We now have three multiple tourney winners in Obi Wan for 2019, HundredTennisStats, Arvis and Dtrain all secured their second wins respectively last week in Obi Wan, Dtrain won the Rotterdam bracket, Arvis was victorious in Buenos Aires and HundredTennisStats claimed the outright win in New York.

Dtrain won Rotterdam on the back of a Monfils/Medvedev semi-final combo, he beat out tenedab by two points with dwightcharles and Edu_Anackin a point further back in a share of third place.

Arvis picked an impressive 20 out of 27 picks correct in Buenos Aires to sneak the win over Edu_Anackin by just 1pt, a point further back in third spot was Arvis' bro johnny_incognito.

In New York, it was the Reilly Opelka semi-final pick which catapulted HTS to victory, Marcus won by 4pts from johnny_incognito in second spot with the trio of Aiur, Edu_Anackin and Dtrain back in a share of third.

Well done to our first lot of multiple Obi Wan bracket winners in 2019.

Congratulations to Adunar and Edu_Anackin on sharing the Rey Saber win in Doha last week, it was a closely fought tournament with Arnie and Edu just edging the quartet of spotec, dwightcharles, TennisElbow and Dtrain by the solitary point.

It was the first Rey tourney wins of the year respectively for Arnie and Edu, nice work gents.

We have our very first ATP multiple bracket winner on TDC for 2019, betbutton was very impressive in winning the Rotterdam tournament last week, this came on the back of also winning the Montpellier bracket the previous week, betbutton certainly clicked most of the right buttons in the Rotterdam 500 bracket with an amazing win pick percentage of 74.2%, that equated to 23 correct picks out of 31, BIG props on that great effort.

Moxie had an even higher win pick percentage in winning the ATP Buenos Aires bracket, Moxie managed a staggering 85.2% picks correct in winning the BA tourney, that is 23 correct picks out of a possible 27, fantastic fantasy tennis picking from Moxie.

In New York it was marc-olivier long who claimed the victory in that bracket, his win pick percentage may have only been 51.9% overall in a tough tournament, but he did manage to predict Reilly Opelka would win the tournament, so that was also very impressive.

Special congrats to betbutton on becoming the first ATP multiple bracket winner in 2019 on TDC.

Congrats to ElderlyElk, last weeks WTA Doha bracket winner on TDC, another first time bracket winner in 2019.

Congratulations to our three Obi Wan bracket winners from last week, Snollygoster edged out TennisElbow by just 1pt in Montpellier, TE went one better in Sofia though, winning that tourney by 3pts from Dwightcharles, in Cordoba it was HundredTennisStats who was victorious there, HTS snuck home by the solitary point over TE and spotec who shared second spot.

In Montpellier, the key pick for Snolly was the Tsonga pre tourney champion pick, Jamie also picked Tsonga to win the tournament so there wasn't much separating these two, the key pick for Snolly actually ended up being selecting Shapovalov to win his opening match, two points back in equal third place was Tono and backhandpass.

In Sofia, TE, dwightcharles and spotec all picked Medvedev to win the tournament, Dwight ended up three points adrift of Jamie and spotec was a further 3pts back in third spot, the key pick for TE ended up being selecting Fucsovics to make the QF.

In Cordoba, it was carnage so pretty much everyone struggled, however it was HTS who finished alone on top by just the one point, TE and spotec finished in a share of second place, the key thing for HTS in his win was nailing more first round picks than TE and spotec.

Still no multiple winners in Obi Wan yet this season, but I'm sure it won't be far away

Congrats to last weeks ATP bracket winners on TDC, betbetton picked very well and was a safe bet to follow in Montpellier, winning the bracket outright by 3pts, in Sofia it was Felsenspringer who sprung out on top in that bracket by 2pts, and in Cordoba it was IVANS IVANS who stuttered loudly to a good win in that tourney.

Still no multiple ATP bracket winners yet in 2019.

Congratulations to last weeks Rey Saber bracket winners...Snollygoster and TennisElbow shared the spoils in St. Petersburg, while spotec snuck home in a close one in Hua Hin, beating out backhandpass by just 1pt.

Snolly and TE both finished on 28pts in St. Pete, two points clear of HundredTennisStats in third place, Craig and Jamie both picked Vekic, Sabalenka and Bertens to make the semi's in St. Pete which was enough to see them finish on top, spotec's Yastremska semi-final prediction was key in giving him the slight edge over BHP in Thailand, TE was a further one point back in third spot.

TE notches up tourney win number four for the year in Rey as he continues his impressive start, spotec claimed his second win of 2019 and Snolly grabbed his maiden tourney win in Rey, well done to all three on a successful week.

Congrats to last weeks WTA bracket winners on TDC, mlu was victorious in St. Petersburg and fedfan took our the overall honours in Hua Hin, both players were first time bracket winners in season 2019.


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Good stuff thanks Arvis, always interesting to read about new names coming through.

Thanks Arvis. big_smile

Thanks for the updates as always Arvis. big_smile

That Goerges pick might take the whole season to recover from. hmm

Thanks for the update Edu. smile



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Congrats Edu and Jamie on being the new joint No.1's in the Skywalker Rankings. smile

Congratulations to Murrys Flurrys on winning the 2019 Australian Open Obi Wan bracket, Murreee beat out Snollygoster by 10pts to secure the victory, both guys were the only two among the Yoda Crew to predict that Rafael Nadal would make the final in Melbourne, the key picks for Murreee was the combination of Tomas Berdych making the 4th round and predicting that Andreas Seppi and Taylor Fritz would both make the third round, Snolly was close up in second place and TennisElbow a further 5pts back in third spot, well done Murreee and Snolly on a great Obi Wan AO bracket.

Congratulations to Drivers on winning the 2019 Rey Saber Australian Open bracket, Jenny did a fantastic job in the AO bracket winning by a margin of 13pts from Edu_Anackin, Drivers and Edu both picked Naomi Osaka to make the final and Petra to make at least the semi-finals, the key pick for Drivers was picking Ash Barty to make the quarter-finals, Wimbledonut ended up in a distant third place some 21pts behind Edu in second spot, well done Jenny and Edu on a great Rey Saber bracket.

Congrats to Nikola on winning the Australian Open ATP bracket on TDC.

Congrats to ThunderTurkeys on winning the Australian Open WTA bracket on TDC, they literally gobbled up the competition for their first bracket win of the season.


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Good stuff Arnie! big_smile


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Commenting so we don't forget about the rankings in Yoda. wink

Yep, not the normal high results at a GS that we are used to eh Arvis, I think the odd "dart pick" might be worthwhile trying this year at the Slams and a few Masters events. wink

Congrats TE, that GQ snuck up on me, well done.

If Roger beats Tsitsipas then Murreee claims a GQ in that section.

Both my GQ chances are now dead, Kohli lost and CSN lost as well.

This is looking like a battle royale for the AO 2019 Yoda Cup.