smile


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Good work Arvis! smile

Haha...well, the bubble had to burst sometime I guess Johnny! lol

Congratulations to the three joint winners of the Obi Wan Cincy bracket recently, Tono, Drivers and TennisElbow all shared the spoils in the first up tournament after the break due to Covid.

TE now heads the pack with four Obi Wan wins for the season.

Congratulations to our recent Rey Saber bracket winners after the resumption of the WTA tour...

LYON - johnny_incognito
PRAGUE - Edu_Anackin
PALERMO - johnny_Incognito

Looks like Johnny has been in form recently, the pandemic hasn't hurt his fantasy tennis predictions too much.

Congrats to the recent ATP bracket winner of the Cincinnati tournament on TDC, pazo won their second bracket of the disrupted season in 2020.

Been a while since this was updated, congrats to all the recent winners once the WTA tour resumed after the enforced break from Covid...

LYON - pathikgamana97/Killbill2
PRAGUE - digor/Gynocratie
LEXINGTON - EB1997/enderodri

All first time bracket winners in season 2020, if we can call is a season that is.

My last minute picks:

Djokovic d. Medvedev
Dark horse: Raonic

Osaka d. Serena Williams
Dark horse: Azarenka

Thanks for arranging this Arvis, Charles has been in touch by email, hopefully the site will be operational again soon.

I am conflicted about this whichever way I decide, for me it's either award everything or nothing at all, it has been that kind of year, I do want to get a few things off my chest before I vote though.

If the Yoda Crew decides to have award winners (and it appears that we do), then I believe there has to be a HUGE Covid-19 asterisk next to all 2020 title winners because it clearly hasn't been a normal season.

The R2D2 winner would be crowned from only three ATP Masters 1000 tournaments, that is one third of all the usual events!!

Also, will we actually get three Grand Slam events in, if we do then awarding Yoda Cup Guru status will be fine, however if RG ended up being cancelled for some reason then I'm not sure two Grand Slam events constitute a Guru winner, if the group votes that it does, then doesn't that mean I should be given the Guru title way back in 2011 when the Yoda Crew first started at Wimbledon?

Covid has messed up a lot of things this year, I am sure that like me, most of you have been missing the enjoyment of competing every week against each other among our cool group, however I have to be honest and say I have hardly looked at any results this past week and I made my picks in record time.

I'm sure I will take a little more interest in the bigger events as they come along, however it just doesn't feel like the normal Yoda Crew competitions to me that's all.

Having said all that, I will vote similar to TE, tenedab, Drivers and Murreee...


I actually wouldn't have too much issue voting the opposite way around on all four either to be honest. lol

Congratulations to last weeks Obi Wan bracket winners...

DUBAI - backhandpass
ACAPULCO - Murrys Flurrys
SANTIAGO - backhandpass/HundredTennisStats

Good week for BHP, winning Dubai and Santiago respectively, he joins his fellow Santiago victor HTS and TE with three wins each this season, Murreee notched up his first win of the season in Acapulco.

Congratulations to the recent Rey Saber bracket winners...

DUBAI - Murrys Flurrys/dwightcharles
DOHA - Murrys Flurrys
ACAPULCO - Tono/Snollygoster

Good period for Murreee, winning the respective tourney's in Dubai and Doha, nice work Muzza!
Murreee and dwight have both notched up three Rey wins each this season.

Congrats to last weeks ATP bracket winners on TDC...

DUBAI - Sarassmashers
ACAPULCO - Saptagiri tanush
SANTIAGO - DramaQueen

All first time winners in 2020.

Congrats to the recent WTA bracket winners on TDC...

DUBAI - welshwitch
ACAPULCO - scarletprince

All first time winners in season 2020.