Last 2 Grand Slams I had to click 128 times to delete the picks the website made, but now it won't even let me delete the site picks. What can I do to play?

Can't pick the players, the website already did it for me, and I can't change it. What is going on?

For years I've been playing this fantasy tennis, and loved it, but this Australian open nothing worked on this web side. What happened? Hopefully it'll be fixed by Roland Garros 2020.

The website picks finalists and winner for me, I can't change the way I want. Please help!

I can't pick the men's finalists, and the winner, the website does it for me. What's going on? Need help!


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When does this activate, I would like to play?

Suddenly my teams are gone, and it says, last visit Jan. 13, 2018, but I logged in every day up till Sep.8.


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Thank you very much, Charles! It worked!


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I played Fantasy Tennis Australian Open, every thing was fine. But now my site does not work, I can't drag and drop the players names to make the teem. Please help!