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sneaky wrote:

The 2018 Australian Open will be quite a challenge to predict!!!

I believe we will see a new first time champion in the Men's
draw!!! It could be either Dimitrov,Zverev,Kyrgios, or Pouille!!!
The draw will be out sometime today which will give us greater
insight as to which of the above 4 will win IMHO!!!

The WTA is as always extremely tough to predict but that is what
makes it so interesting!!! Muguruza is IMHO the best when playing
well but she can have her ups and downs like all the others!!!
Halep is a good player and some might believe she is do for a win
after having come so close but she seems to get beaten by more
aggressive players!!! The WTA is very open especially without Serena
in the draw and it will be interesting to see who wins!!! I think Halep,
Keys, Muguruza or even Svitolina could win but obviously there are
others that are very capable of winning!!! I would put Muguruza,
Halep, then maybe Keys and Svitolina in that order but obviously
there are others that could win!!!

Uhh.....glad you enjoyed the quote Dwight....Uhh if you actually did!!!
Maybe I posted that after having mistakenly eaten some moldy fruit!!! LOL

Sneaky, I do in general enjoy the colorful way you present things, but that line was particularly good.  I liked it!


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Sneaky, I particularly enjoyed this picture you painted:

once-great sport that went rancid/moldy like a piece of fruit somebody forgot in their refrigerator

Keep it coming, buddy.  I find it very entertaining.  That is creative use of language.

Who do you think will win the Australian?


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Aiur and Murreee, you may have missed an extensive counterpoint I wrote to sneaky last year.  it is post # 43 in the thread "random spreadsheets" in the "other tournaments' stream.
http://www.grandslamfantasytennis.com/f … ts/page/2/

Sneaky had been claiming that the ATP was fixed, that the tour was being exploited for money, that matches were fixed, that the tour structure was superior in the 1970's, that seeding was a conspiracy to help the Big 4, as well as first round byes, and best 2 of 3 format.  I also addressed the idea that the very presence of a Big 4 was no indicator of conspiracy.

I think it's an interesting post. A lot of other posters here applauded, and it caused Sneaky to delete the 30 or so posts he had written in that thread.  Perhaps a refreshed reading of that post will help simmer things down here.


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Aiur wrote:

Commentators don't do any sort of stroke analysis? Are you blind? I can't count how many times I've seen Nadal's trademarked "buggy whip" forehand broken down by commentators, showing the trajectory, RPM's of the shot, etc. Or the amount of times Federer's service motion has been dissected. There are also dedicated shows on networks like The Tennis Channel that breakdown the shots of pro players.

As for the ATP, it's a business. Businesses exist to make money. Look at the prize money dished out these days. There's a lot of money on the line. It allows fringe players who might only really be competitive in 250 events to play full-time. In the 70's, a guy like Denis Istomin would've been bounced out of the game early because he's not a perennial threat to win a big tournament. But since he can make a living playing in smaller events and on the challenger tour, we get to see him beat Djokovic at the Aussie Open. The money also trickles down into academies and whatnot.

You need to seriously get with the times. It's not 1980 anymore. Social media is huge and if a company doesn't use it, they are hurting themselves. The promo stuff like Federer playing Nadal on a half clay, half grass court, on a boat, or on a very tall building is called promotion. They're trying to bring new people to the game. No people=no money. No money=no tennis.

Hear! Hear!
Excellent points, Aiur!

Certainly, the ATP and WTA would be foolish not to use social media to stay relevant to bring in fans and reach out to existing ones.  Why should they be Luddites?


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I;m going with the two G's... Goerges and Goffin


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I like your predictions, Murreee!  That would be an interesting year... esp if Maria can finally beat Serena again!


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One of these years I'll really let myself go and write everything I want to... but had to reel myself in this year after 25 pp in Word.

Something I didn't mention at all is the absurdity of Halep being computer #1 having won only one title during the year.  This has never happened before.  Previous lows were last year when Kerber won 3 and ditto Serena in 2009, and in 2008 Jankovic won 4... weird year this year...


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My summary of women's tennis for 2017 and predictions for 2018 are on my blog


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Wow, some amazing repeat performances here!
Congrats to all!

1) 5 4 3 2 1 only for Yoda - but question - does this allocation apply only to those playing TDC, or to non-TDCers as well?
2) UFTR to be tiebreaker
3) split the original points

TennisElbow wrote:

Thanks Ad. I can't be completely objective about it, but I think finishing in the top 5 in all 4 comps on TDC is an achievement that's not going to get repeated too often.

Personally I would be happy to go along with those solutions. I think winning a BIG 5 comp is the ultimate prize and therefore enough reward in itself. POTY should be someone who has excelled across a range of competitions, and the UFTR measures exactly that.

Amazing accomplishment TE!!  Huge congrats!!

Adunar wrote:

I am with you on that one Jamie. I consider you the 2017 POTY.

And you are right, we should establish the rules for good before the start of the next season.

1) i am in favor of giving full points for a tie. If both win, both should get the poins they deserve for that performance.
2) uftr ranking is a nice TB. Then maybe most number of wins among the 'BIG 5 comp' or most number of podiums.

I disagree with the logic of #1.  We are manufacturing an extra point if we do this.  In a tie, the accomplishment is not unique, so I think the points should reflect that by distributing the tied position points equally.  In a tie for second in a comp (like this year's Rey) would we then give a point to the 4th place finisher for finishing 'third'?  Mathematically, this whole method of distribution doesn't make sense to me.


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Wow! Thank you!
I'm really pleased and happy!
And still surprised.  I honestly didn't think this would be possible.

Adunar wrote:

I think the most refular and complete player of the year should be the poty. UFTR is a good measure of that..

I like the sound of this! smile

I favour the averaging method.
I reason that there are 62 points to give out for POTY (26 for Yoda, 9 for each of the other four).  I think that number shouldn't change...

For resolving this tie we could look at:
Number of the Big 5 competitions won (Tono=2, TE=1)
Number of competitions in which POTY points were scored (TE=5, Tono=4)
UTFR ranking
Thoughts anyone?

If using the averaging method, then:

7 + 2 Oz
5 Dwight
3 Tenedab
2 Edu
1 + 2 TE
0 + 2 Dragan
0 + 2 Aiur

Rey (final)
5 - Tono
2 - Tenedab
2 - TE
(because Tenedab and TE tied for 2nd I added points for 2nd and 3rd and then averaged (3+1)/2 = 2)

Padme (final)
5 - Tono
3 - tenedab
1 - TE

Obi Wan (final)
5 - TE
3 - Tono
1 - dwight

Vader (final)
5 - dwight
3 - TE
1 - Tono

Adding this up, the POTY race stands at
14 - Tono (= 0+5+5+3+1)
14 - TE (= 3+2+1+5+3)
11 - dwight (= 5+0+0+1+5)
9 - Oz (= 9+0+0+0+0)
8 - tenedab (= 3+2+3+0+0)
2 - Edu, Aiur, Dragan

Adunar is correct.
It's a tie for Tono and TE.
Using the non-averaging method, TE wins by one point.

There is a good precedent for adding the points available at each position and averaging them (or distributing them equally) to the players in the tie.  It is the method used on the PGA tour when they have ties... both for points and for prize money.

So POTY is TE I believe. 
Huge congrats to TE!!!


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I need to get down on my knees and thank Krajinovic... whoever he is...

Thanks for the congrats, guys... I got a little lucky in the end.


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Harel Levy at the 2000 Cdn Open was a shocker for me


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Damn the curse!! I say!


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Now Cilic loses...
the horror continues.
Isner will win his first 1000 at exactly the right moment to thwart me...


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Agreed Milo.
And by Toni saying he wants Rafa to surpass Federer.... that invites scrutiny.
And really... could Rafa be any more scrutinized? It's not like he's hiding in the shadows.  He's one of the most recognized athletes in the world (not just tennis).  I don't think anything he would do now would make him more scrutinized than he already is.


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The Arvis curse works it's magic... Isner beats Delpo and Nadal withdraws, clearing the path for Isner... ieieie... how is this possible?