Thanks Arvis, it is always nice to win a Grand Slam, which is quite difficult in the Yoda Crew.
Congratulations to Aiur and Dtrain for their victory in the men's teams.

Thanks for the summary Arvis, my first victory in a Grand Slam bracket! This coupled with the previous victory in New Haven, make a chain of two consecutive titles in women that I had not imagined at the start of the season. Apparently the course of the season has been improving my skills to predict the unpredictable WTA.
Congratulations to Aiur for his close victory on the men's side.


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Adunar wrote:

Of course, my spreadsheet is accurate wink

Of course it is big_smile . Thanks for adding the points corresponding to my pick of the men's final, I could not make the selection due to the bug, but the data of the spreadsheet are correct.
Congratulations to Marco for his 2019 Guru title.

Wimbledonut wrote:

Very proud to be associated with such great tennis enthusiasts and big dreamers.

I want to join Wimbo and say that I am also fortunate to have found the TDC site and even more to belong to the Yoda Crew. Although I am the newest member, in this year I have been able to confirm the rigor of the competition and the fun climate that prevails in the group. You have achieved something great, I hope beyond the results, that the group remains something fun to brighten our free time.


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Dtrain wrote:

My Dad passed away but died peacefully!

Sorry friend, my condolences for the loss.

Drivers wrote:

Cheers Lexus. I wouldn't rule it out!! smile

I'm sure you will not big_smile

Drivers wrote:

Will be in that area (Puno) around the time for making the Indian Wells picks......
I have a few friends who have been to Cuba who tell me it is a special place to visit.

Yes, honestly, it's a special place. Many people in the UK come to visit. If some day you decide to come, let me know and you will have a free tour guide at your disposal, hahaha. In addition, it would be an honor to meet a member of Yoda Crew in person.

Edu_Anackin wrote:

I think this discussion has gone too far already LOL

Hahaha, things that happen between people of different nationalities, hahaha

Drivers wrote:

When we take the car to  Portugal we go through Spain. We love it and pick a different route each trip. So yes!  Also, this time next week we will be in Peru which is partly Spanish speaking.

If you like Spain, you will surely love Cuba too, our colonial architecture is Spanish, many cities here have historic centers that are similar to Spain, and we have a very hospitable town.
Not in Peru, but I was in Copacabana, Bolivia, a city on the shores of Lake Titicaca that is close to the border with Peru. Very interesting area to know about the Inca culture, with many ruins of Inca buildings.

Arvis wrote:

And there were a few that were hit by withdrawals, as well.

Incredible, three withdrawn in my teams in the same week:

Kyrgios ---> Raonic ---> lost in 2nd round
Medvedev ---> Stakhovsky ---> lost in 1st round
Kvitova ---> Stosur ---> lost in 1st round

If it is not a record, it must be a good result in this matter.
Bad luck? sad

Drivers wrote:

I think it is, though I find I can get the gist more quickly with Spanish - maybe it has more in common with Latin than Portuguese does. I had a good grounding in Latin once upon a time!

Have you ever been in a country that speaks Spanish?

Drivers wrote:

No Lexys.  Wish I could. I spend a lot of time in Portugal and I can speak a smattering of Portuguese;- but I find it a hard language to master.

Some people say that Spanish is also difficult to master for those who don´t know it, but with hard work nothing is impossible smile

Drivers wrote:

That sounds good to me. But (serious question)would the Portuguese pronunciation be the same?

Do you speak Spanish Drivers?

Edu_Anackin wrote:

I don't know how to write the correct pronounce of the E haha

Hahaha, entertaining discussion. I think that if Edu = Eduardo, and it's pronounced as in Spanish, then it would be something like this: E (as the initial letter "e" in error in English) + DU (as the word "do" in English).
What do you think Edu, is it correct?

Milo wrote:

what's your real name Lexus?...we're compiling a list of all members

My real name is "Lexys", just change a letter. Any other information?


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Adunar wrote:

We dont award prizes retrospectively. Otherwise qe would need to go back too often.

Ok, thanks Adunar.


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Thank you Tono and Milo.
A question, I have a PT last year in Basel, before entering Yoda Crew, will this one count for the career PTs of of our league?

Thanks Milo, GOOOOO!!!


Arvis wrote:

Nicely done, Lex!

Thanks Arvis, enjoying playing with you at Yoda Crew. TDC is a very fun place for tennis lovers.

Tono wrote:

Lexus secured his first ever Obi Wan bracket win by beating out Tono in New York by just 1pt.

First victory, what excitement!!! lol
Thanks Tono.
Congratulations to all the winners of the week.

Thanks Arvis and Tono, it's my second PT, but the first one with Yoda Crew. big_smile
Welcome Marco, good player for our league.

Very interesting your summaries Arvis, as always. Thanks for the work. Mertens is out too. Only 5 live PTs.

Tono wrote:

No it doesn't, your Petra pick in teams has now become a Stosur pick so there is a silver lining for you. wink

And what would happen if I already had Stosur with 8 picks ???

Yes, the season is long and there is still a long way to go. I hope to maintain even results during the year. Well done by tenedab so far, in March we have two Masters 1000, many points available that can change the situation.

Drivers wrote:

Exciting start to the year for Coric in particular. Now, will the Fed Cup follow the same pattern!?!?

It´s possible, I think that the assistance or not of the main players of every team it´s determinant in the result of the series.