Thank You Tono and TE! About time I start wining this competition getting tougher with all the newbies!

Yeah Me!

Arvis wrote:

This one was the big one, being potentially worth almost double what you can get at a 280.  So who did the best?  Adunar, with 4 QFists, including the Winner.  Not the greatest result, but enough for the High Score of 771 points.  BHP finished last with 1 SFist and 3 Zeroes for a total of only 243, 528 points behind the winner.
7 Jedi got the Winner, Pliskova, correct, so it was really avoiding the Zeroes that helped the most.  Adunar, Edu, Snolly, and TE are the only ones to have no more than 1 Zero, with Ad and Edu being the only 2 of that group with the Winner.

Yet another tournament with an abundance of Zeroes and 7 Jedi who had the Winner, Sabalenka.  This seems pretty standard for the WTA so far.
However, because of the abundance of upsets here, those who had the winner really separated themselves from those who didn't.  That was a highly valuable 280 points, considering that the most points acquired from any player not named Sabalenka was only 60. HTS finished with the high score of 371, beating last place TE by 338.

Only Arvis, Spotec, and Edu failed to pick the winner, Goerges, here.  Adunar got the high score of 510, only 2 match wins away from a PT.  Well done, Arnie!  That result put him up 397 points over last place Edu.  Also, Adunar got High Score on 2 of this week's tourney, including the big 470.  Where does that put him in the standings?

Padme Standings
1. Dtrain: 1567
2. Murree: -38
3. Adunar: -185
4. Snolly: -210
5. Arvis: -234

Dtrain finished 2nd in both 280s and 5th in Brisbane.  Great start to the Padme year, D!

Thanks Arvis!


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Merry Christmas Yoda Crew!

dwightcharles wrote:

Very sorry to hear of your loss, Dtrain. 
I hope next year is WAY better for you, both on and off the fantasy-tennis-court!

Thank You Dwight!  Congrats to Edu and the rest of the Yoda Crew!

Congrats to TE and Tenny!

Thanks Adunar!

Thank You TE! Oh L that's awful!

Arvis I already knew how to do that!  I am talking the Padme Standings for example it shows top 5 I am not there or even the top 10 lol!

Thanks Adunar and Drivers!  Adunar can you remind me when the new season starts and when I need to make my brackets and team picks Thanks!

Thanks TE, Tenny, Murreee, and Arvis!  Looking forward competing with you guys and chatting about tennis!  Arvis I thought the new season start around Australian Open!

When does next year tdc start, hoping to do better and be somewhere in the rankings!  Been distracted with the death of my father Vincent R. Orf who died April, 14, 2018 from Congested Heart Failure He was 90.  He is now 91 his birthday is August 23, 1927  I miss him so much.  I had foot surgery on Monday September 24, 2018 my 3 toes on the right foot are curved in and I have a hammer toe on the 2nd toe.  The Surgeon placed a wired rod on my 4th foot too keep it straightened.  Got the stitches out last Monday and on October 29, 2018 will get the wired rod removed,  then I will have to learn how to walk in a shoe again.  I will be uncomfortable but I am fighting to get back to normal.  But I am having fun being on a mini vacation from Work.   Still cannot believe that I am still competing with the Yoda Crew!  Congrats too the newbies Muree and Lexus on a fine season also congrats too Tenny who has been tearing it up along with TE, Drivers, Edu, BHP, Tono, Adunar, Snolly, HTS, Wimby, Arvis, and the rest who I have not mentioned!

Where do I rank in the Padme! I fallen off the map here too!

I still like to know where I rank in Vader! I must have fallen off the Map!

Where do I stand in Padme!

Am I in the top 10 at least in Vader!

Thanks Drivers!


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TY Marco!


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Having problems selecting my teams for the men's and women's US OPEN! Same thing happening just like when I missed Wimbledon!  Everytime I select one player it goes to another.

How do you complete your picks then Tenedab!  For Example I pick Chung but Kyrios is in his spot!

how can I finalized my draws there is nothing at the bottom of the draw to put how many aces or the time of the match to complete my draws!


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TY Adunar!


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Umag bracket has not been fixed!


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ok thanks Drivers let me know when they do update the PDF!


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Hope the Umag bracket will be fixed!