Everyone but TE had at least two Zeroes in Quebec here, but TE had a great Heather Watson pick and won that tournament with 231 points.  Things were very different in Hiroshima where Dtrain had 3 SFists and the winner, Hsieh, on his team!  Nicely done, Dtrain!  He finished with a whopping 501 points, a very difficult score to reach in 280s.

Padme Standings
1. Tenedab: 39310
2. TE: -854 ↑279
3. Adunar: -3495 ↑223
4. Edu: -4538 ↑83
5. Drivers: -4667 ↑253

Tenedab picked the right week to have a bad week, when the margins are small.  Still, TE has to be feeling good about these two small tournaments.

TE wins Quebec City with 21 and Snolly wins Hiroshima with 38!  No one performed too well in Quebec, but in Hiroshima Snolly was one of only two players to correctly predict Hsieh Su-Wei to win, leading to his very nice point total.  Well done, Snolly!

To put the two tournaments' score differences in perspective, Spotec finished in last in HIroshima with the same score that TE won Quebec City with it.

The real tragedy of this week, though, is that our former 280 leader, BHP, failed to make brackets for either tournament.  T___T
So our 280 standings will be very different.

280 Standings
1. Drivers: 594 ↑2 ranks!
2. Tono: -2 ↑1
3. TE: -5 ↑9 ↑1 rank
4. Murree: -19 Bumps BHP out of the Top 5
5. Edu: -20 ↑7 ↓1 rank

WTA Overall
1. Tono: 2097
2. Edu: -27 ↑2
3. Adunar: -44
4. TE: -71 ↑4
5. Tenedab: -100 ↓4


Lexus had a great US Open on the women's side and finished with the top Padme score of 3550!  Great Pliskova, Sloane, and Keys picks got him there.  That was a MASSIVE 2500 point gap above last place Aiur who didn't have a single player even in the quarters!  Holy crap!
But how did our Padme Top 5 fare?  Let's find out.

Current Padme Standings
1. Tenedab: 39018
2. TE: -1133 ↓248
3. Adunar: -3718 ↓139
4. Edu: -4621 ↓789
5. Drivers: -4920 ↓789

Wow.  A few weeks ago TE was really close to taking the lead from Ol' Tenny.  But now... it's possible that Tenny's August may have guaranteed him the 2018 Padme championship.  Let's see how September and October play out!


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Ok, I figured.  We're not actually from Iceland, after all.

Literally all of us had both USO finalists so the margins here weren't that huge, but it's still a Slam, so the difference between first and last was still several hundred points. Aiur and Dtrain ended up with the high score of 5360. while poor Drivers finished in last with 4685 thanks to her Tsitsipas pick.

Current Vader Standings
1. Murree: 43220
2. HTS: -1920 ↓125
3. Tenedab: -2360 ↓450
4. BHP: -3305 ↓450
5. Spotec: -3960 ↓215

Really well done, Murree!  I honestly don't know if Murree can be caught.

Aiur Wins the US Open by 1 Point!

Even though he failed to accurately predict the winner, Aiur's bracket was so good he still managed to stave off the competition with a final score of 245 points!  Wow!  That's a margin of 83 over whoever that moron is who ended up in last place.  Aiur was not in the Overall Top 5 before this, but could he be now?  How did our bracket leaders fare?  Also, our 2018 Grand Slam Men's Bracket Comp is now over!  And the winner is...

Men's Grand Slam Final Standings
1. Aiur - 884
2. Dwight - 867
3. HTS - 856
4. Tono - 853
5. Edu - 849

Congrats to our Top 5 finishers!  Aiur's lead was dominant!  Incredibly well done, Aiur!
Dwight also did very well, with a decent 11 point cushion over 3rd, but after that the margins were incredibly slim!  Really just the difference of one or two early picks.

ATP Overall
1. Tenedab: 2339
2. Edu: -5 ↑3
3. HTS: -51 ↓11
4. Tono: -72 ↑12 ↑1 rank
5. Adunar: -82 ↓1 ↓1 rank

Tenedab hangs on!  An entire Slam just went by and Tenny yields only a measly 3 points to Edu!  Amazing.  Tono and Adunar continue to jostle each other.


Lexus Wins a Topsy-Turvy US Open!
With a final score lower than the last place score on the men's side, Lexus is our US Open women's champ!  Nicely done, Lexy!  He squeaked by Tono by 5 points and defeated last place Murree by 58.  So who is our Champion for Women's Slam brackets...?

Women's Grand Slam Final Standings
1. Tono: 684
2. Edu: 669
3. Adunar: 652
4. Drivers: 635
5. Snolly: 631

Congrats to our 2018 Women's Slam Champion, Tono!  And well done to the rest of the Top 5!

WTA Overall
1. Tono: 2062
2. Edu: -29 ↓14
3. Adunar: -44 ↓25
4. TE: -75 ↓18
5. Tenedab: -96 Bumps Drivers out of the Top 5

Tono has really fortified his lead here, well done.  And look, Tenedab gets into the Top 5 of yet another competition!  Who would have thought? lol


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Ha ha!  Well, I guess I contributed?  I can't even remember who I play for...

No Zeroes here, nicely done everyone.

US Open Picks
Kerber - 14 (all but Lexus, Tenedab)
Serena - 13 (all but Spotec, Snolly, Aiur)
Halep - 13 (all but BHP, Lexus, Dwight)
Sloane - 12
Svitolina - 11
Bertens - 10
Petra - 7
Woz - 6
Keys - 6
Meldonium - 4
Pliskova - Tono, Lexus, Snolly
Barty - Dwight, Spotec, Snolly
Mertens - Tenedab, Arvis, Aiur
Mugu - Murray, Aiur
Sabalenka - Spotec, Dtrain
Konta - Dtrain
Goerges - Tono
CarGar - Snolly

US Open Picks
Rafa - ALL (16)
Delpo - ALL
Novak - ALL
Feddy - ALL
Kevin - 13 (all but Lexus, Aiur, Dtrain)
Cilic - 13 (all but HTS, Aiur, Murree)
Wawa - 5
Kei - 5
Zverev - Tenny, Adunar, BHP
Diego - Arvis, Snolly
Goffin - Aiur, Murree
Isner - Spotec, Tono
Tsitsi - Drivers
Thiem - Aiur
Raonic - Dtrain

ATP US Open Winner Picks
Novak - 11
Rafa - 5
Feddy - Lexus, Arvis
Delpo - BHP, Aiur

A couple other things of note:
- Besides the two that picked him to win, nobody has Feddy in the semis.
- BHP has Zverev in the final.
- Drivers has Isner in the semis.
- Arvis has Wawa in the semis.
- Aiur has Kei in the semis.


WTA US Open winner picks
Halep - 14
Kerber - 4
Sloane - Marco, Tono

Massive point total for Lexus in New Haven, being the only one to have both finalists and finishing with 962 points! A huge difference over last place Snolly and Murree, who only managed 158 (less than the guy who only picked four players, LOL).  However, none of these people are Top 5 players in this comp.  How did those guys fare?

1. Tenedab: 35735
2. TE: -885 ↓472
3. Adunar: -3579 ↓393
4. Edu: -3832 ↓339
5. Drivers: -4131 ↓51

Wow, Tenedab gains on everyone.  TE is still within striking distance, especially with the USO starting, but Tenedab showed in New Haven why he's #1.

Nice win for Edu in Winstom-Salem with his prescient Medvedev pick!  Care to share your thinking on that pick, Edu?
Edu gets a nice gain on the rest of the field there, scoring 490, 205 points above 2nd place Murree and a whopping 445 over last place Dwight, whose team had three Zeroes.  Murree's second place finish, though, will see him maintain his Vader lead going into the USO.

1. Murree: 38215
2. HTS: -1795 ↓160
3. Tenedab: -1910 ↓175
4. BHP: -2855 ↓130
5. Spotec: -3745 (no change, prob thanks to USO points)

Murree has gained on the entire Top 5!  Can he be stopped?  I'll be posting his USO Vader team later so you know which players to root against!

So, Edu won Winston Salem, having Medvedev and Johnson in the semis.  How the heck did he know Medvedev would have such a good tournament?  Anyway, he finished with 37 points, a margin of 15 over last place Tono and Tenedab.  Will this affect our standings at all?

1. Tenedab: 797
2. Lexus: -63 ↑10
3. BHP: -71 ↑5
4. Spotec: -75 ↑5
5. Edu: -76 NEW!

The answer is no, of course it didn't make a difference because Tenedab is too far ahead.  He lost ground, but he's got plenty to lose.  Edu's win did get him to the Top 5 here, though, and bumped Drivers off the list by a mere 3 points.

ATP Overall
1. Tenedab: 2339
2. Edu: -8 ↑12
3. HTS: -40 ↓1
4. Adunar: -81 ↑6 ↑1 rank
5. Tono: -84 ↓2 ↓1 rank

Edu is really closing in!  Can he do the impossible and take the lead from Ol' Tenny??  Adunar and Tono trade places once again.  Keep in mind that these scores are factoring in Day 1 of the USO.  However, we're all within a few points of each other there right now, so not much is affected.  How will the entirety of the USO shakes up these standings, though?  Keep an eye on Tenedab and Edu!


Lexus won New Haven ridiculously easily, being the only one to have Sabalenka in the final.  That got him a score of 30, 11 points above second place and 23 above Dtrain in last.  Yikes.  Will that help Lexus get into the Top 5?

1. Tenedab: 284
2. Adunar: -5 ↓2
3. Tono: -6 ↓6 ↓2 ranks
4. HTS: -14 ↓4
5. Edu: -16 ↓3

Nope, Lexus is actually in last place still in the 470s competition among those who have done all 10 tourneys.  Sorry Lexus!  But look who is in first place!  Frickin' Tenedab!  Still, the margins here continue to be very small.

WTA Overall
1. Tono: 1918
2. Edu: -15 ↑5
3. Adunar: -19 ↑7
4. TE: -57 ↓3
5. Drivers: -96 ↑3

Not much movement here with the low scores in New Haven.  But the USO will surely change that!


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A QUICK NOTE: I wrote the following before Halep lost.  Almost everyone has her.

MIKE's got a rock solid men's team, with a lot of the same players most of us will surely have. He Has gone with Wawa as his unseeded, despite playing Grigor in round 1! How many will have that same pick?  On the women's he's gone with Sevastova, which is a sneaky-good pick. She's in a fairly open section (watch out for Little Claire, though!) and has performed very well here, historically.  Novak/Kerber.

SNOLLY has the typical men with Struff as his unseeded. Struff had two ok hard court wins coming in, but is 1-5 at this tourney.  Hard to ignore his insanely easy draw, though.  His women's team is pretty conservative with mostly big names, but there is one notable name missing: Serena. Will that pay off?  Has Delpo as runner up.  Novak/Kerber.

JOHNNY!  Good old Johnny, what has he done this time?  Well, he took Anderson instead of Delpo, which isn't that crazy.  But he put Anderson in the final, which is a bit crazier.  Perhaps he's hoping Rafa will get injured?  He also took an extra unseeded in addition to Wawa: Monfils, who hasn't played tennis in a month and hasn't touched a hard court in 5 months.  On the women's side he messaged me prior and said "My women's team is hilarious". So now that I have looked at it, it looks ok!  Until I get to the bottom.  Riske and Bondarenko?  Well... I guess they're not guaranteed -16s at least.  Feddy/Halep.
UPDATE: Bondarenko lost.  Curious what Johnny was hoping for here.

TE has the Standard Men's Team (SMT) including Wawa.  And even his women's team is about as conservative as it gets.  He has included both of last year's finalists and Vika as unseeded.  Pretty rock solid.  Rafa/Halep.

AIUR has some good picks to set himself apart on the men's side with Chung and Thiem. Not too risky and creative enough to give him a big boost if they land. Chung's draw, in particular, is absolute cake for 3 rounds.  His women's team is somehow more conservative than his men's.  Delpo/Halep.

WIMBY has the SMT but has gotten creative on the women's side.  He's jumped on the Sabalenka train, which is probably really smart, but his unseeded is Makarova.  She's been playing better but has a dangerous 1st round and then Goerges in the second.  But it's this kind of creativity that can pay off.  Rafa/Halep.

MARCO has the SMT but instead of Wawa has gone with Andy Murray.  If he's healthy, wow that could really pay dividends!  But that's a huge "if". Not much to report on his women's team (SWT, if such a thing exists), but he does have Sloane as champ.  Rafa/Sloane.

HTS has gone with Wawa AND Murray!  Nice!  Had to leave Raonic off to do it.  His women's team is solid.  No Keys.  Rafa/Kerber.

DRIVERS not only did the Wawa/Murray combo but eschewed Delpo for Kevin!  She's the first since Johnny to make this move, which doesn't bode well for her.  No holes on her women's team, which looks fantastic.  She did take Bertens as runner-up.  Don't you guys know that I'm off that bandwagon now?  Bertens is a passé pick, y'all. tongue jk jk

OL' TENNY has my original Men's team with Coric, Chung, and Stevie J.  Really smart, solid picking with a flair of creativity to boot.  He's gone with Bouchard as unseeded, too, which is another pick I almost made.  I love that pick and think he'll get some great points from it.  At the very least, not a -16, which is good enough on its own.  Novak/Halep.

DWIGHT has the same men's team as HTS with the Wawa/Murray double plus no Raonic. Also picked Makarova, but more interestingly picked 3 mid-tier players: Serena, Masha, Sabalenka.  A nice sendoff to our 17-32 seeds.  Novak/Halep.

OZ has the SMT but instead of Wawa has Querrey.  When Grigor gives us all a -16, OZ will be laughing.  Another laugh he'll be having is not having Halep, who is fighting for her life as I type this.  However, he has Pliskova, who will probably just give him a -16 anyways.  Has Delpo and Svitolina as runners up.  Novak/Keys.
UPDATE: Halep has indeed lost as you all know by now.  Nice non-pick, OZ!

LEXUS has the SMT but with RBA instead of Raonic.  Also has Bertens in the final.  Completely straightforward solid teams.  Feddy/Halep.

ADUNAR has the SMT except with Murray, and has Sloane and Keys on his women's team.  Very safe picking.  Has Barty, which is a popular pick but not nearly as popular as I was expecting.  Rafa/Halep.

CROSSCOURT has the SMT but with one really huge twist: Zverev instead of Cilic.  Wow!  Look for Zverev to lose no later than the 4th round.  On the women's side he's gone a bit nuts.  No Sloane, Kerber, or Petra, but the players he does have are all good so it's not too risky.  Went with Puig as his unseeded who retired from her last match, but could still be dangerous.  Rafa/Halep.

Guess who DTRAIN left off his team?  Roger freaking Federer.  Gutsy move, but will it pay off?  Has Tsitsipas, which is awesome, and Steve Johnson.  No Wawa.  Does Dtrain hate Swiss people?  Find out tonight at 11.  His women's team is solid, but he's gone with Konta, who has CarGar in the first round, as his unseeded.  Some major risks here.  Rafa/Halep.

CHARLES has two unseeded men: Steve and Medvedev, our two Winstom-Salem finalists.  Steve's draw is very kind, while Daniil's is not.  Let's see what happens there.  No Wawa or Nishikori for him.  On the women's side he's taken... Suarez Navarro?  Hmmm. Yes, she made the final of New Haven and plays well here, but the *manner* in which she made the NH final makes me wonder how well she is actually playing.  Also has Giorgi as Unseeded, whose first round is among the easiest.  Rafa/Halep.

BHP has Cameron Norrie as unseeded.  It's risky, just because he's an unproven commodity, but his draw is wide wide open.  He also has RBA, who you can say all the exact same stuff about here.  On the women's side he's taken Anisimova as Unseeded, which proves he's a dang genius.  Delpo/Halep.

EDU has the SMT and a rock solid women's team, including Petra and Sevastova.  Really excellent picking here.  Novak/Halep.

TONO's done the Wawa/Murray combo with no Raonic and has taken Sloane to defend her title.  Pretty straightforward with just enough twist in there to maybe get himself a YC win?  Novak/Sloane.

SPOTEC has also dissed Feddy! He's gone with Kyrgios.  Also has RBA as well who has no hard court matches under his belt since March.  Mladenovic is his unseeded, which is super risky, but she's got an excellent draw.  Novak/Kerber.

MURREE has Murray (lol) and Kevin, but no Cilic.  Cilic will certainly be a difference making player this year, for better or for worse.  Solid women's team but one of the few who has picked Wozniacki.  Rafa/Kerber.

And that idiot ARVIS has Coric instead of Raonic, like a moron, and freaking ANISIMOVA as Unseeded on the women's side!  Is he stupid???  Also has Mertens (who just dropped the 2nd to Nara). Meh.  Feddy/Halep.

Oh, why did I think Fed only needed Monte Carlo?  Which other one is he missing?

Wow, really nice. O__O


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Probably should mention that in the GQ thread.

Also, nice job!


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LOL, I missed the date on that.  I was like "Oh, I've never seen THIS before."

Just funny that it's on a week with LLs all over the place.


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Wow, nice first post elmander.

Murree, we all play by the same rules, so have to roll with it. smile
Also, sometimes withdrawals are really easy to see coming (Goffin, Halep, Bertens this week, for example), so predicting one is part of the game.  If someone predicts a withdrawal and it happens, it's only right that they have an advantage from it.

That said, Bencic is looking pretty good. tongue

Thanks!  I'll hang my hat on that pick for the rest of the year.

I'll get you, BHP!  If it's the last thing I- oh, I already said this.

Yeah, that happens, sorry.  I could make sure to subtract current points before posting but this already takes too much time. tongue

New Haven picks
CarGar - 13
Konta - 10
Kontaveit - 8
Gavrilova - 8
Sabalenka - 7
Pliskova - 7
Goerges - 5
Cibulkova - 4
Parmentier (orig. Bertens) - 4
Vandeweghe - 4
Sakkari - Tono, BHP, Drivers
Collins - Spotec, Murree
Strycova - Snolly
CSN - Lexus
Aggie - Drivers
Petra - Tenedab
None (lol) - Tono pay more attention next time, bro tongue