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Arvis wrote:


Rafa said he thought he played his best match of the tournament.  The stats say he definitely did.  There was no sign of the serving troubles he had against Prince Kei and Dimitrov, serving only 1 DF, winning 73% of first AND second serve points, and facing only two break points the entire match.

Truly unbelievable stuff.  Anyone who says Rafa is not the best, toughest, most fearsome tennis player of all time is kidding themselves.


I was ready to pass the mantle from Federer to Rafa when he held the trophy at the end of this year's AO... but now I'm a little more hesitant...  I do think he is playing the smartest tennis ever and probably the best of all time...


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Thanks for the fix!


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Hi Charles!
I'm not sure how to attach a file to this message...
My home page is showing me picking:
Kvitova, Azarenka, Li, SWilliams, Clijsters, Kanepi, Cibulkova but not my final pick which was McHale.  I then picked Li and SWilliams for the final, with the winner to SWilliams.  I suspect McHale did not register in the system for some reason but have no idea why since I did all the picks at the same time.
Really appreciate your help!


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my 'latest activity' is showing that I picked players x y and z for my women's team, yet when I check my women's team it's blank - what happened??  This is a glitch.  Any help would be much appreciated!