Congratulations to backhandpass on winning the Obi Wan Indian Wells bracket last week, BHP took out the bracket win by just 2pts from TennisElbow, great start for Milo and Jamie in the 2018 R2D2 competition.

Congratulations to Adunar for winning the Rey Saber Indian Wells bracket last week, it was a very closely fought bracket with Arnie just edging out Dwightcharles by 1pt, our Swiss friend claimed his fourth Rey Saber bracket win of season 2018 which puts him on top for brackets won so far.

Congrats to astiv on winning the ATP Indian Wells bracket outright on TDC last week, it was the first tourney win of the season for astiv.

Congrats to last weeks joint winners of the WTA Indian Wells bracket on TDC, 1HandBH and lethompson90 finished up sharing the spoils in the Californian desert for their first respective tourney wins of the season.

Hopefully not for our sake eh tenedab. wink......although I'm a Delpo fan too. hmm

Goerges flopped again for me, not sure why I keep picking her, should have gone Vika instead I think.

Will Miami be even nuttier??

Great stuff Arvis, thanks.

I took a chance and left Delpo off my Vader team this week, his Miami record isn't flash, he has a tough draw and he has already won two tournaments in a row, that was enough for me to bypass him this time....Go Sock!!! tongue

Thanks Edu....I'm still trying to catch Jamie in the rankings, maybe I need him to pull a hammie or somehow forget to make his picks. wink lol

Congrats to the Chung pickers this week....I'm assuming there are no Coric pickers out there in Vader, what a bonus pick that would have been eh.

Indeed she has been tenedab.......she was my IF ONLY pick in Padme this week, if only I didn't swap her out late for Goerges, DOH!!

Congratulations to our recent Obi Wan bracket winners.....LexusGF edged out Dwightcharles to take out the bracket in Dubai, tenedab, HundredTennisStats and Marco19 all shared the tourney win in Acapulco and Dtrain was victorious in Sao Paulo.

Tenedab notched up his third Obi Wan win of the season to join Arvis at the top for most brackets won so far this year.

Congrats to the recent winners of the ATP brackets on TDC, deucebuzzer won the Dubai tournament outright, Mika was victorious in Acapulco and Matt6123 and No1eFan shared the spoils in Sao Paulo, still no multiple winners yet in 2018.

Congratulations to Dwightcharles on wining the Rey Saber Acapulco bracket recently, Dwight secured the win with a great Stefanie Voegele finalist pick, it was the Dwightster's first Rey tourney win of the season, nicely done Charles.

Congrats to siquenai180, our recent winner of the WTA Acapulco bracket on TDC, it was the first bracket win for siquenai180 this season.

The K's are Killers in IW.....I wanted to pick Pliskova but I have already taken her three times so left her out, hopefully Simona can stop her going deep.

Thanks for the update Edu.

Yep, I got my letters wrong Edu. wink

Congratulations to last week's Obi Wan tournament winners, Marco19 and Arvis shared the spoils in Rio de Janeiro, Arvis then celebrated a great week by edging out BHP by a single point to win the Delray Beach tourney, Dtrain scored his first Obi Wan win of the season by pipping the trio of tenedab, HTS and Aiur in Marseille,

Arvis moves to the top of the pile concerning number of tournaments won this season in Obi Wan, he has now racked up three, nice work Arvis.

Congratulations to last weeks two Rey Saber bracket winners, Edu_Anackin edged out TE in Dubai to win by one solitary point with both players picking the eventual champion Elina Svitolina, in Budapest it was Drivers who notched up her first Rey win of the year by sneaking the victory, also by just one point, over HTS and Dtrain.

Edu claimed his second bracket win in as many weeks to move into second spot behind Aduanr on number of Rey tourneys won in 2018.

Congrats to last weeks three respective ATP bracket winners on TDC, amitooshacham was successful in Rio de Janeiro, jefff was victorious at Delray Beach and Claylia was the outright winner of the tournament in Marseille, all first time winners in 2018.

Congrats to last weeks two respective WTA bracket winners on TDC, Zijj won the Dubai bracket outright and lleimet was victorious in the Budapest tournament, another two first time bracket winners in 2018.

Great week last week for you Edu, that rocketed you up the leaderboard, nice work.

Thanks for the quick weekly summaries too Arvis. big_smile

Contrasting fortunes for me in Vader this week, Dubai is going gangbusters so far with that lovely green colour flowing nicely, but Acapulco is a complete mess, I've lost Querrey, Sock, Nishikori and Isner all in the 1st round. hmm

Milo wrote:

Congrats Tony! I think my #2 race ranking is a career high for me. cool

Thanks Milo, congrats to you too on your great start to the year, now if I can only catch that elusive TE and grab the No.1 mantle. wink