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OK don't like it now, he said to forget about teams, stupid British jerk


I think Ol' Tenny was saying that Novak was the favorite pick on TDC as a whole, not that he personally believed that Novak was the favorite.

But who knows?  He certainly is playing like the best player in the draw through his first two matches.

I *do* love this group. smile

Especially around Slam time when everyone is in Hype Mode!

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Btw, interestingly nobody in this group picked the favorite Djokovic to win London.

Because we're not a bunch of filthy casuals!

OMG, how did I miss that??  I must have thought I was looking at another Mertens pick.  My bad, Dwight.  Nice pick, I like it.

LOL, sorry. sad

Silly tenedab, Federer has never lost

Only Dwight has a possible PT left after Kontaveit's loss.  Nice Bencic pick, Dwight!

Kontaveit out.  I can't remember the last time the most popular winner pick lost in the first round.

Only three people avoided the Kohlschreiber bomb.

In Den Bosh, every single one of us has Vandy, and all but Dwight have Kontaveit.  O___O
I'm not used to that kind of uniformity in Padme.

Over in Nottingham it's a little more varied, but not much.  Quite a lot of losses already, and it's not even the end of the first day.  Lots of us had Giorgi, and Edu even had Kristie Ahn.  Hard to anticipate exactly what manner of Grass Court Crazy we're going to get from tourney to tourney, eh?

A few people took Ivo and lost him in Den Bosh.  BHP and Adunar were brave enough to put Haase on their team!  Will definitely pay off for them now, I would think.
I decided to roll the dice on a qualifier for my third slot, and guess who I got: BERNARD TOMIC!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!  *weeps*

Surprised to see so much belief in Kyrgios here.

Shockingly, NOBODY took Federer to win this!!
Kidding, we all did, of course.  Runner up picks are all divided between Pouille (3), Raonic (7), and Kohlschreiber (6).  That idiot Arvis backed Gojowczyckzykycz to make the semis, so that leaves him with lucky-loser Galovic, whoever that is.

ATP Den Bosch
Most of us took Gasquet, obviously, because Muller hasn't been playing all that well.  However, it's amazing how healthy Muller gets when grass is under his feet.  Other Winner picks:
Mannarino (BHP, Dtrain)
Muller (HTS, Marco)
Tsitsipas (Murree)
Medvedev (TE)

Some pretty clever picks there.  The most unusual pick I could see was Snolly making Seppi his runner-up.

WTA Den Bosch
Less variation in picks here than I would have thought.  Only 4 players make up our Winner picks: Kontaveit (6), Mertens (4), Vandy (4), and Tomljanovic (Spotec).  There's a few other unique picks around but the biggest is probably Arvis picking Flipkens as runner-up.

It's all Barty and Konta here, but a three took Rybarikova to pick up where she left off at Wimby and Lexus backed Osaka.  We've already had some upsets here, with a couple people losing Giorgi.

Aiur won the Men's Bracket here (by quite a bit), being the only player to have Thiem as runner-up.  He's now the front-runner in Grand Slam Total!  Nice job, Aiur!  However, he's still only 13th in Men's Brackets Overall, with Edu continuing in the #1 spot.

On the women's side, Tenedab gets the win by 1 point over TE, and 2 points over Murree and Aiur.  Talk about slim margins!  Just think, TE: if you had believed in Sakkari just a little more, you would have won.
Anyways, Tenedab moves into 5th Overall, and Tono is our #1 in Grand Slam Total, with a 1 point lead over Edu.

Great job everyone!

Good grief.  Has this ever happened before?


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You're the best, Ad!


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My entire women's team is pretty much SCW at this point, it feels like.  And what's funny is that I've only lost one player on it!  But I have Pliskova instead of Sharapova, and no Serena!  My only solace is that Serena and Masha will run into each other sooner rather than later, so that is at least SOMETHING.

Men's team... idk, I'm feeling ok about it.  All green through 2 rounds, which I can't even remember the last time I achieved that.  Goffin gave me a heart attack in the first round.  Also, Khachanov looks like a guaranteed 80 at the least and I have Simon instead, so there's that, but I really can't complain at all.


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A Grand Slam has not officially begun until Arnie makes The Post of Awesomeness.

These are all excellent suggestions. I'll think about it.

So I'm in Canada until the 29th, no access to a PC to make my Yoda teams. Curious if there are any options for me?
If all else fails I might be able to ask to use someone's laptop for 10 minutes.

No Perfect Teams for Madrid now that Sevastova is out.

We all have Rafa winning.  Who else are we gonna pick?

Zverev - 7
Grigor - 4
Kei - Arvis, TE
Goffin - Tono, Spotec
Novak - Dtrain

Yeah, according to me, TE has Halep and Petra as Winner.  That's a neat trick.

Padme is like the one comp I'm actually doing well in (missed 4 tournament and still in 9th) but I may have flushed that right down the toilet with my thrown-together team here.  I mean, Kontaveit?  What?  Sounded good at 12:30am.

I don't even notice when I win because I am so far behind from missing tournaments. tongue