Topic: Help w/retrieving my account please! :-(


So I have been a member of this great site for nearly two years under the name TEAM FEDAL. This was while I attended college. Unfortunately, I no longer use or have access to my old e-mail account which was and I am terrified that I have lost my team and all of my accomplishments( I finished in the top 10% of a few grand slams and wanted to keep that info!).

Is there ANY way that I can recover my old team/accomplishments? I was so upset I even called the University of Wiconsin to try and re-access the account but they said it has been terminated. Please help! Thanks so much guys.

You can also e-mail me a response at

Re: Help w/retrieving my account please! :-(

No problem, I can take care of that for you. I'll let you know when it is solved.

Re: Help w/retrieving my account please! :-(

You should actually be able to log in with that email address and your password, and then go to Account Options above and edit your email address. You only need access to that account to activate it when you first create an account - you can still log in to GSFT and change your email address even if you cannot access that account.