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Great summary as always. Auto correct turned poor Bagnis into Fertile Bathroom. No wonder Domingues won. I guess there is nothing else to Braga about smile

Arvis is heating up! Watch out the rest of the world! Ice is melting in Iceland!

Congrats Dtrain! Excellent picks!

I do fall back in the fall, spring is forward, Tony smile

Thank you, guys! Couldn't have done it without you. It's team work!

Thanks Arvis, even though you are making me nervous with all that control, race and refusal. I should probably take a chill pill smile

Congrats Arvis! Nicely done (both brackets and reviews).

Congrats to Dtrain for nice Djokovic pick and great bracket in Rome. Well done!

Congratulations Dtrain! Well done.

Forget about it! My memory pills kicked in, so I won't forget.

Thanks Arvis. One cannot feel too comfortable no matter what the lead is in this group of tennis-holics.

Thanks Arvis! It looks like you are jinxing me already

Congrats Tony! Well done!


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Thanks Arvis. Hüsler Memoirs are great!


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Thanks Arvis. Brown's drop-shots are amazing.

FBI or FB?

Thanks Arvis and thanks for your confidence in my clay court skills. As with Nadal clay is better for my knees. How could you know that?

Congratulations Arvis! Barty was clearly "THE PICK". You deserved the win.

Congratulations Tony!

Thanks Jenny.

Thanks Tony. IW was pretty close to the end. You are the one who picked correctly three semifinalists, Raonic including. The difference was really the finalist pick, Fed or Nadal.

2019 Indian Wells
#     Username     Points     Matches Won
1     Roger That     670     10
2     gaston     445     9
2     Cloves     445     8
2     wee     445     8
2     DADDY ISSUES     445     8
2     matmermoud     445     8
2     Ace Cream     445     7
2     Aevo     445     7
2     spotec     445     7
2     asa27     445     7
2     Julio_Efe     445     7
2     Adam_Perkins3     445     7
2     Olderdissen40     445     7
2     danielbort     445     7
2     Bigmoose     445     7
2     joneszzz     445     7
2     twdean13     445     7
2     Kan10     445     7
2     Rafa-Vlad     445     7
20     ezimmerman64     415     7

I guess there is a computer glitch on TDC. WTA team standings leader "Roger That" has 670 points but actually only has 335.

Thanks Arvis. It's very nice as well as your great faith in the leadership smile


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Johnny_Incognito wrote:

I looked at my team yesterday and said to myself, "who is going to let me down"? i was right, its the guy pointing at his head to the left. Sad times sad

Congrats! You picked a great team, it's almost perfect!