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Welp, I legitimately had no idea the US Open was coming up. Too busy trying to follow the Messi transfer rumors. Oh well. Good luck to everyone.


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I have family in Italy. They aren't in the northern part of the country, which is being hit the hardest right now, but they have friends up there. They say the situation is dire. They're flat out refusing to treat some people because they're so overwhelmed. There's talk of potentially refusing to treat anyone over the age of 60 if things keep going the way they are. Keep in mind, Italy's health care is consistently ranked in the top 5 whenever those lists are made, while ours is ranked as the worst of all the "developed" countries. Yes, it's awful having no sports, not being able to go out to a bar/club or the movies, etc., but I don't mind giving those things up if it means not catching this thing. I'm one of those people in the higher risk category because I have asthma, so things could potentially be very problematic for me if I were to catch it.


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Figured I would make a topic on this to see how this virus is effecting everyone, since we have people from a bunch of countries on here. It's been pretty surreal here in the US, well my part of it, anyway. All sports have been suspended or cancelled, there's travel restrictions, some businesses are temporarily closing down, etc. My state even closed down all of the liquor stores, which are run by the state. I bought about $150 worth of vodka and whiskey because I have no idea when they'll open up again, and I rarely, if ever, buy beer. By far the worst thing going on that I've personally witnessed is people panic buying certain items. Meats, canned foods, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves, disposable masks, even toilet paper are being cleaned out of every store, from tiny corner stores to Walmart. It's crazy.

Anyway, everyone be safe and hopefully this thing runs its course sooner rather than later.


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Tono wrote:


This one is very odd, Tony. The usual bot spammers just spam whatever they're trying to sell repeatedly. It seems like this is an actual person who took the time to put on a Rafa avatar, and is actually typing out all this gibberish in the different topics. Sad stuff.


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Tono wrote:
TennisElbow wrote:
Tono wrote:

Seems that ROW need a secret training camp eh Jamie. wink

Could you organise something on Tatooine, Tono ? wink

I'll do my best Jamie, that's a fairly remote spot. wink

Tosche Station would be the perfect meeting place.


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There's my contribution for the year.

Muchas gracias.


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Yes to Tono being in a good mood, no to the other two.


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Snollygoster wrote:

Thought I might have been the only one to lash out and take a chance on Andreescu, good to see Tenedab also has some confidence in her.

It was a VERY tough choice between her and Halep for me. If she were in any other section of the draw, I would've easily taken her. I like her game a lot.


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I thought Berdych had a good draw and maybe there was enough left in the tank for one more run at a 'Slam. I was completely wrong. I was going to take Kyrgios with that pick, but he's burned me so many times before, so I didn't. Other than that, the only question for my men's team was Thiem or Nishikori. I really struggled with that one, but I went with Thiem.

The women's team was an absolute nightmare to pick. I must've spent an hour and a half on it, and even as I look at now, I'm still not sure about most of the picks. There are so many Grand Slam winners with low seeds who could get hot at any second or continue to stay cold. Who knows?

njcraw wrote:

Will Barty be consistent now that she's reached the top?

I hope so, but I doubt it.


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I meant to have Halep instead of Bertens. I guess I didn't double check it. Oh well.


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I wasn't aware he was planning on playing at Roland Garros. I think that's definitely a sign this is his last competitive year on tour, barring some kind of miracle where he wins another 'Slam.


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Sorry for missing the Aussie Open festivities. It's been a hectic situation with work and other things for a couple months now. Anyway, on to the topic at hand.

It pains me so much to say this, but I believe Roger is done competing for Grand Slams. Roger has always been lumped in with Nadal, Djokovic and Murray as "The Big Four," but further than that, people really never mentioned the age gap between Fed and the other guys. Nadal is five years younger, Djoker is six years younger. I never believed for a second back in the early part of this decade that Fed was done. I always stuck by the thinking that he could still beat anyone, so long as he didn't beat himself. I think age started catching up with him after he had the knee injury in 2016. When he came back, he was a different player. More ruthless and cerebral. The "neo backhand" turned his greatest weakness into an incredible strength. I believe he changed his game so radically because he felt himself losing ground to the rest of the field, and he had to do something drastic to stay on top. Two years after that amazing 2017 Aussie Open and it seems like he's lost another step, and the field caught up to him again.

For so many years, I would pick Fed to beat anybody other than Nadal 99 times out of 100. Even when Djokovic was dominating the sport, I felt like Fed should've been winning those matches. It's different now. I don't think he has any shot against Nadal or Djokovic, and I'd say he's a slight favorite against most guys in the top 25. I'll be going to the US Open for sure. I might even go to Cincinnati if he decides to play. I really think he could retire in November if he isn't competitive in Masters Events and especially Wimbledon and the US Open.

What do you guys think?


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I thought Halep might struggle somewhat with Kanepi. Three sets maybe. But, wow, to get blown out like that.... Congrats to Kaia.


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I need to stop picking Kvitova.

I think this is the second year in a row I forgot to make picks for these tournies.


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I was never leaving Ostapenko off my team, so there's no regret there. I was thinking of taking Diyas or Putintseva as my unseeded player instead of Serena. I was thinking of taking K. Bertens over CSN. If Kerber beats Bertens, it wouldn't have mattered. Wouldn't change anything about my men's team.


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Thanks for the post as always. You are the Swiss Maestro of GSFT.

Arvis wrote:

Aren't Miami courts one of the slowest hard courts in the schedule?

It was pretty much a joke because there aren't any actual fast courts left. Wozniacki said the balls at Indian Wells were bouncing higher than a clay court and the court felt just as slow in general. Miami is historically a little faster than Indian Wells, but if you're talking about being slightly faster than a clay court, it doesn't matter that much.

Drivers wrote:

Haha!!! Don’t count on it Aiur! I think I’ve been infected by the ‘Arvis curse’ recently!!

Nah, we got this. Cilic is a better fast court player than Del Po.

Me & Drivers know what's up...Or maybe not.

I agree with Murreee, this is getting ridiculous. In Rotterdam, I had Roger and Grigor in the finals but somehow the site had me down at Berdych and Zverev. I brushed that off. Now, in Delray Beach, Kyrgios withdrew like a day before. I redid all of my picks to how I liked them, and I just checked for the first time, somehow John Smith and Darian King are on my team. I DID NOT PICK EITHER ONE OF THESE GUYS. It's getting to the point where it's not fun to play along, and when it's not fun, there's no point in doing it.

I'm not expecting him to play on the clay again unless it's his farewell tour. Even then, I think he'll play RG and if we're lucky, one warmup tournament.

IDK what happened with my picks, but I definitely didn't have Berdych and Zverev in the finals of Rotterdam.