Topic: Equipped with wifi jammer to prevent cybercrime

Equipped with wifi jammer to prevent cybercrime

In a speech at the annual meeting of the United States Air Force Association on September 17, General William Sheldon, commander of the Air Force Space Command, which operates more than 30 GPS satellites, pointed out that interference is an increasingly common problem.

Shelton said: "There are a lot of mini gps jammer." "Actually, you can buy jammers on the Internet. By the way, this is illegal, but you can find them on the Internet and many opponents around the world. Both have GPS scrambling capabilities, so we must learn to fight against GPS scrambling.

Cheating is a huge problem in the world, especially in colleges, universities, vocational training and military entrance exams. India's northernmost Jam Jam and Kashmir State are installing 800 cell phone jammer at test centers across the country to address cheating.

According to British police officers, cybercriminals should be punished for their behavior by deploying a WiFi jammer. Gavin Thomas, president of the Association of Police Chiefs, said that 21st century solutions must be adopted to combat cybercrime.

Projecting the laser into the sky is not entirely legal, as you may accidentally blind the pilot or something similar. Of course, it's not as illegal as a drone jammer , but you really have to be careful when using it.

Have you ever taken a video inside the house and walked into the door? After a few seconds, everything is very bright, isn't it? This is how blinding lasers work. You only need a low power laser pointer and a good lens. … ammer.html … mmers.html