Great Tsitsipas pick, Dwight!

Thank you guys! Thank you, Tony for the comments and for all the updates!

Yep. I am not ashamed to admit it.

Two qualifiers for the title at Kitzbuhel! I can't believe I did not predict it.

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks TE but it's Snolly who did really great with his #1 team on TDC and 180 points ahead of #2

Answering TB questions is not essential to finalize your draw picks.

Thanks, Arnie!

Does anybody know how to finalize the picks in this format?

Is there a problem with TDC site? Waiting for Tom?

I don't know how much it matters but in Nanchang the name of the qualifier who played yesterday is incorrect. It should be LIANG, En-Shuo and not JIANG, Xinyu.

Congratulations to all the winners! Well done!

Excellent Elias pick, Tony

Either way he is a turkey!

Busta busted in Bastad

Busta basted


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ATP site(non PDF format) and Umag site( harder to find).

You are doing great, Wimbo! Keep going. What about WTA?

Arvis wrote:

Wimbledonut's Eastbourne ATP bracket looks like he just clicked things randomly.

EDIT: Actually, his Antalya bracket has the same feel.  He has Dzumhur winning, whose career grass record is 4-8, with Lorenzi as runner-up, whose career grass record is 6-25.  He's never won more than 1 grass court match in a year.

Coric just won Halle with even worse grass court record.

Arvis wrote:

I think Ol' Tenny was saying that Novak was the favorite pick on TDC as a whole, not that he personally believed that Novak was the favorite.

But who knows?  He certainly is playing like the best player in the draw through his first two matches.

I meant the betting favorite. Djokovic is just the third favorite on TDC.

It was Mayer who won today, not Anderson unfortunately. Congrats to six Mayer pickers. Btw, interestingly nobody in this group picked the favorite Djokovic to win London.

Nice Tomic pick, Arvis, and yours Ebden, Dtrain

Yep. He had a chance today and blew it

Arvis wrote:

Kontaveit out.  I can't remember the last time the most popular winner pick lost in the first round.

All opening round Federer losses, most recent Miami. Memory issues?


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You must be smoking it, Adunar smile