Congratulations to last weeks Obi Wan tourney winners, TennisElbow was victorious in the Eastbourne event, while johnny_incognito took out the tournament in Antalya, it was the second win for TE this season and johnny racked up Obi Wan win number five in 2019, well done gents!

Congratulations to Drivers on winning the Rey Saber Eastbourne bracket last week, this victory saw Jenny join tenedab and Adunar for most Rey Saber tourneys won in season 2019, all three have notched up five wins this year.

The key picks for Drivers was predicting that Angie Kerber and Karolina Pliskova would face off for the title in Eastbourne, with Pliskova winning it all, nice work Jenny!
Adunar and HundredTennisStats shared second place some 11pts further back behind Drivers.

Congrats to our respective tournament winners last week on TDC, tommy75 and tweissinger97 shared the tournament victory in Eastbourne, while in Antalya it was DominicTheimFanpage who closed out the victory, well done to all.

Congrats to camandjillj on winning the WTA Eastbourne bracket on TDC last week, it their first tourney win of the season.


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Good stuff Marco, we all miss the Arvis’ write ups, we now keenly await more Marco ones. wink


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Hear hear, thanks Jenny for stepping up in Arnie's busy absence! big_smile

Congrats Edgar, what a season you are having, no surprise that you are back in the top spot.


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Keep posting njcraw and you will be invited to join us in the Yoda Cup and all our other competitions on Tennis Draw Challenge, you have to hit 50 meaningful posts and then you will receive an invite. smile

Congratulations to last weeks Obi Wan bracket winners, Dtrain took out the tournament in Halle and dwightcharles was victorious in the Queens tourney in London.

Dennis a.k.a Dtrain notched up win number six for the season in Obi Wan after cleverly predicting David Goffin would make the final on the grass in Halle, Murrys Flurrys and tenedab both made one more correct prediction than Dtrain but the Goffin pick got him home in the end, Dtrain, Murrys Flurrys, tenedab, Drivers and dwightcharles all broke the 70% pick barrier in Halle.

Charles snuck home in London on the back of predicting more first round winners than than his closest rivals TennisElbow, Aiur, spotec and tenedab, that tournament was a tough one to predict.

Dtrain leads the pack in Obi Wan tournaments won overall with six tourney wins in 2019, tenedab and johnny_incognito lead the chasing pack on four.

Congratulations to last weeks Rey Saber bracket winners, Edu_Anackin & tenedab shared the spoils in Mallorca while johnny_incognito ended up the sole victor at the Birmingham tournament.

Great performance last week by Edu and Edgar, Edu notched up 25 out of 31 picks correct for a pick percentage of 80.6% in Mallorca and Edgar ended up with 24 out of 31 correct for 77.4% correct, nice work gentlemen.

Congrats to last weeks two ATP bracket winners on TDC, escthom was the sole winner in the Halle bracket while Game, Set, Match Froud was victorious in the tournament in London.

Congrats to last weeks WTA bracket winners on TDC, Tjelay won the tournament in Mallorca and Dr. Manhattan was victorious in the Birmingham event, first up bracket wins this season for both of them.

Tjelay produced an amazing bracket in Mallorca with an incredible 28 correct picks out of a possible 31 for an astonishing pick percentage of 90.3%, that is the second best pick percentage of the season overall in the WTA brackets, Gian got close to a perfect bracket back in the Budapest tournament with 29 out of 31 correct for a percentage of 93.5%.

Nicely done Charles! smile


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Good bit of banter thrown around in this thread, good to see ROW are still out in front in 2019, we need a solid result at SW19 though.

Thanks for compiling the spreadsheet Jamie. smile

Congratulations to our two Obi Wan bracket winners last week, johnny_incognito was victorious in Stuttgart while spotec claimed the win in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Johnny edged out the second placed trio of Drivers, dwightcharles and spotec who all ended up tied 2pts behind him, spotec enjoyed a good win in 's-Hertogenbosch with his Adrian Mannarino pick paying dividends for him, he predicted that Mannarino would make the final and not only did the Frenchman do that, he actually won his first ATP title against Jordan Thompson.

Johnny claimed his fourth Obi Wan win of the year while spotec notched up win number three, well done guys!

Congratulations to our two respective Rey Saber bracket winners last week, Drivers and Adunar!

Drivers won the Nottingham tournament with a fantastic bracket, Jenny picked 25 out of a possible 31 predictions correct for an overall pick percentage of 80.6%, she ended up winning by 6pts overall from Snollygoster and Edu_Anackin who finished tied in second spot.

Adunar won the 's-Hertogenbosch tourney by a solitary point from TennisElbow and tenedab who shared second place, Arnie had an overall lower pick percentage than Jamie and Edgar but he managed to have Kiki Bertens and Alison Riske in the final whereas TE and tene didn't.

Adunar has now moved to the top of the overall Rey tourney's won for season 2019 with five, Drivers claimed her fourth Rey tourney overall this season, nice work Arnie and Jenny.

Congrats to last weeks ATP bracket winners on TDC, Streeter, Serious Streeter was victorious in Stuttgart while Klejo was the outright winner in 's-Hertogenbosch.

It was the second ATP bracket win of the season for SSS and the first for Klejo.

Congrats to last weeks WTA bracket winners on TDC, Olfenw was the sole winner in Nottingham while MUGU&RAFA ON FIRE took out the 's-Hertogenbosch bracket, it was a maiden WTA bracket win for Olfenw and the second WTA bracket win of the season for MUGU&RAFA.

Congratulations to Aiur on winning the recent Obi Wan Roland Garros bracket, it was Aiur's first Obi Wan win of the season but what a good bracket to win, Aiur won a very close tournament by just 1pt from spotec in second place, Murrys Flurrys was a further 7pts back in third place.

The combination of picking Zverev and Nishikori to make the QF along with his Fed semi-final pick was crucial in helping Aiur grab the win at RG, Aiur and spotec both predicted 92 picks out of 127 for a winning pick percentage of 72.4%, nice work gents.

Congratulations to backhandpass on winning the recent Rey Saber Roland Garros bracket, BHP picked fantastically for a well deserved win at RG, tenedab finished up in second spot 11pts behind Milo and Drivers and johnny_incognito shared third place a further 6pts back.

Vondrousova and Martic were the heroes for Milo in Paris, along with the eventual winner Ash Barty, well done BHP!

Congrats to pazo on winning the recent ATP Roland Garros bracket on TDC, pazo correctly predicted 99 out of 127 picks correct for a fantastic pick percentage of 78%, nice way to bring up your first ATP bracket win of the season.

Congrats to Franck06 on winning the recent WTA Roland Garros bracket on TDC, it was a first bracket win of the season for Franck but what a good one to win.

Congratulations Murree and spotec, not easy to do but you join Arvis with a GSGQ, nicely done.


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Thanks for updating this Arnie. smile

Great picking Arvis, it's always nice to nail a GQ in a Slam, well done! smile