Thanks Edu! Great job!


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Thank you all. It's nice to be a part of this competitive group. I really appreciate all your kind words. Congrats to Edu and other 2019 Award Winners!

Thank you guys. I've done pretty well in fantasy tennis on both fronts (GSFT & TDC) this year. Not a Grand Slam but 3 out of 4 on TDC is good enough for me. Tough competition from Jenny in WTA brackets and Jamie/Arnie in ATP teams and also fanofeating in WTA teams( frankly I was waiting for him/her to have a food poisoning smile ). It's going to be a downhill from now on but I used to be a good skier so I should be able to handle it.

Thanks Tony (I somehow missed your post earlier) and Arnie.

Thanks Jenny. No one is unbeatable. We'll see how things unfold in 2020.

Thanks Tony. It's been fun competing with you all. Congrats to Drivers and Adunar for the 2nd and 3rd finish overall!

Congrats Spotec! Nicely done!

Thanks Tony. I should probably stick to tennis, so no home runs for me smile

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Thanks Jenny!

Thanks Tony and congrats for a clean sweep of the first round in Gstaad.


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Struff became seeded #33 after Coric pulled out


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Thanks Marco. Nicely done!


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Thanks! Great job!

Thanks Edu and Tony. I'll try to keep going but it's really hard with tough competition in this group. Good luck to all of you at Wimbledon.

Congrats to Dennis and Charles! Nicely done!

Thanks. Congrats to Edu and Johnny!


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Congrats Charles!

Congrats johnny_incognito and spotec! Nicely done!

Congrats Drivers and Adunar! Nicely done, Europeans, with some home court advantage!

Congrats Aiur! Nicely done.

Congrats Milo. Excellent bracket!


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Congrats Arvis! Very nice picks!

Congrats BHP and Drivers! You guys are in the zone. Nicely done!

Congrats BHP and Arvis! Very well done!