Congratulations to last weeks Obi Wan bracket winners...

ROTTERDAM - HundredTennisStats
BUENOS AIRES - tenedab
NEW YORK - johnny_incognito

HTS scored his second win of the season, backing up nicely after winning Cordoba the previous week, nice work Marcus.

Congrats to last weeks ATP bracket winners on TDC...

BUENOS AIRES - EliteFourBrad
NEW YORK - nadaldian

EliteFourBrad notched up his second win of the season after being successful in Cordoba the week before.

BIG congratulations to spotec on winning both of the Rey Saber brackets last week in St. Petersburg and Hua Hin respectively, nice way to shoot to the top of the overall standings in Rey too.

Spotec also took out overall WTA bracket honours in Hua Hin on TDC as well, great stuff!

Congrats to last weeks WTA bracket winners on TDC.

St. Petersburg - arknight12
Hua Hin - spotec


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huai the troll, you have been reported!


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Nice work there Arvis, always good to see these names and be like ahhh instead of who? wink

Congratulations to last weeks Obi Wan bracket winners...

Pune - TennisElbow
Montpellier - Drivers/Tono
Cordoba - HundredTennisStats

TE notched up his second tourney win of the year, nice work Jamie.

Congrats to last weeks ATP bracket winners on TDC...

PUNE - guident
MONTPELLIER - Rustam Gabdr/pazo
CORDOBA - EliteFourBrad


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TennisElbow wrote:
Tono wrote:

Seems that ROW need a secret training camp eh Jamie. wink

Could you organise something on Tatooine, Tono ? wink

I'll do my best Jamie, that's a fairly remote spot. wink

Congratulations to Dtrain on winning the AO 2020 bracket in Obi Wan, nicely done Dennis. smile

Congratulations to Edu_Anackin on winning the AO 2020 bracket in Rey Saber, always nice to win a GS, nice work Edu. smile

Congrats to yawar78 on winning the Australian Open ATP bracket on TDC.

Congrats to deuce on winning the WTA Australian Open bracket on TDC.


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Seems that ROW need a secret training camp eh Jamie. wink

Nicely done CC, congrats!

CrossCourt is one Rafa win away from nailing the first GQ of season 2020.

Kyrgios killed you off Johnny, and Raonic killed off everybody in the Tsitsipas section too, Crosscourt is now the only one left at a GQ shot in the Nadal section, he needs Rafa and Nick to both win and then Rafa to beat next in the 4th round, good luck CC.

Still really early days Murreee, but it is important to score well at the Slams of course, it's a long season though with lots of twists and turns, Vader is always enjoyable and challenging.

I did something similar with Kyrgios Charles, ahh well picking the dark horse is fun anyway.

Thanks Edgar, you are correct. smile

I didn't think we would have different points than the real thing, I see now that Khachanov scored zero points for losing first up in Auckland when he had the bye.

Since we have an equivalent Vader thread for the men's team competition in 2020, it only seems fair we should also have one for the women's comp.

This thread is for us to air our grievances, and to discuss those good picks and not so good picks for season 2020.

I see the defending champ tenedab is off to a roaring start again, along with Drivers who finished runner up last year, you two have got a good grip on this competition it seems.

I'm hoping for a Perfect Team at some stage throughout the year in Padme, it could be only hope I have though, knowing the topsy turvey results among women's tennis. hmm

Since the first Slam of 2020 is now well underway, I thought creating a new thread on Vader was about due.

We can chat about our picks once they close and any other relevant subjects regarding the Vader competition this season.

I have noted that the points distribution on TDC for AO is slightly out, we will have to get our admin guy to take a look and adjust it accordingly.

Btw...Have we always had zero points for a player who has the bye in a 250 and then loses first up?
The actual ATP player with the bye still receives 20pts I believe, so maybe it should be the same for the Teams Comp, just wondering anyway.

You have one going in the Rafa section Johnny, you do need Gilles Simon to beat Kyrgios and then Khachanov though. wink
CrossCourt has one alive in that Rafa section too.

Five other guys are alive with potential GQ's in the Tsitsipas section too...tenedab, TE, HTS, Murreee and CrossCourt, CC is getting greedy for going green eh. ;P

My last minute AO 2020 picks:

Djokovic d. Nadal
Dark horse: Anderson

S.Williams d. Halep
Dark horse : Anisimova