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I had the same problem Dtrain

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Re: Yoda Cup - Wimbledon 2018

So does this mean we have to wait next year!


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Congratulation Marco on that superb win. A 2nd title of the year for you and a solid lead in the Guru Race. First year with us and already amazing results.. and let's not forget that had Thiem beaten Rafa in the Roland Garros Final, you would be holding ALL THREE slams at once. Amazing effort, really. We are really glad to count us on our Yoda Cup League.

Murreee, you did AWESOME and were so close to win it. No doubt you are going to get one soon.

Great comeback Marcus (HTS), that Kerber pick was bold and SO GOOD.

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Thanks once again Arnie for doing the post of Awesomeness. We all appreciate your efforts as it makes our Yoda cups that more exciting and special.

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