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Hey Everyone,

With Wimbledon coming up, there has been a lot of debate about whether Serena Williams should be seeded as she returns to the majors after maternity leave. After the French Open refused to seed her, the All England Club announced today their decision to seed her #25 going into this year's Wimbledon.

While many fans and commentators seemed to support seeding Serena, where to seed her seems to be a much trickier question. Some commentators have argued for a 5-8 seed (Brad Gilbert), others for 9-12 (Ben Rothenberg), others for Top 16/24.

My questions for the fans on this site:

1. Do you think the All England Club should've seeded Serena
2. Where would you have seeded her
3. Thoughts on where Wimbledon seeded her

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Re: Serena's Seed

Honestly it would have been interesting no matter where she ended up, so they didn't really need to mess around with it.  Just let her fall where she may.

Still, I'm sure all the other seeds are relieved by this and it does make Yoda easier for all of us, since it basically makes her a non-issue.

Re: Serena's Seed

The upcoming tournament says Wimbledon 2019 - should be 2018...

Gonna be an awesome tournament..!!!

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