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Yeah true Don anything is possible in the womens, but you know me, im being bold smile
The crowd will help Stosur too I think!


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Damn, I've lost Henin and Goerges tonight.....lol, oh well down the rankings I go!
Didn't see the Henin upset coming either Don, maybe Kuznetsova can go a bit deeper in the tournament now.
Things are looking more rosy for Wozniacki now though although Azarenka or Li na could have something to say about that. Wozniacki or Kuznetsova v Azarenka or Li Na in the semis now I think
Clijsters v Stosur or Zvonareva in the other semi perhaps.


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Pretty Good Picks Edsteam, I was thinking Djokovic might be just about ready to win another slam this year, maybe the US Open if Murray doesn't get up smile

Ok everyone lets do a bit of crystal ball gazing and see if any of us can pick the winner of each of the grand Slams this year! Mens only, womens is way too hard smile I'll have a stab at both anyway smile
Australian Open - Federer
French Open - Nadal
Wimbledon - Federer
US Open - Murray

Australian - Clijsters
French - Stosur
Wimbledon - Venus Williams
US Open - Serena Williams (If serena is injured still) Wozniacki

Lets see your picks everyone!


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Well no wonder Rafa has a winning record against Roger then, he is a power player and a good mover huh!
I think the good movers have more of a chance against Fed though than the power guys, as you say Don the power guys have to do it consistently for 3, 4 or 5 sets and thats not easy to do.
Soderling, Del Po and Berdych all have losing records against Federer, Soderling is 1-15, Del Potro is 2-6 and Berdych is 3-9 I think Federer prefers the pace of shot from these guys more.
The good movers on the other hand like Murray, Djokovic and Simon mix it up more and use their court speed to full effect, Murray is 8-6, Djokovic is 6-13 and Simon 2-1, they make Roger hit that extra shot and if they build enough pressure it can go their way sometimes.
Federer is still a class act though and everyone wishes they could play tennis like him smile


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No your not nuts Don, Venus may just be a little injured and I too hope for a Goerges win against Sharapova, we have great commentary here in NZ from channel 7 in Australia, Peter Donaghan is my fav commentator, very insightful and he picks up the ebs and flows of matches often before they happen, he does most of the night sessions which I like, lets see shat today brings :0


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I hope Goerges wins too because she is on my team also smile bad luck with Bartoli Don but at least you are prepared to stick your neck out and follow your instincts, Sharapova isn't playing that well and is sooo annoying with that scream of hers too, cmon Goerges make us proud! smile
Li Na is playing well again Euan, can she win it all though??? Maybe she can, the women's is wide open, I still favour Clisters or Henin though at this stage.


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Yep agree Aiur, nice to see Simon back in form after a tough year last year, I thought Roger would win in straight sets or maybe 4, didn't think it would go the distance, however it was the first time that Federer has beaten him but Simon went down fighting, Roger is a worry when he drops his level like that, lets hope that is his bogey match out of the way now. I guess all the big guns have a flat patch at some stage, they just have to hang in there and get through it.


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Yep best match of the tournament so far and maybe it will be the best of the entire tournament who knows, Hewitt stop hitting through the ball but Nalbandian stepped it up and started cranking it from both sides, deserved to be a quarter final at least!


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Your a funny guy Don.....!I predicted the upset before the match started, but can understand why you posted what you did, as it was it didn't eventuate anyway as Tipsarevic couldn't volley away the opportunity he had.
Well Don here is some more possible upsets for you just in case you think i wait till the matches start!
Giraldo to beat Cilic in the 2nd Round, i dont believe that much has started.

Berankis to maybe beat Nalbandian in the 2nd round too, Nalby will be tired from his epic with Hewitt and Berankis has big wraps on him from Nick Bolleterri, i do hope Nalbandian wins though, quality player!

I agree with Henin v Azarenka or Li Na in the semis, thats a distinct possibilty, I don't think Wozniacki will get through either, not sure on the Bartoli pick though, but hey thats why they are called upsets huh.

An all Belgian final is a possibility i think!


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While we are being bold, lets see who can guess the next upset of the tournament/???
Tricky I know but cmon everyone have a stab!
Ill go with.......Tipsarevic to topple Verdasco in round two!


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Yep Rafa's draw is pretty smooth alright, I expect him to reach the semis at least because the surface will suit him more than most, you are right Don that Murray's draw is a lot tougher but the tougher tennis may keep him focused.
A lot of people are expecting a Rafa v Fed final which would be great, im not convinced it will work out that way though just yet, what ever happens im hoping for more great tennis like the Nalbandian - Hewitt match last night.


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Yes Roger does have a good draw this year and he is playing very well at the moment, I don't see Simon posing any threat to Federer in the 2nd round. I too think he has a pretty smooth ride until the quarters where he will probably meet Roddick, he usually has A Rod's number though so I would expect a semifinal clash with Djokovic who looks keen this year, (as long as the heat doesnt get him again) if he gets past Novak then its his to win I reckon.
I have this sneaking suspicion that Rafa may not quite be 100% at the moment although his draw looks good too, I expect Murray might topple Nadal to reach the final again.


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Exciting times ahead, love the Aussie Open, great time for viewing here in NZ, predictions are always easier after a week or so....lol!
I'll be bold though and predict a repeat of last years final in the mens, Federer v Murray, Federer to win again but this time in 4 or 5 sets.
The women's is wide open, ill go with a Clisters v Williams final with Clisters winning through in a tight one.

Agree with you Don, its certainly looking like a Fed v Rafa final now although there is always room for upsets as we have already seen with Murray being bundled out.
Rafa has an easier looking draw now than what Roger does so look for the upset to come on Rafa's side, usually when it looks easy is when the upset comes, although im with you on who might be capable of beating Rafa, I think Lopez has the best form on a fast court, if not him the only other one capable is Wawrinka but he will be tiring by the time he meets Rafa.
Federer will beat Soderling, could have a bit of trouble with Djokovic in the semis but I think he will get through unless Djokovic decides to have his best day of the year, he is very solid Djokovic and will need to play at a consistently high level to beat Roger in New York though.
I think it would be great to see Roger v Rafa in the final but we still have a lot of good tennis to go before we see that.
My hunches havent been fairing too well in th Open so far so that doesnt bode well for the dream final I guess....lol!
Enjoy the quarters everyone, oh Wozniacki v Clisters in the womens now smile

Ok everyone lets pick your mens and womens champions before we head into the 2nd week of the Open.

Mens - Sticking with Federer although Murray is in good touch, I predict this will be the final!

Womens - This is tougher, Ill go on a hunch and predict Sharapova to return to GS glory, meeting Venus or Clijsters in the final!
I have a feeling Zvonareva will be a good chance too, womens champ could be one of 9 players still I believe.

Ok people have your say and enjoy the tennis smile


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Upsets are starting to happen now huh Don!
Roddick and Berdych gone, I would have expected them to both reach the quarters but not this time, my prediction of Fed v Murray is starting to take shape already.
The draw has opened up for someone to make a deep run when not expected, who will it be???


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Its all about the big hitters and big servers this year, that means Federer, Berdych, Roddick and Murray, I think the winner will come from this quartet, quarters or semis at best for Nadal, sorry Rafa, Djokovic the same, Ill go Federer versus Murray with the Fed Express to win his 17th GS Title!


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No Roger is not a sore loser! He probably should have acknowledged Berdych good play but he was just being honest about his injuries etc.
Does everybody recall what he said after Round 1 against Falla?
He said that he has lost many matches he thought he should have won this year but today he won a match that he should have lost.
It's true Roger does have a certain amount of arrogance/confidence but that comes with being at the top of your chosen field.
He made similar remarks in Melbourne too after he was sick because he knew he wasn't at his best that year, he bounced back from that to win 2 more slams.
I expect him to still win another 1 or 2 GS before his star wanes.
Bring on the US Open smile)


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I would have predicted the same semi-finalists as you Don D before the tournament started.
But know its at the QF stage I can change my predictions somewhat.....lol!
Federer v Djokovic in one semi & Murray or Tsonga v Nadal in the other.
I think the Joker is the only one who I would consider a near cert though, Fed to win in four sets against Berdych,
Djokovic in straight sets over Lu, can't decide between Murray and Tsonga, i'll go for Tsonga in five & Rafa in four sets over Soderling, how does that sound??
I was hoping Roddick would win it all this year but he was slightly off his game and got flushed out by Lu smile)
I would like to see a Fed v Tsonga final but have a feeling it may be the status quo and Roger v Rafa will be on the menu again.
Federer to win the final in four!

Andre should have just copied Pete's serve and his tongue habit when serving, should have left the stingy thing out!


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Yes Roger is the supreme sportsperson on the planet at the moment, amazing mental toughness once again, even more relaxed now he is a father too.
Be great to see him win the French again and start thinking about a calendar Grand Slam but i have a sneaking suspicion that Del Potro might be tough to beat in Paris, looking forward to the next GS in May at Roland Garros!
Congrats to scales23, well done smile


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My team has gone too, i can only think it has something to do with John Isner, he was seeded 33 when i picked my team but would have been promoted in the draw because of the withdrawal of Gilles Simon.
We shouldn't be penalised for something that is out of our control, e.g player withdrawals.
Hopefully this can be rectified soon smile