Absolute Armageddon in the WTA tournaments.

I think you've earned the right to speak of yourself in the 3rd person, Tono.  Not sure what my excuse is.


4 lose Babos in Moscow, and 3 lose Makarova.  But only HTS lost both.  Ouch.

Only 4 of us avoided the Cirstea Bomb in Luxembourg, though: Edu, Snolly, Murree, and HTS.  Technically, Tenedab did, too, but he had Flipkens instead, so it's the same result.

5 lose Coric in Moscow, including the current Top 4 in Vader: Dwight, TE, HTS, and Tono.  Now's your chance, Adunar!

So we actually have a decent variety of Winners picked in Moscow.  It's mostly shuffled between Kohlschreiber and PCB, but a few (Aiur, Spotec, Tono) picked Rublev to take it all, while Snolly was brave and went with Mannarino, which I think is a good idea, but the guy seems to struggle a bit in finals.
However, we have the issue of Murree: he put 3 Qualifiers plus Ramos in the semis, with Ramos losing.  So his Winner is Yuki Bhambri and his runner-up is Lukas Rosol.  I'm assuming he's having a lark before 2018 starts and he's committed to a whole year.

Over in Antwerp, Goffin is a HUGE favorite with us, with only 6 of us taking a different Winner.  Of those 6, 3 have Kyrgios, 2 have Tsonga, and Murree went with Shaps.
Schwartzman is also popular here, with only 4 of us picking him to lose before the semis.  However, only 1 of us (Arvis) picked him to win his SF match.
Besides Kyrgios/Goffin, Shapovalov is the player to really keep an eye on here.

And it's Dimitrov almost all the way in Stockholm.  Only Murree (Anderson) and Dwight (Delpo) have a different winner.
Despite that similarity, this tournament has some of the more unusual picks for the week.  Arvis has Leo Mayer in the semis, Tenedab has Chung, Dtrain has Sugita, and HTS has friggin' Elias Ymer of all people.  Tenedab has really upped the ante, though, because he not only has Walking Coin Flip Fognini on the other side, but Baghdatis in the finals!  I'm very interested to see where Ol' Tenny finishes in this one.

Now while the majority went with the obvious Sharapova in WTA Moscow, a few of us seem to think that she'll be worn out.  Oddly, though, the second-most popular Winner pick is Coco Vandeweghe, for reasons I don't completely understand.  It's an indoor tournament, but she retired with injury in her last match.  So that leaves 4 of us with completely unique Winner picks: HTS with Kasatkina, TE with Sevastova, Ol' Tenny with Goerges, and Arvis with Gavrilova.  So those are the 6 players to watch here.
A couple of us (including me) got hit bad by the Makarova loss (so much for home cooking), and Snolly had Babos in the semis.

And in our last tournament of the week, Luxembourg, Kerber is a massive favorite, which makes sense.  It's honestly a bit strange to see someone with her history playing this tiny tournament, but that's just the kind of year she's had.  Only 3 people went with a different Winner: Aiur with Kontaveit, Arvis with Buzarnescu, and Murree proves beyond doubt that he's not taking this seriously by picking Bouchard to win it all.
Sorana Cirstea's surprise early loss has impacted almost all of us, so only Snolly, Murree, Edu, and HTS still have all 4 SFists left.

Some pretty impressive point totals achieved in the 3 WTA tournaments last week.  I think Tono might have been the biggest winner of the week, though, with point tallies of 520, 392, and 491, totaling 1403 points for the week.  Drivers and Tenedab both had great weeks too, coming a hundred or so points from that total.

So in a week that started with Tono in 2nd place by 4 points, it ends with Tono in 1st by 295.  It's really coming down to the wire, but Tono has very much helped his case.

So, Thexc ended up with the best Shanghai team last week, breaking 2000 points.  Thexc is at the #10 spot in the Vader rankings, but with 12 fewer teams than most of the rest of the Yoda Crew.  Unbelievable.  Four of us have the ignominious feat of being ranked below Thexc with 12 more teams under our belts: Spotec, Snolly, Tenedab, and myself.  Woof.

Incidentally, current Vader frontrunner Dwight had the second-best team with 1900 points, despite not having Shanghai runner-up Nadal on his team.  That's a further 385 points he gained on his closest competition, TE.

Huge win for Tono in Shanghai: correct winner, runner-up, and both losing Sfists.  This win helps Tono put pressure on current-leader TE for the ATP Overall win, as well as moving him into the #3 spot for R2D2 (ATP 1000).

In Hong Kong, Spotec stole the win from Tenedab thanks to his Pavlyuchenkova runner-up pick.  But nobody did very well here.

In Tianjin, Tono gets another bracket win, beating Adunar, BHP, and Dwight by 4 points, 32 - 28.

And the highest-scoring win of the week goes to HTS in Linz, with 37 points, squeaking past Edu by 1.

Tono now leads the WTA Overall by 11, while HTS has closed the gap on Tenedab for the Jar Jar Dartboard (WTA 280) lead.

Wow, nice!


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*skims Sneaky Rant #88*

Yeah, if Nadal actually is a mutant alien robot with super powers, that would make him even MORE of a GOAT.


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Nadal could retire right now, in the middle of Shanghai, announce that retirement with a fart into a microphone, flip everyone off, and his career will still be considered great by anyone with a working brain.

Wow.  With Delpo's win over Zverev, Drivers and Tono are on their way to having all 4 SFists in Shanghai.  I was crazy confident that Zverev would handle Delpo no problem.

It's apocalyptic in Hong Kong.  Basically everyone's brackets are completely dead.  Current leader Tenedab has Pavs in the semis, but if she makes the final, he'll be nipped by Spotec.

Meanwhile, Murree is having a pretty good tournament in Linz, but it'll all be for naught if Strycova wins.


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Well, Feddy is GOAT 1 (in my book).

Dtrain still on the board for a PT in Linz.

6 Players avoided Vesnina in Hong Kong.

Not a single person has all of their players left in Shanghai.  The few who avoided the Kyrgios bomb all had Pouille and got Fabio'd.

TE still down a player to Dwight, who's currently in first place what a shock.

I wouldn't mind borrowing TE's time machine for more constructive purposes, though.

With Kyrgios (and Shaps) out of Shangahi, only 6 of us have all 4 SFists left in the bracket.

In Linz, Puig is out (unsurprisingly) and Tono also lost his Winner, Kontaveit due to unluckily drawing Buzarnescu in the 1st round.

Vesnina out in Hong Kong, too.  5 of us had her in the semis or better, but only Snolly and Drivers had her in the final.  Losing to Khumkhum is pretty inexcusable, home-field advantage notwithstanding.


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Yeah, but Nadal's still GOAT 2, though.  Slam count, winning percentage and H2H against rivals, unbreakable records, etc, etc.


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Murreee wrote:

United Ferrer Opinion...

Call me a convert!


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Yeah, he's still GOAT 2, though.


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I'm still gonna vote for Ferrer.  Hero.

For the WTA Team results you have a bunch of people who aren't even the Jedi Masters.  I think you accidentally took the general site standings for that one.

Tono, TE, and BHP all lost RBA today in Shanghai.  Not good for TE, whose prospects of creating a legendary comeback win over Dwight just took a huge hit.

In Tianjin Sharapova and Kvitova are the popular picks for Winner, but HTS got brave and went with the adorable Peng Shuai.  Edu is the only one who was victimized by CarGar's withdrawal.

In Hong Kong, there's a little more variety than I would have expected.  Svitolina is the most popular pick, but not overwhelmingly so.  We've also got a few people backing Wozniacki, Venus, and even one for Vesnina (Drivers).

And lastly, in Linz, (which I didn't make a bracket or team for, for some reason) Strycova is the most popular pick.  Only 4 players chose other wins, all different:
Dtrain - Bencic (!?)
Adunar - Rybarikova
Murree - Puig (!?)
Tono - Kontaveit

In Shanghai, everyone but me has either Roger or Rafa picked as winner.  I went with Dimitrov because why the heck not?  What do I have to lose?  I'm 12th in both R2D2 and Overall.

A couple people have different runners-up, though:
Drivers - Delpo
Aiur - Dimitrov
Tenedab - Kyrgios
Arvis & HTS - Zverev

So those will be the key players to keep an eye on.  Del Potro won today, but dropped a set to Basilashvili.  He'll have to raise his game if he's going to get Drivers the win here.