Thanks TE and Tono! It's been a pleasure competing with all YC members. This one looks pretty close particularly with Edu who's been great in the last few months. Looking forward to 2019. Good luck, everybody!

Congrats to Edu, Drivers and others. Well done!

Thanks for the accolades, guys and congrats to Edu! The title of "Queen Padme" is great but I have mixed feelings about the "Queen" part of it smile The Queen Padme was married to Jedi Anakin, so I guess for the time being with Edu we are the WTA rulers. Also worth mentioning that TE was the 2nd overall in WTA teams on TDC and Tono was the 3rd overall in WTA brackets on TDC and many others did well. Congrats to all!

Thank you guys. It's been a pleasure competing with Jedi Masters. It's out this world experience!

Thanks TE. You did great too. Unfortunately for you Pliskova was probably tired.

Sorry for your loss, Dtrain. Good luck with your recovery.

Thanks Arvis. You've done a great job with your weekly summaries. I agree with you, Jamie, we'll see what happens. Now I hope that Pliskova is tired and Halep is injured smile

Great job, Arnie="THE CLEAN-UP CREW"!

Drivers wrote:
tenedab wrote:

There are three WDs in Hong Kong, so they shuffled the draw. Good luck fixing it!

Sounds complex! Will contact the ‘crew’

The clean-up crew?

There are three WDs in Hong Kong, so they shuffled the draw. Good luck fixing it!

You guys are too much! Tashkent looked like a wide open tournament and Gasparyan looked like as good a guess as anybody else. She's been coming back from the injury/ surgeries, her ranking was up to 41 in 2016, she likes this part of the world (won Baku in 2015), so basically a lucky guess.

There is a problem picking specific K.Pliskova if they play each other. It happened once in the past and even though I picked Kristyna it showed up as Karolina. You cannot tell initially since they look the same(K.Pliskova). I don't know if it can be corrected easily, probably not, since Tom is not readily available.

Thanks Arvis! Nice summary! You are right, TE is unfortunately getting closer although I think due to overlap you included some scores from New Haven.

Thanks for all your updates, Arvis, and a very nice Tsitsipas essay, Dwight!

Great Tsitsipas pick, Dwight!

Thank you guys! Thank you, Tony for the comments and for all the updates!

Yep. I am not ashamed to admit it.

Two qualifiers for the title at Kitzbuhel! I can't believe I did not predict it.

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks TE but it's Snolly who did really great with his #1 team on TDC and 180 points ahead of #2

Answering TB questions is not essential to finalize your draw picks.

Thanks, Arnie!

Does anybody know how to finalize the picks in this format?

Is there a problem with TDC site? Waiting for Tom?

I don't know how much it matters but in Nanchang the name of the qualifier who played yesterday is incorrect. It should be LIANG, En-Shuo and not JIANG, Xinyu.