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Have selected my 8 team members, 2 finalists and 1 winner and this displays correctly when I'm in 'edit team' but when I look at my team outside of Edit mode it displays 8 team members, 8 finalists and 8 winners. I'm all for hedging my bets but seems to be a slightly unfair advantage to have 8 cracks at it :-) How can I fix it? cheers.

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Re: Finalists and winner displaying incorrectly

It’s a bug that rears uts Head at every slam now:-
You will start with every player in the tournament added to your team, so you will need to delete them to create your team. If you click "edit team" you can go to the "My 8 Team Members" box and delete every player in that box. It currently contains all 128 players in the tournament, but it only takes a minute or two to delete all of them. You can then proceed and create your team.
IMPORTANT: After deleting all 128 players, please make a complete team with 8 players, two finalists and a winner. You can always edit this later if you change your mind, but if you do not select an entire team you will have to delete a bunch of players again later.
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Re: Finalists and winner displaying incorrectly

Thanks so much, got it sorted! Cheers

Re: Finalists and winner displaying incorrectly

The website picks finalists and winner for me, I can't change the way I want. Please help!