Thanks Tony and congrats for a clean sweep of the first round in Gstaad.


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Struff became seeded #33 after Coric pulled out


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Thanks Marco. Nicely done!


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Thanks! Great job!

Thanks Edu and Tony. I'll try to keep going but it's really hard with tough competition in this group. Good luck to all of you at Wimbledon.

Congrats to Dennis and Charles! Nicely done!

Thanks. Congrats to Edu and Johnny!


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Congrats Charles!

Congrats johnny_incognito and spotec! Nicely done!

Congrats Drivers and Adunar! Nicely done, Europeans, with some home court advantage!

Congrats Aiur! Nicely done.

Congrats Milo. Excellent bracket!


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Congrats Arvis! Very nice picks!

Congrats BHP and Drivers! You guys are in the zone. Nicely done!

Congrats BHP and Arvis! Very well done!


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Thanks Arvis. Very nice summary!


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Garin had a knee injury in Geneva, withdrew from the doubles, I think.

Tono wrote:

Quick update on the inaugural Han Solo comp before RG hits us.

TennisElbow currently leads with tenedab in second and Tono third, long way to go still though.

I guess you are looking at the race rankings. Adunar is leading in the yearly rankings.

Congrats Dtrain! Nicely done.

Congrats Tony! It's the best preparation for RG. Good luck!

Good point! It ends nicely with the drop shot smile


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Great summary as always. Auto correct turned poor Bagnis into Fertile Bathroom. No wonder Domingues won. I guess there is nothing else to Braga about smile

Arvis is heating up! Watch out the rest of the world! Ice is melting in Iceland!

Congrats Dtrain! Excellent picks!

I do fall back in the fall, spring is forward, Tony smile