Now is definitely the time for me to mix things up in Vader and Padme.  IW went very poorly for me.

Unbelievably, every single one of us picked Roger to win this in brackets. A glitch is preventing me from seeing what the sitewide picks look like, though.

Most common runner-up pick is Del Potro, with only one person picking Zverev (Snolly).  Most intresting pick is spotec picking Khachanov to make the semis.

Not a lot to report here, as we all went with pretty obvious picks.  Some of the more interesting ones:
- Goerges (HTS, Tono, Arvis)
- Konta (Aiur, Tono, BHP)
- Venus (TE, Adunar, Tenedab)
- Strycova (Dwight, Snolly)
- Vesnina (Tenedab)

Other than those, it's all the 8 most popular picks in here.

Happy to see some love for Petra in our IW brackets.  Both spotec and Drivers picked her to win.  If it had just been spotec, I'd be worried. (jk spotec)

But Halep is the most popular winner pick by a good margin.  And Snolly has Serena as his Winner, which is both insane and distressingly possible.  Interestingly, no one took a shot on Pliskova or Svitolina to get an upset trophy.

Only 5 of us had Tsurenko in Acapulco, with TE coming out #1 with 450 points.  Tono managed less than 100, embarrassingly, but 6 others fell shy of 200.

While Tenedab maintains a tenuous 200+ point grip on the lead here, hard-charging HTS gains yet another ranking spot, now in #2 and threatening for the lead.
Spotec has seen his way out of the basement, back ahead of Dtrain, with Aiur falling into last place.

RBA had been playing so poorly that only 4 people had him and gained his 500 points in Vader.  But it was Murree who got the big win in Dubai, having 3 of the 4 SFists, including Krajinovic, on his team.  This means he broke the 1000 point barrier, finishing with 1025, almost 300 points above 2nd-pace Tono and a whopping 890 over last place Dtrain.

Murree also broke 1000 in Acapulco!  But he fell just 45 points shy of winning that one, with Adunar finishing first with 1070 points.  Last place Snolly suffers another huge deficit, finishing with only 135 here.  These 500s resulted in some BIG point swings in our Vader comp.

Little Sao Paulo did not, however, with only Tono and BHP missing out on Fognini's 250 points.  Dtrain and Edu finished 1st with 490 points there.

This means that Murree flies into the Top 5 all the way to #2!  HTS held him off, with a fairly sturdy 405 point lead, but as we can see, such a lead can be quickly overcome in this comp.
Lexus moves up one spot to #3, Tono down three spots to #5, and Ol' Tenny down to #4.

Another week and another step out of the basement for Adunar, who is now a whopping 5 points ahead of Snolly.  Acapulco was huge for Ad.  If he gains more than 130 points on Dwight in IW, he'll gain yet another ranking spot.  Edu continues to bring up the rear.

In a tournament normally dominated by the likes of Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, Robert Bautista Agut gave us all an Agut Punch by winning it all in Dubai.  This was especially surprising considering the losing streak he was on pre-tourney.  Exactly ZERO of us predicted this win.
However, 4 of us correctly predicted Pouille as runner-up, and consequently those 4 were the Top 4 scorers here, with Sexy Lexy taking the first place position with 33.  That's a full 20 points over last place spotec, who continues to weep and gnash his teeth on a weekly basis.  To put that in perspective, perrenial fantasy doofus Arvis won an entire tournament last week with only 19 total points last week.

It was a different story over on the outdoor hardcourts in Acapulco, with two big favorites JMDP and Big Kev playing in the final.  Many of us would have predicted that were it not for basically all of us having Taro Daniel as Winner.  Either way, the Argentine won, and those of us who picked him as Runner Up beat those of us who did not.  HTS, Marco, and Ol' Tenny all tied for the win with 38 points, 17 above last place Aiur.

And in the smallest tournament of the week, Sao Paulo, Dtrain got the win by correctly predicting 3 of 4 SFists, including Nicolas Jarry, somehow.  Seriously, how the heck?
Anyway, although this was a 250, the point totals were similar to the two 500s, with Dtrain scoring 33 and last place TE scoring 18, a 15 point swing.
Although spotec finally saw some success here, being the only person to correctly predict Fognini as champ, he managed to do that and still not get first place.  How frustrating.

Lexus and Marco tied for Top ATP Scorer this week with 88 points.  This changes nothing in the Overall, with Tenedab and HTS still scrapping for the top spot, only 3 points  separating them.  In the 500s, BHP drops two spots, with TE taking #2 and Sexy Lexy taking #1 with two good performances this week.  And in 250s, Tenny continues to dominate easily.


Only one WTA tournament this week, a shared one in Acapulco, and hardly any correct SFist predictions were to be found among us.  Interestingly, though, our champ Dwight correctly had Voegele as runner-up, which led him to a fairly dominant win, beating 2nd-place Drivers by 6 points for a total of 30.  He gained 18 points on last place Marco, who suffered a mirror-reverse result from his ATP efforts this same week.

Adunar is still in the lead Overall by 10 over 2nd place Edu, with BHP in 3rd.  Adunar also continues to lead the 280s, but just barely, with only 10 points between him and 7th place Tono.

So, just a quick preamble for some tennis news close to my heart before I can get to any summaries of last week:

Sara Errani won the Indian Wells 125k Challenger, only dropping one set along the way.  Which player was the one to win that one set against her?  Claire Liu.

Hopefully this means she's rounding into form!

That's pretty misleading, I have to admit lol

Make sure it's 60 SPF!

There are 24 hours in a day.  You gotta have 60 hour protection.  If the sun fails to go down, you'll be ready.

That coconut scented force field will block out the sun's rays.  And any other rays.  From another sun.  In another galaxy.

Everyone but poor Lexus had Cibbie in Budapest, but nobody had AVU, so not a lot happened here.  Only a mere 59 points separated first (Murree, HTS) from second-to-last (several people).  The top scorers managed 300, while Lexus finished with 62.

It was a completely different story in Dubai, though!  We have two winners, Arvis and Dtrain, both of them only 5 points shy of the 1000 mark!  They were, however, less than 100 over 3rd place TE.  Many had Champ Svitolina on their team, so there wasn't too much of a gap in the standings.  However, this tournament was a big gut-punch for the five who failed to take the Ukrainian winner.  Of those, Snolly did the best but still finished 4 points shy of 400.  Spotec did the worst with 158, rounding out an utterly nightmarish fantasy week for him.

While Tenny and BHP were among the lowest scoring Svitolina pickers, they still did enough to maintain the #1 and #2 spots, respectively.  HTS bumped Tono and Adunar down 1 spot each, taking the #3 position.
Spotec finds himself in last now, with even less points than Dtrain, who has only made 6 teams to spotec's 11.

Tono had the best team in Delray with 305 points, but nobody had the Winner on their teams.  Poor spotec ended Delray with only 20.  And in Marseille, three tied for the lead with 490: Dtrain, Aiur, and HTS.  Last place Arvis only managed 175 with only one SFist.

But a big win for HTS in Rio, breaking 1000!  He finished with 1115 and was a couple wins away from a PT.  Adunar had the best effort of those who didn't have The Schwartz, at 450, with Edu and (critically) Tenedab bringing up the rear with only 270, losing over 800 points to HTS.

While Ol' Tenny was #1 going into the week, he dropped two spots to #3 after his awful showing in Rio.  Now, it's HTS in the #1 spot, with a 300 point lead over Tono!  Lexus (up one spot from last week) and BHP round out our Top 5.  Adunar moved out of last place, putting Edu there instead.

Over in Delray, young Frances Tiafoe got his first ATP singles title, shocking everyone.  Arvis got the bracket win here, somehow, but only with 19 points.  This tournament was SO unpredictable that spotec achieved the ignominious feat of finishing with single-digit points.

Marseille saw Karen Khachanov win his 2nd ATP singles title.  No one predicted that in brackets, of course, but a quintet of us had Pouille as runner-up.  Of those 5, Dtrain got the win by 1 point, with a total of 32.

But in the big 500 tournament, Rio de Janeiro, yet again nobody correctly predicted the winner, with Diego Schwartzman also acquiring his 2nd ATP title and first 500 title.  Marco19 and Arvis shared the win on this one, having The Schwartz as runner-up, but they won with only 36 points.  Sadly, spotec also brought up the rear here as well, ending a miserable week of ATP brackets for him.

Arvis gained the most points last week with 79 total.  This leaves us with Tenny and HTS still leading the Overall, BHP leading in 500s, and Tenny with a pretty huge lead in 250s.


With AVU's big upset over Cibbie in Budapest, a few of us missed out on a big windfall of Winner points.  Still, Drivers managed to break 20 with a 22-point win here, just barely edging out HTS and Dtrain.

However, in Dubai, Edu and TE both got a pretty huge bracket payday, being the only ones to correctly predict Svitolina as champ.  they finished with 48 and 47, respectively, leaving 3rd-place finisher Tenedab in the dust with his measly 31.
To put their scores in perspective, Budapest Champ Drivers finished the week with only 45 points between both of her WTA brackets.

So Edu finishes last week as our Biggest Gainer, with a total of 67 points gained.

That leaves us with Edu taking 2nd place in Overall, with Adunar continuing to lead.  Adunar is also first in both 280 and 470 formats.

Pretty sure that's what Lex was saying

It's not like I'm suddenly going to stop pronouncing it "ee-doo" in my head, anyways

"ee-doo" for me over here

Uh, so, Tono still has PT hopes in Delray.  How the heck?

Also, Snollygoster went completely insane and put Tennys Sandgren on his Rio team, and yet he's the only one with PT hopes left there.

A couple people have lost their Winner picks already, most notably Adunar's Jack Sock pick. tongue

And there were a few that were hit by withdrawals, as well.  Outside of those, RBA and Sasnovich were both picked as winners and are already out.

Ol' Tenny has the right of it.  It's part of the game and we all are on equal footing.

Nicely done, Lex!

Lexus-GF wrote:
Tono wrote:

No it doesn't, your Petra pick in teams has now become a Stosur pick so there is a silver lining for you. wink

And what would happen if I already had Stosur with 8 picks ???

*mind explodes*

Drivers was painfully close to a Perfect Team in Doha last week!  Mertens kinda ruined it for her.  Still, though, she got the win and didn't share it with anyone, reaching a staggering 2040 points!  It was close, though, with Ol' Tenny and HTS both reaching the 2000 point milestone.

Of those who had Petra on their team, Dwight scored the lowest with 1502, almost 200 points ahead of the top non-Petra picker, Tono.  Snolly had a disaster of a tournament, with only 1 SFist and less than 1000 points total.

Ol' Tenny's massive point total saw him leap into the lead here in Padme, just barely bumping former leader BHP down to the #2 spot.  Tenedab actually gained 800 points on him in just this one tournament.  What a huge swing.  Tono also gained some spots and is #3, while Arnie has dropped to #4.
Drivers' winning effort has seen her almost jump into the Top 5.  At #6, she could make waves if she keeps up this good picking.


This week has only just begun, yet we have already seen some big Padme losses in Doha, with Kiki, Aggie, and Sevastova all going out.  Still, 8 of us have PT hopes alive, even though it's very early going.

Interesting picks in Dubai this week.  Thanks to Petra's withdrawal, several of us have Sam Stosur winning this tournament.  Wouldn't that be a wacky result?  Also, 3 poor blokes lost Aggie as a SFist and spotec lost Kiki.

By far the most popular winner pick is Kerber, but there are a couple Svitolinas (TE, Edu), and one Mugu (Ol' Tenny-dab).  Not one person backed Konta to take it, which surprises me.

Over in Budapest, charming home-girl Timea Babos is the favorite, despite her playing a lot of matches.  The field is weak and unpredictable, though, so it makes sense.  Snolly has backed Sasnovich to win, which is a cool pick.  But otherwise the only other winner pick is Cibbie.


Despite his withdrawing in his last match, everyone's still going with The Berd to win Marseille.  There's a few off Pouilles in there (Arnie, Murree, TE), an RBA (Dwight), and even a Wawa (Drivers), but that's it.  Spotec has Maximillian Marterer in the semis, which is cool.

Delray Beach seems pretty straightforward this year, with JMDP being the obvious favorite.  All of his competition has question marks attached.  But that didn't stop Arnie from picking Jack Sock as his winner.  Although Sock is defending champ, he hasn't won a single non-exo match this year, so how Arnie thinks he'll beat Harrison, Isner, Anderson, and Delpo all in a row is a mystery.  Perhaps Arnie has integrated his lovely new wife into his fantasy tennis habit and is letting her make picks?
Besides him, a few people went with Chung or Querrey over JMDP, which makes more sense.  Both of them, though, may not be at 100%.

Dtrain, Arvis, and BHP all had the top team in Rotterdam and broke 1000.  Down in Good Wind, Brazil, Dwight got the win with 405.

However, in New York, Drivers and Lexus won with two Perfect Teams, scoring the maximum 580 points!  Well done!  This effort helped Lexus move into 5th in Vader.

Tenedab, though, did enough last week to keep his spot in the #1 position fairly secure, with a 300 point lead over HTS.  Inexplicably, Adunar continue to bring up the rear, nearly 3000 points behind our leader.

Arvis wrote:

I'm the only one who took Pliskova to win in Doha.  Get ready to eat my dust, losers!

Ha ha ha!  Ha ha.... T_____T