Many hotels (Hiltons, Hampton Inns etc) have computers in the lobby and you can walk in and use it.

Thank you all.

Thank you guys! I don't particularly like the way it has happened but...c'est la vie. It's pretty tight on top, so I expect some back-and-forth in the next few weeks.

You are right. I was looking at the STATS draw.

The middle part is also off from Konta to Svitolina, I guess because Rybarikova is MIA.

I suspect you guys realized that the bottom quarter of TDC WTA draw is off between Venus and VAN UYTVANCK. Needs to be redone.

Milo wrote:

Genius work TE!

Yep, Madrid WTA in particular

Congratulations Jamie! Nice achievement!

TennisElbow wrote:

I couldn't decide between them so I went for both. That's allowed, right?

Lots of things are allowed at 12:30 am

Thanks for the summary, TE. I guess we are in the Sevastova's boat together. Have a nice sailing!

It looks like I picked Ka.Pliskova/ Sasnovich in the Prague draw. I picked her initially but later changed to Kr.Pliskova and then realized that the name hasn't changed. Is it possible to double-check my pick? I guess computer did not recognize it as a change because of the name issue.

When picking Pliskova in Prague either one comes out K.Pliskova and it's not clear which one is picked.

There is a bunch of injuries/WDs in Barcelona. Is this a trend?

Congrats, Milo! Nicely done on both fronts.

Thanks for the vote of confidence... but I also had toxic PCB and Pouille in Monte Carlo.

I hope you are enjoying the action, Adunar. Good luck with Mertens Sunday.

It's been raining in Lugano and they forecast 90-100% rain through Friday. What's up with that Adunar?

Murreee wrote:

Hello - When will WTA Lagano bracket be ready for selection on TDC..???

Sunday. The draw is not out yet.

Thanks Arvis. It ain't over till the fat lady sings in Moscow!

Congratulations to Drivers and Arvis, the top dogs! Well done to both of you but Isner pick stands out!

Tono wrote:

Hopefully not for our sake eh tenedab. wink......although I'm a Delpo fan too. hmm

That's pretty obvious.

Tono wrote:

Great stuff Arvis, thanks.

I took a chance and left Delpo off my Vader team this week, his Miami record isn't flash, he has a tough draw and he has already won two tournaments in a row, that was enough for me to bypass him this time....Go Sock!!! tongue

Yep. This is pretty much my thinking also but we could be wrong.

Venus turned out to be a star.

Nice summaries. Thanks.

Nicely done, Edu!