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Why are we talking about this in the Dominic Thiem thread?

(SPOILER: Murree is still winning. By a lot.)

In Basel, Sneaky Spotec had a Federer pick in his pocket and used it with aplomb, scoring a total of 950 points for an easy win with a 400+ margin over everyone.  In Vienna, Arvis of all people had 3 SFists, including both finalists and a tricky Verdasco pick, finishing with a total of over 1000 points (good for first place on the whole site, #humblebrag).  Only he and TE had the winner, Anderson. Both TE and Arvis beat the rest of the field by a minimum of 400+.

Current Vader Standings
1. Murree: 47880
2. HTS: -2260 ↓35
3. Spotec: -2755 ↑565 ↑1 rank
4. Tenedab: -3340 ↓155 ↓1 rank
5. BHP: -3815 Knocks Lexus off the leaderboard

Spotec has gained nearly 1000 points on the leader over the last two weeks!  But it still seems too little too late.
BHP and Lexus are having quite a slap-fight over that #5 spot.  BHP currently leads Lexus by 55 points.

Murree!  You've got over a 2000 point lead going into the final tournament!  A perfect team in Paris would be worth 2680.  The second you reach around 600 points or everyone loses two players, your win is guaranteed!  Fantastic job!

Our ATP 500 bracket comp has wrapped up this past weekend!  Who won our final two tournaments?  Did Edu hang on to his extremely narrow lead in 500s?

Well, in Basel, Edu and BHP tied for the win with 57 points!  Surely that means Edu held his lead.  However, the margins here were very small.  Could Vienna have changed things?
Murree won Vienna in a huge way!  He was the only one to take Kevin Anderson as Winner and he finished with another 57 points.  However, margins were much larger here.  Could Murree have done enough to make an impact on the Top 5?  Could any of our other Top 5 have done enough to dethrone Edu?

FINAL ATP 500 Brackets Standings
1. Edu: 508

2T. HTS: -21
2T. Lexus: -21
4. TE: -30
5. Drivers: -31

Congratulations Edu on yet another major title!  Wow!  How on earth have you done this??  Edu was in the lead in 500s by 2 points going into the week, so he dominated yet again.  What amazing performance under pressure.
Congrats to TE and Drivers for getting on the board in the final week and to HTS and Lexus for managing a tie for second place after an entire year of 500s!

Edu also had the Most Correct Picks in 500s.  Snolly managed Most Incorrect as well as Lowest Percentage.

ATP Overall
1. Edu: 2990
2. HTS: -75 ↓18
3. Tenedab: -89 ↓32 ↓1 rank
4. Adunar: -134 ↓27
5. Tono: -136 ↓21

I don't think there's any way on the planet that Edu can lose.  The margins are just way too high and none of the Top 5 went for any risky picks in Paris.  Maybe if Edu had forgotten to make a Paris bracket he MIGHT have lost, but he didn't.
Well, Edu, I feel comfortable saying the ATP Overall Bracket championship is yours!  It will be official in a couple days!  Incredibly well done this year, Edu!

Dwight, know that wherever you are, I just sent you an e-hug. tongue

Drivers wrote:
TennisElbow wrote:

Also worth mentioning that tenedab was the overall winner of WTA teams on TDC and Edu was the overall winner of WTA brackets on TDC, so it wasn't just us they beat, they beat everybody!

That is truely impressive. I wonder if success against the entire field could be an added feature of POTY....

HOLY CRAP!  Amazing!

Can you believe our Padme season is over?  We started back in January and here we are!  Who put together the best teams of ladies over that span?  Could TE have possibly jumped ahead of Tenedab in the very last moments?
Well, considering Tenny tied with Edu and Adunar for the win in Luxembourg, it's not likely.  But what about Moscow, which was worth more points?  Tono got the win there with an impressive total of 941, but Tenedab did hold off TE here, too, by 99 points.  That can only mean one thing...

FINAL 2018 Padme Standings
1. Tenedab: 44040

2. TE: -569
3. Adunar: -2802
4. Drivers: -3157
5. Edu: -4609

Congratulations Tenedab!  You'll be our Queen Padme for 2019, very nicely done!  We're all looking forward to trying to beat Tenny and the rest of the Top 5 next year.

Some really impressive point totals in last week's 250s.  Every single one of the winners broke 400.  Dwight won Moscow with 450, Tono won Antwerp with 490, and Edu, Dtrain, and Drivers tied for the win in Stockholm with another 450.

Current Vader Standings
1. Murree: 46910
2. HTS: -2225 ↑370
3. Tenedab: -3185 ↑230
4. Spotec: -3320 ↑325
5. Lexus: -3635 Knocks BHP off the leaderboard

Everyone gained on our dominant Vader leader, but not by a lot.  Is it possible that anyone could make up multiple thousands of points over the final 3 tournaments?

Our FINAL three ATP tournaments last week!  How did we all fare? Did anyone do well enough to challenge Tenedab for the 250 title?
Moscow was taken by Murree with 37 points, an excellent total.  In Antwerp, Snolly and HTS tied for the win.  Snolly was dominating, but with Edmund's championship there, HTS jumped up to the top with him.  And in Stockholm, Dwight squeaked by Edu at the last moment thanks to Tsitsipas' win.   

Final 250 Standings
1. Tenedab: 939
2. Edu: -34
3. Lexus: -46
4. BHP: -48
5. Spotec: -52

Congratulations to Tenedab, our 2019 ATP 250 Bracket Champion!
And congrats to the rest of the top 5 on an excellent picking year.

In case anyone is curious, across all 250 tournaments for the year, Tenedab correctly predicted 571 match results, far exceeding anyone, including Edu who had the second most correct picks with 550.  But, perhaps more interestingly, who has the dubious distinction of having the most incorrect picks in 250s for 2018?  Surely it must be Arvis with his woeful and unorthodox picking?  Well, joke's on you, I missed a bunch of tournaments!  Ha!  So who was it?  Who got more 250 matches wrong than anyone else for the year?
That would be Tono, with 603 incorrect predictions!  That's 9 more than TE and 11 more than Adunar. I should probably mention, though, that he was within 0.2% of having a higher pick percentage than Arvis. tongue

ATP Overall
1. Edu: 2887
2T. Tenedab: -57 ↓14
2T. HTS: -57 ↑1 ↑1 rank? Sort of?
5. Adunar: -107 ↓11
4. Tono: -115 ↓10

Edu is dominating now, but we have two 500s and a 1000 left, so this competition is not over yet!


And our WTA Season wrapped up last week.  What an amazing year of fantasy tennis it has been.  Great job to all of you who finished on the leaderboard for 2018!
In our final 470, Moscow, TE won with 46 points.  And in the final 280, Luxembourg, Tenedab squeaked by Adunar by 1 point, winning with a total of 32.  Let's see how our final 280, 470, and Overall standings look!

Final 280 Standings
1. Drivers: 770
2. Tono: -25
3. Edu: -29
3. TE: -38
5. Lexus: -45

Well done, Drivers!  What an unbelievable late-season surge you had to take this title!  That was so impressive and even fun to follow!
Who finished with the most Correct Picks?  Guess who: Tenedab!  In fact, Tenedab has the distinction of being the only one of us to finish the 280 year with a Correct Pick percentage higher than 50%.  He had 481 correct and 480 incorrect. lol
HTS finished with the most Incorrect Picks and Arvis finished with the lowest %.

Final 470 Standings
1. Tenedab: 365
2. Tono: -40
3. TE: -41
4. BHP: -42
5. Edu: -45

Well done to our most consistent picker, Tenedab!  You basically dominated this category, bro.  Well done!  As for the other Top 5, those margins are hilarious.  Did you guys do that on purpose?  If I were Tono I would lord that 1 point over TE all year.
Most Correct Picks here goes to (SHOCK!) Tenedab, with 194 correct!  Just like with the 280s, he is the only one to finish with a pick percentage about 50%.  Most Incorrect goes to Murree and lowest percentage once more goes to Arvis.

Final WTA Overall Standings!

1. Edu: 2370
2. Tono: -7
3. TE: -42
4. Tenedab: -46
5. Adunar: -50

The 2018 WTA Bracket Champion: Edu Anackin!!
Edu, along with Tono, TE, Tenedab and Adunar set the pace for us in WTA brackets and they'll be the ones to beat in 2019.
Edu did so well here that he actually has Most Correct Picks as well, beating Tenedab by 6 picks.  And although we all struggled in 280s and 470s, Overall most of us were over 50%.  Dwight finished with the lowest Overall pick percentage and HTS finished with the Most Incorrect Picks.

Lastly, because I didn't report it previously:

Most Correct Picks
1000/900 - Edu
Grand Slams - Edu

Most Incorrect Picks & Lowest Pick Percentage
1000/900 - BHP
Grand Slams - Dtrain

Really well done, Tenedab!

Dtrain!  Oh no!  sad
That really really sucks that happened, but the whole Yoda Crew is so happy that you kept coming here and competing with us.  It's great having you.

I'm pretty sure the new tennis season starts on the last couple days of December. I often get too distracted with football to remember then start handicapped.  NEVER AGAIN!

Thanks, guys!

Dtrain, you can check your ranking yourself over on the site.  Just go Groups -> My Groups -> Jedi Masters -> WTA Teams -> Overall.

Some excellent point totals in Hong Kong, with 7 of us getting over 400 points and last place Tono still managing a respectable 242.  TE, Drivers, and HTS all tied for the win with 460.
In Tianjin, TE made another huge effort and got the win alone with another 460 points!  Could he have made up some ground on Tenedab this week?
In Linz, something possessed Murree to pick Giorgi and boy did it work out.  He won with 312 points, while 2nd place HTS only had 151 and last place Dtrain only 33!

And now it's time to see the standings!  Could TE have taken the lead with his impressive wins??

Padme Standings
1. Tenedab: 42788
2. TE: -440 ↑178
3. Adunar: -2698 ↓135
4. Drivers: -3127 ↓22
5. Edu: -4568 ↑25

It seems to be too little too late for TE.  What I didn't mention in my report on the three tournaments last week is that, although he didn't win any of them, Tenny finished strong in all 3.  Could that have been enough to seal the win for him?  Not necessarily!  Moscow is actually worth quite a lot!  However, TE and Tenny have almost identical Moscow teams!  So it will all come down to one player: Karolina Piskova.  TE has her, Tenedab does not.  Tenny has Pavyluchenkova.  If she loses early and Pliskova wins the tournament, that alone could get TE the win.  However, that is discounting what happens in Luxembourg.  Over there, Tenny has Gasparyan and TE has CSN.  That could be a deciding factor as well.  These final tournaments are going to be really exciting!

An excellent win in Shanghai for Snollygoster!  Both he and Adunar broke the 2000 point mark with some amazing picks!  Neither Murree nor HTS had Djokovic, but it's unlikely to matter in the overall.  Not many points left to be had this year.

Current Vader Standings
1. Murree: 46175
2. HTS: -2595 ↓40
3. Tenedab: -3415 ↓395
4. Spotec: -3645 ↑560 ↑1 rank
5. BHP: -3930 ↓300? ↓1 rank

Has this competition reached its conclusion prematurely?  Something crazy would need to happen in Paris for Murree to lose now.

Drivers wins again!  What an amazing post Slam season she's been having!  She beat Adunar by 1 point for the win in Shanghai, totaling 105 points.

R2D2 Crown (ATP 1000) - Edu Hangs On!
1. Edu: 725
2. Dwight: -10 ↓8
3. Adunar: -17 ↑4
4. Drivers: -28 ↑5 ↑1 rank
5. HTS: -33 ↑4 ↓1 rank

Going into this tournament, Dwight was 2 points from taking the ATP 1000 lead from Edu, but Edu held him off in fine fashion!  What will happen in Paris?  Can Edu hang on?

ATP Overall
1. Edu: 2808
2. Tenedab: -43 ↓25
3. HTS: -58 ↓4
5. Adunar: -96 ↑2
4. Tono: -105 ↓14

Wow.  Can Edu be stopped??


We had THREE WTA280s last week!  So a lot could potentially happen!  And who were our winners?
Edu and Tenedab won Hong Kong with 35 points!  Nobody expected Yastremska to win, but a few of us had at least one finalist correct.
In Tianjin, Snollygoster had a pretty impressive win with 47 points!  One of only 3 to have Garcia as champ.
And Linz was a complete disaster, but Spotec still managed 22 points to get the win.  How will this affect our leaderboard?

280 Standings
1. Drivers: 746
2. Tono: -26 ↑1 ↑1 rank
3. Edu: -30 ↑1 ↑1 rank
3. TE: -33 ↓11 ↓2 ranks
5. Lexus: -43 ↓11

There's so much going on here!  And there's only one 280 tournament left!  Drivers is BY FAR the favorite for this title now, as making up over 20+ points on her in one tournament is next to impossible (especially since both she and Tono have Goerges in the final in Luxembourg).  Hang in there, Drivers!  The finish line is in sight!  Nicely done!

WTA Overall
1. Edu: 2325
2. Tono: -13 ↓2
3. Adunar: -51 ↓6
4. TE: -62 ↓13
5. Drivers: -67 ↓4

Oh boy.  Edu has done it again.  He's put himself in perfect position to win this prestigious crown!  Tono still has his fingernails on it, though!  Can Tono somehow gain 14 points on Edu in Moscow and Luxembourg and steal this title away??  GAH THIS IS SO EXCITING!

The three people who had Wozniacki in Beijing (Drivers, Adunar, and Dtrain) just put a massive, massive bomb on the rest of the field!  The only player who didn't have Wozniacki who avoided getting his face exploded was BHP, tanks to his Sevastova, Osaka, and Wang picks.  Everyone else lost to our Wozniacki picks by at least 900.  Who got the lowest score of all, you ask?  Tenedab, with only 485!  Shows how topsy-turvy this tournament truly was.  Will Tenny's Padme lead be in danger?

Padme Standings
1. Tenedab: 41961
2. TE: -618 ↓26
3. Adunar: -2563 ↑1084
4. Drivers: -3105 ↑1179
5. Edu: -4593 ↑270

Even though Tenny had the lowest score, TE had the second-lowest. lol
With all the highest-value tournament done for the year, it's pretty safe to say that Adunar's chances for a comeback are done, despite his huge gain.  This was TE's golden opportunity to land a knockout punch and he whiffed.  Still, the competition between him and Tenny is not over yet!

In Tokyo, Edu won with 770 points, being the only one to have Medvedev on his team.  Really nice, Edu!  However, that achievement was overshadowed by Murree in Beijing, who was the only one to have both finalists and managed a score of over 1000!  How does Murree do it week after week, folks??

Current Vader Standings
1. Murree: 45360
2. HTS: -2550 ↓845
3. Tenedab: -3020 ↓500
4. BHP: -360 ↓375
5. Spotec: -4205 ↓345

Incredible.  I think that may seal Murree as our Vader champion for 2018, everyone!  Wow!  Who would have thought that Basilashvili would have been his final body blow to defeat us all?  HTS fought gamely but it's very unlikely that he will recover from this week.

Tenedab and Lexus are our winners for Tokyo and Beijing, respectively!  Nice job, guys.  The two tournaments were pretty similar: the majority had the runner-up correct, but not the finalist.  This led to fairly small margins.

1. Edu: 407
2. HTS: -2 ↑3
3. Tenny: -5 ↑3
4. Lexus: -13 ↑7
5. Tono: -15 ↓7

Edu hangs on to yet another lead by a thread!  What a year he is having.  Vienna and Basel, in a few weeks, will mark the end of this competition.  Can Edu hang on for the win?

ATP Overall
1. Edu: 2712
2. Tenedab: -18 ↑6
3. HTS: -54 ↑4
4. Tono: -91 ↓1
5. Adunar: -98 ↑5

Uh oh. Is Tenny getting in position to make his move?


Well, Wozniacki finally got healthy and won Beijing for a huge chunk of ranking points.  But nobody here predicted that so scores were lower than you would think for a tournament of this caliber.  Still, Drivers got the win with 63, which is a pretty good score!  Nice job, Drivers!

FINAL 1000/900 Standings
1. TE: 645
2. Edu: -5
3. Adunar: -14
4. Tenedab: -28
5. Drivers: -29

Congrats to our 2018 WTA 1000/900 Bracket Champion, Tennis Elbow!  Edu came close in his attempt to win every possible thing in the world, but TE just barely hung on!  Well done!  Congrats also to Drivers who managed to bump Tono off the leaderboard in the last tournament.

WTA Overall
1. Edu: 2253
2. Tono: -11 ↓10
3. Adunar: -45 ↑3 ↑1 rank
4. TE: -49 ↓13 ↓1 rank
5. Drivers: -63 ↑5

Edu gains yet more separation. But Tono can still turn this late-season slump around!  Tenedab shockingly falls off the leaderboard in the face of Drivers' onslaught!

Hey!  It might obscure and pointless but it's cool to know I did well somewhere!

I guess luck is part of the competition after all

Let's ask Spotec, since he also had her.

*grabs microphone*

Excuse me, Mr. Spotec?  Would you mind telling us what might have prompted you and Tenny to pick Gasparyan?

Wuhan may have been a dud in brackets, but in teams some points were certainly won!  Only Dwight picked Sabalenka and was rewarded hugely with a final score of over 1000!  Compare that to poor BHPs last place haul of only 111 and you see what a massive score that really is.  Arvis, also, got a decent chunk of points from being the only one to have runner-up Kontaveit.  But neither Dwight nor Arvis matter at all because they're not in the Top 5! 
And in Tashkent, nobody would have been UTTERLY INSANE enough to randomly put Gasparyan on their team, so not much hap- *sees Tenedab's team* ..................ok, so Tenedab had Gasparyan.  How?  HOW???  *sigh*
So he scored nearly 500 in a tournament where nobody else (except Spotec) did anything at all.  Ol' Tenny never fails to impress.

Padme Standings
1. Tenedab: 41579
2. TE: -592 ↓109
3. Adunar: -3647 ↓65
4. Drivers: -4284 ↓7
5. Edu: -4863 ↓123

The above numbers *do* reflect a couple matches in Beijing, but either way Tenedab has shown his determination to hang on to his #1 spot here.

These 250s last week were all over the place, so not a ton of scoring, but still a little.  We had FOUR winners tied for the win in Chengdu with 240 points, but in Shenzhen it was Aiur alone with 200 thanks to his Verdasco pick.

Current Vader Standings
1. Murree: 43850
2. HTS: -1705 ↑260
3. Tenedab: -2520 ↓65
4. BHP: -3305 ↓5
5. Spotec: -3860 ↑195

HTS gained a pretty nice chunk on our leader, Murree!  But is it too little, too late?  We have two 1000s left to go, so perhaps not!
Tragically, the 5 points BHP gained last week he lost this week.  T___T

A couple more 250s this week on the ATP side!  How'd we all do?  Considering that they were both won by Qualifiers, I'm going to go ahead and spoil it and say: we all did crap.  Despite, that, though, some of us did less crap; specifically, Edu with 28 points in Chengdu and Aiur with 21 in Shenzhen.  Nice wins, guys!

1. Tenedab: 874
2. Edu: -48 ↑13 ↑2 ranks!
3. Lexus: -54 ↓1 rank
4. BHP: -55 ↑3 ↓1 rank
5. Spotec: -65 ↑6

Wow, Edu has really come on strong in these post-USO 250s.  Nicely done, Edu!  Lexus held his ground in his battle against Tenedab, but let's not pretend we don't all notice BHP inching his way forward bit by bit.  Pretty sneaky, BHP.

ATP Overall
1. Edu: 2654
2. Tenedab: -24 ↓14
3. HTS: -58 ↓6
4. Tono: -90 ↓12
5. Adunar: -103 ↓8

Edu gains on everybody!  After just snagging the #1 spot last week, Edu comes through to defend it in a big way!


Wuhan was a huge tournament but it's more of the same in the WTA as the big seeds just fail and fail and fail.  We have many Sabalenka believers here, but none of them thought she'd keep playing well enough to win.  But win she did!  Makes you wonder if she'll dominate 2019 or have a huge letdown.  Either way, TE did enough in his bracket to manage a paltry 41 points and get the win.
Over in Tashkent, Tenedab backed Gasparyan, seemingly out of nowhere, and was rewarded handsomely in that way that only Tenedab seems privileged to be.  He managed 27, which was a full 8 points above 2nd place, making him the only one to even get above 20 here.

280 Standings
1. Drivers: 671
2. TE: -22 ↓1 ↑1 rank
3. Tono: -27 ↓6
4. Edu: -31 ↓5
5. Lexus: -32 ↑1

Congrats to Drivers for (basically) gaining on everyone and maintaining her impressive form in 280s!

1000/900 Standings
1. TE: 565
2. Edu: -19 ↓11
3. Adunar: -32 ↓19
4. Tenedab: -34 ↓10 ↑1 rank
5. Tono: -38 ↓10 ↓1 rank

TE may have gotten a "paltry" score in Wuhan, but it was more than enough to solidify his lead here.  Our FINAL WTA 1000/900 tournament, Beijing, has begun!  Will TE do enough to hang on??  His Winner pick, Kerber, is still in the tournament, and so is his runner-up. Although his closest competitor, Edu, is currently ahead of him, he's lost his runner-up.  It's going to come down to the wire here!

WTA Overall
1. Edu: 2213
2. Tono: -1 ↓3
3. TE: -36 ↑17
4. Adunar: -48 ↑2
5. Tenedab & Drivers: -68  (wow)

Edu's done it!  He currently holds the #1 spot in both ATP and WTA Overall brackets!  Incredible!  Even if he doesn't hold on here (it's just a 1 point lead and Beijing is happening right now, lol) this is still an impressive achievement.  Congratulations, Edu!

Spotec achieves a Padme PT in Seoul!