Topic: Introduction and Thanks for this site!


I am very psyched this site has been created - I have been looking but have not found a really good tennis community to discuss all things tennis, and maybe even find folks to hit around with. The fantasy tennis game aspect just sweetens the deal!

I live in the SF Bay Area, and have been playing tennis all my life (I'm 30-something), sometimes more regularly than others. Still looking for that elusive regular weekly game.

Looking forward to exploring the site and getting to know other tennis fans!


Re: Introduction and Thanks for this site!

Hey. I've been playing tennis since I was about seven and it's great to have a place to discuss the intricacies of tennis. I live in England, and looking forward to see how our tennis players in the Aussie opens do! However I am a Nadal fan, so glad that the BBC have decided to use their interactive sports channels to show the matches!!

See you all around

Re: Introduction and Thanks for this site!

Hi there! I'm a tennis fan but unfortunately do not play myself. Haven't seen too much of the Australian Open yet but am hoping to watch some matches this week-end. I live in the NYC area and am a big fan of the US Open.

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