Congratulations to our recent Obi Wan bracket winners......

Geneva - spotec
Lyon - Dtrain
Roland Garros - Aiur
Stuttgart - Snollygoster
's-Hertogenbosch - spotec

Spotec has had a good run of late with two bracket victories, special mention to Aiur on winning the Grand Slam bracket at RG too.

Congrats to the recent ATP bracket winners on TDC.......

Geneva - Max
Lyon - ianh
Roland Garros - Markuzza
Stuttgart - OritE/Plugman/Zeon/jhawke17/Rii
's-Hertogenbosch - nadaldian

All first time ATP bracket winners in 2018.

Congratulations to our recent Rey Saber bracket winners.....

Nurnberg - backhandpass
Strasbourg - spotec
Roland Garros - tenedab
Nottingham - Marco19
's-Hertogenbosch - Dwightcharles

Well done to all, but especially to tenedab for picking up the Grand Slam bracket win at RG.

Congrats to our recent WTA bracket winners on TDC.....

Nurnberg - dakast119
Strasbourg - magnifico
Roland Garros - nmosqueda
Nottingham - Fed.for.Laver/Marco19/Corkjock
's-Hertogenbosch - Agato

All seven players were first time WTA bracket winners in 2018.

Thanks Milo, time to update the home page to reflect it all now eh. ;-)


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Thanks for the POA Arnie. smile


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1 Slam each eh, nice win for the ROW team.....quick question Jamie, how many players are you using at each Slam, does it depend on the minimum number or ROW players who play, therefore the USA take their best 11 scores etc, is that correct?


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Thanks for the update Arnie. smile

Congrats to my fellow GQer's, nice to get some green in the bracket. smile


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My kinda thread Marco ;-) haha

I almost had the exact same womens team that you have picked, including finalists and winner, went for some extra bonus points with CSN and decided to drop Petra which didn’t work out, also picked Ostapenko as my runner up instead of Svito which was a fail.

I did really like the look of Petra Martic as my unseeded woman, but couldn’t resist taking Serena, happy with my men’s team though, although I may regret leaving out Goffin perhaps.


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Awesome as always Arnie, Murreee won't be happy about Kyrgios I bet.

Joint congratulations to Edu_Anackin and HundredTennisStats on sharing the Obi Wan bracket win in Rome last week, that joint victory has now seen Edu and HTS move into 1st and 2nd spot respectively in Obi Wan, nice work gents.

Congratulations to Dtrain on winning the Rey Saber Rome bracket last week, it was Dtrain's second Rey win of season 2018.

Congrats to JackGates on winning the ATP Rome bracket last week on TDC, first bracket win of the season for Bill's brother. wink

Congrats to tb on winning the WTA Rome bracket on TDC last week, it was another first time bracket winner in 2018.

Congrats tenedab on becoming the new UFTR No.1, you have been very good for some time now without winning any of the big titles among the Yoda Crew yet, that might change this year I think.

Commiserations Jamie, tough one to take, if you didn't miss those Rome picks you would still be sitting on top, probably the worst possible way to lose the top spot I reckon, however making your picks in time is all part of fantasy tennis eh, Milo will tell you that. wink

Congratulations to Drivers who took out the Obi Wan Madrid bracket last week, it was Jenny's third Obi Wan win of season as she edged out Dwightcharles by just 2pts.

Congrats to Bharath on winning the ATP Madrid bracket last week on TDC, first win of the season yet again.

Congratulations to TennisElbow on winning the WTA Madrid bracket in Rey Saber last week, not only did Jamie take out the Rey win but he was the overall site winner on TDC too, impressive indeed, and amazingly it was TE's first Rey Saber bracket win of the year too, but a candidate for Performance Of The Year among the Yoda Crew.

Congrats to TennisElbow on the overall WTA bracket win in Madrid on TDC, definitely a contender for Performance Of The Year among the Yoda Crew, nice work Jamie.

Great achievement been at the top for quite a while now, congrats!

Congratulations to last weeks Obi Wan bracket winners in Estoril, Munich and Istanbul respectively.....

Estoril - backhandpass/Murrys Flurrys
Munich - spotec
Istanbul - backhandpass

BHP continues his good run of form winning two more tourneys, that takes him to six for the year now in Obi Wan, Murrys Flurrys and spotec both claimed their third wins of 2018.

Congrats to our recent ATP bracket winners on TDC........

Estoril - gachach
Munich - bradovan
Istanbul - kharbin

All first time winners in 2018.

Congratulations to last weeks respective Rey Saber bracket winners Aiur and Drivers, Aiur claimed his very first Rey tourney win of the season in Prague, while Drivers picked up her third win of the year at Rabat.

Congrats to last weeks WTA bracket winners on TDC.....

Prague - Nacu
Rabat - wevinku22

First time winners in season 2018.