Topic: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

When Fed came out saying he would skip the clay season and possibly the French, I was just scratching my head. He was playing the best tennis I've ever seen him play. He was 3-0 against Nadal, the guy he could never beat. Two Masters 1000 events and a 'Slam under his belt. Murray and Djokovic having their worst seasons in a long time. Some people don't really believe in momentum, but I think it's applicable to tennis. Especially for a guy like Fed, who's letdowns have always seemed mental and not physical.

Anyway, even if he didn't play the whole clay season, I thought maybe he should just play a couple events to stay match-fit. Maybe even some of those lesser 250's if he was so worried about Nadal crushing him (which I think he was). But no, he sat on the sidelines and watched Nadal win event after event. When it came time to decide to play the French or not, it was an easy decision. He hadn't played since March and Nadal was looking like his absolute best.

So he decided to make his return on grass, his playground. But the grass court season isn't even a season. It's a blip in the calendar. If you have a bad result in the one or two tuneups to Wimbledon, how are you supposed to have any confidence? Well, first tuneup down and he loses to Tommy Haas. That loss is about 10x worse than the Donskoy loss he suffered earlier in the season.

I think skipping the entire clay season was an awful move and his plan to make a triumphant return to grass and Wimbledon will turn into a horror show. I think he'll lose to Pouille or Nishikori in Halle and then we'll see who he gets at Wimbledon. Whatever the draw, I don't see him winning.

So, what do you guys and gals think?

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

"Maybe even some of those lesser 250's if he was so worried about Nadal crushing him (which I think he was)."

Federer has played over 1300 total matches in his incredible career and does NOT need to play anymore
claycourt matches!!! LOL Worried about Nadal crushing him? HAHAHA........with over 300+ millions of dollars
he is NOT worried about anything under the sun!!! LOL

The loss to Haas was nothing more than honoring a fellow player that is retiring while giving the German
fans another countrymen to root for!!! Come on.........Haas is still and was a good player but has played mostly
lower ranked players in the last 2 or 3 years!!! Federer could have won that match but he let Haas get the
win to create a nice buzz of publicity for the tournament!!!

IMO......skipping the claycourt season will NOT have any effect on Federer's result at Wimbledon!!! I believe
when Federer loses he creates a bigger buzz of publicity!!! Losing to Pouille or Nishikori in Halle will NOT have
any effect on his Wimbledon result!!!

I think too many naive fans foolishly believe that all the lead up events before a major have a great meaning.
Some of these results are just too create publicity for Wimbledon. For example.........Nadal's withdrawal from
Queens was just to let somebody else get the headlines before Wimbledon. The TRUTH is the headlines are
the advertising for the next major thus the reason we sometimes see strange results!!!

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

What does money have to do with anything? If Fed has $300+million, why is he even playing? He has a wife and kids at home. Surely his time would be better spent with them?

He still plays the game because he loves it and he wants to win. If you think he let Haas win just to give Haas one last moment in the sun, to create buzz or whatever theory you've cooked up, well, you should stay away from the LSD or whatever mushroom you are taking.

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

You could be right Aiur.

Roger was on a roll and got stopped. Maybe playing one or two tournaments on clay would have been good. Like one 1000 and a small tournament such as Geneva for example.

Roger now needs matches. He got a warm up in stuttgart but now needs several matches in Halle. Just no right to lose early otherwise it will compromise his wimbledon chances.

But he didnt play any competition match before the Australian Open and still won so... maybe we shouldnt be too worried.

And one last fact: last time Roger lost to Haas on grass, he won Wimbledon a couple weeks later. So maybe there is hope after all ;-)

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

"If Fed has 300+ million why is he even playing".

Uhh.......maybe because he enjoys the jet set financial freedom and luxury
he gets from playing Tennis!!! Hmm.......I am going to guess that Federer
does NOT live anything close to a middle class lifestyle!!! Federer nets
anywhere from 50 to 80 million dollars in off-court earnings per year which
is the ONLY reason he continues to play Tennis into his mid 30's!!! Federer,
IMO, plays Tennis NOT because he loves playing but without question because
it affords him the jet set over the top luxurious lifestyle for him and his family!!!

I am a Tennis fan for over 30+ years, Aiur, and I can assure you I am NOT
on LSD or any chemicals!!! LOL My opinions are based on the evolution of Tennis
and good common sense and logic!!!

Please take a good hard look at the 2-6 7-6 6-4 scoreline in the Federer/Haas
match!!! The scoreline looks like an EXHIBITION score and Federer played the
match like an EXHIBITION!!! Wake up Aiur............Federer could have won that
match easily but he decided to give Mr. Haas a gift before he retires!!!

Federer, IMHO, lets players defeat him at times to create publicity for Tennis.
Obviously, he creates attention when he wins but fans do NOT realize that he
creates more publicity when he loses!!! After all his success, Federer has without
question learned plenty about marketing from his amazing unreal mindblowing
20 years of success as a legendary Tennis player!!!

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

Losing to Tommy Haas on grass is not worse than the Donskoy loss.  Not even close.

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

So.......losing to #96 ranked 27 year old Evgeny Donskoy is in the opinion of Arvis WORSE
than losing to the #459 ranked 39 year old Tommy Haas!!! Obviously, Haas has had a better
career than Donskoy but that is a bold comment!!!

The worse loss should always be to the older and lower ranked player IMHO!!!

Federer did NOT make a big mistake and would laugh very hard at your post, Aiur!!!
So far Federer has played a total of 6 tournaments which IMO is excellent because
he does NOT need to play any clay-court matches to prepare for Wimbledon!!!
Clay-court tennis is nothing more than defensive high % tennis (hitting the ball high over
the net and resetting the point over and over again like Nadull) ad nauseum!!!

As I stated before, the Federer/Haas match in Stuttgart last week was played like an
exhibition match which is PROVEN by the 2-6 7-6 6-4 scoreline!!!

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

I think we got your point Sneaky.
You know, when nobody agrees with you, it means you are wrong most of the times. Not always, but most of the times.

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

It does NOT mean I am wrong when nobody agrees with me.

Just for the record.......Haas lost to Misha Zverev in the next
round (Quarterfinals) 4-6 4-6 which means I am correct in my
theory that Federer let Haas defeat him!!!

The way the ATP TOUR has sold itself down the river......I can
NOT prove that I am always correct but when there is smoke
there is ALWAYS fire nearby!!! As a result it is more likely that
my assessment is CORRECT!!!

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

I said most of the times, not always.

So it is very likel that all you say is not true. Some might be but some might not. You WANT to see something un everything. But sometimes there isnt.

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

who did Errani replaced as LL!

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

Dtrain gives literally zero craps as to what thread he is posting in. lol

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

"Has Federer made a huge mistake?"

NOT by any stretch of the is hard to believe
that anybody would think so!!! Playing a total of 6 events and
winning 3 of them is definitely NOT a mistake!!! LOL

I mean did anybody really think (sarcasm) that Federer was
going to win both Stuttgart and Halle leading up to Wimbledon!!!

Come on.......he was always going to push down expectations by
losing thus creating a ? in the minds of the fans!!! Guess what?
By taking a dive against Haas........Federer creates even more
interest/social media buzz/suspense before Wimbledon!!! This
way he keeps the social media bullshit machine moving with
posts ad nauseum, ad tedium, and ad infinitum!!!

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

I'm going with the more likely scenario of "Federer had a bad day".  Since that one is supported by... y'know... reality, instead of weird, pointless delusions.

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

Arvis.......the top players play with the expectations of the fans especially
before a major!!! Expectations keep the fans talking and the ATP TOUR are
well aware of that!!!

HA looks like Murray is playing the same expectation game with the
fans!!! LOL

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

Weird how they're only just now doing that this year, instead of all the years prior where they constantly won the tune-up tournaments.  It's almost as if you're completely making this up and basing it on nothing.

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

This year and others it is done because of the lack of interest in Tennis.
The ATP is afraid of losing fans thus the reasons these so called
upsets are occurring!!!

Currently Tennis is going through a rebuilding phase because the last
few years have been stale with LESS interest!!! Djokovic and Murray
can NOT keep the interest of the fans thus the reason we are seeing
Federer and Nadal do better in 2017!!! Just think of it like a well written
show that is on a good run but then things go stale and something has
to be done to INCREASE interest!!! is like a DAMN soap
opera!!! LMAO

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

Pretty sure the French Open and other tournaments have posted record attendance numbers this year.

But I know facts won't change your mind.

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

Yes........the attendance seems to always be great but that is NOT
everything!!! The television ratings, social media interest, and fan
participation in games all are much lower than a few years ago!!!

IMO.....the commentators on every telecast are mostly idiotic in
selling Tennis to the masses of fans!!! There is too much over the
top praise for the top players and less talk/analysis of the actual
Tennis!!! Hey, should have watched Tennis in the
80s and 90s when every Tennis telecast was full of more insight
and analysis rather than the embarrassing SHIT we hear from
commentators in every telecast today!!!

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

Haas lost this week to "TANKMASTER TOMIC" 4-6 4-6 in Halle !!!
I rest my we have even further proof that the
Federer/Haas match was very likely played like an exhibition
in Stuttgart!! are a great fan of Tennis but you have to take
some of these results with a tiny grain of salt!!!

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

Enough is enough. Just because someone loses a match doesn't mean they let the other person win. Federer losing to Haas is not a good thing for anyone, except Haas obviously.

1. There are plenty of people who watch tournaments just to see Roger play. An early exit means those people don't bother watching if he isn't playing.

2. Haas is about to retire. He's not an all-time great. People aren't going out of their way to watch this guy play on his farewell tour, on TV or live in person.

3. Federer has nothing to gain by losing. He's coming off a long layoff, and has no match sharpness with Wimbledon right around the corner. He doesn't need money and he doesn't like losing. He wouldn't "take a dive" just to give Haas a little moment in the sun before he retires.

Your conspiracy theory makes quite literally no sense at all.

Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

Uhh......where was the match played.......oh Stuttgart, Germany!!!

Hmm......I wonder.......does it create bigger headlines if the local player wins
or if the legend wins!!! The TRUTH is the Germans want a local favorite to do
well and it would be better for the tournament if Haas won!!! The Stuttgart
event was only a small event and Federer did the tournament a favor by letting
Haas win!!! Wake up Aiur..............$$$$$$$$ makes the world go around honesty
is non-existent in this world!!!

I hate to break it to you but the world is very nasty and dishonest, Aiur.
Sports should be categorized as just entertainment nowadays!!! Most
people are naive/gullible and will believe the most ridiculous notion that
Tennis is still a sport like it was 20 or 30 or 40 years ago!!! I got news for
you the dirty nasty money-grubbing sponsors bought Tennis and having
been feeding the fans nothing but SHIT (lies) for the last 8 or 10 years!!! LOL

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

I started watching and playing tennis in 1975...I've seen most of the greats play and enjoy it now more then ever...we do need more attacking players but for some time Wimbledon was a bore on the men's side big serves and not much more...until Fed arrived. Nothing better then two great players especially Women on grass.

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

You enjoy it now more than ever........I definitely enjoyed it more in the early 80's through the
90's!!! I agree through the 90's the serve was too dominant but they probably should have
depressurized the balls instead of making the turf firmer, IMO. Now we have a grasscourt at
Wimbledon that plays like a hardcourt. The bounce is too high and it plays more like a hard court.
IMHO......Wimbledon succumbed to the pressure of the sponsors to destroy the beautiful low bouncing
attack first grass that was so fun to watch and turned it into a kind of court that is conducive to long rallies!!!

Wimbledon sold out to the pressure of the baseline dominant tour thus the reason we have baseliners
dominating at Wimbledon. I mean come on.......Nadal with his long loopy exaggerated forehand
backswing and grip and poor court position should NOT be getting to 5 finals at Wimbledon!!!
Nadal having 5 Wimbledon finals to his credit is BLASPHEMY and the All England Club should
be ashamed but I guess they wanted to help claycourters to improve at Wimbledon!!! In the 90's
and before Nadal/Djokovic/Murray would NOT be getting into the 2nd week at Wimbledon!!!
Maybe Djokovic would do better than the other two because he plays close to the baseline and his
return of serve is very good!!!

Yeah.....I have to agree the Women's tournament at Wimbledon is entertaining because they hit
flatter than the Men!!!

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Re: Has Federer Made a Huge Mistake?

I do wish all the surfaces played like they did back in the day...the faster the better IMO. But they are all playing alike...would think someone would have won the GS because of this. Both Serena and Nole held all four at one time most recently but still doesn't compare to Borg winning so many French Wimby back to back...then clay was slow and grass very fast...not like now.

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