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It is a fantasyt enis website:

Goal is simple: earn the biggest amount of money. So you have players to pick at EVERY ATP tournament and you "earn" their money (as points of course, not in real life LOL). Rankings are based on the money you earn.

Restrictions: you're allowed to pick up to a maximum of 8 times a single player throughout the season. In addition, your picks are limited at every tournament: 7 for GS and Masters 1000, 5 for 500's and 4 for 250's ATP tournaments. Simple rules, lots of strategy. You're gonna love it all. Problem for you: you will start after the AUS Open and this means no way of having a good ranking by the end of the year. But still, you can have your own strategy or goals wink

Awesome!  Thank you so much for sharing this with me!

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Man, Dwight, you're a beast. That's what I call seriously being involved in a very serious competition. Glad someone likes numbers and stats as much as I do.

You HAVE TO play with us in the Vader League on the FTT website, you'd do great!

Moreover, as a big stats&data fan, I totally get how much time this took you, really. Awesome job! I do similar kind of rankings (but not as much detailed) for the Yoda Cup here. You will have to reach 50 posts in order to get there though wink

Thanks Arnaud!  Kind words indeed.  Unfortunately this is just the tiniest tip of a very large stats iceberg...  I keep hoping to find someone who might actually appreciate my insanity... maybe I've found it here...

What is Vader league and what is the FTT website?

As an inveterate introvert I do not support the idea of 'rewarding' extroverted behaviour such as posting 'x' number of posts (although it seems I am well on the way - I will certainly make no effort to reach a particular number).  However if Vader league does not have such a requirement, I would like to consider it.

I sense the sincerity of this group (alpha/beta) and am delighted to be included.

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dwightcharles wrote:

My ridiculously detailed spreadsheet breaking down the two leagues can be found here: … sp=sharing

Love this shit Dwight!  smile  Don't tell me this is just a hobby...

Spreadsheet flattery will get you everywhere...! (blushing)  Yes, I dabble in statistics for work.

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dwightcharles wrote:

I feel for Lucy, talkingwalnut, and Duff_Bag, all of whom would have finished 2nd in Alpha league...
it seems a little unfair... but 'dem's the rules' I suppose...
Overall, I'm totally fascinated by this league.

Holy bit, Dwight, impressive work there! Thanks for putting me to shame big_smile.  You'll fit in nicely with this crowd, just another 40 posts until the French Open and you'll receive an invitation to the Yoda Cup. 

Speaking of the Yoda Cup, and your post that I quoted.  When Adunar and I started this Promotion/Relegation league, the only people we had to work with were Yoda Cup members.  All of the other people I asked, like you, were people I obviously had no prior contact with, but selected based on a criteria.  I had no idea how many people would accept the invitation.  It would be a gamble to ask a bunch of strangers to join a regular league, but the kind this is?  It's in the "Wawrinka wins Australian Open" kind of odds category.  Okay, maybe that's overstating it. 

So, even though it seems some of the Beta Bowl members - who are really good - got gypped, I mention in another thread in this "Other Tournaments" section, called "Beta Bowl", that there will be year-ending points winner.  A person could spend half of the year in Alpha Cup, another half in Beta Bowl, or the whole year in one of the leagues, and their points will count towards this.  So players like lucy, talkingwalnut, and duff_bag are still in the GSFTL competition, just not the Alpha Cup, yet.

So that's three year-ending awards. 

- One will be for the most points scored overall (Alpha Cup/Beta Bowl combined)
- One will be for most points scored in Alpha Cup
- And one for the most points scored in Beta Bowl

Wonderful to hear that there is fairness for all!!  I appreciate the transparency and all of the work it must have been to set up and run the league.  Well done!


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Wow it's got to give Stan confidence going forward... typically it takes a while to get GS #2... but an older player like Stan, often never gets to slam #2.  I think that's the most likely scenario.  This AO2014 was probably his magnum opus.  It's pretty much unheard of (on the men's tour... Li Na notwithstanding) to win a second after the first at 28 (at least in the open era).

I suppose a question is:  will he experience a huge letdown or maintain a high level for a while at other events?

It's pretty common to experience a letdown for 6-9 months, it seems (sometimes longer), eg: Murray, Federer, Djokovic, Lendl, Sampras, Agassi... but every once in awhile you get an exception like Connors.

Overall it might be reasonable to expect Stan to be rounding into form around the US Open at the earliest...

Of course I could be entirely wrong!  :-)

I feel for Lucy, talkingwalnut, and Duff_Bag, all of whom would have finished 2nd in Alpha league...
it seems a little unfair... but 'dem's the rules' I suppose...
Overall, I'm totally fascinated by this league.

I was trying to understand why the two leagues shook down the way they did...
Some summary info is in rows 117 to 129 of the spreadsheet... then scroll way over...

some takeaways:
The top half of Beta overperformed, the bottom half of Beta underperformed. 
Alpha showed more consistency... less variation in final scores across all 10 teams

Alpha's womens teams were on average stronger than Beta's by 25 points
Beta's mens teams were on average stronger by 23 points
Beta's match picks were on average better by 22 points
The top half of Beta consistently out match-picked the top half of Alpha (except for njcraw and tono, who picked poorly and well, respectively)

Among 1. men's team, 2. women's team, and 3. match picks...
the strongest correlation to final ranking (out of 28) is with the men's team... this is not surprising since almost everyone had more points here than in the other 2 categories

The correlation between combined men's team rank and women's team rank (rank out of 28) is almost perfect with final rank.  Match picks only changed a participant's final position by a spot or two.  So the initial team is very important.

Anyway, I'll stop now... my geek is showing...

oops sorry for double post - computer froze up...

My ridiculously detailed spreadsheet breaking down the two leagues can be found here: … sp=sharing

My ridiculously detailed spreadsheet breaking down the two leagues can be found here: … sp=sharing


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Arvis wrote:


Rafa said he thought he played his best match of the tournament.  The stats say he definitely did.  There was no sign of the serving troubles he had against Prince Kei and Dimitrov, serving only 1 DF, winning 73% of first AND second serve points, and facing only two break points the entire match.

Truly unbelievable stuff.  Anyone who says Rafa is not the best, toughest, most fearsome tennis player of all time is kidding themselves.


I was ready to pass the mantle from Federer to Rafa when he held the trophy at the end of this year's AO... but now I'm a little more hesitant...  I do think he is playing the smartest tennis ever and probably the best of all time...


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Thanks for the fix!


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Hi Charles!
I'm not sure how to attach a file to this message...
My home page is showing me picking:
Kvitova, Azarenka, Li, SWilliams, Clijsters, Kanepi, Cibulkova but not my final pick which was McHale.  I then picked Li and SWilliams for the final, with the winner to SWilliams.  I suspect McHale did not register in the system for some reason but have no idea why since I did all the picks at the same time.
Really appreciate your help!


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my 'latest activity' is showing that I picked players x y and z for my women's team, yet when I check my women's team it's blank - what happened??  This is a glitch.  Any help would be much appreciated!