Re: Nadal number one at year end

Nothing in life is as it seems and just the same in Tennis, Murreee.

"He is the best ever to play Roland Garros and a true tennis champion

In the years ahead it is possible that some indiscretions will be uncovered
and released to the fans regarding Nadal!!!

It would be interestiing NOT only because Nadal has won so many Majors
but also because Mariano Puerta was given a 2 year suspension after
playing the 2005 Roland Garros final against Nadal for doping!!! It would
make the ATP look terrible that Puerta was banned and if Nadal is guilty he
was given special privileges because he is a star player!!!

Ask yourself why Nadal wins so much? He is a forehand and legs a human
backboard/moving wall of consistency that runs down almost every ball/is
in position to hit forehands almost all the time/ and NEVER gets fatigued!!!
Hmm......that means he is an unbeatable opponent that probably manufactures
his own losses to keep scrutiny away!!!

It is NOT Nadal hating Murreee,it is the keen observation of a 30+ year
fan that has seen many great champions!!!

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Re: Nadal number one at year end

Well so glad to know that you can predict the future Sneaky - Where I come from we have "Presumption of Innocence" but with your unique abilities we can do away with that - Anyone else you would like to "slander" in advance of actual evidence..???

When I ask myself why he wins so much it comes down to two words : Hard Work..!!!

Your "keen observation" may end up right - but I think what you are doing is wrong..!!!

Note: The phrase "It is possible" could apply to many players (I mean anything is possible - right) - When you use words to diminish a players career or reputation without evidence it is "Hate"  #StopTheHate

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Re: Nadal number one at year end

I want to wish HAPPY HOLIDAYS to Murreee and all the fans on this forum!!!

I have no such powers to predict the future, Murreee!!

Many pros work extremely hard to improve their games and athletic performance!!! is possible that I am WRONG but their are signs that give merit to the
many allegations/rumors in the last 12 years regarding Nadal!!!

You are CORRECT it could apply to some other players but I choose to focus on the
more successful players!!! There are signs IMO of  possible PED abuse ranging from
physical strength (incredible speed, strength, and endurance), uneven results, and
absences from the tour (NOT playing full seasons)!!!

Another incriminating fact is Nadal has played every Roland Garros since his 1st win
in 2005 but has missed every other major several times!!!

My intention is to just create a discussion of my observations and to get feedback
from the fans of this forum!!! You are CORRECT there is currently no evidence to speak
of only allegations/rumors of suspicion by some fans on various forums!!!

I certainly did NOT want it to come across as hate and appologize if it did, Murreee!!!

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Re: Nadal number one at year end

Its all good Sir Sneaky - I enjoy the discussions - And I appreciate a good debate - That's why I bring it - Just like this season - You will be getting my best..!!!

Happy Holidays to all..!!!

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Re: Nadal number one at year end

Sneaky, it is no secret that clay is easiest to play on in terms of wear and tear on the body. Hard courts are absolutely brutal to play on, and that's where most of the season is played. The trend for Nadal when he plays a full season is something like this:

Aussie Open and first hard court swing - Fresh
Clay season - Fresh
Wimbledon - All of the sudden looks tired
Second half hard court swing - Completely gassed

Last year was an anomaly.

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