Monte Carlo

Another massive result in Vader, Adunar is the only one to pick the winner, Fognini, for his team and gets himself 1000 cheap points that nobody else gets!  Props also to TE who got 600 points for unseeded Lajovic, which is almost just as incredible.
Adunar finished with 1595 points, 410 above TE in 2nd and a full 1035 over last place Tono.  That's a huge margin!  However, none of these three were in the Top 5 before this tournament, so let's see how things have shaken out after a crazy week in Monaco.

Overall Vader Standings
1. Dtrain: 13110
2. Murree: -265 ↑315  ↑1 rank
3. Dwight: -615 ↓80  ↓1 rank
4. Adunar: -660 NEW
5. Snolly: -695 ↓1 rank
** Tenedab eliminated **

Adunar definitely mae himself extremely relevant in this race with that Fognini pick!  Amazing job, Adunar!  Dtrain and Murree are still comfortably in the 1 and 2 spots, but this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Will they be able to keep up their momentum, or will they run out of picks?  All we know for sure is that this race just got even more interesting.

Monte Carlo
Despite his prescient Medvedev SF pick, it wasn't enough for Spotec to overcome Dtrain's solid bracket.  Dtrain beat Spotec by 1 point here with a total of 56 points.  When you consider that last year's Monte Carlo bracket champ won with 116 points, you get a good sense of how crazy this tournament was.  Honestly, it was kind of a wash.
Dtrain still beat last place Johnny (who's back to his usual self after going Super Saiyan in Houston) by 22 points, though, so there was a bit of margin here.

ATP 1000 Standings
1. Murree: 232 NEW
2. Snolly: -11  ↑4
3. Dtrain: -13 NEW
4T. HTS: -18 ↓2
4T. Dwight: -19 NEW
-- Arvis, Tono eliminated ---

It's still a tight race here, with people jumping on and off the board after every Masters tournament we have.  Dtrain leaps into 3rd with his win, while Murree does enough to maintain his decent lead.
To illustrate how close things still are here, Tono and Drivers are just 1 point behind HTS and Dwight.

ATP Overall Standings
1. TE: 878 ↑5  ↑1 rank
2. Murree: -1 ↓5  ↓1 rank
3. Tono: -8 ↑2
4. Edu: -15 ↑1
5. Dwight: -34 ↑3

And we have a new leader (for now)!  Although Murree did enough to keep his lead after Monte Carlo, this week's ATP brackets have already closed and have points affecting these rankings.  So TE has already gained 4 points on Murree just from today's scores.  These two will be jostling each other here for quite a while, I think!  But Tono isn't too far back, so keep an eye on him.  He's been gaining tiny bits for a couple weeks now.


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It takes a bit of time, but I've got it down to a science now. tongue


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Week 15

Taipei, Taiwan (125)
A huge (and shocking) ranking points payday for Austrian journeyman Dennis "The Other" Novak (25, #122)!  He was the #11 seed here, but his 2019 record coming in was a dismal 2-7, with his most recent match being a straight sets loss to Antoine Hoang.  So for him to come in and utterly dominate this tournament was very surprising indeed.  He only dropped one set in 5 matches, a close TB loss to unseeded Kaichi Uchida (24, #243, japan).  He even dominated talented veteran Sergiy Stakhovsky in the final, 2 and 4.  Even more surprising is that this is Novak's first ever Challenger title and he is now at his highest career ranking.

Barletta, Italy (80)
2019 has been a lucky year for Gianluca Mager (24, #144, Italy)!  Back on page 1 of this thread, in January, he won an indoor hard court tournament in Koblenz, his first ever Challenger title.  Now, he's won this Barletta Challenger on outdoor clay!  Impressive court versatility from the journeyman, who is now at his highest career ranking.  But why do I say he's been "lucky"?  Because in Koblenz he was 1 or 2 points from losing the final in straights and then his opponent fell apart, essentially gifting Mager the title.  And now here, not only did Mager get a W/O in R4, but his opponent in the final, Nikola Milojevic (23, #164, Serbia) retired with injury in the 3rd set, literally gifting Mager the title!  I'm sure there are many Challenger players without titles who are looking at Mager's 2019 campaign with irritation.

Murcia, Spain (80)
For a tournament with relative nobody Pedro Sousa as it's #1 seed, you wouldn't think the final would be a "blockbuster", at least in Challenger terms, would you?  And yet I'd say this one is worthy of the name, as talented Spanish clay courter and former World #72 Roberto Carballes Baena (26, #103) gamely defeated hot young Swede Mikael Ymer (20, #176) in three sets in the final.  Ymer was attempting to get his second title of the year, but instead RCB got his first.  Ymer won the first set of the final 6-2, but then completely lost the plot, winning only two more games for the remainder of the match.
Both players will be ones to watch in qualies over this clay court season.


Istanbul, Turkey (60)
Hey, look!  It's Vitalia Diatchenko (28, #73, Russia) again!  She's been all over the Challenger Chat thread this year and she's won yet another big title, not letting the pressure of being the #1 seed get to her.  This makes three titles in a row for the Russian veteran.  Three!  And her 5th of 2019!  Since losing in QR1 of Miami (to Muchova) she has won her last 15 matches!  Croissy-Beaubourg and Bolton were both indoor, but this one was outdoor, and you'd think the transition might be tricky, especially considering her indoor record this year is 21-2 while her outdoor hard record before this was a dismal 2-3.  But if anything, she played BETTER here than she has in her last two tourney wins!  Diatchenko absolutely slaughtered her competition here, dropping only 12 games the entire tournament and delivering 5 total bagels to her opponents, including one in the final!  The only player she faced here that didn't eat a bagel was Fatma Al-Nabhani (27, #412, Oman) in R1, and she still had a breadstick to eat.
Ankita Raina (26, #180, India) was the runner-up here, looking for her 2nd title of the year.  She did take 4 games off Diatchenko in the 1st set, the most games Diatchenko lost in a set this tourney.  It's time for us to watch out for Diatchenko on the Tour level now.  Unfortunately for her, it's the clay season, so she's getting hot at exactly the wrong time.  Will she be able to keep playing this well on other surfaces?

Calvi, France (25+)
Having already won two W15s this year, Anastasiya Komardina (21, #477, Russia) stormed through this draw unseeded, taking the title with the loss of only one set (to recent W15 champ, Lou Brouleau (23, #699, France)).  This is Komardina's first title at this level in 3 years, having won her two other career W25 titles back in 2016.  Although her ranking is 300 places before what it once was, she's still very young!  Might she get back into the Top 200 soon?
Runner-up here was #6 seed Audrey Albie (24, #316, France) who defeated #1 seed Katie Swan in the QFs.

Sunderland, Great Britain (25)
#1 seed Harriet Dart (22, #134, Britain) and #2 seed Robin Anderson (26, #202, USA) both made the SFs here, and yet both of them lost to the same Qualifier who ended up taking the title; a player who has already won a W15 this year and now, out of nowhere, 6 weeks away from her 31st birthday, has won her HIGHEST level title of her career: Laura-Ioana Paar (30, #383, Romania)!  Part of an army of hyphenated Ioanas from Romania, Paar has never been higher than #280 at any time in her career.  Having now won her biggest title ever at such a relatively old age, could we see Paar make more of a mark this year?  She barely even qualified for this tournament, having to win a super TB against Victoria Muntean (22, #583, France) in QR2 to make it to the main draw.  From there, though, she only dropped 2 sets, one of those in final against Dart.  It certainly seems to indicate future success.  However, despite Paar's 25-5 record in 2019, all 30 of those matches have come on indoor hard courts.  Her career record on clay is quite good, but could the transition mess up her momentum?

Hong Kong (25)
Having already won her first career pro title earlier this year (W25 Altenkirchen), promising Chinese teen phenom Ma Shuyue (19, #266) wins her second just a few weeks later as this tourney's #4 seed.  Although she had some trouble in the QF round, needing to go until 7-5 in the 3rd against Aldila Sutjiadi (23, #607, Indonesia), she kept her cool and won the title.  This is one of several Hong Kong tourneys at this level, and Ma had previously been runner up at one back in January, losing the final to Dasha Lopatetska.

Osaka, Japan (25)
This time we DID get our rare final between the top two seeds, but it still resulted in an upset, with #2 Han Na-Lae (26, #192, South Korea) defeating #1 Wang Xiyu (18, #175, China) in three sets for the title.  This is Han's 9th career title, her 7th at this level.  She hasn't won anything higher than a W25, though, so let's see if she can change that this year!

Obidos, Portugal (25)
So this is an outdoor carpet tournament, according to the ITF website.  Huh.
Anyways, the SFs here were waged between two Georgians and two Spaniards, with the title eventually going to Mariam Bolkvadze (21, #252, Georgia) as she defeated Nuria Parrizas-Diaz (27, #319, Spain) in the final.  Bolkvadze is now at her highest career level and is 9-1 in her last 10 matches, having been runner up in the first Obidos W25 earlier this month.

Tunis, Tunisia (25+)
#7 seed Jacqueline Adina Cristian (20, #328, Romania) gets her first title of 2019 after an impressive run of clay court play!  She qualified for both Sao Paulo and Curitiba and played well, even making the SFs of the latter.  She had direct entry into this thanks to those good results and made the most of it, not dropping a set on the way to her first trophy in 2 years!  Historically she's not even that good on clay, being more of a hard courter.  She was once 1 ranking spot away from making the Top 200.  If she takes this form into a surface she's more comfortable with, could she finally get back there?

Pelham, Alabama, USA (25)
Another #7 seed gets victory here as Barbora Krejcikova (23, #157, Czech) defeats #2 seed former #102 Caroline Dolehide (20, #229, USA) in the final, 4 and 3.  This is Krejcikova's 2nd title in as many weeks and she's now 10-0 on clay for 2019.  She'll be one to watch for if she shows up in qualies somewhere in the next few weeks!

W15 Champs for Week 15
- Park So-Hyun (16, #???, South Korea), made her professional clay court debut this year and now has a clay court W15 title.  Won a 3rd set TB in QFs.  Could Korea have an actual tennis prospect here?
- Magali Kempen (21, #???, Belgium), her 3rd title this year, now up to 23-4 W-L record in 2019.
- Kamilla Rakhimova (17, #632, Russia), 2nd title of 2019 and her career, 17-3 record and now 5-0 on clay.
- Natsumi Kawaguchi (16, #???, Japan), made her professional debut last year, playing and losing only one pro match.  Last week's W15 in Cancun was only the second professional tournament of her life and she won it.  That is... utterly mindblowing.  Now has a career W-L record of 5-1.  Incidentally, she also won the Doubles title here.  Current Junior #16.
- Ana Lantigua de la Nuez (18, #???, Spain), first career title, 43-34 pro record, all on clay.


Where Are Last Week's Champs Now?
- Pablo Andujar was runner-up ATP 250 Marrakech, ending his win streak at 14.  He's now already #86.
- Kamil Majchrzak lost in R3 of Taipei in a 3rd set TB to Tatsuma Ito.
- Krejcikova followed up her Palm Harbor W80 title with the Pelham W25 title (see above).
- Vitalia Diatchenko, as mentioned above, has won three titles in three weeks.
- Olivia Rogowska is currently into QR2 of this week's Dothan W80.
- Danka Kovinic lost in the SFs of Palm Harbor W80 to Nicole Gibbs.
- Jil-Belen Teichmann lost in the SFs of Santa Mergherita di Pula 2 to Kaya Juvan, then lost in R1 of Lugano 280 to Veronika Kudermetova.
- Giulia Gatto-Monticone qualified for Lugano 280, but lost in R1 to Viktoriya Kuzmova.
- Daria Snigur finally ran out of gas and suffered her first loss of 2019, a 2 and 2 drubbing to eventual Osaka champ Han Na-Lae.  Hopefully this loss will benefit her, taking some of the pressure of perfection away.
- Maryna Zanevska retired 1-4 down in the QFs of Obidos 2 W25.
- Katarzyna Kawa lost to Sesil Karatantcheva in the QFs of Pelham W25, but is currently into QR2 of Dothan W80.
- Ipek Soylu lost in R1 of Tunis W25 to Greet Minnen.
- Montserrat Gonzalez lost in R1 of Jackson W25 to Katie Volynets.
- Camilla Scala lost in R1 of Tunis W25 to Varvara Gracheva.

A very "meh" tournament for the Jedi Masters, Dwight managed a decent total 212 points from his Swiatek pick.  Other than that, not much was accomplished here.  Four different Jedi tied for last place with only 62 points.

Only three of us had the winner here: Arvis, Murree, and TE, with Arvis scoring first place with 371 points.  That tally was good for 338 points more than last place Spotec.

Padme Standings
1. Tenedab: 14390
2. Arvis: -287 ↑111
3. Drivers: -988 ↑59
4. Snolly: -1269 ↓109 
5. Dtrain: -1509 NEW
-- BHP eliminated --

Our #5 spot changes yet again, this time with Dtrain taking the position.  But BHP is less than 50 points behind him.
Arvis inched closer to Tenedab yet again, but Ol' Tenny continues to block him. And Drivers finally stemmed the bleeding a bit after a couple poor weeks.

What I believe is a record SEVEN Jedi scored a zero here.  Seven!
Meanwhile, Johnny had 3 of the 4 highest scoring players for a total of 490 points.  Good grief!

Only one player had Paire on his team here, and that was Arvis.  It was enough to get him the win here with 290 points and make last week an Iceland Double in Vader, although Johnny's win was obviously much more impressive.
Snolly came second with two SFists on his team, 70 points behind the winner.  And bringing up the rear here were Aiur, Edu, and BHP, who only managed one match win for 20 points total.

Overall Vader Standings
1. Dtrain: 12430
2. Dwight: -535 ↓130
3. Murree: -580 ↓120
4. Snolly: -695 ↑55  ↑1 rank
5. Tenedab: -850 ↓235  ↓1 rank

Not much happening here, but Dtrain had another good week, furthering himself a bit from his closest competition.  Tenedab has been struggling in this comp the last couple weeks, dropping yet another ranking spot.  He's still 140 above Arvis in 6th place, though.


Johnny won.  By like a million.  With the craziest bracket ever.  It was amazing.  He actually got #1 on the whole dang site.  Johnny, you are amazing!
Johnny scored 43, the next highest was Dtrain with 14.  Just gotta laugh.

This tournament was a bit more normal, with all of us kind of floundering over the unexpected upsets and the margins being small.  Murree won this one with 23, 2 above 2nd place Snolly and 12 above last place Aiur and Tenedab.

ATP 250 Standings
1. TE: 331
2. Tono: -19 ↓3
3. Edu: -23 ↓7  ↓1 rank
4. Drivers: -33 ↓6  ↑1 rank
5. Tenedab: -36 ↓15  ↓1 rank

Despite his amazing Houston bracket, Johnny's late start to 2019 means he is still bringing up the rear in the standings here.  As for the Top 5, the margins were too small among the rest of the group to make much difference, but TE continues his solid play, making his impressive lead here just a touch more impressive than it already was.

ATP Overall Standings
1. Murree: 835
2. TE: -4 ↑2
3. Tono: -10 ↑2
4. Edu: -16 ↓5
5. Dwight: -37 NEW
-- Tenedab eliminated --

Murree managed to just barely get the lead here recently and has done just enough to keep hold of it.
Tenedab was bumped off the Top 5 at the time of this update, but he is currently 1 point behind Dwight, so the #5 spot could easily change even as more Monte Carlo results come in today.



Tenedab impressively predicted Polona Hercog to make the finals here, and that pick got him the win with 24 points.  That's 3 above 2nd place Dwight, who also had a good pick with Swiatek in the SFs.  Tenny's magin of victory over last place Edu and Aiur was 15, which is a decent-sized chunk at this level.

Lots of similar brackets here amongst the Jedi Masters, but none of them especially dominant.  We finished with three winners (Tenny, Adunar, and Drivers) all of whom scored 25.  Edu came next with 24.  Spotec was pretty far back in last, 13 points away from the leaders.  But the next lowest scores were only 8 points behind our winners.
This makes two bracket wins in one week for Tenedab!  How will he fare in our Top 5 lists?

WTA 280 Standings
1. Tenedab: 229  ↑10  ↑1 rank
2. Adunar: 227 ↓10
3. TE: -12 ↓4
4. Tono: -21 ↓5  ↑1 rank
5. Spotec: -26 ↓16  ↓1 rank

Tenny gains 3 ranks here in two weeks to take the #1 spot!  Very impressive, as always!  Meanwhile, poor Spotec has gone from 1st place to 5th in that same span with a few dismal results.

WTA Overall Standings
1T. Adunar: 767 ↓1
1T. Tenedab: 767 BOUNCE BACK
3. Tono: -4 ↓4  ↓1 rank
4. TE: -8 ↓3  ↓1 rank
5. Arvis: -10 ↓2  ↓1 rank
-- Edu eliminated --

Just one week after dropping off the board here, Tenedab storms back so strong he very nearly took the lead away from Arnie!  Those two will have an entire week off this week to enjoy their tie.  Let's see what happens after that.
Arvis somehow managed to stave off Edu and barely stay on life support in the Top 5.

Nice to get some good news in this thread for once! lol


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tenedab wrote:

Thanks Arvis. Brown's drop-shots are amazing.

dwightcharles wrote:

Is it possible to speak of a barrage of drop shots?? two that bounced back to his side...


That one where he was way behind the baseline and running... my goodness.  He's 34 so I don't expect much in the future from him, but if he's playing like this on clay, I have to wonder if he's ready to make some noise on grass this year.

Yes, Dwight, you're doing amazing in those 470s!  You gained a TON of ground on the top spot in Charleston, nice job!  I'll be watching closely to see how you do in Stuttgart. smile

I'm amazed myself that I'm Top 5 Overall this far into the season.  I definitely had some luck go my way, especially in Miami.  But my place is so tenuous.  My brackets this week are starting off just ok, but they still have late round potential for big scoring.  Gotta admit, I'm actually getting nervous!

Incredible point total of 1030 from our two winners here, BHP and Murree!  They had identical teams and shared the win, beating out 3rd place Dtrain (the only other player to have both finalists on his team) by 144.  However, the REAL damage came against poor TE, who continues to slump terrible after such a hot start to the season.  He only managed 142 points here, meaning he lost to the winners by a massive 888.
Neither BHP nor Murree were in our Padme Top 5 before this, perhaps they will be now?

Backing up his great result in Charleston, Dtrain tied for the win here, too, along with Arvis and HTS, all three having identical teams and finishing with a score of 571, only 109 points away from the maximum possible score for this tourney.  They beat 4th place Aiur by 11 and last place BHP and Johnny by 200 even.
Interesting note about Aiur's result: he was the ONLY Jedi who didn't take Azarenka for his team, and if he had taken her he would have had a Perfect Team.

Padme Standings
1. Tenedab: 14163
2. Arvis: -398 ↑21
3. Drivers: -1047 ↓227 
4. Snolly: -1160 ↓177 
5. BHP: -1520 NEW
-- HTS eliminated --

Tenedab continues his comfortable lead, although Arvis is gamely keeping the pressure on.  Tenny is just so hard to catch once he has a lead!
BHP is our newest #5, a spot that has been changing weekly, it seems.  GO BHP!
Drivers has dropped exactly 277 points to Tenedab two weeks in a row now.


We had an absolutely massive win here by Snollygoster!  He was the only one to pick Keys to win the tournament, but the rest of his bracket was pretty solid too, as he finished with an impressive total of 61, 9 points above 2nd place Murree and a staggering 37 above last place TE.  It's rare to see a bracket win THAT dominant.
TE was both our Overall WTA bracket leader and WTA 470 leader coming into this past week.  Could his last place finish here have toppled him from the standings?

3 of our top 5 finishers had Mugu winning, but the margins here are much slimmer, as you would expect.  Tono got the win over Aiur by 3 points, with a 13 point lead over Johnny in last place.  HTS was the only one to predict Vika to the finals and in fact picked her to beat Mugu for the title, but her retirement ruined his big pay day in this competition.

WTA 280 Standings
1T. Adunar: 197
2T. TE: -8 ↓4  ↑1 rank
2T. Tenedab: -8 ↓2  ↑2 ranks
4. Spotec: -10 ↓10  ↓3 ranks
5. Tono: -16 NEW
-- Edu eliminated --

Great job to Adunar doing enough to maintain his slim WTA 280 lead!  He was one of the 3 with Mugu as winner and finished tied for 3rd in Monterrey.  That great result gives him a smidge more breathing room here.  But we've got more 280s happening right now and things can change quickly!  Hang in there, Adunar!

WTA 470 Standings
1. Snolly: 172 ↑37 ↑4 ranks
2. TE: -4 ↓33  ↓1 rank
3. Tono: -10 ↑22  ↑1 rank
4. Dwight: -11 ↑18  ↓1 rank
--- Adunar eliminated ---

TE had SUCH a dominant lead here and I am shocked - SHOCKED, I SAY! - that he lost it all in the span of just one tournament.  It took an incredible effort from Snolly to do it, and things are still very close here, but Snolly really does deserve kudos for managing to overcome such a huge deficit so quickly to take the 1st place spot.
Credit also to HTS for getting right back in the Top 5 again.  He's been bouncing on and off this list all year.

WTA Overall Standings
1. Adunar: 737 ↑5  ↑1 rank
2. Tono: -1 BOUNCE BACK
3. TE: -5 ↓9  ↓2 ranks
4T. Edu: -8 ↑2  ↓1 rank
4T. Arvis: -8 ↑9  ↑1 rank
-- Tenedab eliminated --

TE's reign of terror has ended!  However, he could very easily get himself right back in the Overall lead even just from the two 280s we have this week.
Props to Tono for going from off the board to almost first place!  Huge!  And of course, big congrats to Adunar for taking the #1 spot!
6th place is currently occupied by both Drivers and Tenedab, who are only 2 points behind Edu and Arvis.  However, there is a huge dropoff of nearly 20 points after them, so we actually have 7 of us who could all viably be #1 after this week depending on how things shake out.  Craziness.  I wouldn't expect that many people to be so close in score by April.


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Weeks 13 & 14

Marbella, Spain (80)
The #2 seed defeated the #1 seed here in the final.  You think you'll recognize the names?  Probably: it was Pablo Andujar (33, #70, Spain) defeating Benoit Paire for the title here.  This tournament really was like the Top 2 Seeds Plus Everyone Else, so props to these guys for staying the course and making the final against the rest of the field.  Since I missed last week, you may actually see Andujar's name come up again in this very same post...
One VERY weird note: Andujar's first match here came against Jurgen Melzer.  Yes, THAT Jurgen Melzer.  Is he back?  He's 37 now and hasn't played any singles at all in 2019 until this tournament.  Curious what the story is there. 

Saint-Brieuc, France (80)
Another indoor hard court challenger in France.  So... Gregoire Barrere again?  Ricardas Berankis with another dominant run?  Nope!  But both of those guys lost to the player who did eventually claim the trophy: Poland's hot new kid Kamil Majchrzak (23, #131).  If you recall, this is the same guy who was mentioned before in this thread back in January, and he made noise at the Australian Open when he won the first 2 sets off Kei Nishikori before his conditioning let him down.

Monterrey, Mexico (125)
Alexander "Sasha" Bublik (21, #99, Kazakhstan) really just does not feel like slowing down.  He came into this tourney as the #7 seed, defeated #1 seed Tennys Sandgren in a 3rd set TB in the SFs, then defeated Emilio Gomez in the final 3 and 2.  This is his 2nd title in 4 weeks and he's won 13 of his last 14 matches, with the one loss being a competitive one to Nick Kyrgios in R2 of Miami.  It's his 3rd Challenger title of the year!  Gotta think that Tour titles will be coming for this young gun.

Sophia-Antipolis, France (90)
Quite a lot of high ranking players entered this one, presumably in order to get some clay under their feet.  So who took the title?  #1 seed Herbert?  #2 seed Haase?  Nope, neither of those.  Filip Krajinovic is here as the #5 seed and he's been playing well!  But even he didn't win it, although he was runner up.  The winner was.... German grass-courter Dustin Brown (34, #167)??  What?
I'm not going to type anything more about this, just please please watch this short video to see how "Dreddy" pulled this off:

Alicante, Spain (80)
Known as the "Juan Carlos Ferrero Open", you'd think it would be worth more than 80 points, being named after a guy who once scored 2000 points in a single tournament.
Anyway, he's been mentioned once already, but Pablo Andujar (33, #70, Spain) followed up his win in Marbella with a title run here as well, getting him a 10 match win streak and a 13-2 record on clay for 2019.  He defeated Pedro Martinez Portero (21, #140, Spain) in the final.



Palm Harbor, Florida, USA (80)
Our biggest women's tournament of the two weeks, the local crowd was a match away from being treated to a tournament victory by American Nicole Gibbs (26, #113), who even beat the previous week's Campinas champ (see below) in the SFs.  However, Gibbs' opponent in the final, Barbora Krejcikova (23, #156, Czech) absolutely annihilated her in the final, delivering a bagel and a breadstick and taking the air right out of the tournament.  This is Krejcikova's biggest career title by far and gained her quite a lot of ranking spots.

Croissy-Beaubourg, France (60)
The #1 seed here was a name you'll recognize from her two previous titles reported in this thread: Vitalia Diatchenko (28, #95, Russia).  This makes her 3rd title of 2019 and she won it rather impressively, only being taken to 3 sets twice (by Julie "Ricky" Gervais and Maryna Zanevska) and defeating American journeywoman Robin Anderson (25, #200) in the final, 2 and 3.  And you might be seeing Diatchenko's name come up again in this post...

Canberra, Australia (25)
It was an all Aussie final for the home crowd here.  Priscilla Hon was the #1 seed here and she dominated all the way to final without dropping a set.  However, she was surprised to find that she couldn't handle a fierce onslaught from an unseeded Olivia Rogowska (27, #239, Australia), who was once 2 spots away from being a Top 100 player.  This ends a 2-year long title drought for Rogowska, whose last trophy was in.... Canberra, in 2017.  She really enjoys playing here!

Campinas, Brazil (25)
The winner here is a former Top 50 player who is now at #141 in the world, Danka Kovinic (24, Montenegro).  Although she's had a rough couple of years, this title might be a sign that she's ready to get back to playing Tour level ball.  This is her first title since 2016.

Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy (25)
Because we're obligated to talk about Swiss players every week in this thread, our winner here was Jil-Belen Teichmann (21, #152, Switzerland), the #4 seed of this tournament.  She's a true clay court specialist, winning 2/3rds of all her career matches on the surface, but with an under 50% win record on all others surfaces.
She defeated Slovenian teen Kaja Juvan (18, #160) in the final, but a week later these two who have themselves a little rematch...

Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy (25)
This city hosted two W25s in back to back weeks, with Teichmann and Juvan both playing in this second one.  Those two would meet in the SFs, with Kaja Juvan (18, #160, Slovenia) getting a revenge win in 3 sets.  Juvan would go on to win the title when her opponent in the final, former Top 60 player Alexandra Cadantu (28, Romania, #238), retired with injury 1-6, 0-3 down.

Kofu, Japan (25)
Our 2nd tournament here, this was one of those W25s that kind of just blew up early, with only the #4 and #5 seeds even making it to the QFs, but no further.  Of the four unseeded players in the SFs, Giulia Gatto-Monticone (31, #173, Italy) and Lara Salden (20, #469, Belgium) were the ones to make the Final.  And although Salden had played very well, the disparity in rank became apparent in the final, with the Italian coming through with the loss of only 3 games.  This is GGM's 4th W25 title of her career and she is now at her highest ever ranking.  Not bad at 31 years of age!

Bolton, Great Britain (25)
And here we have Vitalia Diatchenko (28, #95, Russia) again!  Although she had just won a W60, she stayed committed to this W25 and won it without dropping a set.  In fact, she played no TBs and was pushed to a 7-5 set only once, by Maja Chwalinska (17, #323, Poland).  Diatchenko's victim in the final here, who she beat 2 and 2, was a "home favorite" Qualifier, Jodie Anna Burrage (19, #334, Britain).

Kashiwa, Japan (25)
Young Daria Snigur (17, #???, Ukraine) entered this tournament with a 5-0 record in 2019 pro matches, having won a W15 in Week 10.  Surely she couldn't do the same in a W25, with barely any experience under her belt, right?  Well, in the first set of her first match, she got bageled, so that would seem to be the case.  However, she decided after that bagel that she just wasn't going to lose any more sets and yes, she won the entire tournament.  Holy crap!  She is now undefeated in her last four pro tournaments in a row!!
She defeated #1 seed Jang Su-Jeong in R2 and former Top 40 player Rebecca Marino in the final.  This is an extremely legit win.  Big things in store for this kid.

Obidos, Portugal (25)
Showing promise in Croissy-Beaubourg the week before (see above), Maryna Zanevska (25, #242, Belgium) took that momentum into this tournament and won it as the #5 seed.  This is her first title of the year.  Can she get back to knocking on the door of the Top 100, like she did in the past?

Jackson, Mississippi, USA (25)
There weren't many high-ranked players in this one, but despite that we had a final between the #1 seed Katarzyna Kawa (26, #261, Poland) and #2 seed Ann Li (18, #276, USA).  I have a soft spot for Ann Li from her impressive battle against my precious Claire Liu in the 2017 Wimby Juniors final, but unfortunately she wasn't able to get over the line here and get her 2nd career pro title.  Kawa defeated her handily, having literally hundreds more matches of experience on the surface and an almost 60% career win rate on it as well.  This makes the 4th career W25 title for the Pole.

W15 Champs for Weeks 13 & 14
- Ipek Soylu (22, #522, Turkey), former world #151, won a W15 title in both Weeks 13 & 14, first titles since 2015.
- Corinna Dentoni (29, #???, Italy), former world #132, won as a Qualifier, first title since 2015.
- Montserrat Gonzalez (24, #460, Paraguay), 11th career title, #2 Paraguayan behind Veronica Cepede Royg.
- Daria Lodikova (22, #701, Russia), 4th career title, was runner-up in Weeks 11 & 12 (Ls to Vicens Mas & Helgo).
- Seone Mendez (19, #512, Australia), 5th career title, 2nd in a row in 2019 (see Week 12), now 10-1 on clay for the year.
- Camilla Scala (24, #679, Italy), 4th career title, runner up to Victoria Kan in Week 8.
- Nika Radisic (19, #???, Slovenia), 1st career title!  Defeated Yuki Naito (18, #624, Japan, winner in Week 6) in 3rd set TB.


Where Are Week 12's Champs Now?
- Gregoire Barrere lost in Saint-Brieuc to eventual champ Kamil Majchrzak (see above), and then lost in qualies of Marrakech.
- Destanee Aiava qualified for Charleston and then lost 3-0 in R1 to Belinda Bencic.
- Jasmine Paolini lost in QF of Campinas, R1 of Palm Harbor, but now has qualified for WTA 280 Bogota and won her R1 match today.
- Lee Hua Chen retired with injury to eventual champ Katarzyna Kawa in QF of Jackson (see above).
- Seone Mendez won another W15 (see above).
- Clara Tauson handled the transition to clay perfectly, qualifying for WTA 280 Lugano easily, dropping only 9 total games in two Q matches.  Those were Tauson's 11th and 12th pro clay matches of her career.  She is still undefeated outside of Fed Cup this year.  If you get a chance to watch her play this week, please do so!
- Paige Hourigan lost in SFs of a W15 in Week 13, DNP Week 14, currently a win away from qualifying for a W25 this week.
- Mirjam Bjorklund lost in R2 of Obidos W25.


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Apologies all for not getting the Challenger Chat update out this week, been busy at work and pretty distracted.  I'll try to do an extra long one Monday!

I'll never teeeeelllllllll.....  O__O

....I don't have anyone.  That was a lie.  I'm a fraud!!!  T___T

Thanks so much for checking that, Tono!  My mind has been in a total haze the last few weeks.  I've edited my post accordingly.

I have people who report to me about all of you.... >___>


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dwightcharles wrote:

Why do you think Tauson will do better than Lopatetska?

I don't have much concrete to form that conclusion, but Tauson winning a W60 seems to signal that she's playing much better than her ranking right now.  And, as I mentioned, her commitment and work ethic are amazing for one so young.

Dasha, otoh, has won three titles in this year alone, but all W25s.  Not sure how well she would perform at the W60 level.  We'll see.

Thanks, Dwight!  I hope it's as fun for you guys to follow the week-to-week drama as it is for me.

Thank you, Tenny and TE!  As with Bertens last year, I'll be humblebragging about this pick at opportune moments throughout the year.  It'll be nice to have that joy while I continue to fruitlessly chase after both of you in basically every competition.  tongue


Only Tenedab and Arvis had both Finalists on their team here, and although their other selections mostly differed they all lost in the same round.  So they tied for the win, right?  Nope: Arvis chose the wrong Belarussian, with Sabalenka gaining no points, while Azarenka gained some with a first round win.  This means Tenedab won Miami by 25 points!  That may not sound like much but a win is a win, and Tenedab is good at getting them.  He also beat last place Johnny by 1520 points.  I don't even know how to put that in perspective.  For once, though, Johnny isn't alone, as both Edu and TE scored less than 400.  Both of those guys were in the Top 5 coming into Miami, so they're almost certainly gone.  Who will replace them?
(note: the following standings reflect the first few results of Charleston/Monterrey)

Padme Standings
1. Tenedab: 12929
2. Arvis: -419 ↑4  ↑1 rank
3. Drivers: -820 ↓227  ↑1 rank
4. Snolly: -983 BOUNCE BACK
5. HTS: -1600 NEW
-- Edu, TE eliminated --

Tenedab may have had a bad week on the men's side, but he's as perfect as ever on the women's!  Great job Ol' Tenny!  Let's see what he does during the clay court swing, which is a portion of the calendar he traditionally excels at, if I'm not mistaken.
Edu went from 2nd to 8th, while TE went from 5th to 9th.
Props to Snolly for getting right back on the board after slipping in IW.
HTS may not feel great about being 1600 points off the lead, but Top 5 is Top 5.  Nice work so far this year, HTS!


Of the four Jedi who had Isner on their team here, who was the only one who ALSO had Feddy?  Hint: he's named after a train.  DTRAIN gets the win here with 1800 points!  Really nicely done, Dtrain!  He was 250 over 2nd place Murree, who is rounding back into form, and a staggering 1410 over last place Johnny, who got so drunk on his IW success he decided to not use ANY big player picks here.  10 out of 15 of us scored at least 1000 points, with Adunar being the only one without Federer to achieve that.
Dtrain was #4 in Vader after IW, could this win be enough to get him to #1?

Overall Vader Standings
1. Dtrain: 12035 ↑745  ↑3 ranks
2. Dwight: -405 ↓295
3. Murree: -460 ↑90  ↑2 ranks
4. Tenedab: -615 ↓725  ↓3 ranks
5. Snolly: -750 NEW
--- Tono eliminated ---

He's done it, folks!  Dtrain takes the lead in Vader!  The official end of the first hard court swing is over and it's Dtrain who has performed the best in Men's Teams.  Can he keep up his momentum for the clay and grass portions of the calendar?
No sooner had I talked about how steady Tenedab is in Vader than he serves up a dog's breakfast in Miami.  Don't think he's done, though.  Not by a long shot.
Props to Murree for getting back into form here, as well as Snolly for silently sneaking his way onto the leaderboard without any of us noticing.  And of course, well done to Dwight for maintaining his #2 spot amidst all the tumult.


Only one person correctly predicted Federer to win this tournament, and that person was HTS!  So obviously, he won the... wait a minute...  he still came in 2nd to Murree by 7 points???  That's right, Murree's bracket here was so good, he still won pretty easily, with a grand total of 96.  BHP brought up the rear here with only 51, a huge fall off from his 3rd place finish in IW.  Looks like our ATP 1000 standings will be shaken up quite a bit.  Let's see how they look!

ATP 1000 Standings
1. Murree: 184 NEW
2T. Snolly: -15  ↓5  ↑2 ranks
2T. Arvis: -15 NEW
4. HTS: -16 NEW
5. Tono: -19 ↓14  ↓3 ranks
-- Tenedab, BHP, TE eliminated ---

Soooo... after two Masters tourneys, there's Murree, and then there's a bunch of also-rans.  In fact, the 15 point difference here between #1 Murree and #2 Snolly/Arvis is the exact same as the point difference between Snolly/Arvis and 11th-place Johnny.  That's ridiculously huge.
Tenedab, who won Indian Wells, finished 13th here with only 60 points and has dropped all the way to 9th in the rankings.

ATP Overall Standings
1. Murree: 794 ↑45  ↑4 ranks
2. TE: -6 ↓20  ↓1 rank
3. Tono: -8 ↑6  ↓1 rank
4. Edu: -11 ↑7
5. Tenedab: -24 ↓5  ↓2 ranks

That was just ridiculous.  Murree, amazing job!
So dominant was Murree's performance compared to the rest of the Overall Top 5, that ((ERRORS REDACTED)).  Total madness!  How will the clay court season change things for the Jedi Masters?



Just like on the men's side, only one Jedi correctly predicted the winner here, but this time it (barely) resulted in a first place finish.  Arvis was the only one to back Barty to win her first 900/1000 title and she obliged him in impressive fashion!  Arvis had a similar surprise pick with Bertens back in 2018 Cincy, but his other results that year weren't great.  This year Arvis is actually performing surprisingly well.  Can he keep this up for the rest of 2019?  ...probably not.

WTA 1000/900 Standings
1. Arvis: 251 ↑30  ↑2 ranks
2. Tenedab: -27 ↓17  ↑2 ranks
3T. Adunar: -32 ↓31  ↓1 rank
3T. Edu: -32 NEW
5. Tono: -39 ↓40  ↓4 ranks
-- TE eliminated ---

Good grief!  This competition went from the slimmest of margins to a massive jump between first place and the rest of the field!  There will be plenty of chances for Arvis to screw thi- er, I mean for the rest of the Jedi Masters to close the gap during the clay season, though!  With Arvis doing so well here, how do our Overall WTA standings look?  TE has been leading for weeks, let's see if he still is...

WTA Overall Standings
1. TE: 662
2. Adunar: -4 ↑6
3. Edu: -10 BOUNCE BACK
4. Tenedab: -15 ↑20  ↑1 rank
5. Arvis: -17 NEW
-- Drivers, Tono eliminated --

And there he is, folks!  Despite the very "Novakian" Sunshine Swing TE had here, his lead was SO HUGE that it didn't matter.  He's still #1.  His miserable Miami should have cost him the top spot here, but Adunar also underperformed and wasn't able to gain the full 11 points he needed to take the lead.  But this will certainly make Charleston and Monterrey far more interesting than we may have expected back when March began!
Arvis, for his part, will enjoy his 1 week in the Top 5 before someone knocks him back off the leaderboard.

LOL Adunar, let's go with the first one. tongue

Drivers, thank you!  You're always very encouraging, thanks for livening up our group!

Marco, the Barty/Petra matchup was a pure coin flip and I got lucky!  Although Barty had never beaten her, it seemed like she was better against her on faster courts, so it really depended on how slow the new Miami courts were.  I feel like in the old venue, Petra would have won that match.  We'll never know, though.
I know we all hate to admit it, but luck is pretty important in this comp. lol

If there's one thing I seem to do well, it's predicting first time women's champs in hardcourt WTA 1000's that take place directly after another hard court WTA 1000.

It's an extremely specific talent that I am having trouble finding a market for.